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A Conversation with Miguel Jara


By Julie Obradovic

A few weeks ago, a friend brought a new book to my attention. A relative of hers in Spain had forwarded a link to an article about the book as a show of support. She was letting her know that internationally there were also questions and criticisms of vaccine programs and politics, not to mention very different philosophies about how, when and who should be vaccinated. It was the height of the measles hysteria here.

My friend doesn’t speak or read Spanish, but she knows I do, so she forwarded it to me. I am both Miguel jara bookfluent and literate. I was immediately interested in not only the book, but also the author. I purchased and read it as soon as possible, followed by an email and a tweet.

Jara responded almost instantly, and we have been corresponding since. He has served as an outstanding source of insight into the thoughts and beliefs about vaccination in Europe, something I think is extremely important for Americans to understand before moving forward with more legislation to require more vaccines for everyone.

Most Americans do not realize that in many other first world nations (that happen to have better infant mortality rates) such as Spain, the law does not require anyone to be vaccinated, nor are vaccines given in the manner or capacity that they are here. Also like here, most people aren’t against vaccines, but they are against forced vaccination, federal product liability, and an ever-expanding for-profit program that seems to have no limits. Spain serves as an excellent example of how vaccination can be successfully done differently without any legislation, bullying, name-calling, or threats involved.

I asked Miguel if he would answer a few questions for me for this blog post. Graciously, he agreed. I have translated them and published them here with his permission.

How did you decide to investigate and write about vaccines?

MJ: The first time I heard a critique of vaccines was almost 20 years ago. Before then I had started to investigate harm caused by medicine and the interests that surrounded that environment, which I expressed in 2007 in my first book, Health Traffickers: How they sell us dangerous medicine and gamble with disease.

That year I also started to publish a blog, and a little bit later, in 2009, the flu pandemic that never was would arrive. That phenomena opened many minds to the practices of the pharmaceutical industry and vaccines, such that during the last six or seven years I have gone into depth in all that surrounds vaccines, which I have written about in my book Vaccines, a fair look: Are all necessary, safe, and effective?

What percentage of parents in Spain typically decides to vaccinate their children? Are there many parents that vaccinate but only with specific ones? Do they follow all of the recommendations or no?

MJ: In Spain the vaccination rate is around 95%. There exists a growing criticism of certain vaccines and the vaccine system, but generally the population does not argue with what their doctors tell them. They tend to be guided by the recommended vaccine schedule.

Here there are no mandatory vaccines, they are only “recommended”, but the perception of the public is that they must receive vaccines because it is their duty. That which is supposed to be given to a baby of a certain age is that which is given.

What percentage of adults has faith in vaccines? Is it different than the faith they have in pharmaceutical companies? Is the public cautious?

MJ: It’s interesting you used the term “faith” because I think science and faith are antagonistic, but it’s certain that the majority of health professionals and the public actually have “faith” in vaccines. In my book, I critique that there are vaccines that have little scientific evidence.

But the public in Spain is not very cautious with pharmaceuticals in general or with vaccines in particular. You have to keep in mind that our country is the second largest consumer of medicine in the world! Although it is true that the majority of the population has a bad image of the pharmaceutical industry, as they recognize their own laboratories [as a part of the problem].

Do you know if it is mandatory to vaccinate in other European countries? Or is it like it is in Spain, a personal choice?

MJ: For the most part, it’s like Spain. It’s a choice.

How many children in Spain have autism? Is it an epidemic like it is here in the US? Last year our rate (based on children born in 2002) was 1 in 68. What is it in Spain?                            

MJ: 1 in 68 is simply a figure from the Centers for Disease Control and reflects diagnostic practices that in turn are a product of socio-economical phenomena; there is no epidemic, and there are no diagnostic biological markers. This is their story.

The involved professionals en the “world of autism”, are doing what they can in Spain to arrive at these same statistics. The numbers that the entities shuffle around, however, without any scientific basis, are those of 1 in 100 and 1 in 150. The difference between the USA and Spain is that over there this diagnosis has implications of various kinds that here it does not.

Is it difficult to criticize vaccines in Spain? Is it controversial or is it a topic open for discussion?

MJ: It’s very controversial, perhaps one of the health themes that is actually taboo. Vaccines are considered mythical and whoever makes the smallest criticism finds himself being treated as “anti-vaccine”.  

These days as I am promoting my book, debates have developed where I have participated with doctors in favor of the vaccination schedule. That has been thanks to the fact that in my book I recognize the risks of certain vaccines, and I make a critique of concrete aspects that even those most supportive of vaccines today can support.  

We cannot directly sue pharmaceutical companies for the problems that may result from a vaccine. Can you do so in Spain? Is it difficult to do? Is it common? Can you explain the process?

MJ: My understanding is that in the US before you can sue a pharmaceutical company you have to pass through an injury compensation system whose funds the government and pharmaceutical companies are in charge of. In Spain no such injury compensation program exists. The state does not obligate a person to vaccinate but recommends that the public do; however, when there are serious adverse reactions and or deaths they don’t compensate for it. [Consumers have to sue privately.]

