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CA SB277 Vaccine Bill: Your Family. Whose Choice?

Goodbye CASB277 Passes Out of the Senate

Reasonable Amendments Voted Down - Parents in Opposition Vow to Fight Even Harder in the Assembly

SACRAMENTO – Controversial bill SB277 cleared the Senate today with a 25-10 vote. Opponents were disappointed, but not surprised. Three senators offered amendments to address concerns with religious freedom, education about vaccine ingredients and access to education. Once again, refusing to discuss real issues, the Senate decided to hide behind procedure and table amendments with no further discussion.

"This legislation is so extreme, yet the Senate won't even consider discussing a reasonable religious exemption - something that 48 other states have. Will California actually join the ranks of Mississippi and West Virginia and deny religious freedom?" asked Jude Tovatt, member of the Canary Party.

Critics of this bill are deeply concerned that the Senate never addressed the obvious unconstitutionality of the legislation. The California Constitution guarantees children the right to a public education, and safeguards against discriminatory practices in public schools. Another issue never addressed in the Senate was the potential denial of a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for special needs students that are guaranteed under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA.) Many special needs children utilize a personal belief exemption for a variety of good reasons.

However, parents opposed to SB277 are not giving up. They plan to fight this bill with great vigor in the Assembly.

“The tens of thousands of mothers, fathers, and children in California who oppose this legislation will continue to demonstrate to legislators that they are wrong to support this unnecessary, unconstitutional, unconscionable abuse of police power to our last breath,” assured Sylvia Pimentel, State Director of the Canary Party, and member of the California Coalition for Health Choice (CCHC). “We anticipate the Assembly will act in accordance with their rules and provide the fair hearings their constituents expect and deserve from their representatives."

CCHC is a grassroots umbrella organization that advocates for the preservation of parental rights regarding medical decisions for their children. CCHC represents thousands of parents, healthcare professionals and concerned citizens who oppose SB277.



Can they force parents to "agree" to vaccination?

In this unbelievable related story, a 31 year old mother in Florida is JAILED to force her to sign a consent form to "agree" to have her 4 year old son circumcised.

The father, who she had a 6 month relationship with and was never married to, wants the child to be circumcised. She agreed to the circumcision during her pregnancy, but then changed her mind, which she should certainly be allowed to do. She most likely after agreeing, became informed and so withdrew her consent. (Isn't that the way it's supposed to work? "Informed" consent?) She was told by the judge that she would be kept in jail indefinitely until she signed the consent form.

This is America. 2015.


Leonard Bremner

the world must be flat America just droped off the edge I don't see how they get away with this....forced inoculation is a crimiinal assault backed up by blackMail and threats of jail
without trial all this goes against the Geneva Convention that was desigend to end this type of tiriney after world war two and here we are the same again no one is doing their job to defend you not your police not your army none so why do you employ them boycot all goverment offices untill they are removed or arrested for a war crime for this is whot it is your Goverment is waging a war against you.

cia parker

Tim and David,

I phrased my google search several ways before I thought to look up the name of Mary Jo Parry, thinking its inclusion might help (it didn't). Google will no longer give me the articles about the Rohani study about immunity to pertussis from the natural disease lasting longer than they said these days, from thirty to seventy years. It used to come up right away, but no longer does. I couldn't get the date of the final Assembly vote on SB 277 on Google, but just found this timetable using Duck Duck Go:


What's next for vaccination bill?

11:41 AM, May 14, 2015

Following approval by the Senate, the bill that would eliminate the personal choice exemption that allows parents to decide not to vaccinate their children and still attend school now moves to the Assembly for consideration.

First, the Assembly Rules Committee will determine to which committee or committees SB 277 will be assigned. Preliminary indications are that, unlike in the Senate where it was considered by three separate policy committees, it will be heard in the Assembly only by the Health Committee.

The Assembly committee hearing will likely take place sometime after June 8. Policy committees must act on all bills by July 17.

If the bill advances out of committee, it would then be considered by the full Assembly, likely in early September.

If, as is likely, the bill is amended by the Assembly, it will then be returned to the Senate for concurrence on those amendments.

A final vote to send it to the governor would have to be taken by Sept. 11.

If it is sent to Gov. Jerry Brown, he would then have until Oct. 11 to decide whether to sign or veto the bill.


Georg Elser


No vax , no tax !

I like that alot .

David Taylor

Regarding Google, when I read comments below, didn't believe that Google would be censoring like that. So I tried "Mary Jo Parry Jackson Free Press vaccine mandates November 2014." Nothing. Note even 5 pages back.

Then tried same search on Yahoo, Dogpile, etc. The alternate search engines produced the article at top of results.

However, when I took out "Mary Jo Parry" out of the search query, the article came up first on Google.


Denise Anderstrom Douglass

For all you people who signed your real names, bravo! This whole issue may be the spark that sets off another American Revolution. If it happens, there are elders around who would be happy to do things like help home school. Don't anybody give up.

cia parker

Thank you, Tim, I'll switch to Duck Duck Go, too, I had never heard of it, but I'm fed up with the new google. ANYTHING I type in gets me nothing but a full page of articles from Dr. P, Science-Based Medicine, Skeptical Raptor, or propaganda pieces by mainstream media.


