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SB277 The Battle for California II - Pan gets Pan-icked!!!

Pan Sign

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I'm tired and exhausted from the day and I'm not sure if all of this is going to make sense, but I'm going to write about it anyway.

Senate Bill 277, sponsored by State Senator Richard Pan would take away religious and personal belief exemptions in California and force those children to be home-schooled.  Do you get the overtones of segregated schools in the South, or, Heaven forbid, those racial laws in Germany before World War II which led to you-know-what? 

I happened to be at the Capitol a few years ago to hear Senator Pan promise that the bill which he sponsored at the time, (requiring that parents claiming an exemption on behalf of their child thoroughly discuss the decision  with their doctor and get a signed note to that effect), he would NEVER try to take away religious and personal belief exemptions.  What a difference pharmaceutical dollars can make on your conscience!

What an amazing turnout!!!  I'm guessing that somewhere around eleven hundred of my fellow Californians showed up to take the microphone and express their personal opposition to this bill at the meeting of the Senate Education Committee.  Our group of parents representing their vaccine-injured children were joined by chiropractors, members of religious organizations, as well as great representation from the Weston Price Foundation.  Thank you all!!

Even with that great show of support, I wasn't that hopeful.  Would these politicians listen?  Why should they listen when so many in our society are closed to our message, despite the record number of children with neurological problems?  The committee was supposed to give an up or down vote on the measure at the end of the day.

Then came the questions from the committee members for Senator Pan.  Four of the members grilled him on what he was going to do about the children who would be thrown out of school and what he planned to do with them.  Pan didn't have an answer!

In a stunning development, the chair of the committee, said the vote on the measure would be postponed until Pan had given some thought to the questions raised by the hearing.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!  This was breaking the agreed-upon schedule!!!!  (But then, we've come to expect broken promises in this debate, haven't we, dear reader?)

I don't have any idea how this is going to turn out.  The Education Committee will take no more testimony from us and will vote sometime next week.  It's difficult to imagine how Pan might be able to change his bill so dramatically, but I'm not putting anything past him.  If the measure somehow wins approval, we will need to fight it next in the Judiciary Committee.

Please keep your e-mails and faxes going to our California legislators!  (Preferably California residents, but you know what?  I don't really care!  They need to know how the entire country feels about this issue!)  Be brief, friendly, and to the point.  So far the senators have been doing their job asking good questions.  I even heard one of our people say that an important senator said that this proposed law was "draconian."  We need to keep them on our side!  Be at your charming and persuasive best!

Senator Carol Liu -

Senator Bob Huff -

Senator Marty Block -

Senator Loni Hancock -

Senator Tony Mendoza -

Senator Andy Vidak -

Senator Connie Leyva -

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and author of Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.   Visit his website at Plague The Book. You can order the book HERE.



Well, well:

The picture for this article has the sign - nice sign

And who is holding the sign - why Pan!

And then when asked what would happen to kids whose parents refused to vaccinate --

He says they can home school.

Soooo some how there is some moral in here that I should not have to o pay my property taxes - since it goes to the school for teachers and buildings and materials, and is suppose to be for "ALL" children - if not - then -- ?

Shirley Oster



for Georg

Yes, Georg, it is all outrageous, hep b is a sexually transmitted disease, one which is not even mandated until an older age in most countries. Some countries like France have even taken it off the mandated list since it is associated with more serious adverse events (the aluminum?).

This is all an outrageous trampling on of people's rights to their own bodies and frankly, I am surprised that they are surprised that so many are so angry. I think that in the statistics there were a good many people who selectively vaccinated and now we are seeing more of those people (people who had a middle ground) come out to fight. Where are all the actors in this? I'm sure they are among the many who selectively or do not vaccinate.


Greg, I think it is unlikely that there will be a compromise in this bill enabling families who refuse even one vaccine to "have education options for their kids" other than expanding on homeschooling options. Homeschooling is not an option for most families.

I agree that this push for stronger school mandates has mobilized the opposition and brought attention to vaccine safety issues. This attempt at increased authoritarianism may very well backfire.

As far as reconciling the inconsistency of requiring so many vaccines of children but not adults, our health authorities are apparently planning to address this with mandates for adults.


SB277 is forced permanent quarantine of healthy citizens who refuse drugs.


Regarding Pan and Allen's bill that would deny HEALTHY children the right to go to school and when they are forced to homeschool, the right to "clump together" (Pan's words) with other homeschoolers, isn't there something in the American Constitution about


Isn't SB277 against the United States Constitution? As in, they are proposing to restrict freedom of assembly ONLY TO THOSE WHO ARE CERTIFIED TO HAVE TAKEN ENOUGH OF THE REQUIRED/MANDATED DOSES OF DRUGS? What is it now, 69 doses and no less will qualify an otherwise healthy, noncontagious person to assemble in public or even with each other in homes on their own privately owned property?


