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A Grandfather's View of Family, Vaccination and Autism

31dec09-looking_forwardBy Bob Moffitt

The following is an account of our personal life experience .. having reached the advanced ages of 75 and 73 .. married for fifty years .. the very proud parents of two .. a 49 year old daughter .. born in 1965 .. and 48 year old son ..  born in 1966 .. and now .. proud grandparents of five .. three grandsons .. ages 24, 15 and 14 .. two granddaughters .. ages 22 and 12.

As someone once wrote:  "children are the rainbow of life .. and .. grandchildren are the pot of gold that follows".  Amen to that.

Some background history of our generation ....

Toddlers born in the late 1930's ..  like us .. were recommended to receive a smallpox vaccination plus a separate dose of diptheria vaccine.  A toddler born in 1944, was recommended to receive a pertussis vaccine .. and .. by 1947 .. the Academy of American Pediatricians (AAP) was recommending toddlers receive a combination Diptheria, Pertussis , Tetanus (DPT) vaccine.  We have no way of knowing .. if we received the DPT in 1947 .. but .. we seriously doubt it.

(However, with the benefit of generational hindsight ..  we would like to know .. in 1947 .. "why" public health officials combined three vaccines .. Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus (DPT) .. into one?  Was the combination of three in one done because it was "safer" for the toddlers  .. or .. purely for the "cost efficiency" of manufacturers, public health officials .. and .. the "convenience" of pediatricians and parents .. under the pretense of being solely for the toddler's benefit .. having to receive only one shot instead of three? 

Whatever the reasoning .. the combination of three or more vaccines in a single shot in 1947 .. set a precedent that has now become routine .. some "single" shots today contain six or seven vaccines .. again raising the question for whose benefit are six or seven vaccines now routinely combined?) 

As far as I know .. the "small pox" vaccine is the only vaccine available to me as a child that is credited .. in the "court of public opinion" ..  justifiably or not .. with eradicating that disease .. so much so .. it is no longer required for children of today's generation.  The same cannot be said for the original (1947) DPT vaccine .. which .. in my experience .. has an entirely different history regarding success.. or .. more importantly .. the lack thereof.

Vaccines aside .. .. as children born in 1939 .. our childhood experience was vastly different from a child growing up today.  In those long-ago days .. children played "rough and tumble" games organized by themselves .. most times .. under the ever watchful eyes of neighbors .. in the middle of the street where cars rarely intruded on our games .. or .. vacant sandlots .. from early morning until the sun went down .. boys .. "stick ball", "box ball", "johnny on the pony" .. girls .. "jump rope", "Potsy"  ..  joining together to "roller skate" .. play "hide and seek", "ringo-levee oh" .. etc.   We all had radios in our homes .. later on the luckier ones had black and white televisions .. which ended each day around 11 PM .. with the National Anthem being played .. before the screen went dark.

Admittedly .. our generation had a much simpler childhood .. thanks to little or no intrusion by adults or government .. such as .. adult run little leagues .. where "coaches" decide who, when, where games are played .. sometimes no score is kept .. yet .. everyone gets a trophy .. just for participating .. or .. government rules requiring us to wear bike helmets, batting helmets, seat belts, etc .. all adjustable according to age, size and weight .. because .. unlike vaccines .. parents and manufacturers .. instinctively knew it would be impossible to manufacture a .. "one size fits all" .. product.  

Yes .. measles, mumps and chickenpox were far more common in our childhood .. but .. they were more or less considered benign .. by both .. parents and children .. than public health officials consider them today.  Indeed, we not only survived them .. having attained life-long immunity from having contracted them as children .. we seem to have thrived.

As I remember it .. somewhere around 10 or 11 years of age .. (1950?) .. having never heard of "stranger danger" .. it was routine for unaccompanied children to attend neighborhood theatres on weekends that featured two movies for the price of one .. and .. during the ten minute intermission between the "double features"  .. the children in our audience were routinely exposed to positively frightening "world-wide news" images of kids our own age .. suffering polio .. who were confined to iron-lungs.

As I think back today .. as a 10 or 11 year old child .. that is the first time that I was exposed to the positively frightening dangers of a disease.  Which probably explains why I vividly remember .. to this very day .. the one kid in my neighborhood that contracted polio and walked with a disabling limp for the rest of his life.

