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Thank You Bill Maher for Tipping Over Sacred Cow of Vaccination

Bill_maherThank to Bill Maher. He had Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on to discuss the mercury vaccine documentary Trace Amounts on Friday night.  We owe him a debt of gratitude for sharing the secrets that pharma, the AAP, the media, the CDC and the highest levels of US government officials do not want the American public to know.


John Stone


Bought, indeed. They obviously haven't removed it because they intend to make a lot of money from it.



We've been able to watch Bill Maher episodes on you tube "forever", yet HBO took this one DOWN. Bought.....


Bill suggested "a grand bargain". One might think that the 1986 Vaccine Act was in fact an attempt at a grand bargain. So what does Donna Shalala, Sectretary of Health under Clinton do in 1995, eliminate seizures from the table of injuries. Seizures after vaccination, nope, not vaccine related. There is no "grand bargain" with the devil.

There is no grand bargain with a government-industry that functions on fraud, deception, corruption and criminal behavior.

How can you have a grand bargain with a cesspool generating holocaust? A spade is a spade is a spade.


Great interview. My favorite part is when Bill, a liberal, calls his fellow liberals to the mat for their contradictory behavior of giving a free pass to pharma! This has always baffled me as well. Bill is wrong to compare gay people and the "increase" to autism though. You can hide being homosexual- people sadly have done this for decades. You can't hide a neuro developmental disorder, certainly not for moderate functioning or lower.


Yes, it's about money. Interesting today in the news, Chipotle Mexican Grill has declared itself GMO free. You know what else? Chipotle stock sells for over $640 a share. For a fast food joint. That says something too, doesn't it?

They can't force GM food on us, however hard they try. People can still manage to vote with their dollars. We must fight with everything that we have against being forced to buy and consume pharmaceuticals.


Thanks for the address to send thank your. Mine will go out tomorrow!

Jeannette Bishop

Typo, I meant "than" instead of "that" in my last paragraph, top sentence, and I should add that I know it's hardly just "liberals" who might have my suggested point of view, and I really appreciate Bill Maher for putting the point out in a way that might resonate.

Jeannette Bishop

I might go further and say the mistake is accepting the concept of requiring exemptions in the first place. It's a perfectly well thought out medical choice to not get Hep B vaccine series for most (maybe all, we don't know the benefits of hepB in infancy outweigh the risks for hepB positive families--we might already know the risks outweigh whatever possible benefits), even if one is not already injured by a vaccine. But it will probably be very hard to get a "medical exemption" for that rational choice to not take that series which is inexplicably possibly on the soon to be absolutely required list for school attendance. I think the existence of exemptions, and an increasing diminishing of basic ethics, facilitated getting that vaccine in there in the first place.

It seems like we're living in a time when where we're repeatedly taught that the role of government ought to be to preemptively protect us from the choices of others, and ourselves, to "keep up safe" and facilitate the most "progress." Which on the other hand means giving others, in government, likely also not in touch with all the ramifications of their choices (and as we have already seen, sometimes not likely to care to find out) and are actually more empowered when we don't feel safe, approaching unlimited power to decide for us in a way that can go very wrong, as many of us are living proof.

I appreciated Bill Maher's point about liberals wanting to ironically silence a minority probably injured by a corporate product, as if not doing that would prevent their right to get vaccinated themselves. It was probably a smart way to put it, though I think the actual psychology is more like "shut up and take all the vaccines my doctor told me to get and is now telling me that's what it takes for my 'choices' to be any good." That, and maybe a desire to not be presented with evidence that one might have been duped, that trusted health providers, educators, and so on might be duped, or something else...

I'm personally far more willing to trust the regulation of free individual choice that the regulation of the we-know-what's-best culture we see in our government. The amount of care we are required to take for our families under either seems to me to have been about the same, but now they are moving to punish those who truly take the most care (or have suffered the most for trusting), removing evidence of and incentive to find a better way.

Lilly Meehan

Here is the address to send a thank you note to Bill for being brave enough to give voice to this controversy. News of a flood of thank you notes, letters and/or postcards would have a ripple effect in Hollywood and help bring others to the discussion who are too intimidated to speak out now, lest they too get the Jenny McCarthy treatment. More media attention is sorely needed. Please take two minutes and send something today.

Mr. Bill Maher
Real Time with Bill Maher
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Why must we always be PC about vaccines? I don't chum up with the murderer of my kids brains in any form or any light? Why can't someone just say it? Vaccines CAN harm and VACCINES are not God's gift to mankind? Food choices (aka clean non gmo non preservative man made crap), sunlight, good uncontaminated water (aka no fluoride) hygeine and sanitation is what is God's gift to us not innoculating poisons and immune damaging material into people who don't have a way to clear it out of their systems FOR LIFE? Sooner or later the next mode of action for Robert is to find out about MSG in vaccines and Aluminum and aborted and animal tissues...the reality is....that vaccines have never ever ameliorated and or stopped diseases the fact THEY don't want to even understand or deal with. In fact some of those diseases are NECESSARY for childhood development of the brain and protections of cancer and other diseases for life. If we weren't so afraid of these things and treated them with respect with VIT C and VIT A and good sanitation and hygeine perhaps we would eliminate this whole epidemic of the age of autism or vaccine shedding populations with new virulent forms of the original disease? IDK...maybe I am too stupid to understand what the problem is here? Or maybe the problem is once again all about money. Money money money.