And another aspect...when all these people pull their kids out of public school because their kids are being discriminated against and BARRED from ASSEMBLING in the public schools, will these people continue to be FORCED TO PAY FOR THESE SAME SCHOOLS THAT THEY ARE BEING BARRED FROM ENTERING to the tune of THOUSANDS of dollars every year in their property taxes?

So the state of California will not only be taking money for these disenfranchised families for a service (schooling) that they are not being allowed to access, but these families will also be forced to pay an ADDITIONAL LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY to purchase homeschool curriculum. Homeschooling costs less than public and private schooling in most cases, but it still costs and is not by any means, inexpensive.


Imagine a jury trial replacing jurors with people who weren't there for the trial at the end right before the jury decides. This is no different and should be illegal. It's ridiculous.

I'm sorry that the senators feelings are hurt in finding that the People are upset over their threatening their children, their lives, their homes and their livelihood if they are forced to homeschool or move to another state or possibly another country because of the actions of these senators. Americans aren't supposed to be upset because their RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is being THREATENED?


We're supposed to be pleasant and well mannered and all smiles as they destroy us? Is that what Thomas Jefferson said? Is that what the founders of this country intended when they left (and fought to the death) England and wrote the American Constitution?


This is the direct link to UK vaccination rights.


Updated this month the link above tells US citizens how the UK Health Services regard mandatory vaccinations. It may include a few helpful approaches along the way. Overall doctors and the BMJ are against the idea so far.

Georg Elser

Very impressed you got this ottoschnaut :

Its outrageous mandating HepB (total downright fraudulent), Mumps (faked efficacy) , Varicella (chicken pox is nothing that ever required a vaccine) .
And so on & so forth .

SB277 is a Nazi law . OPPOSE IT



They're coming for unvaxxed parents soon. They're working on it.


Here's a Senator I can get on board with (at least on this issue). I do not agree with him re his pro-vaccine stance, but that's okay. I DO applaud him, however, for taking a reasonably held, well thought out, opinion regarding SB277:

Here he is:

Unfortunately, there are others involved with this process that are NOT reasonable; those vaccine zealots who have an agenda and will ultimately push through this legislation come hell or high water. It is our corrupted system which allows for this type behavior.

So now someone has decided that playing 'musical chairs' with this piece of legislation, is acceptable.

Consider the fact that Senator Liu KNEW, as did every single legislator sitting on that panel, that these two seats were going to be vacated, yet THEY DID NOT MAKE THIS FACT KNOWN TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS SITTING IN THAT ROOM DURING THIS LAST HEARING.

That's unconscionable. And rightfully so, those same Senators received a tremendous amount of angry callers, calling into their offices today. THEY WERE ANGRY. And they had a right to be angry.

While I understand Dr. Sears' admonishment to those that may have called today and raised a huge ruckus into these legislators' offices today, I also completely understand the righteous anger these people held, given what has just transpired.

This is no conspiracy theory we've witnessed today here in our state. We've now witnessed the corruption (due to many back door discussions, I can assure you) re this bill.

They ARE going to push this bill through. Oh and one more thing just crossed my mind as I type this:

Pan's now been given the 'pleasure' of revamping his bill, until the next meeting which will be held next week. It has been stated to Dr. Sears today via phone call that SB277 WILL BE AMENDED.

But this newly amended bill WILL NOT REQUIRE PUBLIC DISCOURSE. In other words, they will now have a newly written bill, NOT DISCUSSED BEFORE PUBLIC HEARING, which will then go directly to vote - next week.

When inquiries were made of these legislators by some of their constituents today re the above, the reply put forth was that given there has already been public discourse on this bill, there is now no need to further discuss those issues when this newly written/amended bill is put forth for vote next week. Constituents have been told that IN THE INTEREST OF TIME, they will proceed to vote once that amended bill is discussed by the panel.

But what if this amended bill's language contains information which would then give rise to NEW issues, issues NOT YET DISCUSSED during public discourse during the other two hearings?

However, when one constituent asked if the public could, at the minimum, be allowed to sit in during next week's panel discussion, the answer was yes. So I would imagine there will be further efforts to make sure the public is present during this meeting next week.


"...It was Senator Huff who stated that parents of autistic kids could be right about vaccinations causing their kids' autism. He also said that autistic kids needed socialization that they wouldn't get if forced to homeschool according to the bill..."