And so .. there is no doubt in my mind that .. during the early 1950's .. our generation was consumed by the fear of polio .. which began each year with whisperings about the dreaded .. fast approaching "polio season" .. widely believed to thrive in the summer months .. peaking in mid-to-late summer .. and .. just as mysteriously .. receding when cooler weather arrived.

Understandably .. parents were so fearful of polio .. that many .. including my mom .. tried her best to avoid taking her three rambunctious sons .. ages 15, 13 and 10 .. to "public" swimming pools, lakes or any area with open water .. which .. again with the benefit of hindsight .. I now believe to have been .. "urban myth" rumors .. as sources for contracting polio. 

(We had an isolated area our parents absolutely hated .. we referred to it as the "swamps" .. it was 30 to 45 acres of vacant land .. much of it covered with 10 foot high reeds .. riddled with down-trodden secret paths .. where a sizeable "pond" had formed.  This mostly hidden "pond" was great .. it froze in winter allowing us to roam the ice .. and .. it allowed us to play "pirate" on makeshift rafts in the summer months.  The only problem was .. if someone slipped through the ice or fell into the water .. their clothes were immediately covered with what appeared to be small "red" insects .. and .. the unfortunate kid who had "fallen in"  .. was immediately terrified that he had been exposed to "polio bugs".)

Those early memories remind me .. even today .. how fearful my generation was of contracting polio. 

Indeed .. these vivid childhood memories probably explain why.. in 1955 .. somewhere around the age of 14 -15 .. I remember thinking that Dr. Salk's polio vaccine would be the greatest contribution to mankind that my generation would see in our lifetime. 

That was then .. and .. my personal assessment of Dr. Salk's contribution .. is quite different today.

In those long ago days .. all males were subject to a "mandatory draft" .. requiring them to serve in our military forces .. and .. having voluntarily "pushed up my draft" .. at 19 years of age .. I distinctly remember having absolutely no fear as I and my fellow recruits .. dutifully walked through a virtual gauntlet of doctors on both sides of the aisle .. who administered vaccines in each arm as we passed by. 

In retrospect .. we had no idea .. in 1960 .. what those vaccines were .. and .. absolutely no idea how many vaccines we received that day?  I clearly remember one particular vaccine was administered by what looked like a "power drill" pressed against my arm .. excess white fluid shooting out of my arm onto the floor. 

I also remember suffering a "low grade" temperature the following day .. and .. having my drill sergeant tell me and my fellow recruits suffering the same .. "get over it" .. because we had a full day of vigorous training ahead of us.  Welcome to the US Army boys.

I received many more vaccines during my service .. for example .. just prior to my voluntary deployment to a "peaceful" Germany .. where I served eighteen months. 

I only mention my "mandatory military service" to illustrate the absolute trust my generation had in our government .. especially as it applied to vaccines.

(I seriously doubt today's generation of volunteers in the military service has the same "absolute trust" in doctors and military commanders as we did .. primarily because the vaccines we received as G.I.'s serving in the 1960's were nowhere near the same .. nor .. the numbers .. as G.I.'s deploying for service in the Gulf War 35 years later .. which included .. cholera, live oral polio, typhoid fever, meningitis, pertussis, tetanus, diptheria, yellow fever, recombinant hepatitis B, influenza and two experimental vaccines .. anthrax and botulinium, as well as an experimental drug, pryidostigmine bromide.  

And .. unlike the millions who served in the military .. prior to .. and .. during .. my generation .. there are literally tens of thousands of G.I.'s that deployed for the Gulf War who believe the numerous vaccines they received have caused them serious chronic illness .. defined as "Gulf War Syndrome" .. which includes symptoms such as chronic muscle and joint pain, rashes, headaches, disabling fatigue, memory loss, inability to concentrate, personality changes, diarrhea, hair loss and sleep disturbances. 

In addition men and women volunteers in today's military were "ordered" to receive the Anthrax vaccine .. which created a bitter controversy among affected "volunteer" veterans .. which remains unresolved even today .. as evidenced by Gary Matsumoto's well documented .. excellent book .. "Vaccine A" .. clearly argues.

It is also disturbing to hear the rate of suicide among retired and active military forces has dramatically increased over the generations .. so much so .. latest statistics reveal there are 22 suicides a day .. or .. 1 every 65 minutes.   These many suicides were unheard of in all previous generations .. including my own .. who served in our military forces.  The obvious question .. why today's veterans?)

After discharge from the Army .. at 24 years of age .. my wife 21 years of age .. we married .. and .. I soon became a "rookie" member of the NYC Police Department. 

