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The Disneyland Measles Outbreak is Officially Over

Mickey the endBy Mark Blaxill

Four weeks ago, on March 20th, we reported (HERE) that the Disneyland measles outbreak was (unofficially) over based on the last new measles infection reported by The California Department of Public Health (CDPH). We predicted that the onset of that last measles rash was March 2nd, based on a viral spread that probably occurred around February 20th. CDPH subsequently confirmed that estimate. A week later, we reported on the last case from that outbreak (a case with an earlier onset but delayed detection) had entered the CDPH tallies.  

In their March 20th report, CDPH made the following statement

“The outbreak will be considered over when 42 days have elapsed from the end of the infectious period of the last known B3 measles cases that was a not a new importation. As of today, that date will be April 17, 2015.”

 Today, April 17th, no new measles cases have been found in California (the new measles case outside of California was reported on March 3rd). CDPH has now made our unofficial prediction official.

The Disneyland measles outbreak is over.

Slide measles over

In California, 40 individuals came down with measles based on a visit to the Disneyland theme park between December 17th and 20th. An additional 41 individuals were closely connected to those park visitors, either through household exposure or close personal exposure in a community setting. Not directly linked, but presumed linked were another 50. Everyone recovered. No one died. Some went to a hospital but as far as we know these individuals had no lasting effects.

Public health officials are now busy taking credit for the end of the outbreak. The Associated Press cited unnamed doctors who said “the outbreak could have been worse if it wasn't for the aggressive public health response, which included tracking down thousands of people potentially exposed to measles-stricken patients and isolating the sick until they were no longer contagious.”

Perhaps. But the outbreak of hysterical media coverage around the outbreak and the associated epidemic of state bills couldn’t have been much worse. The only thing that could have made the hype any more intense was if a death occurred. Many wondered privately if at least a few public health officials were rooting for at least one tragedy to strengthen their case.

As it turned out, the more meaningful response elicited by the outbreak may have been the widespread public mobilization across the country to defend vaccine exemption rights, in states from Oregon to North Carolina to Vermont. This week in the state where the outbreak was centered, over a thousand parents showed up to express their opposition on the record to California State Senator Richard Pan’s bill, SB277, which would decimate parental rights to opt out of vaccine mandates of any kind. Long-time Sacramento residents say they’ve never seen anything like it.

Age of Autism_cover quote (3)Mark Blaxill is Editor-At-Large for Age of Autism and the author of threel books Vaccines 2.0 including The Age of Autism Mercury Medicine and a Man made Epidemic and Vaccines 2.0.



The English language has been so abused over the last decade.

This is an outbreak or actually a epidemic:


They can call it whatever they want Danchi. To me, it's all just fraudulent reporting.

And I don't believe any of it anymore.


... outbreaknewstoday.com Godfrey? Really ?

The English language has been so abused over the last decade.

This is an outbreak or actually a epidemic:

Measles Epidemic ANNOTATIONS
Measles epidemic [page 354]

Br Med J 1959;1:351.2 (Published 07 February 1959)

In the first three weeks of this year about 41,000 cases of measles were recorded in England and Wales. This is well above the corresponding figures of the last two years – namely, about 9,000 in 1958 and 28,000 in 1957 – though it is below the highest levels reached in the last nine years. To give some idea of the main features of the disease as it appears today and of how it is best treated, we invited some general practitioners to write short reports on the cases they have seen in their practices recently.


Interesting, given that the Lanaudière outbreak, which was a Disneyland import, reached case 159 in early April:



... outbreaknewstoday.com Godfrey? Really ?

cia parker

I found this:
During 1987–1992, there were 165 measles-associated deaths in the multiple-cause mortality database at the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and 184 reported to the measles surveillance system at the National Immunization Program (NIP). We estimated that 259 measles deaths actually occurred; the reporting efficiencies were 64% for the NCHS and 71% for the NIP. Overall the death-to-case ratio was 2.54 and 2.83 deaths/1000 reported cases, using the NCHS and NIP data, respectively. Pneumonia was a complication among 67% of measles-related deaths in the NCHS data and 86% of deaths in the NIP data. Encephalitis was reported in 11% of deaths in both databases. Preexisting conditions related to immune deficiency were reported for 16% of deaths in the NCHS system and 14% in the NIP; the most common was human immunodeficiency virus infection. Overall, 90% of deaths reported to the NIP occurred in persons who had not been vaccinated against measles. During 1993–1999, only 1 acute measles-related death was reported to the NCHS and no deaths were reported to the NIP. This is consistent with the extremely low reported incidence of measles in the United States during these years.


The death rate of one or two per thousand reported cases seems incredible, maybe most of the cases weren't reported, only the serious ones?


I think Patient Zero hasn't been found because there isn't one. Given the history of the US government secretly experimenting on the populace over the decades it's possible the measles virus can be sprayed around the park and could remain virulent for a coupe of days. They have done stuff like this before with other germs & bacteria: Secret US Human Biological Experimentation-http://www.apfn.org/apfn/experiment.htm.

