Vaccination Mandate Legislation: The One Where We Find Out Who We Really Are
Action Alert: FEDERAL Vaccine Mandate In Play

Recap of Senate Floor Session re. SB277 Thursday in California


By Laura Hayes

To view the floor session Thursday, click CalChannel here, then click on “Senate Floor Session” on the chart of options.  SB277 begins at the 39:05 mark.

Senator Pan kicked things off by immediately turning the floor over to his sidekick, Senator Allen (apparently, Pan is becoming more acutely aware of his inability to speak publicly, as he mostly mumbles and bumbles when at the mic, speaking mostly in the language of “gibberish and lies”).

Sen Allen said this bill is “so that no one will have to suffer from vaccine-preventable diseases.”  Per his usual, no mention of the multitudes suffering from vaccine-induced injuries, chronic illnesses, and permanent disabilities…and no mention of the families grieving the loss of a child as a result of vaccines.

He talked about hundreds dying daily of measles in other parts of the world, and neglected to mention that we are not dying of measles here in the U.S., thanks to clean water, better nutrition, more hygienic living conditions, more knowledge about how to treat diseases, and greater access to medical care

When reviewing the vaccine profiteers supporting SB277, he couldn’t resist stating that “we have the support of just about every Editorial Board in the state.”  Geez, I wonder why, Ben?  Could it be that these Editorial Boards are financially dependent on the support of Big Pharma in a Big Way that they don’t want to lose?

The most offensive part of his speech was when he made light of, and tried to turn into a joke, the thousands of parents, many toting and pushing multiple young children week after week, coming to the Capitol to oppose this bill, desperately trying to protect their parental rights, their children’s right to a public education, and their children’s health and well-being.  Allen said, “We didn’t create this bill to create lines in the Capitol, to create business for the deli upstairs, or to be assured that civic participation is alive and well in CA. We presented this bill because both of us (meaning himself and Pan) have seen the harm of vaccine-preventable diseases.”  Again, not a word of concern for the multitudes of vaccine-injured and vaccine-killed children, not to mention people of all ages.

Senator Huff then spoke in opposition to the bill, his main argument being that there is nothing at present that warrants vaccine mandates without exemptions, such as this bill  requires.

At the 48:15 mark, “hostile” amendments were brought forth by Senators Morrell, Moorlach, and Anderson (thank you, Senators!). 

Senator Morrell proposed a RE amendment as follows:  “This vaccination violates my faith.”  He followed that up with his comment that “this bill tells deeply-devout families that the government knows better than they do.” 

Senator Monning (in support of this bill) “laid on the table” this amendment, and the next two, with all 3 being voted against without discussion.  Sadly, that’s our CA legislative process for you.

Senator Moorlach proposed the next hostile amendment:  “Those children of parents, who for whatever personal private reason, decide against the state-required mix of vaccinations still have access to educational resources that our state provides for all of our students.”  He followed that by saying, “Their parents have paid their taxes for this education.”  So glad someone is finally bringing up that fact!  Will parents who are forced to home school get a full refund on their property taxes?  They should.

Senator Anderson proposed the third and final hostile amendment. He began by explaining that parents want to know the ingredients in what their kids are consuming, and likewise, they want to know the ingredients in the vaccines being injected into their children.  He explained that the use of many of the ingredients in vaccines violates one religion or another. The amendment reflecting these concerns was: “This amendment would require that doctors review the labeling and ingredients of vaccines with parents prior to vaccinating. Then, the doctor and parent will both sign a form that this information has been shared.”  He went on to say that, “No one’s faith should be violated by lack of knowledge. This bill is taking away parents’ ability to practice their faith.”

After the hostile amendments were all voted against, without discussion, Senator Stone, a pharmacist, gave perhaps the most offensive and lie-filled speech of the day.  One of the more priceless parts was when he gave a lengthy list of all those who couldn’t receive the MMR vaccine due to one condition or another…just about every single condition he mentioned is a known possible side effect from vaccines!  He couldn’t resist using the 1 in a million statistic, and he said that neither thimerosal nor the MMR vaccine causes Autism.  We know this, according to him, thanks to the large epidemiological studies done by all of the…you guessed it…Vaccine Profiteers (he listed them one by one)!

