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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Epidemic? THIS Epidemic

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Hey check it out, fellow innumerants, those who are naive enough to believe that the autism rate has actually gone up, a lot, and it is not just an artifact, as they say, of better diagnosing, better awareness, better do what Paul Offit says, etcetera.

This new study looks at the change between 1990 or so and 2010 in cerebral palsy, hearing loss, intellectual disability (including autism) and vision impairment. As you can see, nothing went up much but autism, which went way, way up -- 9.3 percent a year for a total 269 percent increase. (That's Buffett-level compounding!) Let's see, if something goes up 100 percent, that means it doubles. Two hundred percent, it triples. Two hundred and sixty nine percent, it more than triples and a half -- and that's just since 1996. The CDC can never bring itself to look back into ancient history, say 1980.

Even so, the increase is from 4.2 per 1,000 children to 15.5 per 1,000. Now let's see, that would be about 1.6 per 100, or 1 in 62.5 kids. Which is even worse than the 1 in 68 the CDC keeps talking about.

As my colleague Mark Blaxill, who really does understand math and chart-like things, put it: "This plots autism rates against some other disabilities. Uses 8 year olds and the year on the axis is birth year plus 8. So the time series starts in 1988 for ASD. It’s a pretty dramatic picture." 

Diagnostic substitution is notably absent. Doctors still know what hearing loss is, and they diagnose it. Ditto for all the others. 

I always like to quote the late, great Bernie Rimland, who said, "The autism epidemic is real, and excessive vaccinations are the cause." Here we see the truth of the first part of that sentence. Of course, the last part remains verboten in polite company. But it's no wonder that folks like Offit have ventured into territory you'd think they'd have no interest in -- claiming the autism increase isn't real.

Because if it is real -- which it is -- the implications are hard to ignore. Even for innumerants like us.

Trends in the Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Loss, Intellectual Disability, and Vision Impairment, Metropolitan Atlanta, 1991–2010

Age of Autism Rates Chart

Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Terry A. Geise



Send to everybody you know. This is just a small excerpt of a book outline that I sent to multiple alternative news and information sites too numerous to detail. I also forwarded the full book outline to every Federal triple lettered law-enforcement and oversight agency I knew, which included the FBI, DofJ, and the Kansas Attorney General's office -- having detailed some of its contents with the Asst. Kansas Attorney General at a summer fair exhibit in Tonganoxie, Kansas. I heard nothing back from any of them. Instead they filed a Protection Act against me personally in a Banana Republic like Johnson County, KS courtroom, to prevent me from showing up at their office with additional corroborating evidence.

My efforts to get someone to assist in publishing or authoring this book included SkyWatchTV's Tom Horn and his ministry in Southwest, Missouri. It was turned down, if you can imagine such a thing.

Here is an important excerpt as a relates to the COVID-19 vaccine Baal worship altar:

* Revelation of yet another front on the Satanic agenda to steal human consciousness: My association with healthcare in general has revealed
that the entire system - both alternative and established - is moving to strip humanity of health and consciousness - in a massive leverage that will end in the offer of unlimited health and "enlightenment" of the coming
"Singularity" that will be offered with the "Mark of the Beast" or what Tom Horn has described as "Beast Tech." THAT IS IF MANY CAN GAIN ACCESS TO THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS - THE BIBLE CALLS "DARKNESS" FOR A GOOD REASON. We were once again in the red financially - and I needed employment. I decided to
turn to what I thought would be a quiet cove experience - serving the SpEd department of a small school district where my wife worked and had a strong reputation as an effective SpEd teacher. I used my wife's excellent reputation as the boost that would get me hired for a low hourly wage - but enough to lift us out of the red and further debt accumulation. Never a missed opportunity apparently in this DhD effort of God - what would transpire was a revelation about the Satanic efforts to steal the prospective "Temple unto the Lord" of the human mind and body.