Measles would be simple and this they could go public with big time which is what they did.


Fear sells. What better way to terrorize the population is to tell them their children will die if they don't take this course of action-it's been proven, safe & effective and the government will in some cases give it to you for free. That's how wonderful and generous we, the government are to you. Didn't we save you from Polio & Smallpox? TRUST US :)

In the Eastern tradition chanting of a Mantra has proven to be very effective and I believe this is where Edward Bernays, the father of propaganda got the idea of repeating simple phrases to gain whatever you want from people. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Repeat it often. Have it delivered by authority figures. Juice up the fear and urgency. People will believe. Also add in the fact that TPTB have spend the last 40-50 years deliberately dumbing down the populations by eliminating independence, removing courses that teach critical thinking from the curriculums of schools, encouraging & rewarding conformity, fluoridation of the drinking water, 7 out of 10 Americans are on some type of medication-a manipulated, docile & sickly population is easy to control. Most believe what the government tells them. Remember WMD's and how people quickly bought into that? So it's easy to buy into the magic bullet of the vaccine. Take my child in for a shot that will protect him from every childhood illness that exist. Just a shot. Who wouldn't want that to work? The government says it A-OK. My friendly pediatrician says it good for them, I got the shots and I'm ok so let's do it. We as a culture are not socialized to question authority figures and doctors are still high up on that pedestal. So they trust.
Not all but we are also socialized not to look a gift horse in the mouth, vaccines=good health so don't go looking for trouble by opening a door that's been locked for a long time.

"Yet for some reason, a supposed handful of measles cases in Disneyland… was able to accomplish all of that????"

Yes, because NO ONE HAS BOTHERED TO CHECK THE DATABANK. No one knows that there are no studies that confirm that vaccines are not responsible for the decline in childhood illnesses. The most powerful weapon in the world is the control of information which the vaccine industry and the government has kept from the public. The most unbreakable prison that a person can be in is self imprisonment which a great deal of the population has put themselves in after decades of being bombarded with hard core vaccine industry messages and Scientology like tactics to intimidate anyone who doesn't conform or keep the mouths shut about the truth.

Good article:


Never mind, Barry, looks like there's finally an outbreak of righteous anger and democracy happening now.


When will the "Ebola czar" finish up his work? Seems like he has more than prevented or solved an American Ebola disaster in only a few months...

Of course, things seemed to get very quiet shortly after the world provided a few billion dollars to pharma to create an Ebola vaccine.

Godfrey Wyl

Interesting, given that the Lanaudière outbreak, which was a Disneyland import, reached case 159 in early April:


Jeannette Bishop

Thanks for keeping us updated.

As far as measles really being done for a very long time at least, I'm not sure. We know what Merck has done with efficacy claims for the mumps component of MMR. We can't say we know that the measles component is working as well as claimed.

And Dr. Humphries is pointing out we have one research model that predicted major measles outbreaks just about now with two-dose use of vaccine.


"For longer periods of waning immunity the dynamics are more pronounced: for at least 20 years, the levels of infection drop mimicking the standard SEIR results; however, at much longer times, large-scale epidemics can arise with the first substantial epidemic not arising until 52 years after the vaccination programme was begun (figure 4e)."

Assuming that was about 1963?

Maybe they were pretty quiet in 2014 because ebola was so important, or the importations from the Philippines (where they are supposedly vaccinating at pretty high rates) raises questions, or maybe they just waited to focus on measles this year because they thought these outbreaks were finally wrapping up and they could better take credit for having a positive effect with a media blitz and calls for vaccination...

But I'm not confident we're done...

Of course, if they do mandate measles vaccine, then we'll probably not have any more official outbreaks of measles media coverage.


There are a couple other reasons that they wouldn't have announced finding "patient zero. " rather than having to believe some conspiracy theory that it was all manufactured.


With all due respect Jenny, I'm old enough to know that fearing measles is silly . And I simply don't believe that any of the official story is true.

Conspiracy theory to me, is more along the lines making up scenarios to try and prop up the official story.


There are a couple other reasons that they wouldn't have announced finding "patient zero. " rather than having to believe some conspiracy theory that it was all manufactured. 1. "patient zero" turned out to be someone that had recently been given the MMR, thus publicly announcing that the MMR, confirming, after all the hoo haa, actually spreads the illness it is meant to prevent, and if 2/3 of those cases could have been connected to that person directly and indirectly, that would mean that nowadays, 2/3 of registered measles cases are caused by the vaccine, theoretically then measles would, in this day and age, be better controlled by NOT vaccinating, or altering the recommended schedule, such as only giving them in the summer and at least 5 weeks before the start of school.

and/or 2. "Patient Zero" was a Disney employee, or a disney employee who was the parent or sibling of patient zero - opening up not just the issue of vaccine germ shedding, but the issue of liability, but not just solely on an individual, as Doris Reit would have enjoyed, but on a corporation! And a big corporation, at that! A corporation would defend itself against that and set precedent on that effectively ending any attempts to hold outside parties responsible for accidental transmission of any illness due to lack of symptoms.