I think folks need to understand why that piece of language was inserted into Pan's horrendous bill. I'm paraphrasing here, but essentially what Pan has done with the language insert as to homeschooling is to proffer that homeschoolers NOT be permitted to homeschool WITH ANYONE ELSE OTHER THAN FAMILY MEMBERS.

Do you all understand why he did this?

He did this because if 'they' still ALLOWED homeschoolers to mingle with OTHER public students in, for example, athletics or field trips, etc., this would then NEGATE the purpose of this bill.

So understand - if the purpose of this bill is to essentially ostracize/segregate non-vaccinated/exempt (even partially exempt) students from FULLY VACCINATED/according to schedule students in the first place, then how would Pan justify the continuation of homeschoolers' abilities to mix with other vaccinated children, during their homeschool activities?

So that's why he inserted this extremely restrictive language within this stinking, rotten bill. His (and others') objective is to SO RESTRICT your ability to educate your partially vaxxed/non-vaxxed child, even within the confines of your own homeschool environment, to then ultimately FORCE you into compliance re vaccination.

As far as the FEAR issue (someone mentioned fear in another comment):

Speaking for myself - I am not a fear based person, but I am a realist and understand the rampant corruption within our governmental/medical institutions. This is NOT SPORADIC corruption; IT IS PERVASIVE.

Metaphorically speaking, when you witness the vaccine injuries with your kids - those very injuries have upset the very foundation of your children's lives. Your children (and our own) may still be walking, breathing and 'living' human beings, they are so fundamentally damaged so as not to be able to fully participate in this life they were born into.

Their foundation has been broken, so much so they are no longer able to live the lives they were born to live.

It is this type of pervasive/fundamental corruption which has destroyed the very foundation our country's principles were founded upon. That fundamental cracking of the system has utterly destroyed the foundations our country's citizens have so held dear.

That's not fear; that's a fact...

Lori M.

Senator Runner used to be our assembly member and I think she would vote against this tyrannical bill. I know she'll be getting e-mails this week, including from me. Not that it would make that much difference since Monning is coming in, for one. What timing! The majority of the committee members really are disconnected from the daily pain of vaccine injured children and their families. And this law, lived out in the real world, would further harm these already vaccine injured children that families are working so hard to heal. The real epidemics are caused by vaccines: Autism, severe allergies, seizures, SIDS, to name a few, but by their actions, they show they don't give a hoot.

@Linda1 and novac

I notice that Dr. Sears reminded people to be polite when calling the committee members and I'm sure the vast majority of people are. However, how can people such as these California education members be at all surprised that some people have become so fed up with being bullied by this issue.

These are our children for God's sake and their health has never been worse. Those who have suffered vaccine damage have been mocked, not compensated, ignored by media, called anti-science while a corrupt org with a blatant COI carries along with a free pass. I guess in a way I just don't understand how they can be surprised at some anger. Frankly, I'm surprised people have not been even angrier over this.


Great photo to illustrate this story btw!


Linda, Twyla, Bayareamom, and others,

I wouldn't, necessarily, worry that the fix is in and the bill will be voted in. At worse, what I am seeing is some kind of compromise where parents can still refuse vaccines but have education options for their kids. And, honestly, considering that they initially sought to hold a gun to our heads and have us accept their poisons, I can't see how any compromises aren't defeats for them. Truth is, mandates are also problematic for them. As I mentioned countless times, they may publicly extol vaccines, but privately they also fear them and do not desire autistic kids or grandkids. Guys, do not fear a knockout punch, since both sides essentially are locked in a long, winding battle. Also, seeing how these proposed mandates have rejuvenated out activism and brought attention to vaccine safety, I can't help but wonder whether these proposals don't amount to the most stupefying blunders.

Also, picking up my kids up from school today, as I walked into their classrooms, I marvel at another idiotic aspect of these proposed mandates. How do they reconcile barring unvaxxed kids from school, while unvaxxed parents are permitted?

Cindy wiilcox

Why don't we get the people who make those anti smoking commercials do the same treatment with vaccines and their ingredients?

Restore liability in CA --Anita Donnelly

Vote them out of office and replace them with --US!

Jeannette Bishop

Senator Huff's channel clip:


It was Senator Huff who stated that parents of autistic kids could be right about vaccinations causing their kids' autism. He also said that autistic kids needed socialization that they wouldn't get if forced to homeschool according to the bill. Then he is the one who called up Dr. Sears to ask him about chicken pox vaccine causing contagiousness in vaccinees for 6 weeks post vaccination. He is the one who pitted Sears against Pan in a face-off before the committee and the public, now on tape for the record.

Who has the power to shuffle committee members to get bills passed that members do not want to vote for? Who has the power to take senators off committees that don't tow the party line?