* The picture that He would bring into view and focus was the agenda to antagonize God's "Door" access for revelation of the gospel message to humanity through public school administered ASD management and
behavioral intervention programming, and philosophical approaches of "schools" for the behaviorally challenged. The experience was framed immediately by God with their choice of school naming matching my recent studies of God's "New Beginning" - and the fact the principal was a persistent promoter of Cabbalism in her daily e-mail's. What I would find in these programs was the treatment of neglected and abused children and
students in the home - presenting for further therapy and an academic
environment where mental and emotional stress is applied with laser precision and behind closed doors. The school would boldly display the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and what He represents to human kind as the "New Beginning" - applied instead with a 180 intent and outcome in human idiocy - using the title "School of New Beginnings" as a demonic mockery of mockeries. The programming is laced with dark symbolism and pagan "vain" philosophical approaches of the most bizarre kind - even that of seeking to emulate the spiritual "House" building of a ritual performing cannibalism practicing tribe in New Zealand. The ASD management system is called "The Ziggurat Model." Their chief ASD spectrum mouthpiece is a celebrated atheist - who claims that her place of refuge is on top of buildings seeking to open spiritual "doors" using the same phraseology of the serpent in the Garden of Eden - with animal herd slaughtering design as her contribution to the world. Her name is TEMPLE Grandin. Need we say more? Yes I must. The philosophical approach in seeking to manage children in their school for behaviorally challenged reveals the use of an intervention model that takes Biblical grace - and leavens it so "grace" is never applied. Their choice term is "Grace Without Accountability, and Accountability Without Grace - Will Not Work" - posted in every classroom - next to the DID triggering art work with Satanic evil overtones. What I am shown is that the lack of academic quality - and home life emotional baggage that is seldom addressed
except in the most obvious situations - that then manifests in behavioral outbursts. These are transferred from one room to the other for maximum negative impact. The behavior intervention philosophy of COMPLIANCE BEFORE GRACE creates a circle of behavior manifestation - punitive responses - crisis in the student - often resulting in the physical manhandling by staff - and then de-escalation IN A BLUE PADDED ROOM (see the Kabbalism "Tree of
Evil" diagram for the reasons of this color selection). The program has as its basis "Native American Circle Justice" - with "circle making" a ritual invitation of demons to take up residence in those involved in the ritual - commonly understood by the lost involved in witchcraft. Another pagan religion promulgated while touting "cease and desist" and "separation of church and state" at my Christmas greeting and book gift offer to staff - declaring the Biblical "Grace" I trust on. I believe this entire school environment and programming is designed to induce the splitting of personality by through further manifestation of "Adverse Childhood Experiences" (ACEs) that their own training claims diminishes cognitive
function and subsequent poor decision making (by what new presence I ask?). They call this phenomenon "scientific gaps" - but God calls it "science, so called." I believe it to be the softening of cognitive capacity to control one's own consciousness access to outside spiritual influences - opening doors for dark entity attachment - or worse. An influence invited by the school principal promoting a Kabbalist pagan religion founder's son's bizarre quote about self-selection of reality. This after having been made aware this, her chosen source of signature block quotes to employed staff at school sent daily - who was a convicted male predator in California - all while a sexual
harassment suit is filed weeks before by an employee of the school against another employee and the district. Maslow's pyramid "Hierarchy of Needs"
ends in "Early Death." Is this the goal of this entire SpEd program that willingly accepts its "The Ziggurat Model" title from a website that includes contributions from the world's leading transhumanist - called Infinity (immortality through technology - the goal of transhumanists) - er "Infinitec?" IS THIS GOD'S REVELATION OF THE FINAL END POINT - OF A MULTIPLE TIERED EFFORT THAT STARTS WITH CORRUPT AGRICULTURE AND MEDICAL SECTOR - AND ENDS IN THE STEALING OF THE MIND'S OF OUR CHILDREN IN AN OUT OF CONTROL DEMONIC INFESTED PUBLIC SCHOOL SECTOR?

