State of Plague, Part 10: Disease-Mongering as Militarized Trojan Horse for Globalization and Surveillance
Vaccines, Autism, and Broken Ties

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Signs of the Times

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

I’m making my annual return trip to Illinois, which tends to be not too hot and not too cold right around Memorial Day. This year I’ve noticed how many people seem to have a story to tell about sick kids.

I was talking to a nurse in Decatur, and when someone mentioned I write about autism, she volunteered that she has a 15-year-old son with autism. He was fine until 18 months, and then everything just stopped. I asked if she had any idea why that happened, and she said she didn’t.

She has four younger children, all boys, who seem fine, she said. If you do the math, the one with autism was born when mercury was still being phased out of "most" vaccines. The others, let’s hope, escaped.

A few days earlier, in Champaign, I was talking to someone who has a friend who is pregnant. The expectant mother suffers from depression and is debating whether  to get off her meds until the baby is born. (I vote yes, if humanly possible). This mom also has ADHD. The question was posed, did I think a parent with ADHD and depression is more likely to have a child with autism. No, I said, I don't think parents have anything to do with their children having autism. However, the child may inherit vulnerabilities, like auto-immunity, and parents ought to make sure those vulnerabilities aren't triggered by, oh, say, mercury containing flu shots in pregnancy.

I passed along a copy of our book, Vaccines 2.0.

A friend in Chicago has a daughter with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. And another has a FullSizeRender (11)son who is teetering into trouble with the law because of issues that sound like they verge on, or topple over into, the autism spectrum. 

This adds up to too many kids and young adults with too many problems, problems that didn’t used to be like this, and that too many people either don't notice, or pretend not to. I had lunch at Terzo Piano, the very cool restaurant at the Art Institute, on Friday, and took a selfie with the skyline in the background. You can see the Prudential Building, which when I was a kid (a half-century ago) was the tallest, widest, most skyscraperesque building around.

Now it’s dwarfed by taller ones. Still, if the newer buildings on the Chicago skyline were sized to reflect the rise in autism since the Prudential Building was built in 1955, those other skyscrapers would be 20 or 30 times taller. They would be a visual sign for the damage that still remains too hidden, and that makes too many people feel this is all happening to them but maybe not to anybody -- in fact, everybody -- but them.

Maybe that would get people’s attention.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism



I agree pandasmom, Pam Weintraub's book Cure Unknown is excellent for explaining both the human dimension and politics and history of lyme.
I wanted to mention that I did see one small study by Dr Bransfield about bands 31 and 34 showing up on lyme western blot testing in autistic children. These are associated with OspA and OspB although I forget which is which. Oddly, even though when they appear in tandem they were considered as markers for late lyme, they are not included on most western blot lyme tests. Ospa was used in lymerix and was belived to be more problematic for those with hla-dr4 and has some similarity to human protein lfa-1.

So much time and effort spent disappearing the diseases of both lyme and autism. I see glimmers of hope.
Dr Kim Lewis from Northeastern did a study on lyme "persister" cells. He got results in the test tube with a chemo drug too toxic for therapy but a path for research and for pulsing antibiotic treatment. A version of pulsing helped weintraub get a cure. His mrsa drug adep didnt work on lyme.
But recently another dr who treats lyme was brought up on charges. The politics may not change in my lifetime but I hope for the best for us all.


Back in the Late 70s is when a bunch of men belonging to the Legionaries club at a convention all came down with some kind of illness, and a few even died!

An entire year they tried to figure out what it was and at last it was found to be a spirochete. Not Lyme - Legionaries.

It is a very tiny microbe. It turned out to be living inside some protozoa that were living in the wet conditions around air conditioners.

The men that died - died of pneumonia from breathing it in. I am unsure if they were immune compromised. Which I am sure though is the case many times in Lyme.


Thank You both for the information.
Then the tick shot my husband had was not for Lyme. As a matter of fact back in the 70s Lyme had not even been discovered yet - Nope - not yet. Does that mean that our immune system could at that time handle spirochetes and now all at once there are so many people with it - could it be cause now they can't?

So, I guess this extra tick vaccines he had was for Rocky Mountain Fever - maybe - I don't know if that would be a danger here in Kentucky.