Within 14 months of our marriage .. we had our first child .. a beautiful daughter .. followed by our equally beautiful son .. born within 14 months of his older sister.  I have heard some describe the close age of my children as "Irish twins".  In any event .. we bought a small house in the neighborhood we both grew up in  .. close to extended families .. and .. we were .. literally .. living our generation's perception of the American dream.

Then came that dreadful night when our four year old daughter .. who we just put to bed a few hours prior .. began frantically calling us.  As we entered her room .. we were stunned to see her and her bed-sheets covered in blood.   She had gone to bed after suffering a nose bleed .. that we thought we had stopped .. and .. now we realized .. unbeknown to us .. she continued to bleed.  Being a "rookie" police officer .. instinctively aware the situation was serious .. and .. this being a time prior to the establishment of the emergency 911 system .. .. I bundled her up .. put her in my car .. and .. personally delivered her to Kings County Hospital .. where I knew she would receive excellent "emergency care".

Having arrived at Kings County .. I distinctly remember arguing with the very young intern .. about the same age as myself .. whether or not she should stay overnight .. and .. him stopping all argument by informing me that .. as her father .. I had the right to take her home .. however .. as her doctor .. he believed she had Leukemia .. and .. she may not survive the night if I did not admit her immediately. 

I remember entering the darkened children's ward where she would be staying and observing all the young children in that ward had the same "dark bruises and skin discolorations" that my daughter had been exhibiting the last six months or so.  We had been dismissing those unexplained "discoloration bruises" and "rare nose bleeds" as being caused by normal childhood exuberance.  Who knew?   

I left the hospital that night at the lowest point in my life .. how in God's name did my perfectly healthy daughter .. contract Leukemia?

In retrospect .. unbeknownst to us .. as extremely young parents .. we had entered a world where the doctor .. like the one-eyed man among the totally blind .. was king .. whatever that doctor in the white coat said .. we did .. as our generation .. and .. the generations before us .. had been taught to do.

We eventually "learned" that our daughter did not .. thank God .. have Leukemia .. she had Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) .. and .. we also learned the word "Idiopathic" means exactly what it implies .. doctors are "idiots" for not knowing what causes it.

We were questioned relentlessly regarding our "family history" of blood disorders .. surely somewhere in our Irish/Italian ancestry .. there was someone who exhibited a similar blood disorder.  Nope.  None.  And .. believe me .. we questioned relatives we hadn't spoken to in decades.  After serious examination of our family history proved fruitless .. the best doctors we could find .. classified the cause of her condition in a single word .. that word being "bizarre".   

After months in the hospital and extraordinary efforts to treat her with "steroids" .. which at that time were far more experimental than we had been led to believe .. causing physical and behavior changes we had not been warned of .. she had her spleen surgically removed.  

Why .. we wondered .. after weeks of what we came to believe were unnecessary .. ineffectual ..  experimental .. steroid treatments .. administered by the absolute best doctors we could find .. had they finally determined her platelets .. which are the immune response that causes clotting of the blood .. were being "inexplicably" destroyed by her spleen?  (It wasn't until decades later that I read about a vaccine induced phenomenon "molecular mimicry") Once they determined her spleen was the problem .. they recommended surgical removal.    

In addition .. we were warned the removal of her spleen would seriously impair her immune response to combat infections, viruses or bacteria .. for the rest of her life.

And .. so .. though my wife and I are both the third youngest of our families .. having a third child ourselves .. was never discussed .. it just didn't happened.

However, I do remember having a serious .. very encouraging conversation .. with my daughter's "new" pediatrician  .. and .. he "promised" me that she would live a full life without her spleen .. and .. become a mother herself someday.  

I also remember .. somewhere within a few years of my daughter's spleen being removed .. learning of a "new vaccine" specifically for people with "compromised immune systems" .. and .. when my wife excitedly called our "new" pediatrician to alert him that she would be bringing our daughter in for the vaccine .. he stated empathically ..  "over my dead body will she ever receive another vaccine". 

We were perplexed .. why would her "new" pediatrician make such a peculiar comment .. especially in light of her compromised immune system?  Our failure to pursue his odd statement haunts us to this very day.

In any event .. thanks be to God .. his prediction that my daughter would eventually have children proved true .. and .. in 1990 .. our first grandson was born.  As extremely proud grandparents in our late forties .. we eagerly anticipated the day when we would be granted the ultimate grandparent privilege of baby-sitting him. 

