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Don't Call Me an Anti-Vaxxer!

Hello my name isBy Dara Berger

I would never refer to myself as an anti-vaxxer.  However, this is how anybody who questions the current vaccine schedule or vaccinations in general is labeled by our "hide the truth" mainstream media.

So who are we?  How did we become an anti-vaxxer?

I think Robert F. Kennedy Jr put it best recently when he explained that most people who are against mandatory vaccinations are those that have a vaccine injured child.  I think this is true for the majority of us.  But then there are also some very holistically minded individuals who don't rely on pharmacology as part of their health regimen or way of life.  I think of myself as both these types of people.

I think it's easy for people to call us crazy, especially if they have never walked a day in our shoes.  I wish to God that I could go back to being that blissfully ignorant gluten and dairy eating person that I was 10 years ago.  But I can't.  Autism and vaccine injury changes who you are at the core.  It changes you forever.  It even changes some people more than others.  

Now I am going to give you a comparison model of what it's like to experience something terrible and not have people believe you, since this is at the essence of being called an anti-vaxxer.  We'll take it away from vaccine's, so that we can see clearly past the smoke that usually comes out of people's ears and mouths when talking about vaccine injury.

So imagine with me for a moment that you go skiing on a beautiful bright and sunny day.  You feel good and your skiing is going great.  Then all of a sudden you hit a patch of ice and go flying down the mountain only to land all tangled up in a snow bank.  You immediately know that something is very wrong and you have a searing pain in your leg.  You try to get up and move your leg the way you normally do.  But you can't.  This is because your leg is broken.  So eventually help arrives and the ski patrol takes you to the nearest hospital.  The doctor examines you and orders an X-ray of your leg.  Next the doctor comes in and confirms that your leg is broken and explains how long you will be in a cast.  Then he asks you how it happened.  You explain that you were skiing down the mountain and fell after hitting a patch of ice.  He looks up at you and says that you must be mistaken, since nobody breaks their leg skiing.  You kind of argue back and forth until he gets very adamant that it didn't happen the way you are saying.  So you go home with your tail between your legs and look up on the internet if anybody has ever broken their leg skiing.  Not at all surprised, you find a hundred thousand people that have indeed had the same thing happen to them.  And they have all been told by their doctor that it must be a coincidence and that it must have already been broken but you didn't notice it.

This all sounds nuts right?  And I am the one that they call crazy!  Only were not really talking about such a mild example of a broken leg that will probably end up healing to the point where you can forget years later that the whole thing ever happened.  In the case of vaccine injury, we are taking about a child that has a BRAIN INJURY and becomes disabled in some way and many times permanently.  In my son's case, he lost his speech 12 hours after a vaccination was given.  This is not disputable.  Then he lost his gross and fine motor skills over the next few weeks, which is again not up for dispute.  I have always felt that he had a stroke.  Interesting enough, we finally did an MRI this past Fall to try to find the cause of his unrelenting headaches that come out of nowhere and seemed to punch him in the head.  His MRI shows an Ischemia, which is when a part of the brain dies from a lack of blood flow to that particular area.  The hospitals report says that it looks like an old injury and the neurologist mentioned that it was probably at birth.  Really? How can you have an apgar of 8 and 9 at birth if you just had a lack of oxygen to your brain.  My son's pediatrician laughed at the notion that the ischemia was from birth.  He said there would not have been an apgar that high and he would never have been sent home 36 hours after his birth.  I know the day that ischemia happened and I know what caused it.  O621R  That is the lot # to the vaccine he was given that day.  One could never imagine how 4 numbers and 1 letter could irrevocably change my family's life.  I still have the vial.  I don't know why the nurse left it in the room that day or why I felt compelled to pick it up and take it with me.  But I did.  It's in a ziploc bag inside a dresser drawer.  I look at if from time to time, but try not to do the what if's.  It's easier for me to try to make amends and move on, then hurt myself with the what if's.  

But here we go anyway.  I wish I never brought him in that day.  I wish I never vaccinated him.  But most of all, I just wish he could have experienced a normal childhood. He deserved it and so did I!

