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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: George Steps-All-Over-Us, Too!

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Close followers of the autism debate know that George Stephanapoulos is regarded by "our side" like Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Anderson Cooper -- especially nasty avatars of the "no vaccine link" school. So it's hard not to have a bit, or more than a bit, of schadenfraude when he gets tripped up, as happened after his especially nasty interview with Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash. Turns out George had donated $50,000 -- wait, make that $75,000 -- to the Clinton Foundation that he never thought to disclose.

As others have pointed out, the original sin in all this was probably hiring him in the first place. Was there no other person in the United States able to become the flagship anchor of a major news network than someone who had been a close adviser (with James Carville, the man who later came up with the stepped-all-over-us line to describe George's treatment of the Clintons in his autobiography) in both the Clinton campaign and presidency?

The answer was clearly no -- there was not no other person, so to speak. Hiring George as a commentator -- as Carville has been -- would be fine, but someone with so prominent a role, so recently, in politics really should have been disqualified. Now some may cite Diane Sawyer, who helped Richard Nixon in his exile, or Tim Russert, who worked for Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. But those were earlier and much lesser roles. And frankly, both of them were much better journalists than George.

Stephanopoulos is tainted because in his national political role, he visibly touched everything that is part of the political debate, including, I'm sure, health policy of which vaccines are an inevitable part. Hillary Clinton had much to do with enhancing -- increasingly the correct word is enforcing -- universal childhood vaccine coverage. What do you expect George to do when a supposed fraudster like Andy Wakefield is in front of him, seeming to threaten everything he has worked for? Attack, just as he attacked Schweizer.

These conflicts of interest are so ubiquitous in the media these days they are just about invisible. The pharma ads that prop up these network shows, the treatment of the CDC as superheroes saving us from certain death from, say, Hep B in infants (with tall, jut-jawed former CDC director Richard Besser as ABC's heath editor, for crying out loud!), the assumption that vaccines somehow have a lifetime exemption from the kind of scrutiny every other medical intervention is subject too -- all this tips the scales until the whole apparatus tumbles over into one-sided, intemperate propaganda.

The shills want to compare vaccine safety concerns to global warming denial, which is wrong-headed in so many ways that I continue to write about. The real contemporary comparison is the invasion of Iraq, fed by lies and hidden agendas. It is fascinating to watch the belated debate now playing out.

But the lessons here -- arrogance, uncritical press coverage, fear of stepping out of line -- never seem to get applied in time to stop the next rush to bad judgment. 

Instead, we get the Wakefield Inquisition morning, noon, and night, carried out by people like Stephanopoulos who really don't belong on the same platform (and the same to you, Anderson Cooper and the now-departed Dr. Nancy, whose selfishness was on display when she violated an Ebola quarantine to make a food run). If any of these muckety-mucks got out of their offices and talked to their audiences -- parents who've seen their child regress after vaccination -- they would get the shock of their lives. Unfortunately, there's still plenty of time.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



John Stone

Hi Adriana

Of course, what is curious also about the Deer business is that he is utterly finished as a journalist but still no one in the mainstream will expose the lies.

PS In fact, veteran UK columnist Melanie Phillips did in her Spectator blog but it did not get wider distribution:



The blowup over Stephanopoulus was very entertaining in a gallow's humor sort of way. It's ironic too, just like the Columbia Journalism Review's recent chastisement of critics of Seymour Hersh's Bin Laden expose. Hersh's reporting was dismissed as "conspiracy theory" by pundits who also failed to disclose significant conflicts, which CJR points out very neatly. http://www.cjr.org/analysis/seymour_hersh_osama_bin_laden.php#

Yet CJR utterly failed to point out the same brand of conflicts and hypocrisy when it covered the Andrew Wakefield/Brian Deer fiasco even though attacks on Wakefield (and the evidenced position that vaccines can cause injury) contains many parallels to the attacks on Hersh. http://www.cjr.org/feature/sticking_with_the_truth.php?page=all

It's when you start counting the bodies-- from Clinton's Al-Shifa bombing, participation in the Contra scheme, NAFTA, war on drugs, crime bills that increased state repression, the Clinton Foundation's arms dealing, etc., etc., and the harm done from pharmaceutical and public health malfeasance-- that the blood-soaked failure of journalism stops being funny of course.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm really doubting the origin of the "stepped-all-over-us" line (maybe that's the point ... and I got it too obtusely?). From what is out there about the Clintons and the Bushes, Mena Arkansas drug trafficking, I think we've been "electing" selections from an oligarchy that is and has been stepping all over us for a very long time, and I'm desperately hoping people stop falling for the presidential "selection" offerings in the next election and find a way to get us all out from under the boots on our necks...and stop all the drug pushing financial and health disaster engineering madness...