Benedetta, I completely agree with you - a weakened/assaulted immune system is key with Lyme. I have never fully figured out why the CDC and IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) have been lying about Lyme these many decades. I suspect that its partially because Lyme is so difficult to treat once it goes chronic and requires a restricted diet, many medicines and supplements, as well as some "alternative" treatments, much like autism. Also, since Lyme can look like so many modern "diseases" - MS, ALS, Lupus, Parkinson's, Crohn's, Alzheimer's, arthritis, mental illness, autism, PANDAS, heart disease, and others - it would severely impact profits to test for and treat it properly. If you're interested, a great book that explains the physiological, medical, and political aspects of Lyme is "Cure Unknown" by Pamela Weintraub.

Greyone accurately explained the vaccine situation. I'd add that the CDC estimated the number of Lyme cases at 30,000 per year for a number of years. Once Baxter had a new vaccine in the pipeline, they miraculously decided that the "real" number is 300,000 per year and a number of articles from mainstream publications came out about Lyme. Several of these articles claimed that the reason Lymerix was taken off the market was that "anti-vaxxers" had opposed it and given it a bad name so that the demand fell to near zero. Of course, this wasn't the case - the vaccine hurt so many people, everyone was afraid to get it.


Benedetta, the only lyme vaccine was Lymerix, licensed in 1998 withdrawn by 2002, a series of 3 doses by SmithKlineBeecham.
Between dec 1998 and july 2000 it had 905 Vaers reports, 66 classified as serious.
Because it was not placed on the recommended schedule it was not covered by nvicp.
There were lawsuits and it was ditched.
Baxter has another one in the works, I think also using OSPA part of lyme.
Lyme diagnostic tests are notoriously poor, including the spinal tap.

Birgit Calhoun

For good measure I just thought to add to the discussion the following article. And to to make it really good it's a BMJ article

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: protecting the private good?


Pandas Mom;
I am the last one to know what is really - really going on. I see no reason for CDC to lie about Lyme - cause that would be the next great thing to make a vaccine against. They know they can make us scared and take such vaccine too - since it is an infectious disease. I even suspect that my husband has had such a vaccine since he worked his way through college for the forest service and had a tick vaccine every summer. That is all he knows - it was a tick vaccine??? BUT he crashed when he received a tetanus shot a few years later - hmmmm - twice (cause we are trusting idiots) - which was probably a DPT shot instead of just a tetanus vaccine; he had a lot of tetanus shots too, working for the forest service with no reactions; Sigh.

All I was saying and thinking is that Gardisil is not the only vaccine that causes vasculitus. I was saying that vaccines in general cause inflammation of the blood vessels especially the Hep B and DTP. Not every child going into young adult hood is checked out for indention in the blood vessels that leads to plaque built up - but it is worse than even that because vasculitus affects the electrical system that regulates the heart beats - this has been proven as an out come at times with Kawasaki disease which is just one of those 22 plus types of vasculitus listed.

And as for Kawasakis - my daughter had it really bad - was in a university hospital and had every test that could be thought of ran on her - including two spinal taps and no lyme but a huge enlarged spleen. - which is always the case with Kawasaki disease - in which they don't know what causes it, except that it is an auto immune disease, and immunoglobins works. They have a new medicine out now - I forgot how it works, but it may be some kind of steroid. I need to look that one up. Kawasaki disease does seem to run it's course like an infectious disease which does confuse people - but then a body can heal itself at times from toxins too, making it seem like it is an infectious disease. Then again we don't know if it is a toxin, they don't know what causes Kawasaki disease, so it is labeled an auto immune disease. But they suspect wet - no - shampooed carpets --that sets up an immune reaction - maybe breathing in fungi - I say it is injected as in the form of vaccines.

Kawasaki - even the atypical kind that passes as a virus -- which my ped told me time and time again - each month my son had - "a virus" - finally did say that he suspected Kawasaki disease at least two times - several years apart -- at any rate typical or atypical Kawasaki disease always has some residue lasting effects on the brain and the heart and anything else that inflamed blood vessels involve which is everything.