Even after all of this, I am not an anti-vaxxer!  This is because I don't care what other people do, except of course for those that I love.  I believe that Dylan's injury has saved a bunch of children.  I tell as many people that I know all about what we went through and what it's like to live with a vaccine injury.  I try to give a step by step of what led to his Autism or a day in the life of description.  This way they can make an informed choice not a one-sided brainwashed coerced decision.

I am not really anti anything actually.  There is a long list of things that I don't like and have very strong opinions on, but I believe people should have a choice.  I believe that I should have a choice, especially the choice not to reinjure my child with another vaccine.  I believe the next one would probably kill him.  

There are days that I feel lucky, since I know what happened could have been so much worse.  I know plenty of families that are living with an injured child that is much worse off then my son.  So for this, I count my blessings.

Today Dylan now speaks, rides a bike and skateboard, reads, knows how to use a computer, and most of all is happy much of the time despite his on-going difficulties.  

But despite the huge amount of progress that we have made over the years, my son still has no friends.  He still spends a great deal of time isolated by himself due to his disability.  Dylan is so smart but remains in an ungraded school program.  He has spent his whole entire childhood doing therapy and all kinds of treatments to get him better rather than just be a kid.

I hope that like the story of the broken leg that one day I can recover him to the point that we will forget this ever happened.  Although even if Dylan's disability can't be seen one day, I doubt I will ever be able to forget those four numbers and one letter.  0621R.

So don't call me an anti-vaxxer again until you spend some time wearing my shoes.  I'm a size 8 by the way.

Dara Berger is currently a screenplay writer that just finished writing her first feature length film about her experience raising a child on the autism spectrum.
She is a also a documentary filmmaker that started her own production company in 2003 to produce documentary projects on important topics such as mental health issues.  
Dara has also volunteered her time extensively over the last six years to the National Autism Association NY Metro Chapter helping to plan events that support and educate families in the community.



Contemporary science has always been overrated by every society as a status quo, human biology is very complex and vaccines artificially stimulating immunological responses arnt fully understood in every effect, so there are blind spots to this medicine and ignorance denied with hubris and belligerence in its current forms of advocacy that future science will undoubtably reveal with knowledge and tools that we simply lack to understand what effects are occuring in vaccine injuries and so its a convenient ignorance to deny the link which is very obviously witnessed by honest people. Hopefully the science community becomes more curious and interested in vaccine injured people to further enhance knowledge and better science of human biology instead of the end justifies the means propaganda for the herd like in soviet communist style social engineering.


That's fine to still believe some vaccines could be useful or definitely safer but for the love of God, we need to stop being afraid of being called "anti- vaxxer" or whatever else. Their "anti- science" label of us all is bs and we all know it. Ignore the reactions to what people say after stating the horrific facts of the autism catastrophe. That's straight out of parenting naughty children- inform them of the timeout or whatever and then ignore all subsequent verbalizations. End of story. Otherwise you are pandering to them and wasting time. I hope I never see another defensive story again! Dara, my intent is not to deny your experience or story, but the whole piece could be titled something else: My child's vaccine damage.


Stroke in children and young adults accounts for 5% to 10% of all strokes and is among the top 10 causes of childhood death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

With ischemic stroke, a blood vessel that supplies the brain is blocked; 87% of strokes are ischemic, according to the American Stroke Association (ASA). A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a weakened blood vessel ruptures and spills blood into brain tissue.]

Andrea Lalama

when I read this kind of news, More children harmed by vaccines, just like my children and then I hear people calling me "anti-vaxxer", I feel it as a complement!
2 Babies die, 14 babies listed in serious condition 37 hospitalized. 52 children received the BCG (tuberculosis), rotavirus and hepatitis B vaccines at the hospital in Simojovel as part of the National Vaccination Program. Until the investigations are completed, administration of these vaccines has been suspended at the national level. Not so here in USA after so many children have developed autism.

Cynthia Cournoyer

To carry your analogy further, you would have to say people were accusing you of being anti-ice patch. Yes, that would be ridiculous because the ice patch is innocent of any wrong-doing.

It doesn't follow the anti-vax comparison. The trouble is, vaccine makers and givers are NOT innocent, as the ice patch was. Vaccine makers and givers are complicit in a tragic game of hide and seek. Seek more reasons to make another vaccine and hide the results of vaccine injury.