And it continues (resuming bullet point details from 2015 to date as

* Assigned to Middle School in public school district as Paraprofessional working with special needs students with either behavioral, academic, or both as challenges. Woman certified 6th grade teacher serving as supervisor is Master's graduate in Special Education from premier program
nationally - but her desk looks like a recycle bin, and organizational
skills are so poor - she is targeted for extra support by NON CREDENTIALED STAFF LIKE ME. Her room is peppered with owls - a symbol often used to mock
human spiritual blindness by dark entities operating as conduit by their influence. Students under her supervision and Individual Educational Programs (IEPs) are floundering at best - and worst are in free-fall academically and emotionally. Two students of particular are of notice to me as they weep in Study Hall session for lack of direction and care - with
zero intervention by assigned teachers. By deploying a self constructed program of organizing work purchasing notebook and filing materials personally - delivered to one student who had no method of managing work flow. In one semester this "F" student across the board - was turned into a "B" average student - and awarded the "Academic Achievement Award" for that Semester for the entire 6th grade. His SELF MANAGED workload - and its STUNNING contrast to that produced by the certified teachers for years - prompted a move I still cannot believe. The student's books were
confiscated during a Language Arts class. It had to be done by the teacher. I did my homework through students "in the know" of activities of their peers - and this was NOT a student mediated move. THIS WAS A COVER-UP OF ACADEMIC NEGLECT AND CORRUPTION that screamed for correction. There's more. Another student - more broken and emotionally spent from years of neglect under this SpEd system - is found weeping at his desk at Study Hall. He witnesses the fellow student whose organizational system turned around his academics - and his state of mind. He approaches me asking me "Mr. Geise, can you please help me with my organization." Our scheduled after school audit of his current condition reveals the most heart wrenching and gut twisting scenario imaginable. Any wonder he was broken. OR, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - MAYBE THAT IS THE GOAL AT THIS "SCHOOL" - ENFORCED BY "EDUCATORS" SPORTING A WORTHLESS BANNER AND SULFUR STINKING OUTCOMES. I digress. What I find crammed and stuffed into binder pockets - crumpled up - half or less completed - is a semester's work from the end of the previous year. Did you get that? We throw away most of it - and make a gentlemen's
agreement to gain the new binder and organizational system.

* After a short few months - things turn around. The boy has an
untapped academic capacity equal or greater than most students around him - buried under jack boots of inept highly demonized "educators" - years in the making behind it all. THE BOY MEMORIZES A 120 WORD POEM IN 1 HOUR OF STUDY HALL UNDER MY GUIDANCE. HE IS THE ONLY SINGLE SOLITARY INDIVIDUAL IN THE 6TH GRADE CLASS OF LANGUAGE ARTS - WHO RECITES THE POEM FROM MEMORY BEFORE THE CLASS - PASSING THE EXERCISE WITH AN "A." The exposure of the Middle School neglect among Special Education students prompts an unscheduled
hallway meeting with the then Middle School lead SpEd Coordinator teacher who covers responsibilities for the 7th grade.

My Supervisor and this Coordinator interrupt my hallway walk with a
confrontational visit - suggesting "these students are NOT WORTH THE INVESTMENT I am making." I don't agree politely and professionally. This
builds in breadth and depth until the female Supervisor is becoming unglued for being shown up - prompting a confrontation by her of me after a day's work. My unwillingness to cover-up her chaos of an educational experience -
prompts her out of fear to pre-empt any move I may make - but not planned by me. She reports me to the school's Principal's - and I am called to the office for a meeting. It begins with "Terry, we were told she was an outstanding student of a premier college program, and we are finding otherwise." I discuss some of my findings. I omit the hallway statements made by certified teaching staff about student's capacity. The meeting ends with their support - and I walk out of the office by several teachers
representing NEA leadership no doubt - coming to threaten their
Administration. I am moved to other grade levels, where I witness frank
dark supernatural recruitment concepts disguised as 7th grade Language Arts exercises - in the form of the "INVICTUS" poem, and book reading in the 8th grade that depicts artwork and concepts similar to the "Project Monarch"
mind programming symbolism. I am witnessing soft-sold occult and New Age concepts under disguise as student exercises. The school year ends. ALL TEACHERS INVOLVED IN THE EVENTS OF THAT YEAR IS DECLINED CONTRACTS THE
FOLLOWING YEAR. One in 8th grade quits. The Coordinator is awarded "Special Education Teacher of the Year" for the district. No doubt to keep it all covered up.