Needless to say .. we were troubled when .. somewhere around the age of two .. he began suffering severe asthma attacks .. which were absolutely terrifying to witness.  Suddenly .. as first-time grandparents .. having witnessed him struggle to breathe during an asthma attack that seemed to last for hours .. our greatly anticipated privilege of baby-sitting our beloved grandson was shaken by the realization we would be solely responsible for him should he suffer .. while in our care .. a life-threatening .. asthmatic attack.  

(Which is why I have nothing but great admiration for today's teachers .. because .. God bless them .. I suspect every teacher in a class room today .. feels that same .. personal .. intimidating  .. unanticipated responsibility .. for children with the same asthma affliction as our first grandson .. in addition to .. the growing numbers of children diagnosed with .. ADD/ADHD .. type 1 diabetes, peanut allergies .. or .. other chronic autoimmune disorders .. all requiring emergency action .. that appear far more common in today's generation .. then our own or our children's generation?)

As first time "concerned" grandparents of an asthmatic child .. (asthmatic and lactose intolerant even today .. 22 years later) .. it didn't take long before we began to take notice how prevalent "asthma" had become in children our grandson's age?  Yes ..  our generation had heard of asthma .. but .. inexplicably to us .. asthma seemed far more common in 1990 .. my grandson's generation. 

Odd .. but .. we soon began reading reassuring articles in the most prestigious magazines .. children with asthma were more common because our homes had become "too clean" .. thereby denying children the opportunity to develop  the "natural immunity" that prior generations acquired.  Imagine that .. it was "cleanliness" that was responsible for the rising rates of asthma among our youngest children.  Who knew?

Odd .. in retrospect .. our second grandchild .. the baby sister of our asthmatic grandson .. born in 1992 .. who also lived in that very same "clean house" .. was asthma free.  Our third grandson born in 2001 .. grew up in different houses .. but is also .. thank God .. asthma free.

Eventually .. our son and his lovely wife had their first child .. our second grandson .. born in 1999 .. ten years after our first (asthmatic/lactose intolerant) grandson was born .. a full eight years after our first granddaughter arrived.   

God bless him .. there were so many signs indicating he was a perfectly healthy ..  normal developing child .. alert, responsive to stimulation .. who toddled on time .. and .. began developing rudimentary .. basic communication skills .. prior to the age of two. 

For instance .. saying "more dat" at a family meal in a restaurant .. and .. all at the table who heard him broke out laughing .. or .. his ability to pick pop's car out of a parking lot full of similar .. otherwise indistinguishable .. white autos.  While I kept trying to lead him to another white car .. he simply would not be deterred or distracted ... making me wonder .. how did he develop that uncanny ability to identify "pop's car"?  Or .. even more so .. immediately aware of any unexpected deviation in the 32 mile route taken to visit pop's house?

And then .. inexplicably .. somewhere around the age of two .. our little guy suddenly "regressed" .. became unresponsive to stimulation .. lost basic communication skills he had already developed ..  who suddenly began exhibiting bizarre behaviors .. such as .. holding his hands over his ears at the sound of a running faucet .. becoming fixated on a ceiling fan .. staring out a window but failing to react as grandma desperately tried to generate a response to the people and vehicles passing by .. stemming .. head banging .. sleepless nights .. chronic diarrhea .. on and on. 

Unbeknown to our family .. the very same "bizarre" regressive behaviors that .. not a few hundred .. or .. a few thousand .. but .. literally .. tens of thousands of parents .. were simultaneously reporting.  Who knew?  Certainly not parents or grandparents.

At that time .. as I think of it now .. I had read numerous .. (annual?) .. articles by a man that I had the utmost respect and trust in .. Dr. Thomas Sowell  .. wherein he warned against "stigmatizing" children who did not develop communication skills in a timely fashion by "labeling them slow".  As evidence that slowly developing communication skills were not a source for worry .. he cited his own highly intelligent son who did not speak until somewhere around the age of five. 

And so .. after being in self-denial for two years .. telling my lovely daughter-in-law .. his mom ..  that our precious child may just be "slow" in developing his communication skills .. I could no longer deny that "something" was wrong.  Eventually .. somewhere around the age of four .. at the cost of three thousand dollars to Yale University's esteemed Fred Volkmar .. our little guy was initially diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder .. Not Otherwise Specified (PDD/NOS) .. and .. was eventually .. diagnosed .. "autistic". 

