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Dachel Media Update: Science Frauds and Teacher Training

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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May 23, 2015, New York Times:  What's Behind Big Science Frauds?

May 22, 2015, The Kerryman (Ireland):  Parents say teachers need better training on providing for children with autism

New York Times

Those were all frauds published in the world's top scientific journals - The Lancet, Science and Nature. The vaccine scare has been associated with a surge in cases of measles, some of them deadly.

Listen to this double speak/stupidity from THE NEW YORK TIMES.  It makes NO SENSE.

The "newspaper of record" in the U.S. is the prime example of senseless journalism mimicked by every other paper out there.


The Times slammed all the FRAUD being published in "the world's top scientific journals"---including the Lancet study that linked vaccines to autism. 

The Times has their selective science. 

(This is the same paper that is quick to tell us "studies show no link" when the question is, Do vaccines cause autism?)

If a study shows vaccines have serious side effects, its authors are "dishonest scholars."   Yet these same people are more than willing to accept a study disproving a link as legitimate journalism.  (Excuse me, but neither Marcus or Oransky bring up the uncomfortable topic of BIAS AND CONFLICTS OF INTEREST.

It's a little hard to pretend that there is no research that shows vaccines have serious side effects.  It's piling up. ...BUT...according to these two members of the media, we're supposed to believe that it's all just fraudulent science, even though it comes from places like Columbia University and the University of British Columbia. 

The NY Times never asks about the conflicts in the official studies they're willing to believe.  (And in the case of vaccine safety, every study disproving a link has been shown to have ties to the vaccine industry.)

"What's behind big science [and media] frauds?"  ...Self-protection and lots of pharma money. 

The Kerryman (Ireland)

While many Irish universities that offer teaching courses provide training to teachers on autism care in the classroom, parents with autistic children in schools want to see a more comprehensive training programme.

. . . Last year's budget saw 365 SNAs being provided, along with 480 more resource teachers. Additionally, there were also over 130 new special classes set up for the 2014/2015 school year. These changes come as the Department of Education is spending ?80 million in 2015 to provide more staff to the country's growing school-going population.

. . .The number of diagnoses for autism in Ireland is increasing - it is currently estimated that 600 children a year are being born with ASD. This places an increased demand on the education system and to meet this demand, the number of SNAs in the county is set to rise to 11,330 in 2015.

. . .In a 2011 briefing by the National Autistic Society in the UK they confirmed that the condition now affects over half a million people in the UK - that's one in 100. "There is no reason to believe that incidence in Ireland is any different," according to Irish Autism Action. "Although it is widely maintained that the increase in incidence can, in part, be attributed to better diagnostic procedures, it is apparent that the condition itself is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide."

This rise in diagnosis is mirrored in Ireland, where it is now estimated that about 600 children per year are born with ASD. Liz Swords believes that the appropriate response to this rising occurrence is a more open society.

This is more of the same bizarre reporting we're all so used to.  Ireland is faced with increasing numbers of autistic children.  Teachers have to be trained to deal with these disabled students.  While the numbers continue to climb, there is no demand for a reasonable explanation.  Thrown in the middle of this is the scary line: 'It is apparent that the condition itself is reaching epidemic proportions worldwide,' along with a vague reference to 'better diagnostic procedures.'

I guess it's not politically polite to ask what's going on.  In addition, we're told that children are born with autism, all we really need to do is become "a more open society." 

That's a no brainer.  Since universally no one wants to do anything to stop the autism epidemic, we'll need to accommodate a significant part of the population with serious neurological problems.  And of course we're all going to have to be willing to provide the financial support they'll need as dependent adults--a population that does not current exist in significant numbers.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.


Angus Files

As they say the more a lie is told the more people believe it...



Indeed, Ireland is not the only country facing a crisis in their education system with the surging numbers of special needs kids. Here in Ontario, we are also having education strikes in various regions. The problem is with budgetary constraints, The Government is seeking increased class sizes, while the teachers are objecting. Listening to my local Talk Radio station lots of people were calling in and weighing in on the matter. Many were slamming the 'lazy' teachers who are holding the kids hostages. Yet, some teachers called in and explained that it's not about money, but having manageable class sizes that facilitates the best education, and especially with the rising special needs numbers. They explained that it's impossible for one teacher to teach 35 plus kids, when in some cases nearly half of them have IEPs. Of course, the rising special needs numbers was dismissed by the announcer as opportunist parents seeking to take advantage of the system and rushing out to get their kids diagnosed with all kinds of 'trivial' disorders.