* Supervising teacher is seen taking microphone from students - and singing at the top of her voice the Disney "Frozen" theme - that celebrates throwing off all constraint. I believe it to be demonically induced - as the level of enthusiasm in its performance was bizarre for a child - let alone adult. Was it the "owl" of her room - cutting loose? I think so.

* Asked to meet with SpEd Director and Asst. Director about experience with Supervising 6th grade Middle School teacher. Meeting starts with an uninterrupted 45 MINUTES OF "THIS IS WHAT WE DO AS PARAPROFESSIONAL SUPPORT STAFF" - followed by "what did we miss here Terry." My reply, "Nothing - did all of that and more. Here is what you missed in addition to
your long list ..." When I replied "nothing" - the Asst. Director of
Special Education got up and left the room - without comment. See how bad decisions and poor management practices are pushed onto others selfishly?

* The following year in this same school district - I am assigned to the alternative school for those who cannot function in normal classrooms. This is a shared program with two regional school districts. The school's name is "New Beginnings" - its sign depicting the Indigo color blue. What I discover is a "school" designed to starve children academically - while creating an environment that promotes dark spirit manifestation by triggers and by frank emotional and physical harassment by administration and staff. The school is designed to BREAK KIDS DOWN
mentally - in order to promote cognitive splitting as child defends
themselves - THUS PROVIDING A "NEW BEGINNING" OF DARK SPIRITUAL COGNITIVE SUBCONSCIOUS AND CONSCIOUS ATTACHMENT. A PROCEDURE often facilitated in the "blue padded room" - surrounded by quotes from the perverted B.I.S.T. program such as the reversed Biblical statement "grace without accountability, and accountability without grace - will not work" plastering the walls of the emotional student torture chamber. The pre-programming room - I called it. This BIST program - and its padded blue room techniques
- deployed in most all school districts in the KC Metro region.

* My wife's interrelated SpEd classroom is assaulted by something who wishes to attempt to sabotage her teaching experiences by placing a pool of blood (not sure if human) under the main instruction table in the center of the classroom where she often would interact with students in breakout sessions. This silver dollar sized pool of blood is confirmed by Administration.

* Assigned to high school group in alternative school as Paraprofessional. Witness absolute emotional and physical harassment by certified "educators" - one involving holding a kid against the wall while he wet on himself in the classroom entry as he attempted to break free to get to the Men's Room. I NEVER in the entire year of work with these students had to EVER physically handle a student at this school in the high school aged group. I witnessed quite the opposite among certified staff. Their finesse was non-existent. I gained respect and trust among all students - and they did as I asked for the most part. Soon, they were
coming to me - and running from the "blue room" experience. This dark side evil influence culminated in an end of year celebration movie choice of the classroom teacher of "Self/Less" - about mind programming and layering -
COMPLETE WITH FULL FRONTAL NUDITY OF FEMALES! It was a personal CD of the educator brought from home - she picked for the year end viewing of all her high school aged students. When the bedroom scene appeared - ALL THE KIDS IN THEIR SEATS GOT UP AND WENT BEHIND WALLS, OR OUT IN THE HALL. You let that set on you and your mind a bit - EDUCATORS! I believe the choice of this demonized teacher of movies was dark supernaturally induced - and a
message to me of who was operating the room. A requirement of spiritual warfare I have learned over time and experience.

* High school aged group teachers at alternative "school" are absolute messes of emotional and physical ailments. Regular sick leave used
- and a quagmire of prescription drug use for countless diagnosis - too long to recount. These educators would often give explicit directions - and then a moment later - would offer verbal abuse to student and supervising paraprofessional that would be THE OPPOSITE of that just delivered as
instruction. This happened often. Symbolism slapped all over the school that depicted Biblical account of evil influences - chosen as wall art by
classroom teachers. As noted, this evidence abruptly removed in mass on one day - mediated by local Fire Department Marshall.