Imagine that .. $3,000 .. just to acquire a diagnosis of "autism" .. from an "expert" .. and .. even then .. it seemed odd .. that pediatricians had absolutely no education .. no experience .. or .. even more perplexing .. no clue .. to draw upon to make that diagnosis for themselves? 

(Obviously .. our family and tens of thousands of families just like ours .. were reporting a new phenomenon .. "regressive autism" .. that pediatricians and doctors had never witnessed or experienced before .. making the claim autism has always been present .. and .. dismissing the ever increasing rates of autism because of "better diagnosing or a broader spectrum" .. ludicrous at best .. deliberately deceptive at worst.

In addition .. as recently as 2015 .. the very same pre-eminent "conservative" Dr. Sowell .. published a column in the NY Post .. wherein he again observed that parents ought not be too concerned about "late talking" children as early warning signs they are either "slow or autistic".  Apparently, this self-proclaimed expert .. cannot distinguish .. even now .. as autism strikes 1 in 68 .. 1 in 49 boys ..  the difference between a "late talking" child .. and .. the autistic child who had been "talking" .. but .. lost the ability to do so.) 

Needless to say .. as grandparents .. we were .. once again .. crushed ... being confronted with a new disorder (autism) .. that our family  and generation .. had never heard of before.

However .. we now had access to technology that was not available to us in 1969 .. 35 years ago .. when our daughter's bizarre ITP was diagnosed. 

And so .. somewhere around 2004 .. determined to find out what happened to our precious grandson .. we began a desperate search of the inter-net for information .. and ..

in 2005  .. we stumbled upon David Kirby's "Evidence of harm" book .. wherein David raised the "common sense .. reasonable" .. question:   

Was it possible that public health officials had dramatically increased the numbers of recommended and approved vaccines for children .. without .. at the same time .. calculating the unintended consequences of increasing our children's exposure to unsafe levels of the vaccine preservative ..Thimerosal (mercury)?

(From David Kirby's book .. page 45:

"Thimerosal was a major topic among much of the American public health bureaucracy in 1999 .. (the year my PDD/NOS .. autistic grandson .. was born).  The  CBR (FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research) officials had added up the total amount of mercury that children were receiving in their vaccines, and were disturbed .. (disturbed?) .. to find that small children were being exposed to much more mercury than anyone had imagined". )

(From Robert F. Kennedy's book "Thimerosal, Let the science speak".. page XXX:

"By 1999 (my grandson's year of birth) the potential mercury exposure by age two had more than doubled to 237.5 micrograms, with a two month old receiving 62.5 micrograms or 123 times the EPA's safe reference dose of 0.1 microgram per kilogram per day for methyl-mercury, a different, better-studied form or organic mercury than ethylymercury.) 

And so .. in retrospect .. I firmly believe there has never been a more "trusting" generation of vaccines than our own .. our parents volunteered vaccinating us as children .. we volunteered  vaccination for ourselves as members of the military .. as parents .. we voluntarily vaccinated our children .. and ..most importantly .. as grandparents .. we voluntarily urged our grandchildren be vaccinated.    

God forgive us .. if we were mistakenly wrong to do so. 

God forgive them .. because .. if they were "wrong" .. they "knew" they were wrong. 



Thank you, so much, Bob for this excellent article. As a grandmother of 2 boys who regressed into autism after their MMR vaccination, I totally concur with all you have written. Interestingly, my Father who was born in 1902 would not allow us to be vaccinated. I wish I and my son/daughter-in-law had had his wisdom. Susan, UK


Decades ago when smoking was still marginally fashionable among the young, i was waiting in a theatre line noticing a group of healthy teens smoking cigs outside in a waiting line.
I had lost a couple of coworkers to lung cancer since smoking was still allowed in the workplace at that time. One who prior to her cancer said its "just" something in the body, but later told the workforce stop because of the incredible pain it brought both her and more importantly her loved ones. She died.
I walked over to the teens who i had expected to be derisive and told them her story, fully expecting derision, but instead they put out their cigarettes with eyes downcast.
This is the effect vaccine whistleblowers have had on me. That so many have suffered needlessly is beyond the moral limits.
And i thank you all.

Grace Green

"children were being exposed to much more mercury than anyone had imagined" commented the research officials. Is this what the pro-vaxxers call science? They imagined how much mercury the children were getting?! But didn't bother to measure it in total - until too late!

