Poll Shows 72% of Californians Think Parents and Doctors—Not Politicians Should Make Decisions About Vaccinating Children
Science Versus Science



I think you should all be aware of the censorship which is occurring and the discussion about unified next steps in this struggle. We are in serious distress in California. We are being censored and threatened. It's time to unite and get loud. Please find me. Please reach out to me. Several of us are organizing a community protest in Palo Alto on Columbia Street, where Russin's home address is located. It will all be recorded on video. We need people to show up and put this video content out to the other states to discourage those like-minded fascists from using these crimes against humanity and violations of informed consent, here in California, as a template for the rest of the nation.

If we do not stand up now, we may all very rapidly find ourselves with nowhere to hide from forced injections. If you think that peacefully marching around a person's neighborhood is going too far, remember that this person has succeeded in forcing many of us out of the state. This person has asserted their medical choices onto your children and grandchildren. This person has been the leading voice to bring FORCED and COERCED insertion of unethically derived vaccines (many of which are produced from the cell cultures of aborted fetuses via MRC-5 and WI-38) into every child who seeks a socialized education. This person has openly opposed the pursuit of susceptability groups for vaccine injury. This person has acted with belligerent and callous disregard as the willing instrument of religious persecution, segregation, and policies which are institutionally racist against African American males while mocking those with concerns pertaining to the recent revelations from Dr. William Thompson, the #CDCwhistleblower.

It is well past time to bring the oppositional conversation to this person's privilaged culdesac. This person loves to talk about community, but apparently regards any objection to the false claims of the incestuous medical and regulatory establishments as not being a part of this community. This person is fearful of unvaccinated individuals. Let's show her that she has nothing to fear from us and everything to learn about love and conviction. Let's take advantage of every opportunity to cast light into the darkness of this person's acquiescent ideology which is transparently uninformed with regard to the scientific literature. We must expose and disrupt the ubiquitus and deferent faith in the consensus of doctors who are misinformed with education provided courtesy of pharmacuetical interests.

These mandates have already been brought into our children's veins and brains. Peaceful and non-violent opposition needs to occur at a physical location. Where can we go? It needs to be televised. Which news agencies are reporting on this? Leah Russin is the founder of Vaccinate California which does not have a physical address. Her house is the next best thing and she has allowed that information to appear publicly on 411.com. If we are courteous and full of love and truth, I see no reason why anyone should refuse to participate for reasons of perception. We are open to constructive criticism and legal counsel. We are not harrassing or terrorizing anyone. We are confronting an attorney with powerful connections in a public display of opposition. Feinstein, Pan, and Pharma will back her in every way possible. This takes courage. Find yours. In any event, we invite your prayers.









Great (and at heartbreaking at the same time) testimony during hearing re SB277:


(This is a mom/school teacher by the name of Lisa BAKSHI, not the incorrect name listed within the video caption.)


New video up re 277 with Laura Hayes:


Thanks for that Mary Holland video link, Danchi. Just viewed - she did a fabulous job outlining all the major points/issues with 277.

Mary states there WILL BE major lawsuits filed regarding constitutionality issues and federal/state issues should this bill pass (Governor Brown - are you listening?).

Jeannette Bishop

@Jack Child, it does feel like we have another case where "some people are more 'grassroots' than others."


Mary Holland, NYU Legal Scholar, on SB 277

Great talk by Mary Holland. Provides ideas on what type of lawsuits will follow if 277 passes. Everyone should take a look because this coordinated blitz on Americana rights is happening in every state.


"One of the vocal supporters of SB 277 is Leah Russin, who has been parading her baby Leo around to all the hearings, and started the astroturf group Vaccinate California. It turns out she is not just some random mom whose kid caught measles. As recently as 2011, she was described in a memo as "SENATOR FEINSTEIN'S LEAD STAFF MEMBER, LEAH RUSSIN." What do you know? So back on February 4, as measles hysteria was peaking, Sens. Boxer and Feinstein wrote to California Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley asking that the personal belief exemption be "reconsidered." The SAME DAY, Pan at a press conference introduced SB 277, accompanied by Senator Dianne Feinstein's (former?) Lead Staff Member Leah Russin and her prop Leo. Neat little circle, huh?"

Yep. And that's how this all works. Of course, there's NACCHO and all the other little front groups that have (I gather from what I've been reading) infiltrated to quash efforts to defeat SB277.

It's all very strategically thought out, which is something I've tried telling a few others involved in this effort several years ago.

I tried telling a few others several years ago that PLANNING strategies needs to take place PRIVATELY (not via public Facebook pages and/or via other social media).


I think it's somewhat clear by now that efforts behind these many bills re the repeal of all our non-medical exemptions has been carefully planned for many years now.

One more issue I can see happening: Pan has apparently amended SB277 wherein he's admitted the likelihood that many new vaccines will be added to the 'recommendations' for student enrollment in private/public schools here in CA (and elsewhere I would imagine).

When I was the acting Director for the National Vaccine Information Center, part of my goal/motivation was to proactively inform parents in CA re their right to the use of our PBE (we did not have a separate religious exemption at that time).

What I discovered, via a gal named Sandra Jo Hammer, a nurse with our State CA Health Department, was that language contained within our PBE statute DID NOT REQUIRE BUREAUCRATS WITHIN OUR SCHOOL DISTRICTS TO INFORM PARENTS RE THEIR RIGHT TO THE USE OF THIS EXEMPTION.