As for the prevalence of lyme. A cycle of deer, ticks, birds and humans; the spirochetes like a lot of diseases has been around always.
One wild life Biologist wrote that when Jesus was talking about the meek inheriting the earth - he might have had the white tail deer in mind. It is a carrier of a load of parasites, and yet is immune to them. It is their way of competing with other species to make room for themselves on this planet -- the perfect germ war fare -kind of species.

They not carry lyme- but many other things that involve the brain and they are immune to them all. When some people had the bright idea of raising them in a confined area for food - mad cow disease emerged. The soil became saturated with prions. Which from what I am reading is most probably the left over remnants of TB.

Speaking of TB there use to be a lot of that too - cause cows carry it and it always is lurking around. When drinking unpasteurized milk there was always danger of getting too many lurkers that over came the immune system. Numbers matter in the microbe world as well as a good immune system. We found that out with patients with AIDS or HIV seem to come down with TB because they do not have the immune system to even handle the smaller numbers of TB in the environment.

How is lyme disease for those with HIV?
By the way HIV patients do have Kawasaki disease too.

So what am I to think?

I think spirochetes are endemic-every where. But in areas where deer find cleared fields and there are a lot of ticks and birds - there are probably population explosions of spirochetes going on. And it could come to Kentucky with no problem. But more likely what is going on is a weakened immune system for Lyme

By the way I am making no point what so ever - except I think the emergence of lyme is not just because it is a new pathogen - something else is going on in the environment.

These young men that have died - in Kentucky were not the out door types - but smart and studious - which gets us into life style - or maybe mitochondria issues. I am pushing my young man to get up and walk every day; because I think the energy is limited and they have be pushed to exercise and make new and more mitochondria or they will never get better. Which by the way is a major problem right now for my husband as he sits in his chair and refuses to move even as I tell him he needs to push himself, that is - when he is not asleep in the bed. A tick vaccine - wonder what disease it was for?


Benedetta, The CDC lies about Lyme as much as it does about autism and vaccines. Lyme is in every state and much more prevalent than they admit. It definitely can affect the heart, and if a young person has a heart problem, the possibility of Lyme should be explored. Untold numbers of Lyme cases have gone undiagnosed, just as untold numbers of vaccine reactions have been ignored.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thanks, Dan. Please don't ever stop, because what other central place can we go? It is all connected. I have a grandchild who had carried diagnoses of PANDAS, Tourette's Syndrome, possible Kawasaki's, asthma, anxiety, and other issues -- and this is not the autistic one -- the thing that seemed to turn him around was an inexplicable, ongoing high fever that the experts at Boston Children's diagnosed(and then retracted) as Kawasaki's Syndrome. It was after this inexplicable, ongoing high fever, that he stopped the tics, the heartbreaking displays of Tourette's (awful animal sounds, not swearing.) He then went on to become the high achieving, brilliantly talented young man he was born to be. About to turn 17. Three years older than his brother -- improved, but destined for an adult group home when his father, my son, can't do it anymore -- who fits the classic "regressed after the MMR" profile. When I'm gone and his father is gone, it's going to be on him. I think he knows it at not quite 17.

Dan, thanks to you. Please keep up the good work. Love, Gammie.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I've gotten to the point that when I'm introduced to someone I don't mention anything about autism. If I do (while avoiding the controversial vaccine issue), someone will inevitably tell me about THEIR CHILD ON THE SPECTRUM, or their neighbor's child, or their sister's child.

I can't understand why this doesn't have everyone in a panic.

Laura Hayes


Please refer the parents of the child you mention to Bonnie Grimaldi's website for her Tourette's-specific supplements. They have done wonders for many children.


So Dan, are you often recognized as you wander around the big city of Chicago ?

Seems like you would get a few invites to lunch, dinner, golf, tennis, drinks, dancing ?

Theresa 66

Dear Shorooq Samara,
I hope You can find someone, but there is many things to start Yourself. This is a list of medical professionals for special needs that I would go to if I had the money. There are many, many diets or detox's You can try without a doctor. We've been lucky ( I guess ) that we have a pandas/ pans kid, so they call it auto-immune encephalomylitis and some more mainstream, but possibly helpful treatments are covered. I hope You can get help for You child.
The internet is ripe with things to investigate. I've heard that facebook is very helpful with groups dedicated to healing their children. Best wishes.