The Education Committee provided education to the citizens of California and the watching world by teaching us all the meaning of DIRTY POLITICS.

Jeannette Bishop

My probably not perfect attempt to transcribe Pan's statement referencing MMR research:

03:04:40, "When you talk about,... do you have children who may be partially immunized...if you have, for example the MMR, the measles, mumps, rubella, is the one that's gotten the most in the news, because unfortunately, because of a debunked study, a fraudulent study that was (inaudible?) that said MMR is associated with autism and we know that from the research that that repeated numerous studies, billions of children, that there's no relationship between the two, all right. But yet, you still have people saying that my child is either vaccine damaged or I'm not getting immunized because of... and they may say, ok, I'm not going to give the MMR vaccine, we'll give the other ones....the important thing is, are we at 95% for the MMR..."


The main problem here is, IMO, that most Americans naively believe in myth of US being a democracy. It is not, and probably never was, but now it morphed to pure fascist totalitarian regime not different than Nazi Germany or Stalinist Soviet Union, where people had no voice and no choice. The only way to successfully deal with this medical tyranny is by revolution, which may not necessarily be bloody.

Shirley Oster

We do have another option rather than voting them out next election if they vote in favor of this bill. Colorado showed their anger over the gun legislation and RECALLED two legislatiors. I think that is a better plan since it will be effective quicker. We need to show our anger quick and firmly. I have two sons who have suffered for years with asthma and severe skin problems, many hospital trips after being vaccinated. One of my sons still has the first Forrest Bird respirator bought for him by Blue Cross when he was a child and having daily Asthma attacks. Shirley Oster desertlady3O AT EARTHLINK.NET


Thank you all you amazing activists.

Link to the short film referenced in an earlier comment "If car companies were run like vaccine companies” (8 minutes).


Just fond this tidbit:

Jeannette Bishop

If I heard him correctly Pan, ironically, or maybe not, specializes in pediatric development.

Jeannette Bishop

Senator Huff @ 3:12:50 in the archived Senate Education Committee video for April 15th:

I felt like he made some of the more informed points, maybe the most demonstrated level of being informed (or at least of being willing to speak in opposition with some of the pertinent information) on the subject out of both California committee hearings so far ...

Angus Files

Your right Bayareamom 'Horses for courses' how do we change the corruption and the government.I know that most families looking after a harmed child or adult have the weeks work cut out within a blink of the eye.All we can do is possibly try to influence from within and get involved where we can in local and up ward politics and change the process from within.

Pan the Paid Pharma Whore who ran out of steam..



Linda 1;
I think that Pan being a pediatrician means he had been taught a lot of lies from institutions that he believes and has faith in.

If he did not set up private practice very long before he went into the government -

Then he probably does not know.

Most Peds after being in private practice very long become very familiar that vaccines are a problem.

The last time I saw my kids Peds was down in a private lab - huddled, nervously around me - like two sheep killing dogs.

My kids and I had educated them - to my sorry


"Ok this is scary - Senators are being added to and removed from this committee? Who has the power to do that, and for what reasons? I knew there would be arm twisting and propagandizing behind the scenes, but it did not occur to me that they might be able to simply replace enough committee members to pass it?"

California is IMPORTANT to these people. They'll do whatever it takes to pass this hideous bill. I don't have all the answers to your questions, but I can say I'm not at all surprised (now that the dust has settled).

I think, Twyla, that most of us out there are good people. We may not be perfect (no one is), but most of us would do the right thing if presented with options (I would hope anyway). But I think this is the reason that most of us just have a hard time wrapping our heads around the absolute corruption that we are witnessing. We tend to judge others according to what WE would do, in like/similar situations. But it's not that simple...

There are those individuals who have worked within these institutions and are now speaking out; people such as William Binney, Sibel Edmonds, Russell Tice, Thomas Drake - they are telling it LIKE IT IS. And they are all saying the same thing - our government is corrupted...pervasively corrupted.

I mentioned on an earlier post the words Binney used in a cut/paste interiew, under another article here: He stated there is SO much rampant corruption (on all levels) that there is very little of it worth saving (meaning our government on all levels).

I don't have all the answers as to how to fix this, but what I DO know is that you just cannot vote OUT the problem! The problem is not just the corrupted individuals, but the PROCESS THAT ALLOWS THAT CORRUPTION TO MANIFEST IN THE FIRST PLACE.

As Dr. Bob Sears stated on his Facebook page - he doesn't know what this is, but it's not a Democracy.

It's actually supposed to be a Republic, but it's no longer that, either.


Ok this is scary - Senators are being added to and removed from this committee? Who has the power to do that, and for what reasons? I knew there would be arm twisting and propagandizing behind the scenes, but it did not occur to me that they might be able to simply replace enough committee members to pass it?