* Hand's on educational experiences and programs for those with skills and aptitudes that where non-academic - more technical (automotive, manufacturing, etc.) capacity as potential engaged students in area of interest - was addressed personally with several institutions in the KC regional area. Arrangements were made personally to gain support of local
automotive program at area Junior College - and a field trip organization attempt was made and presented to Administration. It was turned down flat. Seems we needed to apply more PRESSURE, PUNISHMENT, and CONFINEMENT. All intended to break these kids down cognitively - no doubt.

* Physical handling training was often a subject of in-services. MANDT was the acronym. It professed to teach educators and administrators student restraining moves. They exercised these with other teachers/administrators. This was the nuttiest and most twisted education program I have ever witnessed. I believe it to be a MOCKING of those doing the instruction - and those participating - by extradimensional evil influences. Likely a scene of great elation in another realm - at just how
gullible human beings can be - all while flipping the bird at the Creator
God of the Bible whom these human beings participating were "imaged."

* (70) children and young adults are missing from the Kansas CPS
foster care program in the state of Kansas IN ONE YEAR. I believe there are ties of this alternative school of "New Beginnings" now dissolved - and this phenomenon in CPS - that may involve Fort Leavenworth General Staff College
professorship - and a Principal at this school who is an expressed Kabbalist (Eastern Mysticism) Satanic Jewry.

* I had confirmed that Fort Leavenworth child population had
"many fold greater numbers of autistic children" (higher level of overall vaccinations and enforcement) in the funnel of Early Childhood Development programs as identified by district staff I visited with - including its bus driver. This AFTER the CDC official mass resignation of Directors (80%)
from the agency over the publicized increased ASD spectrum prevalence among those who are given MMRV alone (380%). This announcement from the "Vaccine Safety Study" Medical Director and study monitor - mocked and referred to as "false" by the school district ASD Specialist. Going further she called the reporting Medical Director as
"corrupt and ignorant to the point of having his Medical license taken
away." Nothing could be further from the truth. Look at what passes as appropriate talk among those in ASD treatment and education.

* Principal removes me from high school aged group where much
progress was made - and reassigns me to the worst classroom in the school in 2nd grade group. The educator having a reputation for gross inadequacy. I am assigned to groups double and triple normal size - I BELIEVE BY DESIGN -- and involving kids who have just arrived from institutionalized care having
given four students - double normal. The certified teacher, one. I believe
it was a set-up - to drive me out of the school - or attempt to tie me to
inadequate performance or inability to control kids. It all failed. As
difficult as it was - at times stunningly challenging - I drew these young kids into compliance - and illustrated a performance outcome unseen previously with this group or this classroom. These results submitted weekly to Supervising Teacher and Principal in writing. They had to find a different way to get me out of their human sacrifice "let him that steals, steal no more" harassment induced dissociation and dividing of personality factory - allowing for demonic attachment at this "school" for dark spirit
access facilitation.

* Certified Supervising teacher takes maternity leave. All documentation on other students managed exclusively by this teacher is disappeared. Nothing remains. Instructions are given by exiting teacher - that when reviewed with student level of achievement and curriculum - don't match up in the least. It appears a cover-up is in view - of lack of academic achievement over the entire year - in light of a new set of eyes (x2) - by me and the incoming Substitute Teacher. Details of this are brought to the attention of the Principal. Soon, I am confronted with a
disciplinary letter and document - for retrieving a lunch bag from the bus barn a few miles away over my personal lunch - so as to keep this recently institutionalized 9 year old child from coming unglued in Math - as lunch time approaches. I announce to this Principal that if she insists on this move with SpEd Director and enforcement of this "write-up" - I will walk out of the building for good. This is how I separated from her - and this most
perverted twisted and covered-up environment. This despite the SpEd
Director asking me to stay. I can't be complicit in the organized harm of children - through imbecilic neglect and mismanagement of Administration and their certified staff, or contrived assault - both covered-up. Period!