J Bishop for Shorooq Samara

I have no personal experience with any institutions in Europe, but perhaps the above link may help you obtain more information?

cia parker

The organization TACA (US)could help you with suggestions for different therapies. You could look for CEASE homeopathic therapists, that has helped a lot of families. There's a Bulgarian woman who is said to have helped a lot of autistic children, I've forgotten her name.

For Shorooq Samara

Dear Shorooq Samara

Perhaps other readers have an idea where you should seek help although it is very difficult most places without a lot of money. I am afraid I have experienced Israel - where we actually went to seek help - and it was a shocking experience with an autistic child in tow: people would stop you in the street and lecture you, so I am truly sorry and know exactly what you are talking about. Ignorance was very great. In our country we have suffered many humiliations but Israel was our lowest point. I would have thought that there would be some institutions even in Israel which would be a little more up-to-date than when we were there.

Art of Autism

"The expectant mother suffers from depression and is debating whether to get off her meds until the baby is born. (I vote yes, if humanly possible). This mom also has ADHD. The question was posed, did I think a parent with ADHD and depression is more likely to have a child with autism. No, I said, I don't think parents have anything to do with their children having autism."

Unless of course they are exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) which is linked to depression, ADHD, seizures and may also open the placental barrier and blood brain barrier of the fetus as well to allow toxins in.

shorooq samara - ramallah  west bank

Offer you greetings in all languages of the world

I am shorooq Samara city of Ramallah - the West Bank, and holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, after my knowledge and my follow up the magnificent and distinctive to clutter your home page encouraged to SUBSCRIBE and hope you to help me that you would do so, I speak on your humanity, above all, I have a child in the fifth old and suffers from autism, which is almost the hardest modern diseases negative impact on the families of all aspects disease, I want that you will help me get to one association or European institutions or the US that deal with patients autism because I got them an invitation to the reception of the child to receive treatment there, and that because they cannot exist so institutions focusing on those cases in the West Bank, has pointed out to me that the doctors, because those cases there is no medical treatment, but is a interventions behavioral and functional interventions and the like through a human crews specializing in this area, and more states development in helping to reduce the disease is' Guide Scandinavian private Sweden, Norway, Denmark or the United States, not to anyone how much is the size of suffering and humiliation that we are subjected to on a daily basis either from the disease itself or from the community who did not arrive until the moment the degree of understanding and acceptance of those cases and their integration into the community, as well as the child became at age is supposed to attend kindergartens, school or child-care centers, I tell the truth that all educational institutions so that the child registration rejected because they lack the means to deal with such cases, there is no other choice but to wrought centers disability and that are is not absolutely special centers to deal with autism cases, it warned doctors increase their situation worse (because they are not handicapped as they are special cases, meaning our home land does not have special centers
For autism cases) well, but we were even indirectly, to persecution and humiliation and the perception of inferiority because of the actions and behavior of the child of others acceptable in our society, unfortunately, and that the lack of awareness of the nature of those cases.
On the other hand, I personally as a woman I would like to live in me and my children in those advanced communities because of we are exposed to from the persecution and injustice both in terms of opportunities or the freedom to choose the path of life and freedom in general, I hope you to enable me to link to these associations or institutions or help me in So as you see fit
Thank you

John Stone

Does anyone know who invented the MMR vaccine?



My son is 9 - born Oct. 2005 and has had anxiety issues and was diagnosed with ADHD (and Anxiety). He is not on medication, never has been. He has been doing great - awesome in fact - for most of 1st grade, ALL of second grade and up until January of 3rd grade then, overnight ANXIETY & tics immediately after a flu shot with Thimerosal!

The night of the shot he got a 105 fever, then tics and spasms in both hands and arms and anxiety so severe we couldn't get him to school, panic attacks, getting the "scared feeling" looking around like there was danger, screaming, shouting, terrified, etc etc. It has now been 5 months since the shot and he is back to normal, getting on the bus to go to school and back to his usual self. I will NEVER get him a flu shot again and will make sure there is no thimerosal in any shots he must get.

He still has trouble focusing of course b/c of his inattentiveness but he can function normally. After the thimerosal he could not function. He even had a panic attack in the middle of his basketball practice which he is passionate about. No doctor will confirm that these issues were a result of the shot.



