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VAERS -The US Government’s Human Garbage Dump - Reaches Half-a-Million Cases

“No Lie Can Live Forever”

Lie livesBy Dr. William H. Gaunt

“We have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place.” Isaiah 28: 15

Martin Luther King Jr said “No lie can live forever” in his “How Long? Not Long speech.”  He was referring to the lies used to justify racial discrimination and segregation.  Some of us can remember those lies.  They are too ugly to repeat here.  We can also use “No lie can live forever” to examine the lies being used to justify the current dangerous and excessive vaccine schedule. 

If some readers believe that some of the statements I call lies are actually true then I would suggest that they have been fooled.  Mark Twain once said, “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”  There are a host of lies we could mention but we will focus here on the most important and obvious lies:

 Lie #1: “Vaccines don't cause autism.”  This is the biggest lie and it is repeated so often by so many “experts” that people who don't know better think that it must be true.  Here is what actually happened that caused the epidemic of autism: many vaccines were added to the vaccine schedule starting in the late 1980s.  Many of these vaccines contained the preservative thimerosal which is 50% ethyl mercury.  The rate of autism took off as more and more mercury was injected into children.  This is not difficult to understand.  It is a plausible explanation for the tsunami of autism starting around 1990.  I can't blame people who think that it just can't be true because we all hear repeatedly on mainstream media that several scientific studies have “debunked” the vaccine-autism connection.  There are hundreds of studies that provide clear evidence for connecting vaccines to autism but you won't hear about those studies on mainstream media because they don't support this lie.  The truth is that the scientific studies that claim to disprove the vaccine-autism link are fraudulent. They are deliberately designed and manipulated to lie about the causes of autism.  I acknowledge that this will be difficult for many people to believe.  I'll do another article with more detail on some of these fraudulent scientific studies but for now I'll just say that an objective analysis of all available science clearly shows strong evidence that vaccines do indeed cause autism.  Vaccine Court has awarded billions(yes, billions) of dollars in compensation to children with vaccine injuries even though that court is steeply tilted against vaccine injured children and their parents.  The court denies that they have ever compensated for autism.   What they do compensate for is encephalopathy(brain damage) and many of those children have autism.  How much longer can this lie survive?  The vaccine industry is very powerful and keeping this lie going is a very high priority but no lie can live forever.

Lie #2: “The drastic increase in the rate of autism is not real.”  This disingenuous claim says that all of the increase in autism can be accounted for by expansion in the definition of autism and more awareness by physicians.  So we are told to believe that autism in 1 out of 10,000 children has changed in a few decades to 1 out of 50 children for those reasons alone.  Physicians and scientists who have looked closely at this issue acknowledge that the sharp increase of autism is very real.  This alarming increase in autism is not considered a crisis because the increase is denied by the vaccine industry.  The first step in solving a problem is recognizing and admitting that it is a problem and this has not been done.  As the tsunami of severely autistic children age out of the public school system, they are overwhelming programs created for autistic adults.  If there isn't a real increase in autism, where are the 30, 40, 50, 60 etc. year old autistic people?  There are few to be found in anything like the numbers we see in the last few decades.  This lie falls apart with only a little research.  See the book The Big Autism Cover-Up.  How long can this lie be perpetuated?  Not long.  No lie can live forever.

Lie #3: “Thimerosal in vaccines is not a problem.”  Robert F. Kennedy Jr's book Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak has dealt this lie a mortal blow.  The claim that thimerosal is safe rests on very selective use of fraudulent scientific studies as mentioned above.  If we look at a broader range of independent studies, the fog lifts and we can clearly see that the mercury in thimerosal is a potent neurotoxin that causes brain damage and autism.  Several countries have banned thimerosal from all vaccines because they have seen this evidence.  In the U.S. we removed thimerosal from pediatric vaccines between 1999 and 2003 but we now have thimerosal in the multidose flu vaccine which is being heavily promoted for pregnant women and infants.  Mercury can go through the placenta and get into the brain of the developing fetus.  This is especially damaging because scientific studies show that the younger the person the greater the chance of brain damage caused by mercury.  What could be younger than a fetus?  Thimerosal is also not even necessary in vaccines.  There are safer preservatives available and there is no need for any preservative in single dose vials.  Don't allow yourself or a loved one to get any vaccine that contains thimerosal.  It is very dangerous.  For a real eye opener, watch on youtube- Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak.  How long can this lie persist?  Kennedy's book is exposing this lie and we know that no lie can live forever.

