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Who Killed Journalism?

JournalismBy Dara Berger

I recently read an article on Facebook where Paul Offit said that Aluminum is actually good for you.  This outlandish comment immediately triggered a memory from the movie "A Civil Action" when the families in Auborn, MA were convinced by the evil Energy company that  hexavalent chromium was actually good for them.  This was told to them,  even though it is extremely toxic and a known carcinogen.  My next thought was how could anyone actually print his statement without calling it into question.  We know high levels of aluminum have always been linked with Alzheimer's as far back as when I first heard about the disease.  This was the Eureka moment that I realized that the runaway media train is never coming back.

Each day I read the papers and say to myself that I am not going to read them again.  The ones I am referring to are the Mainstream papers  such as the New York Times, Huff Post and Daily News.  I just cannot stand what has happened to Journalism today.  Stories are either blacked out by the big paying Medical Mafia or Monsanto Mafia.  Oh and let's not forget the current "bury what they don't like" administration.  Well I for one am sick of it!  They tell stories that are built on a hill of lies and don't even have the integrity to question the lies, since their salaries are paid by the liars.  It is now actually common place for reporters to tell just ONE side of a story, so they can report what their sponsors want and not be challenged by the other side.  This goes against every journalistic principle that I had learned when studying journalism classes at NYU.  I can't tell you how many times it was impressed upon me that you have to first tell a FAIR and BALANCED story.  This means to tell both sides of the story and leave your own opinions at home.  I feel that hardly anybody does this anymore.  So now I wonder if they are currently teaching students in Journalism school to tell the story that you are being paid to tell.  

When did real Journalism die?  

I don't want to leave out the fact that there are a minority of amazing stellar journalists that still seek the truth and leave themselves open to criticism for that truth.  I am grateful for these people, since they leave me inspired.  They make me feel that all hope is not lost for this country.  

But then there are days that I say how can this get any worse and it always seems to find a way.  I thought it was bad enough that all the major television stations still interview Dr. Paul Profit (real name Offit) on the safety of vaccines.  There is no single person that has deeper conflicts of interest on a subject but then charades around pretending to be an expert.  The media NEVER divulges his serious conflicts of interest, which is a breach of every journalism rule and code of conduct that I have ever learned about.  They continue to print his insane statements that have nothing to do with sound Science or sound thinking for that matter.  He has said in the past that a child can get 10,000 vaccines in one day.  Really?  Is there anyone on Gods green earth that really believes this horse s*#t?  I guess I can give him one thing, that he really has a big imagination.  And he thinks that we are utterly that stupid to believe his make believe stories.  But let's forget about the extremist leader of the Medical Taliban for a moment and put the focus back on our crooked broken Mainstream Media.  

How did things go this far?

Well it's easy for one to devise exactly what is going on.  All you have to do is turn on the TV.  You cannot watch 15 minutes of television on a regular network station without seeing two Ads for a drug that can blind, maim or kill you in it's stated list of side effects.  This tells the average person that more than 50% of the stations revenue is coming from the Medical Mafia.  I am sure they have their very professional and respectful tactics where they tell the station not to report on certain subjects ( AKA blackout list).  Not!  I am sure they threaten to pull revenue.  This also trickles down to their programming as well.

Dateline recently did a wonderful and informative piece "On the Brink" about the challenges of transitioning away from state services for adults with Autism.  The criticism for many was how can you talk about the millions of children who will all meet this same fate without talking about the epidemic itself.  How could you not talk about why we have so many children and families in this predicament?  I try not to let myself get so annoyed and angry at the virtual BLACKOUT on subjects that are taboo to their sponsors (AKA the Medical Mafia).  But I just can't help myself.  Is it because I am one of the most principled and highly consistent people on this earth, as my husband likes to state.  Is it because I have a background in Journalism and Documentary Filmmaking?  Or is it because it's plain Fu$%#*g WRONGI 

I remember 15 years ago, when I was working as a Journalist and I was just starting to see how the information that is presented through the media was a little bit controlled by the Politicians, the Police and your good old news director.  I remember sitting around for hours outside a police station in Nassau or Suffolk County waiting for the police to give us a soundbite for our crime story that we were trying to report that day.  And they would give us this general  puny crumb of a comment and that's all you could report, even though you knew the whole story just by sitting there listening to all the walkie talkie conversations (this was pre cell phone era).  I will also never forget interviewing good old Thomas Gullotta who was the County Executive of Nassau County back in 1999.  He was always more than happy to put his face on camera.  However you could ask him any question that you wanted information on and he would always answer some question that you never asked him.  You could even ask him the same one 3 times and he would still just talk about what he wanted to have on camera that day.  I also found myself many times having a soft version of an argument with my News Director about a story I wanted to tell, but he did not want me to tell.  He would try to get creative with the reasons why people did not want to hear it or why it would not fly with management.  So this is what I experienced with a rinky dink cable news program fifteen years ago.  You can only imagine what goes on in a cut throat environment at a money making corporate machine of a National Station that also has the Country's "no fly subjects list" breathing down their back.  