Wyeth's Rotashield was on the US schedule between August 1998 and October 1999. The Merck (Offit) Rotateq vaccine was licensed I believe in 2006 and GSK's Rotarix in 2008. MMRV was licensed in 2005.


Does anyone know who invented the MMR vaccine?

Our history books are chock full information about the hero that is Jonas Salk. And you can scarcely find an article that's been written on Paul Offit, which doesn't contain at least one reference to the fact that he is 'co-inventor' of a vaccine that's been credited with saving hundreds of lives every day.

Yet in all the years that MMR safety has been in question, and Andrew Wakefield has been persecuted for simply expressing his opinion…. not a single person has asked the inventor of the MMR to defend the vaccine that he/she invented. And which has likely made them a millionaire, several times over.

Shouldn't the world be at least a little curious about who this person is ?


Sorry Grey one it has been a long day and I am making a lot of typos

My daughter had typical Kawasaki disease
My son had I am pretty sure atypical.

I am 100 percent sure they both had very often flares of this disease growing up. All from the vaccines.


Grey One - There have been three young men in my area that died ; lyme is not in our area.

Both of my kids right after vaccination had well one had Kawaskis - and the problem with that is years later they get arrhythmia which can result in sudden death.

My son's first reaction was a heart murmur that lead to a soft X ray that show his left ventricular chamber had swollen causing his heart to appear boot shaped. But the most insidious thing of all is the one a month strange fever - his skin turning pink and his toes or finger, some times both peeling and me finding out there was such a thing as atypical Kawasaki disease.

Kawasaki disease is nothing but vasculitis. Vasculitis is one of the main problems that girls that get the Gadisil vaccine develop.

Can you imagine how dangerous that would be for boys to get it - since Kawasaki s -is more of a problem from boys than girls. Hmmm then I guess so is autism, Come to think of it back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s it was men that had all the heart attack and if a woman came into the ER complaining of heart attack - they have her anti-gas pills and sent her on her way.

and my daughter

Betty Bona

Thanks John,
The varicella vaccine was first recommended for routine use in the US in 1995 for children aged one to twelve. In my state, that translated to children getting the vaccine at one year of age along with the MMR. I'll bet it had something to do with the newly occurring problem schools are seeing with apathy and illness in current 18 year olds. My older son, like many born in 1995 or earlier, received the vaccine when it was available well after his first birthday. Maybe it's like the MMR and causes more issues when it is given earlier. Just one more virus and all the contaminating ingredients to tip the children in to a lesser state of health. Maybe the Rotashield is what caused another bump in autism numbers for current 15 year olds.


Lyme carditis can cause sudden death in the young.
Cdc did a report of three sudden cardiac deaths associated with lyme carditis in dec 13 2013 issue morbidity and mortality weekly report as an alert to pathologists and coroners.
Two of the cases were discovered by the official handling transplant materials, the third was originally suspected to be viral carditis.
Lyme has an association with heart block as well. wrote about a young man who died from what was suspected to be powassan virus but the pathologist discovered lyme carditis to be the cause.


And let us not forget the young men whose hearts stop suddenly.

While I was decorating the graves this past Memorial day I ran into my friend whose brother lost his 23 year old son. They are still trying to figure out why, and still devastated.

I know we have been friends, but ever since high school has been a quick word here and there. I never discussed my children's heart stuff. why don't we talk about this stuff- I think at the time it is happening perhaps we are in the moment - it takes some time to process it all.

Well even then I did not discuss it -I just said it could be the childhood vaccine and did not explain why. Later when I got home I sent an email to her sister. It seems in passing with a quick talk there just is not enough time to tell all that has happened.

I did tell all to my friend and neighbor after she lost her young son-in-law a few years back; when they found him pulled over on a major intersection of two interstates; dead of a afib heart.


Teresa, Have this family look into Lyme and co-infections as well. Many of these PANDAS/PANS kids are turning out to have chronic Lyme, chronic viruses, parasites, etc - all of which an ILADS-trained Lyme doc will test for, and most real Lyme doctors have a number of PANDAS/PANS cases now. Treating for Lyme and co-infections has saved our son's life.

They should also go to the ACN Latitudes PANDAS/PANS forum to talk to parents who've been through this. A number of families there started this journey with a vaccine reaction at a later age (5/6, 8/9 are most common).

