Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon Stacks Deck in favor of Controversial Vaccination Bill - SB277
Dachel Media Update: California Vax Mandate Bill SB277 Passes

SB 277 Passes Education Committee - The Battle for California - Part 3

Richard PanBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq. Breaking news

SB277 passes Education Committee 7-2:

"Your politicians are a lot more dishonest than our politicians," a friend from Oregon told me the other night, comparing the fight against vaccine mandates in his state to California.  "But then again, we pay our politicians forty thousand dollars a year and they work only six months.  Yours can make a living at it."  Yes, and somebody has to pay for all those ads in the upcoming election cycle.

So how corrupt are the politicians in California, you might ask?  They are so corrupt that when about 750 of their fellow citizens showed up to testify against SB 277, and only about 50 showed up to testify in favor, they decided they couldn't hold the vote that day.  They had concerns that the bill would expel children from California schools (a right guaranteed under the state constitution) and didn't this seem oh so much like segregation and those racial laws in Nazi Germany which led to "you know what?"

And when they held off on the vote because the bill's proponent, Senator Richard Pan couldn't get his answers quick enough from the pharma lobbyists sent to help him, they shuffled around a few of the members most likely to vote no, and replaced them with more compliant senators.  And so, despite 750 people showing up at the state capitol in Sacramento vs. 50 in favor, despite the concern about throwing kids out of school and create an abhorrent system of segregation, not to mention the burden it would place on already severely taxed families, the Education Committee of the Golden State voted 7-2 in favor of SB 277.

We have the Judiciary Committee to come, we have the Assembly, and we have the governor.  Are we going to stop fighting for our children?  Hell, no!!

We have not yet begun to fight.  The pro-vaccine forces were losing because people were asking questions.  They had lost the persuasion argument and are now resorting to force.  They are like the German army pushed back to the borders of Germany in December of 1944.  This attack was their Battle of the Bulge, and it will not succeed.  Think about it.  If we are strong, they cannot win.  Yes, they may throw our children out of school, but we will not stop talking and demonstrating.  What will they do then?  Round us up and take us to detention camps?  Let them try.

Last night I was reading the excellent book by Glenn Greenwald, "No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the U.S. Surveillance State" and I ran across a concluding passage which I think is relevant on this day of a lost battle, but not a lost war.  Greenwald wrote, Even the most committed activists are often tempted to succumb to defeatism.  The prevailing institutions seem too powerful to challenge; orthodoxies feel too entrenched to uproot; there are always many parties with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.  But it is human beings collectively, not a small number of elites working in secret, who can decide what kind of world we want to live in.  Promoting the human capacity to reason and make decisions; that is the purpose of whistleblowing, of activism, of political journalism.

Fight on my brave Californians.  Fight on!

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and author of Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.   Visit his website at Plague The Book. Order the book HERE.



Mandatory Vaccination is Racism, watch this speech:
Tony Muhammad at Rally Against CA SB277 6/9/2015
Say No to CA SB277!


Where is the data demonstrating to so called "safety" of vaccines? Well at the Vaccine Sadety Datalink (VSD)
Is the database open for anyone to look into?
Nope, it is considered restricted data (even access to just raw numbers without identifications is restricted, so much for transparent science...)

How do you access it? It is based on a 3 step process

1 Submisson of proposals to NCHS RDC
2 Submission of proposal to VSD participating sites Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)
3 Access of VSD data

This is for the old data (before the "epidemic" of neuro-degenerative diseases in children)... how do you access the new one? well according to

"Please note: data for new vaccine safety studies are available only through December 31, 2000. Therefore, the RDC will not accept proposals requesting VSD data after December 31, 2000, for new vaccine safety studies. Access to VSD sites’ data after December 31, 2000 for new vaccine safety studies may be accessed through establishing a formal collaboration with the VSD site(s); however, such collaboration is at the discretion of the VSD site and outside the scope of the RDC data sharing program and CDC authority. "

So much for transparent science... and undeniable proof...


Attorney Robert Moxley's speech at the Education Committee SB277 hearing (fantastic by the way):

After viewing, I do believe Mr. Moxley is none too gently hinting this bill, if passed, will not pass judicial scrutiny if tested in a court of law.

This could get really messy...