Senator Gaines, opposing the bill, recounted how his 6th child suffered a seizure and turned blue after her vaccines at age 2 months.  An MRI showed that she had demylenation in her brain caused by her vaccines.  He and his wife were told by a doctor not to vaccinate her for the next 10 years.  He stated that he is still a big believer in vaccines, and that he and his wife have resumed vaccinating this child on a delayed schedule.  He calls this a “parental right” issue and stated his concern that there will not be a RE.

Senator Anderson spoke again next.  “This bill doesn’t allow for the exceptions, for the religious or personal.”  He then looked at his fellow senators and asked, “Why is it that a RE is so scary to this body?”  Gave a great example of how felons will have more religious freedom than parents in CA if this bill becomes law.  Said, “I have to commit a felony and be sentenced to prison before I get to practice my faith.”

My favorite part of the session happened when Anderson was speaking here.  The ever-rude Senator Jackson (who treated Mary Holland deplorably just 2 weeks ago at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing) interrupted Anderson to quiet those in the gallery.  Anderson tried to tell her that he wasn’t bothered a bit by them, that he didn’t hear a thing.  She told him that she was in charge (just like she told Mary Holland to pretend that she was the judge, and Mary the lowly lawyer), and that she was going to quiet those in the gallery or have them escorted out so they wouldn’t interrupt.  He snuck in this remark to her when he told her those in the gallery were not interrupting him, “However, interrupting my speech…IS interrupting me.”  Loved it!

Senator Bates spoke in opposition saying that she is “concerned about equal opportunity for an education.”

Senator Allen spoke again, trying to refute comments made by Anderson and Gaines…saying that prisoners were required to get vaccinations, the Catholic Church does not have an opposition to vaccination, and this bill is limited to the 10 vaccines listed (yeah, right…until next year).

Senator Pan closed, ending with unsubstantiated and completely-fabricated numbers (“Vaccinations have prevented more than 21 million hospitalizations and 732 thousand deaths among children born in the last 20 years.” - Really, how do you give #s for something that didnt happen?!).  His Pinnochio nose grew when he boldly asserted, “Measles vaccine has never shed or spread to another person. Varicella vaccine, only 9 documented cases of it spreading.”  And he couldn’t resist citing “CA’s 2010 pertussis outbreak.”  Of course, he conveniently forgot to mention the 92% vaccine failure rate during that outbreak!  And he ended with his favorite line no doubt learned at The Paul Offit Boot Camp:  “The science is clear.  Vaccines are safe and efficacious.”  Tell that to my 21 year-old, and to so many others I know who are facing the daily (hourly) challenges of living with vaccine-induced injuries and deaths.

Final Senate vote on SB277:  25 ayes, 10 noes, 6 abstentions

On to the Assembly next.  It will definitely be heard in the Assembly Health Committee, but beyond that, we don’t yet know what other committees, if any, will hear the bill.  All Californians should be contacting their Assembly Members, and the Governor’s office, now to express their opposition to SB277. 

There was much talk during today’s session of “vaccines save lives, vaccines are an amazing achievement of mankind, vaccines are safe and efficacious”, yada, yada. Please make sure to highlight in your discussions with legislators that vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths are real, and they are not rare.

Extra:  Josh Coleman of Roseville, CA interviewed Jenna Elfman, who came to the Senate session today to oppose SB277:

Extra #2:  A colleague of mine was not allowed in to the press conference afterward, and the Sergeant at Arms called for back-up when she expressed her disgust with that (!).  Here is what she had to say:

“Following the Senate floor vote, Senator Pan held a press conference on the third floor of the Capitol. When those opposed to SB 277 asked to be admitted to the conference, they were denied access and told that it was a press-only event; however, several of Senator Pan's supporters (many in their white lab coats with their "I (heart) Immunity" buttons) were allowed access to the press conference. In this case, press-only actually meant press-and-supporters only.

Laura Hayes
Parent of Vaccine-Injured Children
Resident of California


Jeannette Bishop
Jeannette Bishop

"Brandy Vaughan SB 277 Former Merck employee"

challenges Senator Pan to a public debate.

Heather M.S.

Below is information on how the FDA determines a drug/vaccine is safe and effective, both relative attributes. What we should be questioning is the post market surveillance of vaccines in different sub population and in different vaccine combinations, along with customer complaints. There are strict CFRs on post market surveillance that the vaccine makers have not followed.


