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Science post imageBy Dr. William H. Gaunt

Some of the scientific studies on vaccines show strong links to serious vaccine injuries.  Other scientific studies on vaccines show no links to vaccine injuries.  What is going on?  Both sides of this issue quote their studies and the public is understandably confused.  How can scientific studies on the same subject have opposite findings and conclusions?  I think I know the answer and it isn't pretty.  The major factor is who paid for the study or where the livelihood of the scientists comes from.  If we look at the studies which show no problems with vaccines, they are nearly always funded by the CDC and/or the vaccine companies or the livelihood of the scientists is tied to the vaccine industry.  If we look at the studies that show major problems with vaccines, they are almost always done by independent scientists who are not financially dependent on the CDC or vaccine companies.  We could cling to the naive belief that all science is a search for truth and corruption is rare but that doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to science and vaccines.

Which side has the most money to throw around?  It isn't close.  The vaccine companies have enormous amounts of money to exert their influence and the independent scientists have minimal financial support.  Which side of the story gets the most play in all forms of mainstream media?  That isn't close either.  With billions of dollars on the line, golden rule # 2 applies: the side with the most gold makes the rules.  Don't expect equal treatment for both sides of this issue.  Most people assume that the truth is what they see or hear in mainstream media and they don't have any idea of the power and influence that is exerted on media by wealthy corporations.  It is not fair at all but that is the way it is.  People can't expect the truth on this issue to just fall into their laps.  They must actively search for the truth and only a small percentage of people can and will do that. Those who have vaccine injured children have had the sad truth thrust upon them.  Their voices are suppressed and drowned out by those who benefit from maintaining vaccine policy as it is and continually adding more vaccines to the schedule.  The vaccine industry solution is to pass laws that force everyone to get every vaccine.  What a great business model for the vaccine companies: everyone must buy your products and you have no liability(since 1986) for injuries or deaths caused by your products.

How will this turn out?  No one knows.  The dark side is winning at this point but it looks like the tide is starting to turn.  How would all this look if we could go a few decades into the future and look back?  I believe that this era of medicine will be seen in the future as very dark because of the mostly preventable great harm being caused by vaccines. 

A case can be made that a few of the vaccines have more benefit in terms of preventing infectious diseases than risks of vaccine injury.  Greed is the major factor that has resulted in more and more vaccines being added that have virtually no benefits other than being great money makers but have serious risks of vaccine injury. 

The CDC is at the center of this controversy.  They control vaccine policy.  Their decisions are not based on what is best for our children's health.  Their decisions are based on what is best for vaccine company profits.  It is a sad story that must change. 

The single best resource for getting to the truth on this issue is the new book Vaccines 2.0.  This book is readily available from amazon.com or your local bookstore.  The authors grade each of the 14 vaccines on the schedule individually and they provide great information on how to protect your child from infectious diseases and also minimize the risk of vaccine injuries.

Doctor Gaunt is a retired Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.



Thanks Danchi - good tip. Sharyl's site is back up now. I'd encourage everyone to go over to her site as often as possible and support her. She is a true journalist - a rare breed these days, and certainly the reason she is no longer working for a mainstream media outlet!

You can also leave her tips on developing vaccine stories. I did this when they were monkeying around with the whitehouse.gov petition against mandatory vaccination and she looked into it and wrote about it soon after.

Jeannette Bishop


Thanks, her site appears to be functioning for me again.


The Sharyl Attkisson link is right here:


The link works for me; hopefully those here who would like to read it, can access it. I've not had a problem with it...


Go to a search engine, put the title in the space:
"What the News Isn't Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies,". I just accessed it through yahoo search and the article came right up. If it doesn't go back to the search engine and access it through the cached.

Jeannette Bishop

Re rubella vaccination...can we be certain the rubella component of the MMR is not a factor in the autism epidemic?

In the _Age of Autism_ research we see how autism was associated CRS during the time thimerosal preserved immunoglobulin was the treatment.

We know we've had cases of horizontal transmission of mumps (at least I've heard of one), lots of rumor that some measles cases might be vaccine strain. What's going on with attenuated form of rubella?

One Finish study found that infants closely spaced in birth to older siblings or greater than 5 years later were seen to have a higher risk of autism.