Bob Moffitt

"The Times slammed all the FRAUD being published in "the world's top scientific journals"---including the Lancet study that linked vaccines to autism."

New York Times "pot" .. has the arrogant audacity to criticize scientific journal "kettles" regarding "fraudulent" reporting of facts.

NY Times has a sordid history of favoring "science" .. if it promotes the NY Times dogma on controversial national issues like "global warming or vaccines".. to name just two of many others .. it is "good science" .. if it conflicts with that NY Times dogma .. it is labeled "junk science".

"If a study shows vaccines have serious side effects, its authors are "dishonest scholars." Yet these same people are more than willing to accept a study disproving a link as legitimate journalism."

One doesn't need a "study" to acknowledge the 3 BILLION in compensation awards to families who have suffered severe adverse reactions to vaccines .. including deaths of innocent toddlers. I suspect even the NYT would not dare suggest the families were paid compensation awards as a result of filing "frivolous lawsuit".

One also does not need a "study" to acknowledge the dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune disorders .. such as .. type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, peanut allergies, asthma .. to name just a few of many others ... including autism .. affecting the children born somewhere in the late 1980's when the number of recommended and approved vaccines increased.

Obviously .. "something" caused these dramatic increases .. and .. whatever that "something" was .. stretches from Maine to California .. North Dakota to Texas ..

And so .. all the NY Times has to do is demand the public health agencies the NY Times relies upon for "science" .. to immediately conduct a "retrospective" study of the "unvaccinated v. vaccinated" .. to finally determine if that "something" was NOT vaccines as many now believe and these rising .. so far inexplicable rates of autoimmune disorders .. clearly indicate.

What is the NY Times afraid of?????

John Stone


Quite right: the industry what absolute obedience but they are a bunch of crooks. The reality of this is that if the agencies ever catch up with the criminal behaviour - and most often they are in on it - it falls on the shareholders (it is just another financial risk) and not on the people who perpetrated it.

Did anyone go to prison over Vioxx?


Did anyone lose their job over Vioxx?

I suspect not.

Did anyone even lose their bonus over Vioxx?

I bet they didn't.

These guys are onto a sure thing, or as JK Galbraith wrote in 1999:

“The fraud also conceals a major change in the role of money in the modern economy. Money, we once agreed, gave the owner, the capitalist, the controlling power in the enterprise. So it still does in small businesses. But in all large firms the decisive power now lies with a bureaucracy that controls, but does not own, the requisite capital. This bureaucracy is what the business schools teach their students to navigate, and it is where their graduates go. But bureaucratic motivation and power are outside the central subject of economics. We have corporate management, but we do not study its internal dynamics or explain why certain behaviors are rewarded with money and power. These omissions are another manifestation of fraud."

And actually these people ought to be in jail.

tony bateson

Look the more these people can spread quasi scientific nonsense around an appalling record of dishonesty both in vaccines and other drugs the further they can distance themselves from the inevitable consequences of the maxim 'truth will out'. There's one incontrovertible truth already out there. Most if not all big pharma companies have been fined $billions around the world for market abuse, bribery and cheating of all kinds. Why would anyone believe anything they say about their products and the use of their products.

They are a prime candidate to be broken up and reconstituted as Non-Profits.

Tony Bateson
Oxford, UK.

go Rand

How many times can they dig up the "debunked MMR paper" that only suggested more research ??? Which was then quickly haulted.

The same "debunked paper" which has now been replaced by five other papers ???

However, it is amazing how "fast they can find a link" if they want to...

Sudden infant deaths linked to elevation

One study and they have established groundbreaking new SIDS facts... ???

media like NYT is the Big Fraud.

Everyone knows the Big Fraud is with all the medical journals and the media sources like NYT. What a joke.

John Stone

Thanks Anne

Another desperate story related to my Scottish story the other day: the Republic of Ireland has about three quarters of the population of Scotland. The National Autstic Society of the United Kingdom first unveiled their mythical figure of in excess of half a million cases for the entire population in 1998 so I am not sure what they were doing unveiling it again in 2011: they've never been able to justify it as I pointed out in my article: the figure published by National Statistics in 2009 was fabricated, and the Department of Works and Pensions only know of 130,000 cases in a population of 64 million (and that figure includes children): spread evenly across the ages that would about 1 in 492. But the Scottish school figures suggest that rate may be more 1 in 30 among younger children.

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