* Effort by regional school district employer to remove ALL material from walls of alternative school - including bulletin board content. Imagine an elementary school without ANY material besides Exit
signs, Fire alarm signs, etc.? This all removed for the purpose of
THIS MEMBER OF "THE BODY OF CHRIST." An exercise well underway. "Powers of the air" covering up their matrix board chaos seeding means, before I find
it. Too late! The cities Fire Marshall inspected each school and classroom in person. You should have seen his face - I will never forget how IT looked at me. Identical deer in the headlights look as that of the lawyer in the courtroom of Johnson County at USA-KS Attorney General hearing to
file P.A. against me for lighting the IT in him up! "They run when they are
not even being pursued" - Holy Bible.

* Witness two women serving as certified teachers actually push
each other in the hallway of alternative school, dropping verbal f-bombs at each other - as elementary to high school aged students return from day opening session in gym to their individual classrooms to begin the school day. How is that for examples - FOR STUDENTS ALREADY AT RISK FOR VERBAL AND

Terry Geise
Shawnee, KS

Jeannette Bishop

Pertinent testimony from a special education teacher:

Grace Green

Looking again at this study, I notice that these five conditions are described as Developmental disorders, although no explanation of how they are caused is offered. I had always thought that cerebral palsy was brain damage usually caused by oxygen deprivation at birth, which is quite different from an ongoing problem in development. This makes me wonder if 'Development disorder' is newspeak for 'brain injury'. Interestingly, I recognize the last name on the list of authors. Now where have I seen her name before?

For Adam

No, you can't rule anything out - including an invasion of autistic 8 year-olds from outer space - but there wasn't any particular reason for favouring your suggestion.


I'm not saying that diagnostic substitution (DS) accounts for all of the ASD increase. I'm saying that it cannot be ruled out. The author says "DS is notably absent" and later in the comments "no possibility of substitution." This is not true, and not supported by the data. The author is the one trying to make a claim that is completely unproven. Funny that instead of addressing this point he expresses disinterest.

Whether the curves cross is irrelevant. If there is a negative correlation between ID no ASD and ASD no ID, then DS cannot be ruled out. The study's authors state that it can't be ruled out and that it is very difficult to measure. This is pretty simple; it isn't rocket science.

At any rate, I will leave you all to your own devices. Best wishes.

Grace Green

Adam, I think you're making a mistake here. ID no ASD and ASD no ID may cross each other, but ASD overall shows a similar increase. Also, BritishMum's point is valid. Mothers and teachers are the people in the front line. You could argue that mothers are too subjective, but teachers are objective and have many years of experience. ASD and ID are completely different conditions, and people who have experience of children with one or the other can see the difference.

For Adam



I said diagnostic substitution may be a reasonable explanation, which is true. You said diagnostic substitution is absent. The data doesn't support that. The study's authors don't conclude that. Are you privy to data that they aren't?

For Adam


Now you are stretching a point to cover up your earlier errors. Time to back down gracefully?


"Forget about graphs and interpretation of statistics." No thanks. I prefer to rely on hard data rather than anecdotal evidence.

I am referring to the graph on page seven. The "ID no ASD" curve starts at 13 per 1,000 and decreases to 8.6 per 1,000. The "ASD no ID" starts at 1.6 and goes up to 8.6. So ID decreased by 4.4 and ASD increased by 7.

I agree, ASD is increasing, but the data does not prove that "diagnostic substitution is notably absent." At best, one could say that a portion of of the increase may not be due to diagnostic substitution. The authors themselves state:

"Whether and to what extent the identified ASD trend reflects improved identification or changes in the number and/or severity of population risk factors is of keen interest [33]. The contributions of these two possible explanations are complex, difficult to measure, and not easily separable given currently available data [4]."