Lie #4: “Unvaccinated Amish children have just as high a rate of autism as vaccinated children throughout the U.S.”  The truth is that researchers have a difficult time finding even one case of autism in an unvaccinated Amish population that should have scores of autistic children.  The rate of autism in unvaccinated Amish children is zero or very close to zero.  Interviews with doctors who treat Amish children confirm this fact.  It would be easy to conduct a study to verify this.  Vaccines are the elephant in the living room that can account for the very high incidence of autism in vaccinated children and the rare incidence of autism in unvaccinated Amish children.  How long can this lie be propped up?  It doesn't hold water with even a little scrutiny.  No lie can live forever.

          Lie #5: “Dr. Andrew Wakefield committed fraud in his 1998 paper in The Lancet   

          medical journal.”  Dr. Wakefield truthfully and accurately reported a combination

          of autism and severe bowel disease that occurred in 12 children soon after

          receiving the MMR vaccine.  That finding has been verified many times by other

          researchers in several countries.  His real crime was to question the safety of

          vaccines.  That is a big no no and for that he was crushed.  One of his coauthors

          was recently completely exonerated in a British court.  The real fraud was

          committed by the people who falsely accused them.  Dr. Wakefield will

          undoubtedly also be exonerated in time as the truth comes out.  I predict that he

          will eventually be considered a medical hero for exposing the dangers of

          vaccines and moving medicine toward improved vaccine safety.  A Nobel Prize     

          in medicine would be appropriate for Dr. Wakefield.  How long can this

          lie be maintained?  No one knows but we do know that no lie can live forever.

A case can be made that some of the vaccines are beneficial.  There are currently 14 vaccines on the schedule.  Many are questionable because they have real risks and provide little or no benefit.  The new book Vaccines 2.0 covers this subject extremely well.  The authors grade each of the 14 vaccines individually.  They also cover safer alternative vaccine schedules that delay some of the vaccines.  This book is highly recommended for people seeking the truth about vaccines and vaccine safety.

How can vaccines be made safer?  How can the unnecessary vaccines be eliminated from the vaccine schedule?  How can we get the toxins that are not needed out of vaccines?  What is the solution?  The best solution is to get control of vaccine policy out of the hands of the CDC.  That agency is not remotely objective. The people currently involved in vaccine policy have runaway conflicts of interest. They totally support the vaccine industry and ignore mounting evidence of serious problems.  Congress needs to establish a separate agency for vaccine policy that is completely independent.  No conflicts of interest allowed.  We need to strive for vaccine safety and not allow the companies making huge amounts of money from vaccines to corrupt the system.  Our government leaders successfully took on the tobacco industry in the past.  I pray that they will have the foresight and courage to take on the vaccine industry and get this very broken system fixed.

Dr. Gaunt is a retired Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.



cia parker

I read in all my parenting books and magazines that ALL children got rotavirus by the time they were three. My daughter has never had diarrhea, so it is not true that all children get it. I breast fed her for years, until self-weaning, and that may be why she never had it. It ALWAYS lasts for a long time, that's how you can differentiate it from other types. I had it in Mexico City twenty years ago, and it lasted about ten days. In First World countries, hospitals can rehydrate babies in danger of dehydration, but in most cases hospitalization is not necessary.