"...threaten to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE at the next election."

And replace them with WHO? The political process is corrupted; it is intrinsically corrupted. Corruption is pervasive, from the lowest rung to the highest.

Ever view William Binney, the NSA whistleblower? He's speaking all over the world after what he's learned. He was with the NSA for over 30 years...he knows how corrupted this system is.

Look - the first step in understanding what needs to be fixed, is understanding what's BROKEN. You cannot simply vote someone in, into a process that is already intrinsically corrupted; it doesn't work that way.

You have to change the SYSTEM, NOT just the individuals you are voting in!!!

end game

I think there's an end game and I wouldn't be surprised if Pan is personally invested in it.

Think of the epidemic of vaccine injuries in terms of the BP oil spill, the unregulated shots as Halliburton's faulty valve and its purchase of Boots and Coots oil cleanup co. right before the disaster as privatized Child Protective Services. Then think of Dependency Court as an even more bleak and terrifying version of Vaccine Court, one with no rule of law, no discovery and gag orders galore. But instead of fighting the government for compensation, you're fighting to get your child back from the state-- meaning no lawyer will work on contingency on your behalf.

Every family of moderate or low income-- those who can't afford to put a lawyer on long term retainer or battle the embedded OCR or biased due process system-- knows what happens if you remove a disabled child from school due to physical abuse by staff or simply to lobby for legally required school services. The school will file truancy charges, the state investigates, and you risk losing custody of your child to an increasingly privatized state care system.

There really is no homeschool option under the CA system other than through a private or public school. Few can afford certified private tutors. So Pan and cronies understand that the families who hold out, stay in the state and scramble for other options will be thrown into the Child Protective Services gears, a system which is increasingly privatized and for profit, receiving both federal incentives (with bonuses for grabbing disabled children), kickbacks from private psychiatric gulags, group homes, foster care and adoption corporations. Wards of the state are also prime test subjects since they can be submitted for drug trials and research without consent, without benefit to the child and at "significant risk of harm."

It's not easy, but someone needs to find out the names of the major foster care and adoption corporations in California and related entities and track who's on the boards. I think some familiar names will crop up.


Senator Huff is no longer on the committee. He has been replaced by two Senators who will likely pass this through the Education Committee: Senators Runner and Monning. How "convenient" of them to have postponed the vote.


The way to make senators and other elected officials care about what the general population wants, or doesn't want -- threaten to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE at the next election.

Even if they don't care about anything else, they care about getting re-elected.

Registered voters expressing their opinion in HANDWRITTEN letters that actually get delivered by the U.S. Post Office. They care about that. E-mail, too easy to duplicate or replicate.

So send an actual letter on paper, hand-addressed envelope. Say that if the unwanted action proceeds, he will be voted out of office.

That gets attention.


Well, here you go. Just found this off Dr. Sears' Facebook page:



"Just when we thought we shut down SB 277, two things just happened that looks like they will push the bill through the committee next week.

There was a vacancy on the committee already - and it was filled by Senator Monning, who has already voted yes on the bill in the Health Committee last week.

Senator Huff, who opposed the bill, is no longer on the committee as of this morning. I called his office - I was told the Senator had arranged a month ago to only serve on the committee through this week. His service on the committee had timed out. His absence now has nothing to do with this bill. I can't verify whether or not that is accurate. He has been replaced by Republican Sharon Runner. I don't know how she is going to vote.

So, here's what I've been told by those in-the-know. The Senate Pro Tem Democratic leader, Kevin de Leon, gave the open seat to Monning, and assigned Huff's vacant seat to Runner.

Basically, this is a democratic bill in a democratic senate, and the democrats don't want to see their own bill die in their own senate. They have to get it through no matter what. So, hence the moves. I don't know. That's just what I'm told. They expect it now to actually pass next week. The real fight will be in the Assembly.

So, if we want this to die now, we have to nicely and professionally contact Senator Runner - she's right there on the website. Focus on the arguments that the other's on the committee were passionate about? - everyone's right to a free education, our current disease outbreaks don't warrant this harsh, "draconian" measure - a quote from one of the Senators. Don't focus on medical - go with educational rights and maybe the money lost to schools and family income. Also focus on Senator Block, who co-authored the bill but had some big concerns with it. Can't quit now - got to keep fighting.

AND, get to the newspapers and TV stations. There's been some good press lately. Let them know the bill was "dead", and now there are shenanigans going on up in Sacramento to keep this bill alive.


Dr. Bob


Just to clarify, my point in bringing up the home/health education program is precisely because the immuno-compromised students Pan professes to want to protect ARE being protected, by offering to them this home/health program.