I am anti anything that purposely hurts children without remorse. Vaccines are not just lying around waiting to trip someone. They are a time bomb lying around waiting to go off.


I am proud of being anti-vac. Not always I was like that, I became anti-vac after seeing my child, myself, my husband and my mother in law being seriously injured by vaccines. (Mother in law actually died after flu vaccine). I became anti-vac also after doing my own research on vaccines and learning how very toxic, deadly, and useless they are. Being anti-vac is not a shame, it is a sign of medical enlightenment, intelligence, wisdom and freedom.


Dr. Andrew Moulden also believed that vaccine injured children had suffered strokes. There's a lot of information about his theories online if you google his name.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

This gives me the will to continue. Thanks to the author, and then thanks to each and every person who commented. Both analogies are great. I am a boomer. I know all about Vietnam, the Nuremberg Trials and Code of Conduct. I know all about being labeled (privately, thank God) crazy because of allegations of "sexual abuse," and "challenging a medical authority." This was good practice for being a grandmother who witnessed what subsequently happened to one of my grandchildren after (his father told me) was the usual MMR vaccine. Don't give up folks, and don't wear your life force down trying to convince every single attacker. We know who we are. We are forging alliances with other thinking American and world citizens. We need to keep ourselves strong and allied together for what is probably coming.


"...the construct "anti-vaxx" was created to bully, intimidate and make people shut up by minimizing the genuine concerns of parents who have vaccine injured children and mock those who are not supportive of the vaccine agenda..."

YES. ANYTHING to use within which to disparage those of us who even so much as question the mainstream mantra put out by the powers that be re vaccines.

I, too, am decidedly anti-vaccine, for myself and/or for my loved ones (all three of us are anti-vaccine in this family). But I've done my homework on this subject, starting with my young son strapped in his infant carrier as I sat in libraries researching this issue.

What I found, to my complete shock and amazement was NOT solely that the information I was finding via my intensive research had never been provided to me as a parent, prior to vaccinating our son (or myself), but I found the masses had literally been quite artfully deceived on this issue...on many, many levels.

The myth of which has become universal truth (that vaccines are safe and efficacious and have saved lives) has become the officially declared (with religious fervor) mantra of today's time.

When reading Eleanor McBean's "The Poisoned Needle," one can glean for example that this same vaccine myth/mantra has been used on the masses since Jenner's first disgusting vaccine was ever used.

Speaking of myth/propaganda attached to the vaccine information we've all been given throughout the ages, here is an example; this is a letter Eleanor McBean wrote to then California, Governor Knight.

Eleanor wrote this letter circa 1956:

"Dear Governor Knight:

According to reports in the papers you are asking for $3,000,000 of public funds to furnish Salk vaccine to California adults under 40 years of age as well as to the children.

As a taxpayer and a spokesman for a large group of thinking people, I feel justified in asking why you are wasting this large sum of our tax money to promote a scheme that has not proved to be either safe or beneficial in the light of true investigation. We know this vaccine has killed many people and caused paralysis in many more who would, undoubtedly, have been well today without the shots of Salk toxoid.

In spite of all the high pressure sales talk and advertising technique, plus the false reports and garbled statistics designed to sell the people and their leaders this dangerous vaccine, enough of the truth has leaked out so that 17 states have already rejected their supplies of Salk vaccine. Why should our great state be the slowest to wake up to this monstrous fraud?

According to an AP report (Dec. 13) "Only 4 states have used up their grants from the $53,600,000 federal appropriation to aid states in providing free vaccine to people under 20 years of age." It is evident that the people do not want this deadly vaccine and have not been induced to use it up. It is bad enough to have President Eisenhower rob us for this large sum, but why should you rob us again for the same thing?"

Health Director Peterson of Idaho didn’t mince words when he stated, to the press, that polio struck only vaccinated children in areas where there had been no cases of polio since the preceding autumn. "In 9 out of 10 cases the paralysis occurred in the arms in which the vaccine had been Injected."

After the American Public Health Service announced that there had been "168 confirmed cases of poliomyelitis among the vaccinated with 6 deaths . . .‘ the Salk promoters clamped down a rigid censorship on the reporting of Salk casualties and the people were told that there were none and that the vaccine was safe and successful..."