Jeannette Bishop


I love the phrase "chronically healthy."

Linda Schorel

I once was the person described above thinking that my doctors words were the gospel and that the government does its job of keeping us safe. I was 54 years old when I received my 4th flu vaccination. I knew immediately afterwards that something was different. Within 2 weeks I had tingling and pain in my legs. After several visits to doctors and an emergency room they could find nothing wrong. I continued to spiral downwards. Within 2 months, I was paralyzed and could not get out of bed to go to work. My arms, hands, legs and feet were numb and inoperable. I was hospitalized for 9 days and diagnosed with guillain barre syndrome after getting results from a spinal tap. I was given the 5 doses recommended doses of immunoglobulin IVIG to assist my body in fighting against the assault to my nerves. It is now 1 1/2 years later. I am on social security disability after fighting for it and still not even close to recovery. It has been a very hard struggle financially, mentally and physically. I am still not able to have an independent life as I am unable to drive or walk long distances. I no longer trust doctors or the government to keep me safe! I also have a vaccination case in federal court that I hope will be successful so that I can try to regain some of my independence back. I have only made it this far because I have the support of a wonderful, loving husband who keeps me laughing!

Sherry Treiber

I had this experience. I was born in 1959 and was given all of the recommended vaccines of my day... At the age of 25, I had a severe asthma attack with no prior history of asthma. I was sent to a specialist and told that it was hereditary and that I was born with it. We also did the detective work with both of my parents families and no one has ever had asthma. Huh. I went on to have three beautiful children of whom we did not vaccinate. They were also breastfed and weaned as toddlers. None of my children, current ages 32, 28 & 24, have asthma or any other debilitating disease. I am so thankful to God that we did not vaccinate them. I have 2 daughters and one son.

My nephew, current age 22, was developing normally as a baby but around age two became very ill and wound up regressing and is diagnosed with autism. He was fully vaccinated. My brother is a wonderful father to his son, however, my nephew will never drive a car, get married, go to college, live on his own, or be a major contributor to society as he must be cared for like a small child. They were robbed of a normal child and the life that goes along with it.

These stories must continue to be told so that people will think twice and do their own research to find out what vaccines are really doing to this generation.

I love the article and it is very well written. Keep up the good work!


This is a great piece! I am always interested in the views of older generations. I have experienced a sort of "awakening" even in my own life (born in the early 80's) regarding vaccines. My grandparents dutifully received their flu vaccines every year (regardless of the fact that my grandmother would get the flu almost every year and end up in the hospital with pneumonia multiple times a year). When my son contracted Rubella (which we thought was measles until tests confirmed Rubella a year later) I was scolded by her for not vaccinating him... but then she openly admitted that measles was really not a big deal "but why not get a vaccine if it's available?" We never agreed, but she respected my decision. My mother was never completely comfortable with all the vaccines my sister and I received (which was FAR fewer than my children are expected to get), but information was scarce and hard to access for a working mother in the 80's and 90's. She later began working in the medical field and began seeing a pattern among those who would get the yearly flu shot...they usually would get a flu and be unwell for weeks at a time, while those who abstained generally did not get sick at all or for long. She never did get a flu shot and NEVER got the flu in the 20+ years she worked with sick patients...I know her stellar health is rare (I actually cannot remember her getting anything more than a few mild colds and random cases of bronchitis or strep, but never do I remember her being laid up for more than a day or two). I never felt the need for the flu shots, but had many of the recommended vaccines until I got married at 21 (when we had no insurance, so vaccines were no longer on our radar), but I did not question the benefits I was told they offered. I didn't start questioning them myself until we began considering children. When my sister and I began questioning vaccines for our children, our mother supported our decision fully, though most extended family members think we're crazy. I now see the difference between the health of my minimally vaccinated firstborn (partially vaccinated with polio and something else...I don't remember), and my non vaccinated second. The oldest gets sick easily and the symptoms linger for weeks/months, the youngest MIGHT get sick for a much shorter time or (more commonly) just get a snotty nose for a few days (a sign that I recognize as her body fighting off whatever we are all suffering from). Both have had a similar diet, similar pregnancy, breastfed up to one year, and avoidance of sugar and medications. The oldest was never as chronically healthy as the younger. It has been a struggle knowing that most people won't understand and that most people refuse to try to understand. There are times I wish I could unlearn and just trust everything we are told by the government and pharma...but then I look at my children and their peers and I am grateful to be able to think critically and be able to look at both sides of history to make informed decisions. I am also brokenhearted for all the injured children who have had to suffer so that I have been able to learn from the misdirected trust of others...there is no good way to say this, but I truly respect ALL the parents who have done their best to protect their children before and after vaccine injury and am deeply sorry for the should never have been! I will never feel that your sacrifices were justified...even though it led to the knowledge we now have...that is just an inexcusable byproduct.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for sharing your valuable perspective and experiences.