Dr. William Gaunt

My kids got zero vaccines but I'm open to the possibility that some small number of vaccines might have more benefit than risk. There are risks without vaccines and I believe that there are greater risks with vaccines. Much of the "science" is fraudulent so how do we know the truth. With my own kids I've chosen to get a religious exemption and not vaccinate. Thanks to everyone for the comments.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

I thank Dr. Gaunt very much for this article. It is a masterpiece of good English writing with fine logic. I too am surprised at how long the lie has hung around, but we can all notice how much the general tenor of writing about autism has changed. There were few articles like this one ten years back , in the days of genetic blah blah highly heritable blah blah predisposition blah blah . I think now is the time to step up the attack. The books and documentaries are coming from all sides.
I was very discouraged recently by what I am now seeing in my nursery school in New Delhi. The new pediatric schedules used by some doctors; the use of very large numbers of vaccines- nearly double what was used even 4 years back has resulting in new scenario in my school. A very high percentage of mildly autistic kids and kids with speech delay and mild symptoms of neurological damage. Remember friends, the WHO tells us that they cant vaccinate the third world without mercury. Astonishingly, most people dont even realize that the kids are different. To me it looks like a holocaust. Dr. Gaunt's words give me hope.

Georg Elser

"No Lie can live forever"
I am not sure that is true William . There has been 100+ successful\despicable years of vaccines lies with little or no comeback .

1. there are persistent rumours about the Spanish Flu (Eleanor McBean - the poisoned needle).

2. sv40 and the polio vaccine induced cancer epidemic , which is still ongoing today (people accept cancer without any question , leukemia , brain tumours - Hela style - lenti viruses) . The CDC has admitted this one itself .

3. Aids and the persistent rumours (WHO vaccine drives , & the Hilleman recording is so damning )


I have to correct what I posted earlier - re the Paul Offit interview that I wrote was published March 2015. From the piece: "This is the edited transcript of interviews conducted on Dec. 30, 2009 and March 2, 2010. It was originally published on April 27, 2010."

Which actually is stunning to see how he and his friends have been planning what we're seeing today at least since then.

There was one more quote that I meant to point out earlier too:

"What reporting is in place for adverse events? Because even if you test on 70,000, you could still find something after you give it to millions.

Exactly right. Just because you find that the vaccine doesn’t cause relatively uncommon side effects in 30,000 or 40,000 or 100,000 children, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause any rare side effect, which sometimes only can be picked up after a vaccine is being given to millions of children. Probably the father of modern vaccines, a man named MAURICE HILLEMAN, who developed nine of the 14 vaccines that we currently use today, used to say at Merck, “I NEVER BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF UNTIL THE FIRST 3 MILLION DOSES ARE OUT THERE." AND I STILL THINK THAT'S TRUE."

How reassuring. Who wants their kid to be first in line?

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you, Dr. Gaunt, you summarized things very well! And thank you for citing my book!

YES, the really big lie about autism is that there's been no real increase. We've always had two percent of Americans who can't speak, can't learn like everyone else and who display the signs of autism. We just didn't recognize them as autistic. Parents just kept them at home. They were put away in institutions and that's why we had to be taught the signs of autism. The lies are endless!

I've been writing about this FOR YEARS:






This is what will expose every lie:

Currently the first wave of the autism epidemic is hitting the beaches. Stories are out everywhere about the utter lack of services and support for this population of disabled young adults. No one has ever been able to show us the 40, 60, and 80 year olds who display the same symptoms of autism that our children do. VERY SOON we're going to stop celebrating autism every April. We're going to be desperate to do something to stop the epidemic. If we don't, we face an economic disaster in this country. And Americans will have questions:



Anne Dachel, Media

Bob moffitt

@ Danchi

Thanks for the "link" .. amazing .. stunning ..this CDC spokesperson .. dressed in some type of official military uniform .. represents just how diaboligical .. to use Dr. Pan's word .. the "opposition" is.

Bob moffitt

@ cmo

"Simpsonwood remains the biggest "oh never mind..." emergency meeting every conducted by the CDC."

Been re-reading David Kirby's execellent book "Evidence of Harm" .. just re-read his description of "Simpsonwood" .. and.. cmo .. you are RIGHT ON TARGET.

"Simpsonwood" is where the DECEPTION began in earnest .. THEY KNEW .. and .. THEY denied what THEY KNEW.


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Dr. Gaunt, for pointing out some of the worst vaccine related deceptions.