NONE of this makes any sense, on any level, however, because students typically attend school who have various illnesses, i.e., the common cold, name it. Same with the teachers who will get up and go to work when they're not feeling 100%, either. The fact that recently vaccinated kids, depending on the type vaccine received, can actually spread live viral disease(s) to others, including those already vaccinated, is an issue. Simply because a student is vaccinated does not mean that student won't become ill...for whatever the reason.

And don't get me started on our academic system in this country, because that's yet another issue. We're fighting to keep our kids in our schools which provide a crappy education at best (my husband and I have done our research on that issue during our advocacy days when our son was still in school).

This entire issue just drives me crazy. There are SO many issues and layers of issues with all of this and as I view this hearing, I can't help but shout out at my computer screen that the right questions ARE NOT being asked.

I would have loved to have attended this last hearing, but yet knowing myself the way I do, it would have driven me stark raving mad at the same time. Given the other issues I'm forced to contend with in my personal life (and I don't think most would want to trade with me), I can see it's best that I didn't attend these hearings.

It drives me insane to witness the level of naivete with these legislators when it pertains to the vaccination issue. Just drives me nuts. I just don't have the patience to see, time and time again, the lack of knowledge most people have when it comes to this issue. In this day and age with the Internet and the plethora of information out there, NO ONE should be as naive as most people are when it comes to this issue. The information IS out there, if one chooses to find it.

FOR ME, witnessing our son's vaccine reactions was all I needed to know that something was amiss...something just wasn't right re the information we'd been given about vaccines. I had to learn to trust myself to learn the truth.

I am so sick and tired of the BS being spewed with this issue, that it's become almost intolerable for me any longer to continue watching this!

I'm going off on a rant here, and I do apologize, but I think I'm actually going to have to pull away from all of this and hope for the best and that is that truth, honesty and the hearts of those continuing in this fight will prevail. Our son will soon be 22 years old; we no longer have to deal with this issue, unless/until they come after us...which they will. Then perhaps I'll find my way back in the trenches...fighting the good fight.

I'm really glad to have witnessed the NUMBERS of people who showed up this time. We had a good turnout re AB2109, but nothing like this, but that's more than likely because this is a broader issue, potentially impacting many more on various levels.

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings...and she's still singing. They've given Pan a week to revamp this horrific bill. That alone raises my spidey sense. I don't like it. They should have KILLED this thing in committee yesterday, but they didn't. Someone commented that should Pan revamp this bill according to the issues which were raised during committee, it would then make this bill a moot issue.

Pan's already been caught lying since AB2109, when at that time he declared on the record that he would NOT remove the PBE from Californians.

Yet here we are.

I pray and hope they kill this idiotic piece of legislation next week.

Jeannette Bishop

This hearing was more bearable to watch and more encouraging, but I think there is a lot of pressure to make some form of this bill work coming from wherever it's coming from...I think they want to shore up funding that has already been coming in from compliant parents accepting whatever they have been told they're supposed to accept under the impression in many cases that it's required and the law already, and of course some won't mind seeing that funding expand.

Legislators have expressed a problem with this part:

(11) Any other disease deemed appropriate by the department,
taking into consideration the recommendations of the Advisory
Committee on Immunization Practices of the United States
Department of Health and Human Services, the American Academy
of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians

Particularly that these decisions won't involve the legislators, and Pan has indicated he is willing to work out a "compromise" with who is involved in the decision making. I think this part is the key provision of the bill to some supporters behind the scenes, not that we can afford any part of the bill, but I think efforts to maintain and expand the vaccines treated as necessary for school and pushed by various programs and general doctor and social pressure is the agenda we will continue to see.

Is this not just due to profits from vaccines and vaccine side effects, but also due to the NVICP program tax on each vaccine itself? Our federal government has a "law" that allows the redirection of funds for undisclosed purposes and, as that's the case, I can't believe that they haven't already redirected the "surplus" taken in for this fund, and maybe that's why in part it's so important that vaccine injury by definition not exist as much as it does, just enough to justify the vaccine injury tax to continue. Am I overestimating the value, or potential value of this established tax, especially if it is funding something that depends upon secrecy?

Restore liability in CA --Anita Donnelly

Let's ask each senator to ask dr pan:
Since you are so sure this is safe, and care so much about the herd, let's be leaders in this way too: Let's restore liability to doctors and practices and health insurers and pharma in California in the case of vaccine injury and restore jury trials to determine if there is injury as a condition of passing any bill limiting exemption?
And dr pan if you are not comfortable with this---why not??!!!! You are asking parents to bear this burden alone.
In fact folks let's get a referendum that restores full exemptions and restores liability including jury and discovery in CA and get this back! And reimburses school districts too!