I'm a proximate member of the generation of your children. I'm surrounded by people of all generations, though, who hold tight to a belief that treating the doctor's advice as gospel is the moral and responsible act, maybe motivated even more strongly by the uncertainty created with the apparent decay in our health and probably other aspects of life. I have no idea how to effectively sound a warning sometimes.

But looking back post "getting a clue" myself, I remembered both my grandmothers had given me warnings, one having watched her son develop type I diabetes either with a vaccination or worsened by a vaccination, and another who stated, post-stroke, in one of the few complete sentences she had been able to make that she never felt the same after a vaccination as a young woman. I don't think these were expressions they shared frequently. As far as I know, maybe I'm the only one who heard, or remembered, any of the above, so I think maybe there is more awareness or suspicion of adverse health outcomes following some "modern medical advances" than is generally voiced among those with first hand experience.

And then there is the problem that some like myself don't hear or give enough weight to remember when needed the brief but important warnings we had, while we can't help but absorb much of the continual "vaccinate or die" messages put out by the corporate run institutions.

Sophie Scholl

If we don't turn our backs on mainstream modern medicine , and vaccination entirely , there wont be anymore grandfathers .

david m burd

Bob and All;

My siblings are your age, all in the finest health in elder years subsequent to all of us having the typical childhood array of measles, mumps, chicken pox, and yes, "polio" at near one year of age, and we sailed right through. All because we were so well nourished via our parents' knowing that nutrition was vital, and that it was available as exampled by orange juice, etc.

All without vaccines, as was typical throughout our neighborhood on the border of Washington, DC. Yet, they trusted and believed what our family doctor told them. BUT, this was in the era when there were virtually no vaccines at all except for smallpox (a terrible hoax in its own right).

I should add, even my parents' parents (my grandparents) also had strong faith in taking doctor's orders, BUT, these doctors of yesteryear had not been indoctrinated like today's docs having blind belief in the vast propaganda they've been taught the last several decades.

In summary, I suggest everybody should read Dr. Suzanne Humphries per her website, as one example of a doc that has uncovered the horror of what is going on.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you for writing this, Bob. I could tell from reading your posts that you were a grandparent like me. Except for the names and dates, etc (my husband was 1942 and I was 1949; We had four children, all vaccinated to whatever degree the doctor's office said. Our oldest child, 1968, never married; he is a survivor of medulloblastoma, in 1973. Our second son, 1970 has two sons, 1998 (also asthma,) and 2001, yes, regressive autism, the initial diagnosis the same, PDD/NOS -- I have 7 grandchildren,four are boys, one with asthma, one with asthma and autism, and one with asthma (or "pre-asthma" and a severe peanut allergy; and three healthy granddaughters.

The tears were flowing while I read what you wrote, and then I came to "and tens of thousands of other families." Thank you again, Bob. Don't stop writing!

Eileen Nicole Simon

Bob, thanks so much for sharing your story. I am of your generation and remember the fear we all had of contracting polio, and how the polio vaccine provided us the chance finally to got to public swimming pools, use public drinking fountains, etc.

My first two sons were "Irish twins" 15 months apart. Both suffered difficult births, and our second son, Conrad, required extensive resuscitation to begin breathing. They tried to tell me he was stillborn. No, I know he was alive throughout my labor. He weighed 8lbs 14oz, and was perfectly formed. He did have severe jaundice.

I wanted to read everything I could find on oxygen insufficiency at birth, against the better judgement of pediatricians of course. I will continue to try to point out the evidence of auditory system damage from asphyxia published between 1959 and 1972. Then the method to measure metabolism in the brain revealed vulnerability of the auditory system to toxic substances (see L Sokoloff, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 1981, free online in PubMed).


A wonderful, vivid, interesting article - thank you!


A very good piece I could not stop reading it and thinking on it . I was born in the mid 50s and well

A ped warned you - about your daughter and you did not fully understand - yeah, I too had a strange conversation with my daughter's ped many years ago which I did not understand either. Well I do now!