This language was implicit. BUT, what that language DID state was that should any parent/Guardian of any student INQUIRE about the forms/exemptions, those same school bureaucrats (including school nurses), MUST inform parents about this information further, and provide the documentation for the parents forthwith.

My very deep concern with this new amendment is this: That new amendment now in place re SB277 will ONLY REQUIRE that students be vaccinated with some 9 or 10 vaccines now on the mandate/schedule, BUT ANY NEW VACCINES which may be added on this schedule in the future...

...WILL ALLOW for the PBE. In other words, parents may OPT OUT of these newer vaccines which may be added in the future.

My hunch is that this same PBE will NOT be a PBE which will be information provided upfront to our parents. That information will most likely fall into the category "Don't ask, don't tell" which is precisely how they've been handling our exemptions issue, prior to all of this.

So someone who may be reading my comment here may want to consider this issue and ask about this issue the next hearing (which I cannot attend).


So according to reporting by Jon Rappaport, the bill is currently is as follows (quoting Rapport):

"In Committee, before the vote, the Bill was changed to offer two compromises. Personal belief exemptions will be permitted for all future vaccines, beyond the current 10 mandated shots. And children who are now in school will be allowed to forego vaccination (with some limitations).

Eventually, in years to come, you can expect these two "gifts" to be rescinded."

As I've said before, there is only one way to fight this, and that is to have a mass exodus from the schools, of vaccinated and unvaccinated. That could backfire as they will probably come back and force vaccinations on homeschoolers if numbers significantly rise, but since this is all about money, that would not be an acceptable scenario for the drug pushing legislators since the schools will go into financial crisis whether all those homeschoolers are vaccinated or not. If enough people pulled their kids out in protest, the California school system would collapse.

Jack Child

You're right Jeannette, her kid didn't actually contract the measles, but she is certainly front-and-center in supporting SB 277, under the pretense of being just a mom worried about daycare vaccination rates.

Jeannette Bishop

Re Leah Russin,

It looks like she is probably in government circles,


but was her son infected with measles? Her testimony here at about 42 minutes doesn't mention it, however the mother testifying just after her tells about her 4 month old son contracting measles:


I just want to make sure we don't conflate the two...


That woman looked very familiar to me when I saw her standing behind Pan in one of the videos. I thought maybe she was an actress that they hired.

Jack Child

One of the vocal supporters of SB 277 is Leah Russin, who has been parading her baby Leo around to all the hearings, and started the astroturf group Vaccinate California. It turns out she is not just some random mom whose kid caught measles. As recently as 2011, she was described in a memo as "SENATOR FEINSTEIN'S LEAD STAFF MEMBER, LEAH RUSSIN." What do you know? So back on February 4, as measles hysteria was peaking, Sens. Boxer and Feinstein wrote to California Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley asking that the personal belief exemption be "reconsidered." The SAME DAY, Pan at a press conference introduced SB 277, accompanied by Senator Dianne Feinstein's (former?) Lead Staff Member Leah Russin and her prop Leo. Neat little circle, huh?


Maybe have a day where many put dollar bills on their bumpers- California's children for sale- Bill 227

Jenny Allan

The Bill passed this Senate Committee, in spite of hundreds of Californian Citizens lining up to state their opposition, and some excellent testimony from Mary Holland and others, including qualified medical personnel. The smarmy silver-tongued Senator Pan provided false reassurance to parents, and a very hostile female Chairman, refused to hear or deliberately truncated any arguments against the Bill, including any from ordinary Citizens, who were only allowed to state their names and resident status.

The Chairman refused a repeated request from Mary Holland, about how this bill would be enforced by the state. The Chairman told her off by stating parental imprisonment and forced child vaccinations were not in the Bill, so could not be discussed at the hearing. This is just asking for civil disobedience or even civil unrest in California.

I saw no evidence of adherence to the due processes of democracy.

From above:-

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A third panel of state senators has passed a bill mandating that California schoolchildren be vaccinated in an effort to combat recent outbreaks of measles and whooping cough.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday voted 5-1 for the legislation after more than three hours of testimony. Hundreds of people rallied at the Capitol in opposition."

The proposal would eliminate California's personal belief and religious exemptions so unvaccinated children would not be able to attend public or private schools. Medical waivers would only be available for children who have health problems."


Vaccine manufacturers selling in California need to label their products in a way that is visible to the consumer according to Prop 65 - that none of these vaccines have been tested for carcinogenicity and are possible carcinogens.

Lets get on the offensive



I say put billboards up all over the place and especially in the district of the politicians who support this bill with their faces on them and the amount of money Merck has paid them. I'd put it where Dan and his ilk have to drive by and see them everyday. That would shake them up because they won't be able to hide anywhere they go. People will be pointing the finger at them, whispering and approaching them with questions like--Who died and left you God?

Angus Files

Where is the democracy?but how do you fix a corrupt broken system when the ones in control are happy with the status quo...


Bob moffitt

Congratulations to the Canary Party for asking the people of Sacramento California the following question:

"Who should make vaccine decisions for your child? You and your doctor .. or .. legislators in Sacramento, Calif?"

I only hope the Canary Party stands ready to ask that very same question to ANYONE seeking local, stated or federal elected office in the USA.

Most especially the horde of candidates seeking nomination to run for President of the United States. Each one should be asked that very same question .. the same as they are asked their position on abortion, gun control or any other "issue" that voters have a right to know where they stand.


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