So where do we go from here?  I think we need to demand a higher level of Journalism.  I think we should blackout the media for one day or one month to show them we're not going to take it anymore and we don't want this crappy, unprofessional, one-sided, protecting their evil sponsors information.  We need to tell them they can go stick it.  I am all prepared to delete my NY Times, Huff Post and Daily News app and take my business elsewhere in a show of solidarity.

I want to support the intelligent, courageous, free thinking, writer who still seeks the truth against all the odds.  I want them to resurrect REAL Journalism.  I want to bring back the integrity and high level of reporting that we deserve to read.

Dara Berger is currently a screenplay writer that just finished writing her first feature length film about her experience raising a child on the autism spectrum.

She is a also a documentary filmmaker that started her own production company in 2003 to produce documentary projects on important topics such as mental health issues.  

Dara has also volunteered her time extensively over the last six years to the National Autism Association NY Metro Chapter helping to plan events that support and educate families in the community.




Opps; I sent the wrong link below. The other link I was sending to my nephew because he has a new type of food allergy that more and more young adults are getting in the esophagus. Sorry about that.

Here is the link about a protester in Baltimore schooling a reporter.




Hmmmm Perhaps it is not just vaccines but maybe it is more!

This reminds me of how there was no media coverage on the Green our Vaccines in Washington a few years ago. Perhaps it is about a lot more?

Sue Morgan

Didn't Ronald Reagan kill journalism?

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! I suppose I'm already with on that blackout. I don't have a good general news source, and I'm all-over the place when I'm up for looking into what's going on. I can take more care to not peek at what the NY Times, and such are saying...


Thank You. Good article. We're on Long Island too.

Angus Files

We all don't have to buy the lies I don't buy TV and I don't buy newspapers...we don't need it..if we all switch it off its a start against the pharma corporate control...we need to hit back however small where we all can.



The real action has moved to the Internet where, fortunately, there are still dozens of fine journalists getting the truth out. Some of their shows have made it to radio syndication but many others exist on Internet radio/tv only. They are worth looking up because not just the hosts, but also their guests, offer a wealth of information the corporate mainstream media refuses to deal with or actually works to hide. Check out the lineups of Genesis Communication Network and Republic Broadcasting Network in particular. Once you discover the right program(s) for you, you'll never suffer for lack of authentic news again.

Tim Lundeen

Thanks, Dara. I hope it is getting better, we are seeing some glimmers with JFKs interview with Bill Maher, actual televised debates between pro-vaccines and pro-informed-consent people, and reporting on the attempts to end personal exemptions. Maybe the tide is turning :-)

Re Paul Offit and aluminum, see http://vaccinepapers.org/dr-paul-offits-aluminum-deceptions-academic-misconduct/

Sharyl Attkisson's recent article is excellent: http://sharylattkisson.com/what-the-news-isnt-saying-about-vaccine-autism-studies/ -- her book Stonewalled looks great too, but hasn't made it to the top of my reading list yet.


Critical thinking if done on the article that I blogged below, then the final conclusion would have been Graves disease has environmental bases.


I think that they no longer teach critical thinking skills. What editors are for - is to not spell check or grammar check but - well apparently there is not longer any editors that can do any critical thinking.

Example would be this little snippet from a newspaper:

"Graves disease. Runs in families. Like the FIRST Family. Barbara Bush, George Bush, Jr. and Millie the dog. The most common form of this disorder is Graves' disease, which was made "famous" when first lady Barbara Bush was diagnosed with the illness in 1989 (coincidentally, her husband, President George H. W. Bush, was later diagnosed with the same disease, as was their dog, Millie). One of the stranger symptoms of Graves' disease is known as "frog eyes" where the eyeballs get pushed forward and protrude because fat builds up behind them. Graves' disease can be life threatening and can lead to heart problems if left untreated. This type of hyperthyroidism is an autoimmune disease that is genetically inherited. It causes mood and body changes when the immune system "mistakenly attacks" the thyroid gland, causing overproduction of the thyroid hormone"

Now some stuff is true yes; Mother Bush - had it; Son Bush had it; but how is it genetic when Bush Father had it and their little dog too?


This was excellent, thank you. The only way to tolerate reading the mainstream media is to write about the absurdity of the mainstream media-- as you've done. Hunting down good examples of lousy reporting is the only thing that quells the nausea and existential angst. ;)

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