I'm not sure what the greater than 5 year spacing risk might indicate, though it could simply mean a different, probably more intense, vaccine schedule might have been given to the younger sibling.

For those closely spaced, their mothers might have been pregnant when an older sibling received the MMR, and in many cases when you have young children you are spending a lot of time with families with children in the same age group, often recently vaccinated also, and throughout the 90s repeatedly vaccinated with thimerosal.

Dr. Hooker observed that the most statistically significant data run (but not reported) for the Price study showed an 8 times increased risk of autism if the mother received a thimerosal preserved prenatal flu vaccine.

Could a combined prenatal and maybe neonatal thimerosal and the vaccine form of rubella exposure explain at least some of the epidemic?

Dr. William Gaunt

Responding to the question about which vaccines may have more benefit than risks: The authors of Vaccines 2.0 came up with a positive score for measles, rubella, pertussis, and hib. Much more research is needed but the problem is that a lot of the research is fraudulent. For most people the vaccine schedule is not a buffet. They can't choose a few vaccines and pass on the rest because they are forced to get all the vaccines their state mandates for school. The way to make it a buffet is to get a vaccine exemption then choose what you feel is best for your child. Another problem is that single measles or rubella or pertussis vaccines are not available. Blessings, Dr. Gaunt

Jeannette Bishop

@PANDAS Mom, other than what appears to be her homepage


all the links I click bring up the 404 error, also.


Sharyl Attkisson has a new article called "What the News Isn't Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies," but I haven't been able to access that or any other part of her site since last night. Has anyone else tried to read this? Looks like her site is down, but I don't know for how long.

Eileen Nicole Simon

@ W John Martin MD, PhD
Thank you for pointing out the inadequacy of epidemiological studies! The brain must be made the focus of research on autism. I looked at your website, and found your article on encephalopathy induced in cats following injection of a virus. You reported widespread cellular changes in the brain and other tissues, after 1 to 15 weeks. I would love to see this research repeated with investigation of effects on nuclei in the auditory pathway and the basal ganglia.

In my response here yesterday I pointed out the article by WF Windle on asphyxia at birth in the October 1969 issue of the Scientific American, in which evidence of damage to the inferior colliculus was reported. I learned later that at first Windle could find no damage in the brains of monkeys subjected to asphyxia. Seymour Kety suggested he look at the inferior colliculus. Katy's 1962 article on blood flow in the brain is free online via PubMed.

Louis Sokoloff expanded Kety's research, and I cited his paper yesterday, which is also free via PubMed. Both Kety and Sokoloff were surprised to find the highest blood flow and metabolism in the inferior colliculus.

The inferior colliculus is not a hot topic of research, but it should be. In PubMed "inferior colliculus virus" brings up 22 citations, which I will be interested to read. Also I just found this: Fukuda S, et al. Neuropathological changes in auditory brainstem nuclei in cattle with experimentally induced bovine spongiform encephalopathy. J Comp Pathol. 2011 Aug-Oct;145(2-3):302-7.

Autism is the result of many causes. Yesterday I cited research on prenatal exposure to valproic acid, which was found to cause damage to the superior olive in the auditory pathway. I believe relay centers in the auditory pathway should be investigated as a "final common pathway" affected by all of autism's many causes.

Windle (Faro & Windle) reported disrupted brain maturation in monkeys subjected to asphyxia at birth, which should be compared with your finding of widespread cellular changes in the brains of cats injected with a cytomegalovirus-related stealth virus.

John Stone


Personally, I have never been antagonistic to vaccination against rubella, but of course this is whole different story from the other components of the MMR and the MMRV - quite apart from the risks of injecting them altogether. It is a very nice report but of course ultimately it is kitsch because they don't want to look at the collateral damage from their oak-lined palaces.

PS They always knew mumps vaccination wouldn't work, measles vaccination is failing, varicella vacciantion would lead to more shingles.


There's a very interesting article on the long term effect of widespread vaccination here:


Diane W Farr

W John Martin MD, PhD....we are grateful for your interest

W John Martin MD, PhD.