Those of us who can hear do hear, and we know something of what you have been through. The problem is that the vaccine manufacturers rule the world and everyone who has not experienced vaccine injury first hand believes we made the whole thing up. Yuck. I'm in California so I'm in double woe at the moment. People should know, though, that there is no requirement to vaccinate children before they enter kindergarten. I know this because my daughter (who is one of the autoimmune vaccine injured) was told by her pediatrician that her unvaccinated baby can go to pre-school. She did get a medical exemption, but even if she hadn't she would still not have to worry about vaccination until kindergarten. Maybe one of the reactions to the draconian vaccine mandates is that parents will skip all the infant vaccines and just wait until the child is 3 or 4 before starting with the schedule of 10 or whatever it will be. I think they should reduce the number of vaccines to one--the measles--single vial because isn't that what all this is about? OK folks, one vaccine and one vaccine only. Then we would see who is really pulling the strings... And when it comes to anti-vaxers; i'm one of them. I don't mind if someone else wants to vaccinate but having read practically everything on the subject I can't see that any one of those vaccines is really necessary for health and well being. Infectious illness is better dealt with upfront in the acute stage--especially such non scary illnesses like the mumps and chicken pox. Crazy.. that we are subjecting children to a chicken pox vaccine or deny a child education for not having one.

Laura Hayes

Great article, and great comment by Ottoschnaut. Thank you both!

Recently, I emailed an L.A. Times reporter who thought she had done well by using what she thought was the less-offensive term "anti-vaccine moms" versus "anti-vaxxers."

Here is an email I sent to her, asking her to consider my input before her next article:

"Instead of calling us "anti-vaccine moms", how about calling us what we really are, "anti-vaccine-mandate-moms", or, "moms against vaccine mandates" would be even better as it would remove the negative "anti" prefix. Either would be a far more accurate description, and would be most appreciated by those of us who are constantly disparaged by the media for wanting to protect our children, and all children, from harm, and from government control...and who want to leave medical decisions for children where they rightfully and legally belong, in the hands of their parents, who are best-equipped and who have the most compelling interest in doing what is best for them."

I then stated something similar in a short speech I gave recently before the SB277 hearing here in CA before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

"We are wrongfully and purposefully called “anti-vaxxers” in an attempt to marginalize and vilify us. Some of us, after watching our children become chronically ill and/or disabled post-vaccination, and in some cases die post-vaccination, we are indeed anti-vaxxers. The term, however, that accurately encapsulates all of us, though, is Parents Against Vaccine Mandates. We believe, and the U.S. Constitution, State of CA Constitution, and international codes of ethics support us, that there should be NO forced medical treatments or procedures…NONE. Each and every medical treatment or procedure requires prior, voluntary, and informed consent, including each and every vaccination. There are no exceptions to this hallmark of ethical medicine."

Personally, I am anti-vaccine, and I make no bones about it. I don't think any child should be poisoned by vaccines, nor have their immune system, nervous system, brain, gut, health, and development be permanently damaged by the barbaric practice of vaccination.


If you appeared to break your leg skiing, it was probably actually Genetic Leg Syndrome (GLS). Studies have shown that many people who break their legs never skied a day in their lives, which proves that skiing does not cause broken legs. There is a world-wide consensus on this, and those thousands of reports saying otherwise are simply anecdotal. We all know that the plural of anecdotes is not data. And those loony conspiracy theorists are part of the anti-skiiing lobby.

This all started in 2006 when Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed to have broken his leg on a skiing holiday in Idaho, which of course was the first such claim ever. Don't take your advice from celebrity ex-governors, folks.

Angus Files

It isn’t us that are crazy it’s the people that run the world that are crazy.
Insanity has become normal.
Were born into a mad house but were told it’s sane.
We grow up in a mad house and everything we have seen is mad so it seems normal.
And when someone comes along and says this isn’t normal this is madness.
They say your bloody mad…a anti-vaccine crazie fruit loop.