Wow, what a relief that this terrible measles epidemic is over! Now we can stop living in a state of abject terror. I'm so tired of all the dead bodies on the street, and the carts driving by with the guy crying out over and over again, "Bring out yer dead! Bring out yer dead!"

Oh, wait, I'm confused - that didn't happen - I'm thinking of a Monty Python movie and the movie Contagion which was fiction.


Since the year 2000, there have been 9 lab confirmed deaths from measles in the US.


Don't take this as a personal challenge to you Danchi, because I know you're just reporting what you've been able to find. Which is far more than I ever could.

But if your numbers are correct, what they scream to me is that not one of those 9 deaths was able to scare up even a single news headline, much less trigger a tsunami of state bills aimed at stealing American freedoms.

Yet for some reason, a supposed handful of measles cases in Disneyland… was able to accomplish all of that????

An Epic Fail

I remember reading that a couple of adolescent brothers who came down with measles during this outbreak actually contracted it almost immediately after receiving their measles shots - which the mom decided they should have based on the hysteria.

The pharma industry is so hellbent on trying to stop the tidal wave of shifting trends of non-gmo/non-toxin/non chemical lifestyles that I wouldn't be surprised if measles vaccines were purposely contaminated with a novel gmo strain of measles virions to start a mini epidemic.

The timing of the hysteria, the outbreak - a whopping 50 cases, the queued up puppet media and the immediate legislative activities...it all appears so perfectly orchestrated...as any good propaganda campaign should be.

I wouldn't be surprised to read about this some day when an insider comes forward to confess this dark stain on an otherwise upstanding career.

Netting it all out, pharma scored on the media hysteria front but the end game was a failure as state after state drops the legislation.

With forced vaccinations and guaranteed recurring revenue as the goal, this campaign will go down in the pharma marketing history books as a proverbial epic fail.


There was no measles outbreak.

From day one, this was just another outbreak of hysterical media coverage. They've been doing shit like this since the 50's , and this time it was used to justify the state bills that have been surfacing in it's wake.

This is all being driven by sick minded people, and the fact that they keep doing this doesn't surprise me at all.

What blows my mind, is that the American people are still allowing them get away with it.


Does anyone know for certain how many children have DIED in the USA .. from measles .. in the last twenty years?

Since the year 2000, there have been 9 lab confirmed deaths from measles in the US. I came to this number after carefully scrutinizing the CDC's National Vital Statics Reports that are online at:
Specifics of the deaths are unknown and not reported. The US population is estimated to be over 3 1/2 million people so 9 deaths, although tragic for the families, is not something that would be considered a crisis for the country. There are no studies that confirm vaccination had anything to do with the reduction of measles in the US-ever.

I started with the link above and just put in different years and different volumes to look at. It took several months because the CDC doesn't document information regularly and I suppose keeping this databank updated is not at the top of their list so funding for personnel to do it is probably nil. The information always seems to be a year or two behind. I don't bother with the MMWR's the CDC puts out regularly because the information changes in the final accounting. IMHO the purpose off those is to keepn the populace engaged in the lie that they are currently pushing. Like the Measles outbreak being started by an "Unvaccinated" person. All they need to do is put that out once, the media begins the chant and the truth gets buried. The MMWR in February states "Patient Zero" has never been found BUT it states that the outbreak originated with someone coming from the Philippines -or implied that's how it began. The fact is Measles Virus Genotype B3 has been in the US since 2005 in 4 different states so what the CDC did was admit that they don't have a patient zero but they do know where the virus came from-the Philippines. Typical CDC manipulation of the information.

I found this chart but I'm not sure how accurate it is because it's from the CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/G/cases-deaths.pdf.

The only way to validate it is to compare the Vital Statics Report to the chart and that is time consuming.


The pharmaceutical companies had a very simple choice a long long time ago it it now continues every single day.

There was a small percentage of the population that got sick, and an even smaller part of the population that had long term or serious complications from those illnesses.

The doctors and pharmaceutical companies could either treat that small population - study them and why they were really sick and support them, OR find a way to develop the overwhelming majority of the population (the healthy ones) into a market that would use medical products even if and when they were healthy.

Angus Files

Soo for alerting the people wrongly and wasting all that money on extra shots who is going to refund the American tax payer?


Bob moffitt

Does anyone know for certain how many children have DIED in the USA .. from measles .. in the last twenty years?

(I think I heard Offit claim numerous measles deaths in Philadelphia alone during an outbreak in the 1990's. Is his claim true?)

Does anyone know for certain how many children have DIED in the USA .. as a direct result of the MMR vaccine .. families having been compensated for their deaths .. in the last ten years?

In other words .. if measles causes an equal number or less deaths as does the measles vaccine .. who would be the greater beneficiary of seeking a 95% rate of vaccinations in children? Our children or Merck?

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