SB277 was to appear only before the Health Committee initially. It was due to all the parents calling, faxing emailing that it was added to the 2 additional committees. Thank goodness it appears that the Education Committee has some sense. We will know in short order.


A commenter posted the following information re immunocompromised children/the right to a continued public education:

"...My mother is a home hospital teacher that works for a school district. She said children in chemo, children with cystic fibrosis, MRSA, West Nile virus (just to name a few) cannot attend school! If they catch a common cold it is deadly to them! Therefore the school district provides these children with a home hospital teacher. These teachers go to the immuno-compromised child's home, and teaches them the public school curriculum. We need the senators to know about these program! Here is the link to find more info about home hospital instruction.

Home & Hospital Instruction - Educational Options (CA Dept of Education)

School districts provide home and hospital instruction to maintain instructional continuity during a student's temporary disability.

This is vital information these legislators must be apprised about. Our state does provide home education for those students who, for whatever health reasons, are not able to attend school.

I was actually placed into one of these type programs when I was a kid, living in Ohio. I had pneumonia and was kept out of school for around 3 weeks. My own teacher would come to our home for I think it was two or three times per week and go over with me the classroom lessons. I was required to perform my work at home and would be instructed by this teacher at home until I was able to attend my classes.

I don't believe Pan seemed to know about this program; if he's aware of it, he did not mention this during the hearing.


As always and before, is there ...ONE pediatrician... in the United States that will take the Hannah Poling vaccine cocktail ...adjusted for their body weight ???

I would doubt there is one pediatrician that would even match the typical infant doses given the first year.


At one point in the hearing, a senator asked Dr. Sears to come up and talk about Varicella shedding because Dr. Pan presents the bill as being to protect the immune compromised from the unvaccinated. Dr. Sears obliged by presenting an FDA report that clearly states that after receiving chicken pox vaccine, children can shed the virus through their secretions for 6 weeks, proving that vaccinated children can be a danger to the immune compromised child. The senator then asked Pan to respond. It was stunning to see Pan stutter and as you say, Kent, panic and then pass the question on to another doctor there that he had as backup. Stunning that Pan who is a pediatrician aggressively campaigning for the forced vaccination of all children doesn't know off the top of his head the most basic science of these vaccines. He either didn't know that live viral vaccines cause shedding or he wanted to put through his agenda despite knowing.

It was good too, to see another senator oppose the wording in the bill that would allow public health officials to add whatever new vaccine they wanted without having to ask the legislature. She said there is no way that she would go along with that.

Tim Lundeen

If the bill gets through the Education Committee, the Judicial Committee already has a majority of co-authors so it will probably pass. The senate has close to a majority of co-authors, so again will probably pass. Unless it is blocked next week, we'll have our best shot in the assembly, where it has to go through committee(s) again and the whole assembly at the end.

Tim Lundeen

California Education Committee changes were made this morning, see for the new list.

Huff is replaced (he would have voted against SB277) by Sharon Runner (R, she voted against SB2109 2 years ago but unknown views on SB277). Senator Monning (D) was added as the 9th member, he voted for SB277 last week.


Twyla thanks for setting me right on the 'home education or private school' exemption.

I am a UK resident so am truly horrified to read that they have planned to cover all the's like a 'rat trap'. I guess that's how they see their Utopian future......complete submission to the State.

will it be legally enforced abortion of 'genetically challenged' babies next? Or am I living under a rock?


I do not currently live in CA, but I am a 3rd generation California native. All 3 of my children were born in CA and suffered varying degrees of vaccine injury (one is permanently and severely injured). I have been watching this issue in CA very closely, as many in my family still live there and will be directly affected if this passes.
This bill is absolutely horrendous. Thanks to all of you who made the effort to attend and give a voice to all who oppose this travesty of a bill.
I have to believe the intelligent citizens of California will NOT allow this to pass! It's unbelievable something like this has even gotten this far.

We need the Whistle Blower hearings and improved vaccine safety, NOT mandates.


The hearing can be viewed here:

So exciting, amazing! This committee really does seem to believe in education, as shown in two ways: how they took in the information shared with them and became educated on these issues, and how they resisted denying children the education they are entitled to. Unlike last week's Health Committee!

Under this bill, if a parent just decided to skip one or two vaccines, their child would not be eligible to attend public or private school, except that:

"This bill would except a home-based private school from the prohibition described above of all of the school’s pupils are residents of the household or are members of a single family."