If the FDA determines that a drug is “safe”, it is released to the public. When most of us hear the word safe, we think of “not dangerous” or “unlikely to cause or result in harm, injury, or damage.” We assume that any drug that the FDA considers “safe” will not be harmful. This is part of the reason that so many people take prescription drugs that were not prescribed for them but they took from a medicine cabinet or purchased on the street. They believe that any drug sold in a drug store is “safe”. Many people, despite the long list of side effects that they hear in the television ads, believe that if a drug was approved by the FDA and prescribed by their doctor then the drug is “safe”.

According to Janet Woodcock, M.D., director of the CDER, “safe” has a different meaning to the FDA:

“When it comes to any drug,‘safe’ means that the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks for the population the drug is intended to treat and for its intended use. Safe does not mean harmless.”

So safe does not mean harmless or that the drug will not adversely affect many people. It just means that the FDA has determined that the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks shown in the clinical trials and the drug can go to the public for its real test. The FDA says,

“So, the safety profile for new drugs that come on the market is never totally defined because new drugs are studied only in relatively small and homogeneous (similar) patient populations. The complete safety profile of a new drug will be defined only after it has been approved and is in use on the market.”

Does this approval process make sense? If a cancer drug causes harm to some cancer patients but may help others, if the risk is known, it is proper that a cancer patient might choose to take the drug in spite of the risk. We also know that if testing were forced to be continued for many years on larger and larger groups of people for all drugs, many drugs that might have saved lives would be delayed unnecessarily. However, at a minimum, doctors and patients need to understand the risks of any drugs before they are prescribed or taken by the patient.


This bill strengthens stock portfolio's, mutual fund accounts via pharm stock. Dump you pharma stock before the elitists dump their pharma stock. Dump your pharma stock anyway, on principle. It is obvious this is the middle of the battle but in the end you win if you dump your stock before the elitists dump theirs. And this is on topic: money drives the debate.


Our autistic son's brother got seizures after a Tetanus vaccine, but it was dismissed as a fluke. Go figure. Even though we were tested for familial epilepsy and it came back negative. Scary.



Allen Beall Block De León
Galgiani Hall Hancock Hernandez
Hertzberg Hill Hueso Jackson
Lara Leno Leyva Liu
McGuire Mendoza Mitchell Monning
Pan Pavley Roth Wieckowski


According to the following website:

Bill SB 277 appeared on February 19 , 2015.

- It was INTRODUCED by Senators: Pan, Allen

- PRINCIPAL CO-AUTHOR was Assembly Member: Gonzalez

- 13 CO-AUTHORS were Senators: Beall, Block, De León, Hall, Hertzberg, Hill, Jackson, Leno, McGuire, Mitchell, Stone, Wieckowski, Wolk

- 9 CO-AUTHORS were Assembly Members: Baker, Chiu, Cooper, Low, McCarty, Nazarian, Rendon, Mark Stone, Wood

What kind of democracy passes a bill this controversial, when 13 of the 25 YES votes (.. Allen, Beal, Block, De León, Hall, Hertzberg, Hill, Jackson, Leno, McGuire , Mitchell, Pan, and Wieckowski... ) came from people who either introduced, or co-authored the bill????

And what kind of a media looks at something this corrupt ... and does NOT see a scandal worth reporting???

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Oh dear, this is so getting worse. I think I want to suggest that we all sign our real names, no "handles." The government/security/ etc, watchdogs already know who we are.

Jeannette Bishop

There are two vote links for the senate vote yesterday. The second (or top) link is slightly different in results: Huff is listed as a NO, Leyva to a NO, Stone, Canella, Vidak as AYE, and Hueso as "No vote recorded."

TOPIC: Public health: vaccinations.
DATE: 05/14/2015
MOTION: Senate 3rd Reading SB277 Pan and Allen
(AYES 25. NOES 11.) (PASS)


Allen Beall Block Cannella
De León Galgiani Hall Hancock
Hernandez Hertzberg Hill Jackson
Lara Leno Liu McGuire
Mendoza Mitchell Monning Pan
Pavley Stone Vidak Wieckowski


Anderson Bates Fuller Gaines
Leyva Moorlach Morrell Nielsen
Roth Runner Huff


Berryhill Hueso Nguyen Vacancy

I don't know which is more correct or what the changes indicate.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Laura.

One senator expressed belief that an amendment for religious exemptions was going to be added and expressed disappointment that was not already done.

