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Win 101 Tips for Parents of Girls With Autism By Kim Stagliano

Kim Book 101

Contest! I'm so excited to be sharing the cover of this book with Tony Lyons, publisher of Skyhorse Publishing and author of the original 1001 Tips book.  Please leave a comment and SHARE A TIP about raising YOUR daughter with autism.  I'll choose a winner next week.

This is a great book (and there is a boy version by Ken Siri) for an end of year teacher, therapist gift!  Order yours here - and if you email me your receipt [email protected] I will send you a signed bookplate so you can personalize the gift.



Anne Huffman

Explain puberty to them before it happens and repeat your explanation many, many times. Get a book or two to use with lots of pictures. Answer all their questions as openly as you can - start simple and build. Show them the tools they are going to need to use and why they need to use them. Tell them they can choose their "brand" of tools from the options you give them. The knowledge of knowing what was going to happen and that there was choice truly helped to make this change of life just another day in time for my daughter.


It's ok if her made up princesses spend more time throwing people into the dungeon than primping for Prince Charming. Unique can be so refreshing, so be proud of her take on things and other people will see past the oddities too!

I would love to win a copy!

Julie Clymer

Brushing my daughter's hair was a nightmare. Getting the tangles out was next to impossible until I discovered the wet brush.


Would love to win! I have a girl but don't have a lot of girl tips -since she goes to school with mostly boys she has a lot of the same interests as boys.


Affected girls may be less common than affected boys but they're out here. I have one of each! I will buy the book myself but just wanted to support the cause.

Heather Stafford

I have a friend that could really use this. Would love to win it for her.

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