Even if a family has the resources and willingness to homeschool, they could not band together with other homeschooling families. One senator pointed out that kids with autism, whose parents may not want to vaccinate them, need to socialize, not be home alone. And he said that even if science has supposedly proven no link between vaccines and autism, science has not been able to explain the causes, and if that is a parent's belief how can we use that to justify denial of an education? (paraphrasing, based on memory)

I will keep my fingers crossed for no drastic changes in the coming week. A "no" vote on April 22 would be so wonderful.

Cali Dems will sink next election with 277!

Get the word out about the short film (7minutes) "If car companies were run like vaccine companies), it could even be shown here. It's a must-see and really shows how unethically run the CDC and pharma is. I think if it's mostly Dems voting this Bill in then California saying yes to SB277 will be their undoing for the upcoming election. Midterms showed us that people are sick of corruption and nanny state.


It will inevitably come down to who pays the piper plays the tune...

If the State provides the education for your children and the health service for your children then they will attempt to persuade you by forceful means that they now own the right to vaccinate them also.

But of course if you have the means to provide private education and private healthcare then they do not own them. End of.

So HOW can the State EVER achieve this fictional invention called herd immunity?

David Taylor

Kent--Great job yesterday. Watched live stream--twice. The parade of opposers was beautiful. My take is a bit more optimistic than yours.

Based on questions asked (and unanswered by Pan or Allen), the committee members view SB 277 as an attack on California's public education system. I don't think Pan can recover from this.

He was exposed as a hack trying to make his political bones on the backs of a non-existent epidemic and a fading news story at the expense of Californian parents and children.

The line up at the public microphone of those voicing support of SB 277 was obviously a group of Sacramento lobbyists primarily.

Liu's final comments to Pan were devastating: "If a vote were held now, this bill would not pass committee."

Because of such a long and emotional morning, I think Liu did the right thing to pause, let the boil settle to a simmer, then let the committee reject this atrocity and avoid the controversy of yesterday.

Was it just me, or did the lobbyists seem a bit embarrassed at the microphone, like they got caught with hand in cookie jar?

Georg Elser


86% of children affected in 'Disneyland outbreak' were vaccinated


"Four of the members grilled him on what he was going to do about the children who would be thrown out of school and what he planned to do with them. "

Translation: Four of the members *who also have not vaccinated their kids* grilled him on what he was going to do about the children who would be thrown out of school and what he planned to do with them.

BTW -- Australia, with tying welfare payments to vaccination, should also be commended for coming up with a truly creative solution for hassling the underclass into accepting vaccines, while also preserving exemptions for the ruling 'elites'!


Kent, it’s truly incredible that Pan never considered the implication of his bill denying kids a right to an education. I raised this point here months ago, and it's simply amazing that these well educated, 'intelligent' legislatures, who no doubt are in consultation with high-priced government lawyers, wouldn't have also thought of this. As I explained prior, that the Government is barring unvaxxed kids from attending school… That they are still respecting parents’ legal right to not vaccinate their kids... That the unvaxxed child still has a right to a free public education... The only resolution for all these conditions is the Government must make provisions for providing free public education for unvaxxed kids. I mentioned that unvaxxed schools seem to be the only solution.

Actually, on top of the satisfaction of being left alone with unvaxxed school, essentially amounting to unvaxxers giving the drug pushers the middle-finger, it would be interesting in another way. Imagine comparing the academic and sports performances of both schools. Imagine the blowout at halftime by the unvaxxed football team over the vaxxed, asthmatic team. Heck, they unvaxxed team may have to spot the otherside 4 TDs just to keep things close.

Georg Elser

Well done California . Great NEWS . 1100 turned out !
NEXT time lets make it 11,000 .

In the meantime Mr Pan , you are welcome to vaccinate yourself & your entire extended family to the full extent of the schedule .

Kent - use of this analogy is exactly right .
"or, Heaven forbid, those racial laws in Germany before World War II which led to you-know-what?"

I suspect they will concentrate their attentions on the highly flouridated Australia next .

The breaking of the Nuremberg Code means nothing to these criminals


Thank you Mr. Heckenlively for the updates and your efforts!

Two thoughts- the movie Trace Amounts is an insurmountable obstacle to the vaccine fascists. I urge you to use it in the California battle. No lawmaker who sees the move will ever want to be associated with the vaccine fascists ever again. It is a political deathblow.

If CA were to pass this draconian power grab- they place themselves in the good company of Mississippi and Arkansas as the states with the most restrictive vaccine laws in the US. Mississippi is rated number one in the nation in vaccine coverage- and number one among all the fifty states in infant mortality rates (I know- "vaccines- the number one cause of coincidences in the world!"). The legislators of California are getting ready to go there? I think not.

Dan Burns

Kent, I sent all the senators on your list a link to Andy speaking on the steps of the Texas State Capitol.

Thanks for making this easy.

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