Another senator's remarks suggested to me that he/she? believed the bill was amended to remove the open door for future vaccine additions, not that it is likely to be the end of vaccine additions nor that that makes the bill just fine and dandy either, but for accuracy, does anyone understand if that is actually the case?

If I heard correctly Senator Pan voted for every oppositional amendment, not that any passed.

Senator Pan is described as dismissing presentation of CDC corruption with the claim that the vaccine recommendations in the state come through the AAP (has that ever changed anything in substance?) and they're "clean:"

(Brian Hooker @ about 33 minutes, regarding meeting with Richard Pan @ 36:00)

To which Dr. Hooker makes a rebuttal about pharma conflicts in the AAP and at which point Pan leaves the meeting.

Pan didn't seem prepared to address or answer educational impact concerns in the Senate Education Committee hearing (maybe he thought the legislators should just get that not having an educational option was the point). We see him look to lobbyists for input on how to proceed after Senator Chiu suggests he not take a vote that day:

The bill might let those currently in school slide, but not students in the future (trying to mollify those most immediately impacted I guess or those who can't support the bill when they consider what it means for children they actually work with or know now, counting on future parents to not be so conscious of what is being done to them today, and I suppose hoping those who really believe this bill is necessary to protect them right now will not notice how little it will change things right away--kind of seems like keeping the status quo of epidemic immune health problems is a main motivation). Is another intent behind these mandate pushes to subvert religious freedom as seems to be the intent in other political arenas?

Are the senators who "wrote" the bill actually just acting as salesmen, very eager to agree, whatever it takes to get others on board, but not the actual writers of the bill? Have they considered the impact on future generations of California and whether they want their grandchildren to be raised under this legislation?


Resist, resist, resist the bloody criminal regime, if this does not work - fight them as they are your enemies! You are fighting for life of your children.

Laura Hayes

Linda1 and Barry,

Here are the names and votes from yesterday's Senate floor vote:

TOPIC: Public health: vaccinations.
DATE: 05/14/2015
MOTION: Senate 3rd Reading SB277 Pan Amend by Anderson
(AYES 25. NOES 10.) (PASS)


Allen Beall Block De León
Galgiani Hall Hancock Hernandez
Hertzberg Hill Hueso Jackson
Lara Leno Leyva Liu
McGuire Mendoza Mitchell Monning
Pan Pavley Roth Wieckowski


Anderson Bates Fuller Gaines
Moorlach Morrell Nielsen Runner
Stone Vidak


Berryhill Cannella Huff Nguyen


There are not epidemics of disease in prison. They are less vaccinated than school children.


There are zero epidemics among the non-vaccinated children of Homefirst Medical practice either.

Amongst whom, there is also ZERO autism.

Angus Files

America is currently being used to destroy America via vaccines.


Kathy P

Dear Senator Allen,
The lies are just building up higher and higher. Just know that your career in politics is dwindling.
You are not even credible anymore. Here is a link to the prison health website.. Vaccines are just recommended, not mandatory.
There are not epidemics of disease in prison. They are less vaccinated than school children.
Please start telling the truth. It is looking very bad for your record.

Protect our rights as American citizens, this is not a Communist country. You are Jewish, don't you remember the holocaust and the medical experiments put upon the Jewish people. These vaccines are experiments gone very wrong.
"People cannot contaminate the body with poisons without causing disease".

Kathy P

Dear Senator Stone, I was in disbelief today as I listened to so many lies being told at the Senate Hearing today. Parents of Autistic children know the truth, so here is it.
Please read this report on refuted studies on thimerosol sited by the CDC. The CDC is a for profit organization. They have the same PR company as all the drug companies and the AMA, AAP, HIH and on and on. The CDC's job is to promote the use of more vaccines, so they cannot be a reliable source for studies or research.
Here is a MIT researcher, this is what the aluminum in vaccines is doing to our children's brains. When you combine aluminum with glyphosate (GMO's) in our food you get synergistic poisoning.

This is what happens when you use Aborted Fetal Cells in vaccines, listen to Dr. Dresher as she testified before the Senate in Minnesota.

Mercury is taken out of vaccines, Senator Stone? Here is the link to the FDA showing vaccines that still contain mercury. A full dose of Mercury is in the flu shot, recommended to children and babies every year of their life beginning at 6 months of age.

Here is a link from a top Neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD. Central Mechanism of Vaccine Induced Autism and How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development.