Dear Bob,
Epidemiological studies on populations are of limited value because of confounding variables. There are sufficient data to raise the serious issue of vaccine provocation of autism. More important, proprietary restrictions by vaccine manufacturers need to be removed if the government is to really assume responsibility for vaccine safety. Government officials should also be more forthright with the public concerning past errors and omissions regarding vaccines. I commented upon some of these issues in a posting available at http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/vaccine-provocation-of-stealth-adapted-virus-infections-401322.php
I would be pleased to talk further and can be contacted at [email protected]

BoB Moffitt

@ W John Martin MD, PhD

"There is a disconnection between the epidemiological studies cited in support of vaccination and personal experiences implicating vaccines as a trigger for the onset of autism. Specifically, epidemiological studies do not typically address the possible correlation in time between the receipt of a vaccine and the diagnosis of autism"

My friend .. I think we agree .. but .. I am just "joe six pack" grandfather .. no distinguishing credentials to my resume .. such as .. MD and PHD .. however .. I would respectfully ask .. if you would support pending federal legisation that seeks to fund a scientifically .. independent .. study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations .. to ascertain .. once and for all .. if BOTH .. populations have suffered the same .. inexplicable .. dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune disorders.. such as .. autism, allergies, asthma, juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rhemutoid arthritis, ADD, ADHD, infant seizures, infant strokes, SIDS, etc?

Just curious.

W John Martin MD, PhD.

There is a disconnection between the epidemiological studies cited in support of vaccination and personal experiences implicating vaccines as a trigger for the onset of autism. Specifically, epidemiological studies do not typically address the possible correlation in time between the receipt of a vaccine and the diagnosis of autism. The disease triggering effect of vaccines becomes diluted because susceptible children are also exposed to a variety of other triggers. Exploring the possible provocative role of vaccines as triggers for autism could provide useful insight into the underlying pathogenic mechanism. This information can then be extrapolated to help in avoiding other triggers of the same pathogenic mechanism.

Eventually, it will be understood that stealth adapted virus infection acquired during pregnancy can render infants susceptible to further brain damage from vaccine enhanced immunity and also possibly from virus interactions. Stealth adapted virus infected infants are similarly susceptible to other triggers that provoke autism. The emphasis needs to be placed on avoiding triggers, including unnecessary and untimely vaccines, and more importantly, on non-immunological efforts at suppressing stealth adapted viruses.


The June 2000 Simpsonwood meeting was certainly the most corrupt medical meeting in US history. 60 Minutes would be taken off the air if they did a story on it...

40 days after the Simpsonwood meeting, at a hearing with Dan Burton, CDC staff stated they were "not aware of any difficulties" with vaccines & Thimerosal... this is normally called perjury.

They do endless population "vaccines safety/Autism studies" with a few hundred thousand children's records... no individual child is ever studied.

For some reason, they will not simply study the medical issues of 5 or 6 children to attempt to figure out what is happening.


Recently I came across a study which showed that working on asbestos-containing brakes was protective against mesothelioma--and the more brake work you do, the more protection you get! Can you guess who commissioned the study? Automobile manufacturers.
( http://www.mesothel.com/asbestos-cancer/lawsuits/int_journal.htm )

Almost everybody, I reckon, would suspect that this magical attribute of asbestos is a fiddle cooked up to protect corporate oxen from getting gored. We have something similar with oft-cited studies purporting to find that thimerosal protects children from neurological disorders. Paul Offit, for one, is a big champion.

In _Autism's False Prophets_ Offit writes: "He [Heron] wanted to see if he could find a relationship between the amount of thimerosal babies had received and the risk of neurological problems. He did. The more thimerosal children received, the *less* likely they were to be hyperactive or to have difficulties with hearing, movement, or speech....

The same month Jon Heron published his study....Nick Andrews found the more thimerosal children received, the less likely they were to develop neurological problems like attention deficit disorder...."

Andrews et al. contains a weak caveat that this "protective effect" is probably attributable to discontinued vaccination in children who have had a noticeable bad reaction, but that part didn't make it into Offit's book.

Thimerosal Exposure in Infants and Developmental Disorders: A Retrospective Cohort Study in the United Kingdom Does Not Support a Causal Association

cia parker

"A case can be made that a few of the vaccines have more benefit in terms of preventing infectious diseases than risks of vaccine injury."