Teresa Conrick

Oh, a paragraph got chopped off.

The boy had received a chickenpox vaccine. He had been on antibiotics for a sinus infection but they vaccinated anyway. We hear this more and more for both AUTISM and PANDAS/PANS. Within 48 hours the severe tics started. Their lives turned upside down and our traditional medical program has turned their back on them.

Teresa Conrick

Welcome, Dan! To add to your IL list, just yesterday I was introduced to a family that I kind of knew but now intimately know them as they joined our growing group: their son had a vaccine injury.

This happened just 3 weeks ago. His symptoms - overnight changes- OCD - sensory issues, mouth and facial tics - SEVERE enough that he looked to be having seizures but EEG did not show them. The hospital did test for PANDAS (checking STREP levels) but since the boy had had a sinus infection and been on antibiotics (with no PROBIOTICS prescribed), it looks like his gut bacteria could not handle this live virus vaccine.

We have set the family up with a doctor who is familiar with this type of devastating situation. The boy can only go to school half days these weeks as his anxiety is monumental. He now just started biting his tongue and has a throat-clearing tic. There are medical tests and treatments for him BUT the docs and hospitals have dismissed this as a vaccine injury and instead have told the family that he needs talk therapy for the anxiety and he coincidentally got Tourettes.

Bullshit! He is only 8 years old.

John Stone


Wyeth's Rotashield was on the US schedule between August 1998 and October 1999. The Merck (Offit) Rotateq vaccine was licensed I believe in 2006 and GSK's Rotarix in 2008. MMRV was licensed in 2005.

Betty Bona

I wonder when the rotavirus vaccine was added to the schedule. When these current 15 year-olds become seniors, will it be obvious that there are more issues for the "typical" students than in previous years? Schools in my area have had a terrible time with seniors this year, both with attendance and apathy. That would be kids born in 1996/97. Some say that the greater compliance with the Hep B at birth is the cause. I certainly think that contributed, but I also note that the varicella vaccine was added to the schedule shortly before that, to be given with the MMR on the first birthday. My son born in 1994 didn't get the varicella shot until he was three. More mercury plus more unsafe viral vaccines is a bad combination.


Apparently for the pregnant girl - she should keep inflammation down. There is a lot on how to do that on the net "Sean Underground health" for one. He had on a guest expert that said she was able to get all of her patients - expectant mothers - that had bipolar off of meds; through diet.

I follow her advice; like a tick on a hound and so does my daughter.

Yeah, it is true what Dan says-- here too- in this part of the country - just a little further south. It is everybody and many are so ashamed, or scared of some of the behaviors that are coming out, that they keep quiet about it unless you are close to them. Some times though it gets so out of hand , and most times it does then the whole community finds out.

Most everyone is so focused so much on themselves, they have just not noticed it is everyone that is sick. Too be fair though these diseases seem not to be connected, but they are -aren't they--- by the endocrine/immune system.

There is right now, an epidemic going on with prostate cancer, and breast cancer. I do mean an epidemic, and at a time that in Lexington at the - Markey cancer clinic has proven not only they are horrible at treating cancer, but they don't care either. They will make you an appointment a month if not two months out, and then tell you it is no big deal, go home and die. Those with money have had to flee to Louisville, or down south some where.

As for the younger bunch - children and young adults up into their 20s.

On the outside looking in - everything looks okay; and then surprise - drug problems, or problems at school, or with the law, or medical problems like diabetes or some unheard of disease like Bob Moffit said his daughter had; purpura. Six year olds or 27 years old with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, getting shingles at 17years old really sucks by the way! Degenerative disc disease - hmmmm inflammation too or they would not be putting steroids into the backbone and giving people along with it some kind of deadly fungus.

Just the other day, the newly married couple that rents a farm off of my Father and raises cattle on it -I found out the bride has epilepsy. I found this out when the young man was complaining of being stuck with a huge bill for her medicine between the time her insurance ended and his insurance began. On top of that she got appendicitis too, and they charged him 300 dollars for an ambulance ride from one rural hospital to another 15 minutes away.

There is not a healthy human being in the whole country.