And the mainstream media(bless there cotton socks) who have ridiculed us for a long time now ,2 decades or more are going to have to come to terms very soon with a simple fact ,the ones who they ridiculed for 2 decades were the ones who were sane all along and the world they believe in is the world that is insane. When we realise that dynamic the world starts to make sense. The world is full of evil ,badness ,and slaughter for a simple reason. We in our sleep have allowed evil people to take control and ruin our world, they stay in control by using ignorance but slowly the ignorance is dispersing and what is left is a world that is upside down and mad masquerading as sanity. An example is us on here discussing how best to protect our children healthily and we are the crazies because Offit et-al says so…



Well done piece! I'm frequently hit with the slang "anti-vaxx" in my own family. I don't even address it directly but I do approach it a number of ways.

One way is when I'm called a anti-vaxx in person I ask them what does that mean?
They usually respond: You don't believe in taking vaccines.
I show them my smallpox scar and say obviously I got this somewhere-hmm, maybe a vaccine? You think? This shuts them up for a minute to regroup their thoughts.

LOL, at this point the person(s) has got to decide if they want to continue the challenge because I didn't roll like they expected. If so, next they may say well you just don't believe in vaccines.
Where I respond: believe in them to do what?
Pause, while the person thinks and says believe they work. Again I ask work how?
I see their frustration rising.
Next they say something like, to stop a kid from getting sick. Whereas I come back-do you have any studies that prove that?
So they start chanting the CDC/Vaccine mantra of how vaccines work yada yada yada and I interrupt them and ask, Do you know what informed consent is?
They don't. So I tell them it's a Federal Law and explain it to them. I don't pause, I ask them has any Doctor sat you down and explained to you what's on a vaccine package vial insert? Has any doctor told you the vaccine ingredients or what the adverse reactions could be if you use that product? No, well, that's informed consent.
If she/he is not doing this they are breaking the law. It is a person's right to ask about ANY medical procedure and receive intelligent cogent information regardless if they ask for it or not. Did you know this?
No. Do you know what the Nuremberg Code of Conduct is? So I explain to them about the Nazi trials after I ask them do you know who was in the Vietnam War? If they are not a baby boomer they pretty much don't so I go on a little about the Nazi Trials which led to the code by saying The First Principle of the Nuremberg Code is “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential".
So in order to consent, one by law, is entitled to all requested information-don't you agree?
By this time I'm pretty sure what they read about vaccine dissents or anti-vaxx is proving not to be true and they are not up to the challenge so they back off. However, I keep going stating whether I submit or ANYONE including you to a invasive medical procedure is the individuals choice. They have the legal right to choose. Parents have the legal right to choose what medical procedures they will submit their children to. It's called Pro-choice. So if you need to define me I'm informed consent & pro-choice.

I have had a couple of relatives go on and say vacancies save lives but I always request Independent studies to confirm that. They never have them.

You're absolutely right John, the construct "anti-vaxx" was created to bully, intimidate and make people shut up by minimizing the genuine concerns of parents who have vaccine injured children and mock those who are not supportive of the vaccine agenda. When I see this on comment boards, usually posted by trolls, I don't let it pass. I post why the term is used and who came up with it. Pretty much shuts the trolls down when they are exposed.


Yes, MRI at 12 showed ischemia but I was told he moved and that was the real reason there were two bright white spots toward the front of the brain about the size of a quarter. - Then his second MRI at 14 back n 2000 and those the Doc said was ischemia.

Same here.

Perhaps that explains a research freezer malfunction.

But then again I was told over and over again that no difference can be found between a normal brain and an autism brain, at all those local autism meetings.

I don't blame the local chapters - they only know the information that was passed down to them.

If every one was being told it was ischemia - a lot of people that did not connect the vaccine to their child's condition would be asking - when did that happen?


Dear Ms. Berger- I agree with the substance of your post, but I think I can offer a better analogy than a skiing accident.

Suppose a person is walking down the street and is set upon by a vicious, violent predator. The predator drags the victim into a dark alley and sexually assaults him/her.

When the victim of the assault goes to authorities, s/he is told," Rape? There is no such thing. You were asking for it."

Or- "you claim you were raped? Prove it! Your obvious defensive injuries consistent with a pattern of violent assault are a coincidence."

Or- "The fact that have injuries indicative of a violent, non consensual assault does not prove anything happened. Correlation does not prove causation."