Maybe they'll be able to do that study shortly though, because Surgeon General Murphy just showed all Elmo fans that it's ok to throw away the broccoli. (@ 40 seconds)

(OK, I'm sure they could have done said study yesterday if they weren't incentively impoverished, and I should probably add with the video link, "Viewer discretion advised.")


They do admit that vaccines cause brain injuries

But not the brain injury autism

What is autism anyway? New word with no reference, and so many are not like Rainman Raymond at all - Some - Many appear normal - just the silent type.


Regarding lies - excerpt from Paul Offit's interview in PBS March 23rd. Caps, my emphasis. [] my comments.

(Interviewer starts:)
"Over time, the number of vaccines that children get has increased. Compare what you had as a child with what’s on the schedule now.

I was born in 1951. I got the smallpox vaccine. I also got the diphtheria and pertussis and tetanus vaccine. And then in the mid-1950s, I got Jonas Salk’s inactivated polio vaccine. AND THAT WAS IT."

[How did he and the rest of our generation grow up without the vaccines that he says kids today MUST have?]

"Now how many does a baby face?

Now, in the first few years of life, babies will receive vaccines to protect against 14 different diseases.

This seems like a crowded schedule. They get multiple shots sometimes?

That’s right. You can get as many as 26 inoculations in the first few years of life, and as many as five shots at one time.

That seems like a lot of vaccines. Are they all necessary and safe?

Yes. I certainly understand from a parent’s standpoint how the schedule is crowded. I think from the pediatrician’s standpoint, the schedule is crowded. It’s a lot of vaccines given over a fairly short period of time, which can mean a lot of shots at one time. But I think the burden for health care people and for people interested in people’s health is to make sure that the vaccines can be given safely, and that we know that they will prevent these diseases that can cause suffering and hospitalization [and] death.

It’s important to give them early because you prevent more if given early in life?

Exactly right. If you take diseases like Hib [Haemophilus influenzae type b] or pneumococcus or pertussis, those are diseases that you start to see around six, seven, eight months of age, so you want to try and be as immune as you can by that time so you can be prevented from getting them.

Who decides what’s on the schedule?


[Who's kids do they test the vaccine on for safety BEFORE the FDA approves it for use - in kids?]

But usually pediatricians and parents will wait until the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP] and the American Association of Family Physicians [AAFP] also look over the data to decide not only can it be used, but should it be used, and should it be recommended. … And then and only then do they make the recommendation.

I know this because I actually was on this CDC committee from 1998 to 2003. I think the criteria that you hold those data to are, would I give this to my own child? And then and only then, I think, would you recommend it for the country’s children."

[And he can recommend all day long, as long as the only kids that he can ultimately decide for, are his own.]


Did you know that the study can't be done because of broccoli!

VACCINE BEAT #3: Why Won't CDC Do the Study?


I think I remember on this site a few years ago someone talking about the rotavirus vaccines when the porcine virus contamination was being discussed that when they try to push it in Africa, that it turned out that rotavirus is not one of the main causes of the diarrhea over there, so at the time noone was rushing to add it to African country schedules. Maybe that's why its ending up on ours, where with access to clean remineralized water and emergency IV fluids, lives are already saved without the vaccines.


The Simpsonwood /Thimerosal meeting in June of 2000 was the beginning of the biggest medical fraud in US history.

Sort of like saying "Houston, we have a problem" ... & then calling in all the industry experts to decide how to bury the problem.

Simpsonwood remains the biggest "oh never mind..." emergency meeting every conducted by the CDC.

Tim Lundeen

It is not just the mercury: aluminum is a major factor in vaccine injury. Aluminum adjuvant was introduced around the same time as thimerosol, and it explains issues with Purkinje cells in autism, which mercury alone does not. Both mercury and aluminum damage boys at much higer rates than girls. Please see


I think rotavirus is more of a problem for already weak children - preemies and babies with other illnesses. I know for a fact that none of mine had it and as I said, I don't know of any friends or family whose kids had it. I think you're right about the deterioration of the microbiome, and lack of breastfeeding into and beyond toddlerhood is another factor, but for the most part, I suspect that it is another case of public health fear mongering in order to satisfy their Pharma bed partners.