There have been lawsuits for injuries by vaccines with copious amounts of compensation, and lawsuits have been filed that related to autism with vaccines. Suing here is laborious and slow, but it can be done. Bufete, Almodovar & Jara are suing, for example, the manufacturers of the HPV vaccine.


For more information on Miguel Jara, please visit his blog at Miguel is an award-winning independent writer and freelance journalist who specializes in the investigation of health and ecological themes. He is the author of 5 books and the founder of the legal practice Almodovar & Jara that offers legal assistance, consultation, strategic coordination, and public relations services to those harmed by medical and health products. He can be reached through his blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter @MiguelJaraBlog.

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


Num Guy

Sadly, vaccine makers have no incentive to change their ways. They make huge profits but are totally protected from lawsuits because Congress granted them immunity in 1986. We the taxpayers are paying for the damages they are causing. Sound familiar? Privatizing profits while socializing risk!! If you want to change this, please sign this petition

Kindly pass this on to everyone you know. Together, hopefully, we can make a difference!

@Linda1 and Georg

And let us not forget the influx of vaccines for pregnant women. They are studying this now at U of C, Alberta.


Very interesting, Julie. I think both of you learned something that's worth spreading. Kara may be able to understand and warn people of the tyranny we face here and of course now in Australia. We on the other hand can see that a lesser approach can be effective in terms of public health and equals less autism.
Spain, etc., sad to say, will probably not enjoy the laid back approach for long if they aren't vigilant. The pharma nazis are hungry.

For Georg


"Isnt it true "for Georg" that Prince Phillip called for a "cull" of the masses consistently for 40 years ? WWF (the source for that info is prison planet or similar but it is entirely accurate )"

Not as far as I can see. I just went to look and they had a long list of Prince Philip quotes, mostly inocuous. The worst was his desire to be re-incarnated as a deadly disease. Otherwise concern for over-population is not in itself unreasonable.

Georg Elser

Australia is tying vaccination to welfare payments & taxation . Vaccinate or starve is the message .

Georg Elser

Isnt it true "for Georg" that Prince Phillip called for a "cull" of the masses consistently for 40 years ? WWF
(the source for that info is prison planet or similar but it is entirely accurate )

I was like all the other parents was a trusting moderate in all of this , until after vaccination , my childs eyes spun in their head like something off the exorcist - after witnessing smthg like and the complete nonchalance of the medical community , all bets are a distinct possibility .

The poor misfortunates who boarded those trains 39-45, every single one of them , definitely discounted & disbelieved the reality that was about to befall them .


George and For George,

Considering the deliberate poisoning of global citizens, especially innocent fetuses, babies and children, can we really rule out any motive as too far fetched?

For Georg

I think you have to view reports with caution, but I also wouldn't be surprised. I would be more inclined to buy into the Adriana Gamondes account than Prison Planet etc.

Georg Elser

"For Georg"

Perhaps but you arent disputing the main theme of the piece .

Vaccines have been used to sterilise women in
mexico 1974
Phillipines 1995
Kenya 2015

And the rumours are there aplenty about the same HCG vaccine policy being used in Venezuela , Nigeria , Sri Lanka , basically anywhere resource rich where the people arent of northern european ancestry.

Grace Green

Julie, Thanks for this article. As an Aspie living in UK, I think you fellow sufferers in the USA make a mistake when you assume that "lack of any legislation" results in lack of "bullying, name-calling and threats". I can assure you that there is a great deal of such treatment perpetrated on those who inconveniently have vaccine reactions, especially if your father happened to be a conscientious pharmacologist!

For Georg

Hi Georg

That is a very poorly argued article.

Georg Elser


George I don't think that is the true scenario. I do think however it IS about 'crowd control. Not genocide.

We have just had a General Election in the UK. it is a sad joke that no one political party in government actually has the real power anymore to govern this country. Every thinking person knows that it is Corporations and Banks and Insurance companies and of course Big Pharma that really run the country. On a global scale it's the same.

Georg Elser

Whatever is being done in the US (like sb277) is definitely planned for the rest of the world .

The reason sb277 has been enacted is because the public had begun to work out what a TOTAL fraud vaccines are .
And the William Thompson story of outright cdc fraud has drawn the most severe reaction from the vaccine criminal cartel.

So to all you parents out there , who are not so sure about where you sit with all of this , my msg is , what about your neurotypical children and their children (your grandchildren)
And your extended families (cousins , nieces and nephews) .

Themiserol being given to pregnant women via the Hg-Flu vaccine . how can that be interpreted any other way than
Hg-enocide ?
This is the Elites policy - they want a personal safari park.
Vaccinate and make space for their dream .
We need to get the population down to 300M (95%+ reduction)
They all say we need to depopulate :
Prince of the Netherlands

The roads are too crowded - vaccinate

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