You know, homeschooling isn't that hard. You don't have to be there 6 hours a day - you can homeschool your children in 2 hours better than public school can in 8, and you can split some courses between other parents. I know a single mom who splits homeschooling time with the grandfather. Maybe they're calling anti-vaccination parents' bluff. They really don't think anyone will reject vaccinations and start homeschooling!! Because do they really want entire anti-vaccination communities who question their government bonding over home-schooled children? Do they want you to educate your children the way you want to so that you can give your children an entire class on the dangers of vaccines and the corruption of government? If they honest-to-God get rid of the religious exemption and make it almost impossible to claim a medical one, then they better be careful what they ask for, because they may accidentally spur the creation of communities which are so organized, that they can opt out of public education school taxes together en masse!!! No vax no tax could be the motto of certain provinces formed from this unconstitutional law! It's fine if I can homeschool my children as long as I don't have to pay the public-education fee as well! I will do what I can to preserve our freedoms as defined by the constitution and to create new ones (medical freedom), and sometimes the only way is to opt out no-matter-what and call their bluff!


It was my understanding that 11 senators voted NO: Anderson, Bates, Fuller, Gaines, Leyva, Moorlach, Morrell,Nielsen, Roth, Runner, Huff.

"California Coalition for Health Choice is a statewide umbrella organization that encompasses many of the grassroots groups fighting SB277."

Please clarify.

Tim Lundeen


After your comment about google, I finally switched by search engine to DuckDuckGo -- took all of a minute, and for "Mary Jo Parry Jackson Free Press vaccine mandates November 2014", the article you linked to is the very first entry. No more google for me.


Having grown up in the good old U.S.A. that still respected personal rights I have no idea how to pay off under the table, and I have never done it myself; but I can't imagine that a black market won't develop around these mandates. In the brutal old Soviet Union where the government lost the respect of its citizens a thriving black market in practically everything developed. I don't think there is any money allocated for enforcing the forced vaccinations or in checking up on the legality of the paperwork. Since vaccine failure is ubiquitous I am not sure how they are going to tell when an outbreak is vaccine failure or failure to vaccinate.

cia parker

Mary Jo Parry is fighting the mandate in Mississippi now. I had to struggle to get the following link, the new google, designed to thwart searches for anti-vax information, wouldn't give me the article even searching for Mary Jo Parry Jackson Free Press vaccine mandates November 2014. I finally gave up and went to my old emails, remembering that several of us had exchanged emails about it at the time.


David Taylor

@kapoore--good comment. There will be injuries and deaths because if the mandate is implemented, not if.

Here is what happens in just one year in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims: $5.5 billion. http://1.usa.gov/1aDBuh6

My strong opinion is that Dems were paid and pressured to get this legislation through to help fulfill Pharma agenda of eliminating exemptions and mandating the full schedule.

California Dems know SB277 is a bad bill and will be challenged. But that doesn't matter. They will still be able to say to their puppet masters: "We did our job. Keep the campaign cash coming."

Nothing else rational can explain their revolting behavior as legislators and human beings--with a special exception for Pan. That man is truly a dangerous zealot just one mustache away from he-who-must-not-be-named.


I don't know who has fought against the Mississippi and West Virginia draconian mandates so I probably should not make a comparison between those states and California. Still, I live in California and I have lived in less populous states and so there does seem to be a difference in the tendency to take things to court. In California the assault rifle is the lawsuit. Californians like to settle disputes with lawsuits. I can't imagine that SB 277, if it should pass, wouldn't end up in court Given that inevitability, I have spent time in my inexpert way reading through court cases related to vaccines. There does seem to be this vagueness about legality in terms of mandates and that is probably why most states retain the religious exemption. The legality of mandates seems to stem from an outbreak of smallpox and one man's refusal to take the shot. He ended up not taking the shot but paying a $5.00 fee. OK so one shot, and $5.00 is a lot different than 10 shots and no option to buy your way out. Even there the court was afraid of forcing a vaccination on the man, probably the reason for the $5.00 fee. But why would SB277 be mandating vaccines to non-communicable disease, why not stick with the measles vaccine even though you can hardly call the Disneyland outbreak an epidemic. Then there is the issue of "natural rights" which is another can of worms. It's strange that the California legislature feels it can play doctor to six million children. What if they mandate a vaccine that kills or maims without informed consent. They are assuming based on their expert Dr. Pan that vaccines are completely safe and so there should not be a need to worry, but what if he is wrong and many kids get sick. The lawsuits are going to fly.... And, of course, as we all know vaccines are not safe so the whole thing could end in the quagmire of lawsuits. And somewhere in those swampy waters the language of truth might rise to the surface.

Georg Elser

How can we possibly give up ?
I never thought it would come to this .
The NWO plan behind this will be global for sure .

Senators you are either damn criminals or halfwits & fools.

How will the secret exemptions work I wonder ?
Exemptions for the Rockefellers, Clintons, Bush's, Offits etc ?

How do you find a corrupt bribeable doctor ? Stupid question , sorry , it shouldnt be difficult at all .

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