British Mum

Dear Adam,
Forget about graphs and interpretations of statistics. Go out into the community and ask long-term experienced special needs teachers about the children thirty years ago compared to the children today. For some inexplicable reason the medical profession isn't listening either to the parents or the teachers - why not?

I used to recommend the official website of the State of California Department of Developmental Services which had been tracking the numbers of ASD diagnoses back into the 70s/80s. Significantly, they didn't count children under three years or people with the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. One figure I remember is that of a 273% increase from 1987 to 1998. Perhaps someone could spare the time to check if it's still there or if information on that website has been tidied out of existence.

For Adam

The paper does not advance a substitution hypothesis and they would not be very competent if they could not clearly distinguish between the categories in the period in which they were being charted - even the wretched CDC couldn't hide it. The strongest upward trend is for ASD without ID (no possibility of substitution). If you look at the separate ID trend on the graph reproduced, it travels about a bit but it is actually higher at end of the period (2010) than at the beginning (1991).

Of course, your starting comment "The graph you show does not disentangle ASD and ID" is simply untrue. Funny that.


The graph you show does not disentangle ASD and ID - meaning a child diagnosed with both could be contributing to both curves. The second graph does (page 7), and it shows a clear DECREASE in the prevalence of ID without ASD, while there is a clear INCREASE in ASD without ID. I haven't run the stats, but qualitatively there doesn't appear to be a significant difference between the amount of increase in ASD and amount of decrease in ID. Hence, it appears that diagnostic substitution may be a reasonable explanation for the difference.

Jeannette Bishop

Re Hepatitis B vaccine @ birth,

Thomas Verstraeten, in an email obtained through FOIA, stated after running data various ways that "all the harm is done in the first month."

It certainly seems like that vaccine "recommendation" might be the worst (unless prenatal flu vaccine turns out to be good competition).

Dr. Eggertsen helpfully summarizes concerning Hep B research about the vaccine @ 2:47 - 5:27:

He also goes over the Verstraeten study @ 12:05.

I think Dr. Eggertsen was hoping to reach colleagues with this video and some of it is technical, but mostly straightforward for a layperson I believe, and very current, so it could be a good recommendation for anyone wanting information about vaccine concerns generally and willing to spend about an hour.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Gatogorra- Which state do you live in and does that state allow flu vaccines with mercury for pregnant women and babies?

Peter Miles

Jeannette Bishop

In Ontario Canada, our son got Hep B in 1991 within a couple of hours of birth. Although we didn't know it at the time his reactions after birth, which the nurses and doctors did not seem concerned about, were characteristic of vaccine injury - stiffness, trying to hold his arms and legs in tight to his body, and an inability to nurse properly. In 1992 the vaccine schedule changed and Hep B was scheduled for 2 months and NOT BEFORE 6 weeks. The schedule has been changed again and now it is only recommended for infants if there is an identified Hep B risk. Of course, these changes are not documented anywhere on-line and there are no reasons given for the changes. Its only because of looking into this frequently over the years that I am able to relate this. Incidentally, we are aware of three other boys with autism born in 1991 in the little community hospital where we lived which recorded only just over 200 births for that year (1 in 50 rate). So further study into the Hep B vaccine would be very beneficial.


What Denise said - "Thank you, Dan, you are so good. Keep 'em comin'!"

Good points, Jeannette - like a frog being gradually brought to a boil indeed.

Jeannette Bishop


It seems like we're the proverbial boiling frog with the pharma+ exposures being slowly increased, and in a way that appears to come down harder on each younger generation, at least in terms of chronic health problems.

A discussion came up in a radio program recently where someone in the healthcare field said the 80-year-olds they treat are more healthy than the new 60-year-olds coming into their care. She said the 60-year-olds are closer to death and attributed it to the 80-years-olds mostly having had more time in life eating a better diet. I can't help also wondering if those 80-year-olds also missed many if not all vaccinations growing up, maybe had less chance of receiving high copper Hg dental amalgams, less fluoride exposure, probably didn't have flu shots before they were 60 if at all, etc.