When violent assaults of this nature ramp up to due to lack of action by "authorities," people who claim to be assaulted are labeled "anti sex." The pro-rape lobby begins introducing bills in state legislatures mandating that all sexual encounters, since they occurred, are consensual by definition. Bills are introduced saying that the benefit of forced assault outweigh the negative effects. The pro rape lobby parades a team of experts who unblinkingly declare that "rape" is a debatable concept, there is no scientific evidence that "rape" actually happens, and that skyrocketing claims of "rape" are due to chiselers like you trying to take advantage of government programs. Individuals claiming assault are shunned, mocked, marginalized, and ignored. Mainstream media runs stories suggesting that people claiming assault are influenced by Hollywood celebrities and are kooky. The left wing blogosphere starts running earnest editorials saying it is time for people to ................whether they like it or not, because it is in the greater good to not falsely accuse citzens of rape. To send your kid to a public school, you are asked to sign a declaration that there is no such thing as sexual assault "to protect other kids and teachers" from the possibility of phony accusations.

The capper is when the feds pass the comprehensive "Sexual Encounter Liability Indemnification Program"- SELIP. Under SELIP, individuals who complain about assault are adjudicated by a branch of the federal government in confidential, extra judicial proceedings. If a person does actually win a case against a rapist- the records are sealed and the rapist can go out and commit more acts of violence.

Don't be so nice, Ms. Berger. What happened to your family was not a random, self inflicted tumble on a ski slope. You were coerced into taking a medical procedure that injured your family. Now that you have spoken up, you are treated like a liar and a fraud. That is closer to the reality of vaccine injury.

John Stone

The real extremists in all of this are the vaccine lobby because of what they want (an endlessly expanded compulsory schedule without real monitoring) and how they behave (trashing everybody in sight who disagrees with them). A few weeks ago I responded to an article by Scientific American journalist John Horgan republished on Horgan maintained he had some well informed concerns about the vaccine schedule while declaring his superiority over "anti-vaccination activist Jenny McCarthy". This is a game where very moderate people are being labelled by very immoderate people (and by people who are simply taken in). My response to Horgan below:

"There [are] some interesting points here but it largely mistakes the issue. Crucially, in the context, Jenny McCarthy is not, was never, an anti-vaccinationist – she was a celebrity mother who witnessed vaccine injury to her child and became a campaigner for vaccine safety (actually she has been more or less forced into silence on the matter for several years). It has been part of the gambit of government and industry to characterise parents campaigning for vaccine safety as “anti-vaxxers” when for the most part they were parents or grandparents who had witnessed damage to their children from products they had been persuaded to use: it is true that recently the mistrust between such parents and “public health” has become so great that many have become radicalised into anti-vaccinationists, but it is not where it started and not what Jenny McCarthy is.

"And of course this is not for the most part about science at all but about denying damage. If Jenny wants to talk about what happened to her kid they will make it very difficult for her to work (hate material will appear in Time magazine, even NY Times and Washington Post reminding people shock-horror that she was a Playboy Centrefold)). And what people like Mooney, Mnookin and Gorski (Goldacre too) are doing is ad-hominem with bells on. This is not about hard headed science at all, it is about making people shut up, and marginalising them socially and professionally: it is about skewing the data by socially repressive techniques (even if some of the participants are too stupid to realise what they are doing). On the Sense About Science website there used to be an article about the necessity of driving people talking about vaccine damage out of the mainstream media (a project in which they have long since succeeded).

"And what we are talking about is not like physics at all (or the bits of physics that have stood the test of time): there is no central unchanging law of human imunity which underpins the project – there are only industrial products injected or sometimes swallowed, which may not be as effective or safe as the manufacturers would have us believe, and the evidence is usually of a statistical kind which can be distorted or lied about (there would be an unending supply of documentable examples), while the bodies that license and prescribe them are in bed with the industry. It is quite true that it should not need a scientist to penetrate this farago: any competent investigative journalist could do it.

"Meanwhile, it is kind of obvious that vaccines can cause encephalopathies and other types of organic damage (to the gut for example) and that insufficient care is taken. These are the cruise missiles and drone helicopters of the war on the diseases, billions of them are deployed each year and the people in charge don’t want to know about the collateral damage. If you actually care about science the data in vaccinology is let’s face it mostly junk.


Lisa Thompson

Great piece Dara! Which vaccine was 0621R?

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