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Hearts and Minds and Vaccines

Laura Hayes' Open Letter to CA Legislators and Governor Jerry Brown RE SB277

Listen to usDear CA Legislators and Governor Jerry Brown,                                              5-27-15

I am writing regarding SB277.

Applying information from easily-accessible sources about vaccines, I cannot identify one person who should not be granted a medical exemption for each and every vaccine. 

This is most especially true in the case of fetuses (as pregnant women are now being vaccinated), newborns, infants, toddlers, and young children whose cognitive, immune, nervous, and gastrointestinal systems are immature and extremely vulnerable. Such young ones do not possess the ability to handle such a barrage of vaccine assaults, much less even one such assault. 

Furthermore, the health status of such a young child is completely unknown. There is no way to know to what such a young child will react. However, common sense and current medical knowledge tell us that there is no way they won’t react adversely to such assaults as those introduced by vaccines. The two worst things for a developing baby and its internal systems are toxicity and inflammation, both of which are caused in spades by vaccines.

As you consider your position on SB277, a bill mandating that every child in CA receive multiple doses of numerous vaccines in order to attend school and/or daycare, please ask yourself exactly who should be injected with the following:

  • known neurotoxins, including mercury, aluminum, and squalene

  • known carcinogens, including formaldehyde, phenol, and MSG

  • ingredients known to disrupt and damage the immune system, including mercury, aluminum, polysorbate 80, retroviruses from pigs, mice, monkeys, and other animals, DNA
    fragments from other humans, specifically from aborted fetuses, and from various animals

  • known allergens, including mercury, aluminum, latex, polysorbate 80, MSG, eggs, yeast, peanut oil (in the past, and possibly still now), gelatin, and possibly other food proteins which are not disclosed (none of which can be broken down in the blood, as that needed to happen in the GI tract, which then cause inflammation)

  • viruses, both live and attenuated, from both humans and animals, which contaminate blood that was previously untainted and healthy

  • known inflammatory agents and ingredients, such as mercury, aluminum, squalene, food proteins that end up in the blood, other adjuvants that are used in addition to aluminum and squalene, and viruses, both live and attenuated, from both humans and animals
  • antibiotics including gentamicin sulfate and polymyxin B

  • at a time when the blood-brain barrier is wide open, as we now know that it doesn’t close until at least age 2 (think of how many toxic and inflammatory assaults the developing brain endures via vaccines during the first 2 years of life as a result of our nation’s recommended vaccine schedule)

  • assisted by polysorbate 80, an ingredient which enables the transport of toxic and inflammatory ingredients across the blood-brain barrier, even after its closing (it never completely closes)

  • knowing that a vaccine can cause the disease itself, which the recipient might otherwise not have contracted

  • knowing that even just one vaccine can leave the recipient chronically ill, permanently disabled, or dead, including a recipient who was healthy prior to the vaccination(s)

  • knowing that a vaccine makes the recipient forever forfeit naturally-acquired, lifetime immunity, among other forever-lost benefits of naturally acquiring diseases, such as the prevention of future cancers
  • Thus, I ask you:  Who should not be granted a medical exemption for each and every vaccine?



    Laura Hayes

    Granite Bay, CA

    *I am the mother of 3 vaccine-injured children, one of whom is now 21 years old, who was severely and permanently disabled by his “routine” childhood vaccinations. His vaccines were administered without any informed consent, and they have left him dependent on others for the remainder of his life.  His childhood, adulthood, independence, and lifetime opportunities have been decimated by vaccines. He was born a very healthy baby. Vaccines destroyed his health, development, and ability to lead a full and independent life. 





     Margaret R Dodge

    I believe that my grandson, who is now 16, and has self injurious autism, was injured by the hepatitis vaccine, which was administered to him awhen he ws just a few hours old.This vaccine was meant for an at risk, drug addicted mother and her baby. As a result, my grandson has chronic brain inflammation, and the numerous behavioral symptoms that go with it. During his childhood, my daughter and I never even knew what autism was, until he was diagnosed. We thpught we were were doing what was best for him, following the vaccine schedule. What a mistake! For all of the mandatory pro vacciners out there, please consider what it's like to walk in our shoes. You would think twice for your child also.

    david m burd

    Laura, Thank you for your tireless efforts, and this Open Letter, that SHOULD be read by all Legislators and Gov. Brown.

    Of course, it has to make it by all the Pharma-shill Staffers most all legislators and certainly Gov. Brown surround themselves with.

    If an ignorant Legislature allows this Bill to pass all bets are off as to true revolt, not seen since 1776, as you represent many millions of parent allies.


    Yes, Jeanette, recent studies show that there really is a very large percentage who either believe vaccines are related to autism or have doubt about the science that is involved in this area. I believed the Canadian study showed a good 25% and upwards thought that vaccines were not such a good thing.


    YES. THANK YOU, Laura. Reading through that list of ingredients reminds me that vaccines are the reason my two oldest kids can't tolerate phenols and salicylates. No tomoatoes. No apples. No chocolate. No coffee in adulthood. No wine. I know it could be worse. I know so many people are injured far more seriously. Thank God, therefore, for philosophical exemptions. We used one to spare our youngest kids from the same complications, and they have the freedom to eat whatever they want. Thanks for fighting to maintain that freedom for others.

    Jeannette Bishop

    @Bob Moffit,

    Probably doesn't help much, but your comment brings the following word sources to mind:


    But now we are so "scientific," we aren't supposed to equate anything today with anything dubious in the past...no matter how dubious the actual results.

    Grace Green

    For the record, I agree totally with every word of this letter. Stand up and be counted!

    Jeannette Bishop

    Very important points.

    I hope those who hope to do pharma a big favor to boost their short-sighted career prospects and think the media focus (media with about 9% trust from the younger generations) on measles will make this an easy favor to pull off, will read beyond the first point, and consider what they are doing (and have done) to the children of this country.

    Also, I've come across this website:

    If anyone has more details or recommendations on how to support any recall efforts, I'd appreciate it.

    Bob Moffitt

    What is it about the word "vaccine" .. that allows injecting viruses, chemicals and metals .. some of which are known to be so toxic they ought not be touched, breathed or eaten .. directly into a perfectly healthy infant or toddler .. at ANY stage of that infant or toddler's critical neurological, physical, biological, immunological development?

    What is the magical process that occurs .. apparently only in a vaccine .. that transforms mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde .. to name just three of the more troubling well-known toxic substances .. into something no longer toxic that it can be safely injected into an infant or toddler?

    Simply put ... it must be magic .. because whenever vaccines must be destroyed due to spoilage or expiration dates .. they are treated as toxic waste requiring hazmat teams to avoid .. once again .. breathing or touching them.

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