In developing countries it's another story. I used to believe that developed countries were trying to help developing countries to be developed so that they could enjoy the same levels of health and services. I no longer believe that. If conditions were improved in developing countries, rotavirus mortality would improve as well. Somehow I think if the powers that be can send all these vaccines, they can also make it possible for these downtrodden countries to achieve the same level of success that developed countries have. But that kind of aid isn't on the agenda.

Betty Bona

One reason I believe that good gut bugs are essential for fighting rotavirus is that my son became ill with it two or three days after I stopped breastfeeding. My gut bugs probably weren't great, but they had to be better than his since he practically lived on antibiotics. I know it's anecdotal, but it helps to form my opinion along with everything else I know.

Betty Bona

I never heard of rotavirus until my son got it 20 years ago. My pediatricians were so used to his constant diarrhea from overuse of antibiotics that they did not treat it any differently. "Eat some yogurt - wait for it to get better." My son had a short, expensive inpatient stay in the hospital for IV fluids. My hypothesis is that it is more prevalent and a bit more dangerous (we don't notice it until it is advanced) today because of the imbalanced gut bug situation (I think it's a bit harder for kids to fight it with the imbalanced gut bugs) in many of our children. Some people believe that we would be better off today if we had perfected treatments for measles (like vitamin A and C and whatever else we might have come up with if we had not focused all our efforts on eradication) instead of implementing universal vaccines for measles. I agree, and feel even more strongly that a rotavirus vaccine is foolish in the US. It was not a big problem in middle class America when I was growing up (much, much less than measles which I didn't see as a big threat either), and if it is a problem now, we need to undo whatever is causing a change in prevalence and severity. If it was a problem for the poorer sectors of America when I was growing up, I didn't know about it. I actually think that we had already made great progress for both wealthy and poor Americans as far as Rotavirus is concerned way before the vaccine was introduced. But I'll bet a lot more kids were hospitalized for rotavirus in the five or so years before the vaccine was introduced than were hospitalized in the 60s and 70s before we had destroyed our children's microbiomes. It gives the vaccine pushers a tiny bit of credibility because they can point to the number and cost of hospitalizations, never indicating that it could be reduced in less invasive ways (ways that were already in place in the 60s and 70s). We made backward progress in the prevalence and severity of rotavirus from the 60s to the 90s. Lets figure out why and undo that instead of using another unavoidably unsafe vaccine.

Andrea Lalama

Easy Bob! the study can just use the children of the Amish, they are already doing that! not vaccinating, all they have to do it's keep record of new borns and compare to fully vaccinated new borns! Amish do not think they are "sacrificing" their children! also there are many religious groups like christians scientist that do not vaccinate! I bet many even Volunteer!

John Scudamore

you started well, but ended up pushing the biggest vaccine lie of all: vaccines are effective/beneficial! And you are a naturopath!


Is it a fact that rotavirus causes severe diarrhea in children of third world countries?

I have never seen or even heard of such a rotavirus in the UK and I am now a grandmother in my 70's.


Dr Gaunt,
Thank you for this article. I think one of the many lies is that rotavirus causes severe diarrhea and that most children have had it by age 5. As a young mother, I don't remember this in mine and I also don't remember this affecting any of my friend's or family's young children. There was no rotavirus awareness the way that there was measles, mumps, chicken pox awareness in my youth. Even without the formal name, I don't remember any otherwise healthy kids being severely sick with diarrhea. I think public health officials are exaggerating and lying in order to sell a vaccine.

Angus Files

Great article thanks. How change is going to be achieved is anyone's guess. So far as the UK is concerned as the years go bye change to the status quo is made all the more difficult,but we soldier on the UK is a done deal. Intervention by any crack pot Putin et-al is welcome.


Bob moffitt

How about lie number 6 .. "It would be unethical to do an independent, scientific study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations because to create the unvaccinated population children would have to be denied communicable disease preventing vaccines"

The pro-vaccine cartel (public health agencies, AMA-AAP, industry) are adament such a common sense study would be just "too hard" to do .. it would be too complex, too many viarables, on and on.

How long can this lie last .. hopefully .. not forever.

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