Eileen Nicole Simon

Dan - I had to do some research work because I don't pay much attention to TV chatter. However, I was disgusted with Hillary Clinton's claim that vaccine safety is clear based on what she understands by science. She should stick to her own areas of expertise, and she has none in science.

So who are George Stephanapolis, Peter Schweizer, and Richard Besser? Thank you for pointing out Peter Schweizer taking aim at Stephanopolis and the Clintons, and also the story on ABC about the same woman featured in the Wall Street Journal who claims to have been diagnosed with autism when she was in college. How do these stories get into the news??? I think it was Schweizer who spoke about an investigative department at the New York Times. Yes yes yes!!!

I looked around and found the New England Center for Investigative Reporting in my area. I subscribed to their email list, and sent an email to Clare Germani who was asking for new tips. I sent a request to her, which is similar to the response I made to your Weekly Wrap on the Wall Street Journal article. I am curious whether she will bother to respond.

Autism is a serious neurological disorder. I wish it weren't. I continue to work to achieve recovery. My son is higher functioning than the woman featured in the Wall Street Journal article and on ABC. He has co-authored two memoirs with me; but sadly he remains quite severely disabled by autism. I think he would be a far more interesting person to be interviewed for a news report.


Betty; Your link works just fine.

Oh for heaven sake; The sky is blue she devil and Republican Hal Rogers now have something in common - both want to help with the drug problem epidemic; and yet they have no idea what the root cause is.

Thanks for the link.

Betty Bona

I just can't get links to work. I don't know if this will work any better, but here's a second try:


Betty Bona

Have you seen Hillary's (the sky is blue) new additions to her platform - drug abuse, mental health, and suicide? I guess the sky is blue and vaccines don't cause any of these issues either!



Some times you see how people are so corrupt and it chills you to the bone that they don't care if some people know what they really are?

It is like that old saying You can't fool all the people all the time but as long as you can fool most of the people -

They have to be some kind of ego tistical - social - path.

Angus Files

And 'Er Indoors' earns


Hillary Clinton brought in nearly $12 million in speeches alone between January 2014 and mid-April 2015, according to a new report published by POLITICO. A significant chunk of that came from healthcare related events.

The former secretary of state and now candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination delivered speeches related to a variety of causes, and she gets compensated generously for each of them. The disclosure of this financial information could potentially end up being used as ammunition by the Republican candidates when the topic of income inequality comes up during the race.

In the healthcare arena alone, she earned more than $2 million. Here’s a list of the those speeches and how much she earned for each:
•Premier Health Alliance – 1/27/2014, Miami, Fl. – $225,000
•Novo Nordisk – 2/17/2014, Mexico City, Mexico – $125,000
•Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) – 2/26/2014, Orlando, Fl. – $225,000
•Phamaceutical Care Management Association – 3/13/2014, Orlando, Fl. – $225,500
•Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies – 3/13/2014, New York, N.Y. – $250,000
•California Medical Association (via satellite) – 4/11/2014, San Diego, Ca. – $100,000
•National Council for Behavioral Healthcare – 5/6/2014, Washington D.C. – $225,500
•Biotechnology Industry Organization – 6/25/2014, San Diego, Ca. – $335,000
•Caridovascular Research Foundation – 9/15/2014, Washington D.C. – $275,000
•Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) – 10/8/2014, Chicago, Il. – $265,000

Take a look at the entire list of speeches and earnings by both Hillary and former president Bill Clinton here.

Bucko!! for Killary.



Interestingly, four years ago, Stephanopoulos delivered an ABC-TV newsbyte critical of fluoride in drinking water.


I wonder what he would say now if that were called to his attention.

Louis Conte


Bob Moffitt

"The real contemporary comparison is the invasion of Iraq, fed by lies and hidden agendas. It is fascinating to watch the belated debate now playing out."

Which would make George Stephanopoulos the "Baghdad Bob" of ABC .. spewing whatever his political puppeteers ask of him ..

Unfortunately .. as bad as it is having George (Bagdad Bob)pretend to be an "unbiased reporter" for one of the main stream national media outlets .. it is even worse when the entrenched federal bureaucracies .. such as .. HHS, CDC, FDA .. "anoint" someone with strong ties to the industries they are supposed to be "regulating" .. who then pretends to be acting in the best interests of the people .. while actually promoting regulatory policies that will best serve the vested interests of the industry that anointed them in the first place.

And the band plays on and on .....

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