Louis Conte

And yet, strangely, no media coverage...


Let me correct that -- I got another another DPT vaccine in the earlier mid 80s. And so did my husband at his work place. He reacted with a few hours at home with seizures, and later developed panic attacks.

This was before the birth of our son by a couple of years. We miscarried the year before his birth

He reacted very fast to all three of his DPT shots the first years with swollen heart - and the last one he was catatonic.

So I suspect it could be some of the 87 spike you are seeing is the result of vaccinating young adults in their child bearing years.


Jeannette Bishop;
Another thing to consider is they started giving adults not just a tetanus shot but a DPT shot starting in the very late 70s in just a few places and then the practice spread.

I am sure I got two of those in 78 and again in late 80s.

It does make a difference how the kids react to the DPT shot when the parents have been exposed to it even before they are conceived.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Dan, you are so good. Keep 'em comin'!

Jeannette Bishop

Looking at ID and autism, if combined, it appears to me there could be upward trajectories at approx. birth years 1987, 1992, and throughout 1996-2000 with some leveling off in between.

Re Hib vaccination, the following suggests it was used in 15+ months initially (infants born about 1988 and 1987?), and in younger infants towards the end of 1990: (paragraph 4)

Hepatitis B was recommended in 1991. David Kirby reported that compliance with the starting-at-birth series rapidly increased in the mid 1990s to the late 1990s:

"But according to the CDC's National Immunization Survey, only 8% of infant children received the Hep B vaccine in 1992, when that birth cohort showed an ASD rate of 1-in-150.

"By 1994, the number of children receiving Hep B vaccine had reached just 27% -- and the cohort showed a similar ASD rate, though it did go up by as much as 10% in some locations between the two cohorts.

"But by 1996, Hep B coverage rate had risen to 82%. And that is the cohort whose ASD rate rose to around 100-per-10,000 or more."

Does the following report suggest that HepB at birth compliance generally dropped off for a few years (maybe after the joint announcement on thimerosal in 1999 which recommended delaying the birth dose and getting thimerosal out of the schedule--which doesn't seem to be mentioned in the following report for some reason--or maybe just from various general & observational concerns)?

"The findings reveal that, during January 2003--June 2005, before implementation of the 2005 ACIP hepatitis B vaccine recommendation, the national newborn hepatitis B vaccination coverage estimate was 42.8% at age 1 day and 50.1% at age 3 days, with substantial variation by states and local areas."

ADHD seems to have also increased in about the same time-frame:

Has anyone attempted to make a chart-like graph of ADHD rates by year? I can't help thinking that might be informative...mostly because of my not being able to find one..

And it would be nice to know what the epidemic has been doing the past decade plus, particularly during the years just prior to DSM-V recalibration.


I laughed at Chart-like things as well! Thanks for more confirmation of what many of us already know.


Chart-like things. I needed a laugh today. The rate in our kids' last school is 1 in 15 for the prenatal flu shot generation. The school does everything it can to ship the wounded out to institutional schools to hide them, otherwise people would wonder what's in the water. It would hurt real estate.

Laura Hayes

Thanks, Dan. Great article, and great graph.

Angus Files

They use the weakest form of testing epidemiology to prove a very important argument. Why not use science as Dr Wakefield et-al did or vaccinated v non vaccinated why indeed why?



What happens when you take - Oh some thing like intellectual disability and pick it a part a little bit and start counting parts of it differently?

Would that make intellectual disability go down and stay some what constant - as the other new thing rises?

Perhaps the true measurement would be to put them together and see how high the blue-and red lines really go. Yeah, let us see how high the purple line goes?

By the way mental illness is not on this graft Things like bipolar, schizo, mood disorders, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Tourettes, and ect - which are not under intellectual disability, is not plotted on this graft.

Looks like there has been a lot of manipulating the data for for a very long time.

Autism -- no one knew what it was -- well we do now. So now we all know - they are going to manipulate it again - let us tease apart autism into communication disorders.

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