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Bob, for this beautifully written account of just one American family over the past several account that represents so many families in the U.S.

My own parents are just a few years older than you and your wife, and their children and grandchildren are similar in age to yours. My dad was in the Navy, and no doubt he received vaccinations for his military service as did you for the Army. Like your daughter, I was born in 1965. I remembering having my nose cauterized around age 5 by the pediatrician due to frequent nosebleeds...interesting after reading about your daughter and her nosebleed and that we were born in the same year. My parents have 7 grandchildren...the majority of whom had/have clear evidence of severe vaccine injury. After years of listening to me share what I was learning about how their grandchildren had been poisoned and harmed by vaccines, they now get it, and they share what they know with their friends and peers who have the ears to hear.

I think it is so important that the grandparents speak out as you do almost daily (I always love reading your comments, Bob). You speak with a decades-long perspective, and you have personally witnessed the decline in children's health and development despite all of our "modern medicine." It reminds me of a dear friend who passed a few years ago (from mesothelioma, despite being a non-smoker and very healthy...could it have been caused by an SV40-tainted polio vaccine from her younger years?). She was a speech-language pathologist in our local elementary school district. She became very interested in our son, Ryan, who has "Autism", and we became good friends over the years. She told me that in the 70s and 80s, the students she worked with almost all had either lisps or stutters. Then, in the 90s, she began having a huge increase of students in her caseload, students whom she had never seen the likes of before. They couldn't talk, they couldn't attend, they couldn't sit still, they engaged in strange behaviors, they were difficult if not impossible to teach, especially in the small groups in which she had them, and she had no idea what to do to help them. She said what she was seeing was a whole new phenomenon unlike she had seen in the first 20 years of her career.

So, it is with deep appreciation that I thank you, Bob, for your involvement in helping to shine a light on the truth of what has been done to millions of childrern, both here in the U.S., and worldwide, via vaccines. This iatrogenically-induced holocaust must be stopped. Thank you for speaking up nearly every single day to help end this vaccine madness.

Donna L.

Thank you, Bob, for such an honest, heartfelt and wise piece, and for never giving up on exposing to the world what was done to our children. You are the parent I wish I had and the grandparent I wish my son had.

Your timeline above is particularly poignant to me: you are roughly the same age as my parents, your daughter was born the same year I was and your grandson was born the same year as my son with severe vaccine-induced autism.

You hit the nail on the head with your statement: "I firmly believe there has never been a more trusting generation of vaccines than our own..." I think this was the driving force behind this whole epidemic. I vividly remember standing in my mom's kitchen when my son was a couple months old, telling her I was worried about his upcoming 'well-baby' checkup because I had been reading about a possible link between vaccines and autism. And she looked at me disgustedly and said, "You HAVE to vaccinate!" And so I did. Now she lives a life of leisure, golfing and traveling, etc. without a care in the world and I am left caring 24/7 for a child who is profoundly brain-damaged.

Which is why the last two sentences in your essay speak volumes: there is indeed personal responsibility involved in both administering and recommending vaccines, regardless. Whether it is done in the doctor's office, the political arena, the media, or the family kitchen, someone is making a choice about the life of another human being, and they must be held accountable for that.


"...Apparently, this self-proclaimed expert .. cannot distinguish .. even now .. as autism strikes 1 in 68 .. 1 in 49 boys .. the difference between a "late talking" child .. and .. the autistic child who had been "talking" .. but .. lost the ability to do so.)..."


This one sentence really stands out for me in this beautifully written piece.

...this says it ALL and it is PRECISELY why there is so much of a cover-up and denial with the pro-vaccine pundits to this very day.

I'm amazed they've been able to cover this up for as long as they have, quite frankly...

Angus Files

Thanks Bob superb piece.
It just makes me think of the total disregard the decision makers have to the population worldwide.
I guess where they cant vaccinate they use the more upfront tried and tested method, WAR.




Refreshing wisdom and insight and thank you for sharing your story. Did you hear me LOL when I got to this line?

"we also learned the word "Idiopathic" means exactly what it implies .. doctors are "idiots" for not knowing what causes it."

I have to remember that one!

Louis Conte

Thank you for this excellent piece of writing.

Everyone should listen to your insights about your experience with life and vaccine injury.

And thank you for your service to our community and our country.

John Stone

Hi Bob,

What an interesting memoir - but also what an elegant, evocative piece of writing. (Of course, just what one would expect!)


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