Anita Donnelly

I was trying to explain the ca exemption bill to a friend and realized we had fallen into a trap. By allowing the earlier law from 2013(?) to call our exemptions "philosophical" rather than demanding an additional type of exemption "prior adverse reactions to vaccine" with a checkbox for "for this child" or " for sibling" and a chance to write in what happened --to witness to have it in writing. Reason? By taking the philosophical or religious exemption we buried our true reason--adverse reaction (we could add parent-reported if it makes them happier) . Without this distinction all those state senators were shocked to see that all these philosophical exemptors whom they had written off as trivial and selfish--were in fact desperately protecting their and other children from future harm. We need to demand not only that they kill this bill but that they add a new category of exemption --previous adverse reaction to vaccines or vaccine ingredients-- in addition to preserving philosophical as that is a human right and preserving religious as Jesus healed he did not inject with toxins--only wannabe insane Gods do that . We need them to count us. It's like chess but we didn't see what we were doing. They lumped all of us into one convenient box with the prior law to bury out stories and shut us up. then they did not have to counter our reports of injury or even acknowledge them because they pretended it was just a preference not a serious medical choice. They pretended we were one in a million when we are clearly at least 2 in 100. We were too tired and just glad we could check a box and most didn't see this coming as a side effect of calling our objection "philosophical"
When it was in fact a serious well thought out medical response to an injury in our family. Or a serious objection to injecting toxins by our smart homeschooling and natural friends. Maybe we also need a "common sense" objection. Our box needs to allow room for comment for the school nurse and everyone else to start waking the &$@ up.

cia parker

Bill Maher rocks! Feisty, funny, and unafraid when it comes to discussing Islam as well. Also classy, elegant, and totally self-confident. He got in trouble six years ago for his raising problems with the H1N1 vaccine. Tough luck, pharmafacists, you're on your way out!


Angus you are right on the button. RFK is playing them at their own game, or rather the producers of the show's game. Bill was undoubtedly sympathetic. Actually the message RFK had to send is bigger than simply anti vax. Good on him for taking the stance that I believe he had to.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Robert Kennedy Jr: "Congress made it illegal to sue vaccine companies no matter how badly injured they were from the vaccines. They gave them a shield against any liability. Suddenly vaccines became very, very lucrative.

"So you've got the federal government ordering 200,000,000 people to buy your product. There's no advertising, no marketing, and you can't be sued. So these new vaccines are worth a billion dollars a year to some of these companies. . . "

Kennedy went on to discuss Dr. Paul Offit and the conflicts of the officials who approve vaccines.

Next Kennedy said, "You and I didn't know people when we were growing up with autism. . ."

Maher: "But we didn't know gay people either, because they were in the closet."

Actually Maher's comment about not knowing gay people isn't a valid analogy. Two percent of people with a neurological disorder could hardly have been hidden in the closet. A gay/heterosexual person's sexual preference isn't evident from looking at them. BUT a child with classic autism is easily recognized at the mall, in the classroom, or at the public library. They're everywhere.

So where are the adults like this?

Thank you to both Maher and Kennedy for having the courage to discuss this issue in public. With the pressure from pharmaceutical companies on media outlets, the truth about this disaster is universally being censored as our children continue to suffer.

Anne Dachel, Media


Very good. Would have been excellent if Maher didn't interrupt and allowed RFK to get to #2.

Bob moffitt

Once again .. I am greatly appreciative for BOTH ... RFK and Bill Maher .. for at least having personal courage to have a conversation calling for a "scientific discussion" without the usual rankor of scurrilious name calling which .. in effect .. ends all debate before the debate even starts.

Common sense that.

However, I do think RFK does himself .. and .. more importantly .. the message he is desperately trying to convey to the wider audience .. a disservice by presenting himself as staunchly "pro vaccine .. having gotten all of my kids vaccinated".

By making that "disclaimer to the ever present charge of being anti-vaccines" .. RFK provides an opportunity for the hostile media to ridicule his claim to be "pro vaccine" .. while at the very same time allowing them opportunity to "bury his message regarding vaccines containing thimerosal".

And .. sad to say .. they are right to do so.

I don't know but it seems to me .. it shouldn't be that hard to respond to someone accusing him of being "anti-vaccines" to respond .. YES .. I am .. if those vaccines contain thimerosal.

I think RFK should proudly accept the label of "anti-vaccines" containing thimerosal .. because .. he has actually read and studied the SCIENCE of that toxic substance and knows how dangerous it is to inject into toddlers .. or for that matter .. people of ANY age.

If that makes RFK "anti-vaccine" .. then he should be proud of it!!!!

Angus Files

All good ,I guess you have to play them at home to get on these shows by stating your not anti-vac ...wink,.


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