Dr. Gaunt, for which of the vaccines do you think such a case could be made? Possibly the tetanus vaccine, which may be safer when given as the DT. What else? I can't think of any of the other vaccines that might offer more benefit than risk on the population level.


Amen, Bob. For me, the worst part of this whole shebang is that my daughter's injury is flat out denied. Like it never happened. She doesn't exist. Her life is not worthy of any help from the CDC, FDA, NIH, IACC, etc. The reason these agencies EXIST is to answer the call when a community or a country needs help to save lives and protect people from health threats. My daughter was injured in 1993. She is now 22 years old. She works hard to get through each and every day. She deserves the truth to come out about her injury. I feel like William Holden in Network, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," but the mute button has been turned on by the pharma bought media. When will this reach critical mass? Thank you Bob. Thank you Dr. Gaunt.


"The CDC is at the center of this controversy"

If you look at the vaccine issue it applies.

I found this website that has some controversial information about the CDC. I've been trying to research it but this is an area I'm not too familiar with:

CDC EXPOSED! http://anticorruptionsociety.com/center-for-disease-control-exposed/

If interested everyone should take a look at this site. One of the things that I'm really interested in is this:

-CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet
This links to this page.

If this is true, how can it be a government agency and private at the same time. Is there a loophole? I would like to find the links between the CDC/big pharma and the MSM. Who are the players that connect all three entities? Now that would be an expose. However we know in the real world-Journalism is Dead.

Eileen Nicole Simon

The brain must become the focus of research on autism. Brain systems involved in maturation of the language areas, brain systems responsible for repetitive movement disorder, and brain systems that underlie awareness and attention.

When I began my search 50 years ago to understand my son's developmental problems, my interest was to understand damage caused by oxygen insufficiency at birth. In October 1969 an article in the Scientific American documented evidence of damage in the brainstem auditory pathway caused by 6 to 8 minutes of asphyxia at birth.

Later I discovered that blood flow and metabolism are higher in the brainstem auditory pathway than anywhere else in the brain. In PubMed lookup Louis Sokoloff's 1981 article on mapping functional activity in the brain, which is free online.

Sokoloff's method has been used in research with laboratory animals to study the effects of many brain-damaging factors. Drugs and toxic substances (including lead and mercury) tested by this method all cause metabolic degradation or damage in the brainstem auditory pathway. Research by Kulesza and Lukose has demonstrated that valproic acid damages the auditory pathway, and they found auditory system damage in the brains of 9 autistic subjects.

Epidemiology and clinical trials cited by drug proponents are useless. If and how the brain is affected must become the focus of research.

Bob moffitt

"The CDC is at the center of this controversy"

The CDC is no doubt at the "center of this controversy" .. has been for decades. Unfortunately, the FDA and HHS are very close behind. Indeed ..there is nothing more dangerous to the "public health" than an enrenched regulatory bureaucracy that has been "captured" by the industry that bureaucracy is supposed to "regulate".

Yet .. no matter how obvious the collusion between "regulators" and those they "regulate" .. year after year .. our Congress does nothing!!!

I began re-reading David Kriby's excellent book "Evidence of Harm" .. the book was inspiring when I first read it .. but .. sad to say .. I was stunned to see how little we have accomplished since I first read that book ten years ago.

I was again outraged to recall the political thiefs who inserted that "Lilly Rider" into legislation at the very last moment .. like paid assassins in the dead of night when no one was even supposed to be in the buildings .. providing no liability for thimerosal when the legislation was passed .. mostly unread .. the following day.

I was again outraged to recall the infamous Simpsonwood meeting .. wherein the deliberate denial of critical data to independent researchers .. provided the corrupt industry and regulatory bureaucrats attending the opportunity to present fraudulent statistics that succeeded in denying any link between Thimerosal and the burgeoning epidemic of autism that parents had only begun to take note of.

The ensuing Congressional hearings .. so many questions raised .. most of which remain unanswered to this very day .. exposing the sheer recklessness of the industry and the public health bureaucracies that increased the numbers of vaccines infants and toddlers were receiving absent any thought of the cummulative amount of mercury all the new vaccines introduced at the most critical moment of neurological and biological development.



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