So lets summarize this..mercury causes autism, aluminum causes autism, mercury and aluminum together is much more toxic and causes autism, aluminum and glyphosate cause autism and aborted fetal cells in vaccines cause autism. These are independent studies, not studies done by corporations who profit from vaccines.


Kathy Palmer, Grandmother of 2 vaccine injured grandchildren, included a grandson with autism and one perfectly healthy unvaccinated granddaugher, who is not a health risk to anyone. After watching her brother suffer with the horrible side effects from vaccines, her parents will not take that risk with injuring her with vaccines that contain mercury, aluminum, aborted fetal cells, formaldehyde (causes cancer), Polysorbate 80 (causes infertility), animal viruses, human blood, fetal bovine serum and many more.


Thank you for this detailed account. It is so important not only for busy hard working Americans to have access to this information that will be deliberately kept out of, glossed over and/or misreported in the MSM, but for citizens of the world to know how Americans are being treated, ignored and threatened by their own government.

As Barry pointed out, I think it was yesterday, I hope someone will post, in bold large font, the names and districts of those who have voted yes. We must all know and remember their names. They rely on short memories and distractions to keep them in power. We must keep their names in front of us, all Americans, to make sure that they lose their seats and never win an election again. We should keep track of their associations and make sure that they are not supported.

Put their names on posters. Post them everywhere. Let people know - these are the Senators who are willing to sell your children. These are the Senators who voted to put your children in harm's way, who voted to strip you of your parental rights, who deferred to conflicted professional organizations, who did not protect you from the for-profit medical industrial complex, even as thousands of parents and health professionals protested. Put their faces all over the internet 'most wanted' style. Let people know who they are.


Thanks for putting this out there. I watched some of Anderson's speech last night and was so moved by it. I'm sure the L.A. Times will be gloating over this Senate victory with more of their whitewashing. I once upon a time voted for, supported the Democratic Party in California. I once upon a time had a party in my house for one of the Senators who voted for this bill. This was my personal wake up call that confirms an eerie feeling I've had for quite awhile that this Party is made up of liars and creeps and now we get to see them on parade in live action. No more Democratic Party activism for me. I'm DONE

So much for light it up blue

Angus you just said a mouthful. Pan and U.S. Government seem to be corrupt.


Cali-this was a no-brainier and should have been expected. Now you see that the passive "reasonable" approach doesn't work with people who are being paid to pass an agenda by big pharma. Now is the time for positive but assertive, not aggressive actions. Look back to the 6o's, 70's & 80's for blueprints of civil disobedience (not throwing flowers). Use the blueprint of Dr. Martin Luther King's marches for Civil Rights because this is a violation of you and your children's civil rights. Don't wait until the Health Dept shows up at your front door with syringes in both hands and an armed policeman or better yet, armed National Guards person behind them to assault your child.


go Rand;
I think I read that the bill they are trying to pass - the kids cannot go to any public or "Private School" They have to be home schooled.

So what is next? Unless they are vaccinated they cannot go to a private - Sunday School cause there are a few kids their age there? or they cannot go into Wal Mart with their parents to pick out some shoes, or they can't go into Mac Donalds- well maybe they will be allowed to drive by the window if they wear mask.


Are vaccines inadvertantly causing genetically modified children?

I wouldn't want to eat a GMO, and I don't want to be a GMO. But I think that is what is happening.

Kids - the next crop of GMOs. Approved without safety trials by your elected officials.

May 23rd. March against Monsanto.

go Rand

How can you have a California mandate for a "liability free" medical product ???

California has about 10% of the US population, pharma obviously goes after the bigger vaccine markets.

I would suppose the private schools, where the AAP kids go to school, are exempt. It would be interesting to do a few titer tests on those children to see what there actual immune status is.

Angus Files

Its horrifying that we have to fight,the Government to save the children.


Bob Moffitt

Sadly .. the "steam-roller" tactics required to pass this despicable legislation that was designed to strip parents of their humanitarian right to exercise "informed consent" when making decisions protecting the health of their precious children ought never happen in our country.

These were the tactics of a third world dictatorship .. where government officials .. acting in their own vested interests .. issue decrees that override the will of the people ..

Make no mistake about it .. this legislation is a blatant .. arrogant .. thuggish .. political attack on a parent's right to informed consent in our nation's history.

If California is the future of our country .. we no longer can claim to be a "free" country .. since California parents are now captive of at least one powerful industry with the means and influence to thwart the will of the people whenever it suits their purpose to do so.

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