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Julie L. Gerberding Sells 36,218 Shares of Merck & Co., Inc. (MRK) Stock

Jim Thompson

The average Merck stock price in 2010, listed at , was $36.05 per share.

Julie Gerberding’s salary in 2010, listed at , was an estimated $2,500,000.00 her first year.

She could have purchased the stock, just sold at $2,340,064.00, during her first year at Merck.

Jim Thompson

Poul Thorsen must feel cheated.

“Upon questioning by US Representative Bill Posey in regard to an industry scientist Poul Thorsen, who is still on the FBI wanted list for defrauding the CDC for over a million dollars, Mr. Posey declared, “This guy is a humongous scum bag and one of the most wanted men on earth.”

See and

billie joe

The Corperation is a must see movie! It is illegal for corperations to do anything that will hurt their stock holders. Even if it hurts other people... it can't hurt its stock holders.

For her to sell, there is an issue of some sort.


Wow! It never occurred to me to wonder why she was selling! They put Martha Stewart in jail for insider trading


Merck has several law suits against it. In some countries they CAN sue the Pharma company over vaccines, India has a case against Merck over the HPV vaccine and there's at least one other country I've read about which is suing them, but I don't remember which one.

There are other cases, United States v. Merck, and also Chatham Primary Care v. Merck.

So Merck is probably going to be losing money soon, hopefully.


People lie to themselves. For example, the vaccine pushers tell themselves that they are saving lives and that it's ok to have some people have reactions. Not sure what lie they say to themselves about the extremely high rate of conditions that are obviously from vaccines to anyone who researches it. I guess people pick and choose which research to believe and how to research to achieve their goals in order to make personal gain. I guess they have NO fear of God.

Jeannette Bishop

The price might have be a peak:

Though maybe, if more vaccine mandate pushes had met less opposition, she wouldn't be divesting right now?

I'm wanting to fantasize that Merck value is heading toward something more indicative of the corporation's contribution to our health and well-being, but I'm also thinking this might be a step in a process to revolve Julie Gerberding back into "public service" COI "free" ...?

Trust is gone

She and others are also likely very worried about conflict of interest charges. These people sll need to be outed hugely and publicly.

Trust is gone

It is sickening. Every 7 years or so there is a major correction and this is now the 7th year. I believe America will see some tough times very soon.
Even more importantly, how do women and men like Julie Gerberding sleep at night? I think the stress may eventually get to them and some of them probably enjoyed one too many vaccines with the attendant complications.

Mercky Business

I wish this really signalled choppy days for Merck - who knows? Traditional investment advice is that you do not have more than 10% of your portfolio in one stock. If $4.3m was less than 10% of Gerberding's portfolio she really has done well out of screwing us all.

Betty Bona

Maybe she sold because she wants to generate a stockpile of cash to be in a position to hire the best attorney she can when she is indicted. Or maybe she sold because she is worried that stock prices will fall when Congress finally addresses the William Thompson affair. I wonder if insider trading rules will apply down the road when the public learns how she helped Merck hide a measles vaccine connection to autism. It's confused because Merck is immune from lawsuits.


How did she get so much stock. let me answer that question. I can do that even though I am a no body that is bleeding dollars in every way possible!

Well if you work for a company and you buy some of their stock they will match it.

She has rubbed elbows for years with the pharma company as she worked in a government agency - well she was head of a government agency -- I am sure they had an agreement that for her soul - and the lives and health for the lives of every child in the United States they would give her a lot of their stock.

Which makes me understand why in the Bible it is written - that a camel getting through an eye of a needle would be easier than a rich (person in this case) to get to heaven.

Sophie Scholl

Diane - this is a good sign surely !
Some bad bad news coming up for Muck ? I hope

Julie G will need that do$h to defend herself in court , for knowingly maiming a generation of children .

Diane W Farr

She was not the only one that dumped shares this month. I saw this pop up under financial sites that give insider trading tips.

Adam Schechter, president of global human health and executive vice president of the company, divested his entire stake in Merck. Mr. Schechter sold 10,634 shares for $642,768 via a single transaction on Monday, May 11.

It's sickening. How did she acquire so much stock?

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