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Barbara Loe Fisher: Blackmail and the Medical Vaccine Exemption

By Anne Dachel

While the media is focused on threats and "stalking" from pro-exemption parents, in this Jan 29 video, Barbara Loe Fisher points out what the mainstream media hasn't reported about the measles outbreak and vaccine immunity.

Measles in Disneyland: Third MMR Shot & Vaccine Exemption Ban

On this video, Barbara Loe Fisher head of the National Vaccine Information Center discussed the measles outbreak that has been linked to exposure at Disneyland and the move to end vaccine exemptions.

Barbara pointed out that "there was and still is limited information about the 51 lab confirmed cases of measles public health officials say are linked to the happiest place on Earth."

She added that according to a press release on Jan 23, 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 'no source case for the outbreak has been identified.'

Barbara questioned why, as soon as the outbreak was announced, the press linked it to parents not vaccinating.   Hate speech directed at parents immediately ensued. 

She gave us eye-opening facts about measles, which she described as "inconvenient truths about vaccine failures and the dissolving myths about acquired herd immunity." 

"There were 644 cases of measles in 2014, even though 95 percent of children entering kindergarten have gotten 2 doses of MMR vaccine, which is also true for 92 percent of schoolchildren ages 13 to 17 years.

"Plus, less than one percent of children under age three are completely unvaccinated.  And 92 percent of them have gotten one or more MMR shots.  In some states, the MMR vaccination rate is approaching 100 percent."

Barbara pointed out that herd immunity requires that 90 percent of children are vaccinated.  "That's been true in America since 1981 with one dose of MMR vaccine and since 1000 for two doses of MMR vaccine."

For this reason the CDC declared measles eradicated in 2000, yet according to Barbara, no one has been able to successfully eradicate measles anywhere.  Barbara added, "And emerging scientific evidence suggests it never will be, no matter how many doses of MMR vaccine are mandated for every man, woman and child in the world."

The elephant in the room is the question Barbara asked next, "Why is a big deal being made about 51 cases of measles reported in the U.S.?

Maybe, it's a diversion.  Maybe health officials are hyping the measles cases in order to, as Barbara said, "not focus on the fact that millions of Americans have gotten flu shots that don't work.  And health care workers are being fired if they don't get flu shots that don't work."

She continued, "Scientists have confirmed that the more often you get an annual flu shot, the less effective it is."  She asked about the danger of exposure from children who received a live virus flu vaccine. 

Next Barbara talked about the failure rate of the whooping cough vaccine.  The science is now being recognized, that shows "you can be fully vaccinated for pertussis, and show atypical, or no symptoms, and spread whooping cough to vaccinated and unvaccinated persons."  In fact, according to experts, there are millions of cases undiagnosed whooping cough each year in the U.S.  (This despite having 95 percent of kids vaccinated against the disease.)

Barbara said that there is no science that shows outbreaks of flu, whooping cough or measles is because unvaccinated people are spreading the diseases.

Furthermore,"[Public health doctors] just discovered that one measles vaccinated adult in 10 is now susceptible to measles because vaccine immunity wears off.  They call it, waning immunity."

And incredibly, experts prescribe additional measles vaccines for adults as the solution to waning immunity.

"That's right.  Let's just mandate more MMR shots for millions of Americans and make Merck's stockholders really happy."

"Public health doctors do not know how many vaccinated people can be infected with measles, show few or no symptoms, and transmit measles to other people.  Government health officials do not conduct routine active surveillance of vaccinated people to find out find out if they're experiencing asymptomatic or atypical measles and transmitting it to others."

Also, the live virus vaccine may cause people who receive it to shed the virus.  Again, there is no surveillance of people who receive this vaccine.

Barbara summed up: "The hype about 51 cases of measles reportedly linked to Disneyland has more to do with covering up vaccine failures and propping up the dissolving myth of vaccine acquired herd immunity than it does about protecting the public health."

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



Grace Green

Kapoore, forgive me for being cynical, but some might say your granddaughter is doubly blessed - being unvaccinated and never going to Disneyland!


I'm always suspicious when news stories just die like the Disney measles "epidemic." Those stories even if to some degree real have the appearance of fabrication. What don't we know about those 50 diagnosed cases? I have heard that the measles virus was from the Philippines, but that was never completely confirmed--that is, there is a wild type measles virus endemic there that occasionally comes in with tourists. Yet it was as if after the outbreak had done its job of launching all these bills already in the pipeline then it didn't really matter too much, or maybe it really was started by a vaccine style measles and that needed to be suppressed. Who knows. I know one thing for sure, though. I will never go back to Disneyland because the magic has gone out of the magic kingdom for me. My grandchild is unvaccinated and so she can't even go there since unvaccinated are barred. So... Disneyland is forever interwoven with this horrible episode of repression of personal freedom, forever part of the medical tyranny. It also might be a long time before I forgive the Democratic party as well...and I was a yard sign, walk the precincts, give a party for the candidate Democrat once upon a time but no more.

Christine Szabo

If we need herd immunity could someone explain why when travelling to third world countries we need to be vaccinated for the diseases in that country.Obviously no herd immunity there but we still seem to be protected.

Tony Bateson

Removal of exemptions has one purpose only - that of achieving near to 100% vaccination take up - removing at a stroke any possibility of comparing vaccinated vs unvaccinated outcomes. It is really hard to believe this is happening in the 'land of the free'.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

Bob Moffitt

As long as the doctors and pharmaceutical industry enjoy the unwarranted .. and .. subsequently dangerous privilege of "product liability" protections for the damage their products and policies cause .. common sense dictates .. they have absolutely no reason to expend any time, money or resources producing SAFER products.

Consider recent filing of "criminal charges" against auto industry executives who failed to acknowledge their vehicles contained serious design defects which caused individuals to lose control over their vehicles .. resulting in serious accidents .. including death.

Apparently the executives knew the autos were dangerous and did nothing to correct the problems until too many accidents could no longer be denied.

Does that corporate strategy .. "delay, deny and hope they die" .. sound familiar?

In any event .. the number of vehicle deaths and serious accidents due to what is now defined as "criminal negligence" by auto manufacturer executives is miniscule .. (somewhere below two hundred confirmed instances) .. when compared to the thousands of deaths and serious injuries caused by vaccines that have resulted in 3 BILLION compensation awards already paid.

I wish someone would explain to me why manufacturers of defective autos are being held personally and professionally accountable for the damage they have caused the unsuspecting people who purchased their autos .. yet .. no one .. not the vaccine manufacturers .. not the public health officials who recommend and approve those vaccines .. not the doctors, pediatricians and nurses who administer them .. not the education system that requires them to attend public schools .. none of them .. are remotely threatened by any professional .. let alone criminal prosecution .. for the critical roles each plays in the thousands of "compensated" vaccine injuries .. including death.

Why are a few hundred drivers of autos protected against "criminal negligence" of manufacturers .. causing the entire auto industry to recall millions of autos so as to make autos SAFER .. while literally thousands of innocent children continue to suffer serious vaccine injuries (including death) .. are "not enough" of a reason for the vaccine industry to held accountable for making their vaccines as "safe and efficient" as possible?


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