Eyes wide open

"A friend in Chicago has a daughter with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. And another has a FullSizeRender (11)son who is teetering into trouble with the law because of issues that sound like they verge on, or topple over into, the autism spectrum. "

The sad reality is that a huge number of kids have shadow spectrum issues--learning difficulties, behavioral problems, emotional problems, social skills that never developed, vision problems, hearing problems, odd rashes, excema, psoriasis, poor immunity, digestive problems (Chrohns, colitis, etc.) food allergies, diabetes, asthma, and more….all very likely caused/triggered by the vaccines they received. But their parents have never seen the connections, don't understand how these issues could be related, and are taking their 15 year and older kids in for even more vaccines which will only exacerbate their health problems.

How many of the teen suicides, run-aways, and in-trouble with the law youth today are really a direct result of the multiple toxic mercury-laden injections these kids received? I suspect a very large proportion. Once you see and understand the connections, you can see them everywhere. But until one's eyes are opened, it all just seems that society and human health is falling apart. And it isn't as if there is a shortage of other contributing factors--multiple factors are clearly implicated. It may be the synergy that is magnifying this tragedy many times over.

go Rand

Safe travels Dan.

It is somewhat amazing that the pediatric / vaccine industry wants to PREVENT EVERYTHING except AUTISM, which is now 50 times more common than polio.

AUTISM of course, has NO KNOWN CAUSE, TREATMENTS or CURE... only the hopeful miracle of the “Learn the signs Early” program for parents.

The modern miracle of vaccines STILL starts with a “day one prostitute vaccine” and the first ...3-4 doses of any vaccine... do not work, which helps to make them much more financially successful.

John Stone

Taking SSRIs in pregnancy is definitely contraindicated

Bob Moffitt

"I was talking to a nurse in Decatur, and when someone mentioned I write about autism, she volunteered that she has a 15-year-old son with autism. He was fine until 18 months, and then everything just stopped. I asked if she had any idea why that happened, and she said she didn’t."

Why am I not surprised to read of yet another .. just like my precious grandson .. "fifteen year old" with autism .. who was "fine until 18 months and then everything just stopped"? Actually it should surprise no one .. most especially the CDC.

As I understand it .. the CDC began counting rising autism rates approximately 15 years ago .. shortly after the now infamous Simpsonwood meeting .. where they denied thimerosal was a problem .. yet .. just to be overly cautious .. promised to remove thimerosal from childhood vaccines.

At that time .. the CDC found the rate of autism to be somewhere around 1 in 168 in children. That rate has increased over these last 12 to 15 years from 1 in 168 .. to 1 in 110 .. to the most recent troubling rate of "1 in 68 .. 1 in 49 boys" .. the highest rate of autism since the CDC began counting the numbers.

What should surprise no one is the fact this latest CDC number FINALLY represents the children born in 1999/2000 .. now approximately fifteen years old .. as was to be expected by anyone who read David Kirby's excellent book "Evidence of Harm" .. wherein David writes on page 45:

"Thimerosal was a major topic among much of the American public health bureaucracy in 1999. The CBR (FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research) officials had added up the total amount of mercury that children were receiving in their vaccines, and were disturbed .. (disturbed?) .. to find that small children were being exposed to much more mercury than anyone had imagined".

Again further explanation for the extraordinarily high rate of now fifteen year olds with autism from Robert F. Kennedy's book "Thimerosal, Let the science speak" .. page xxx:

"By 1999 (my grandson's year of birth) the potential mercury exposure by age two had more than doubled to 237.5 micrograms, with a two month old receiving 62.5 micrograms or 123 times the EPA's safe reference dose of 0.1 microgram per kilogram per day for methyl-mercury, a different, better-studied form or organic mercury than ethylymercury.)

And so .. if one were not informed .. the CDC has counted rising rates of autism in such a convoluted manner as to deliberately create the false impression that autism has actually INCREASED AFTER THIMEROSAL WAS REMOVED .. when in fact .. as their own latest 1 in 49 boys count of the fifteen year olds .. those children born in 1999-2000 who received the most thimerosal suffered the greatest numbers.

There is no other explanation for the 1 in 68 .. 1 in 49 boys born in 1999-2000 .. than THIMEROSAL.

How do these people sleep at night?

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