Shawn Siegel

Yes, mumps offers protection against ovarian cancer.

Measles without rash is associated with sebaceous skin disease, degenerative disease of bone and cartilage and certain tumors, in adult life; and, the presence of measles antibodies at the time of infection - as in vaccine-triggered titer - interferes with the common immunological response: you won't develop the rash.

Only since the varicella vaccine was licensed in '95 have babies and toddlers developed shingles, previously reserved for adults and the elderly.

Vaccination's turned immunity on its ear.



I agree; more twists and turns, indeed.

Speaking of: I just wrote an attorney friend of mine with reference to 277 re FAPE/IDEA. I'm starting to do a slow burn with the fact that I've not seen one trial lawyer/law firm issue any sort of statement regarding the FAPE/IDEA as it pertains to this bill.

Rebecca Estepp stated during her recent interview that should her son live out here and have to be pulled due to the restrictions placed upon her family via this type of bill, her son would not be receiving a FAPE.

I brought this issue up awhile ago in one of my comments. Yet, I've not seen any legal advisor, attorney, etc., pose this issue re this bill.

This issue would have impacted my family tremendously had we been dealing with a 277 type of bill at the time our son was still in school. I am not a teacher; I was simply not able to provide for Ryan at home the academics/therapies he required. Even with an IEP in place, our district did not live up to the language inserted into our son's specialized IEP. We found that if Ryan were to catch up to his peers, we found rather quickly we were going to have to provide Ryan with other tutoring/specialized therapies on our own if he was going to excel in school (which he ultimately did, but no real thanks to his IEP program).

So - complicated issue. I'm certain this horribly written bill was vetted by certain state legal authorities before pushing it through. But I am wondering what the legal issues MIGHT be should some of these special ed students be pulled from school because their parents refuse to further vaccinate them (and rightfully so).

I've written to one law firm in Sacramento and posed the above issues to them. I hope I receive a timely response. My thought is that this issue should perhaps be an issue which is posed, either before our Senate hearing coming up, and/or before our full Assembly once it convenes on this bill.


In USA Today (and elsewhere), about an actress who at 25 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Nowhere is the public told that the antibodies created by a natural (wild) mumps infection has been shown to protect against later development of ovarian cancer - antibodies that are not created by the vaccine.

"The epidemiology of mumps parotitis has obviously changed dramatically in the last 40 years. Mumps parotitis was a very common illness in infants and children prior to 1970. With now close to universal vaccination except in the third world, mumps has become a disease of adults who were either born too early for routine vaccination or who have lost immunity after vaccination. For this reason, inferences about the consequences of parotitis on MUC1 immunity based on observations from the specimens tested here may not be generalizable to what might have occurred with childhood infection before vaccination programs began. We point out, however, that the anti-MUC1 antibody response was most robust in younger women suggesting that childhood infection, as would have occurred in the past, might have been the optimum time for engendering immunity against ovarian cancer.

Clearly, mumps vaccination only creates anti-viral antibodies and would not lead to anti-MUC1 antibodies, which we show here require an active parotitis. If it is true that symptomatic mumps protected against ovarian cancer through an immune reaction, a logical consequence is that we might expect an increased incidence of ovarian cancer as symptomatic mumps parotitis infections have decreased through vaccination. In a paper examining incidence patterns for ovarian cancer FROM 1978 TO 1998, RATES OF INVASIVE SEROUS, ENDOMETRIOID, AND CLEAR CELL TUMOR INCREASED over this time period among white females [24]. Endometrioid and clear cell cancers are the types of ovarian cancer that we found were most strongly linked to the conditions we proposed might be mediated through anti-MUC1 antibodies [10]. The above incidence data may be confounded by diagnostic trends, but re-examination of these disease rates with more recent data and a focus on the birth cohorts most likely to have been vaccinated should be undertaken.

Prior to vaccination, mumps was generally a mild illness but could have serious sequelae including orchitis and sterility, meningitis and deafness, and pancreatitis. Nevertheless, our study suggests there could also have been unanticipated long-term ANTICANCER BENEFITS OF A MUMPS INFECTION, such as we have described in this paper."

So, in this push to give multiple doses of MMR to every child and adult, where is the concern about the increase in ovarian cancer that scientist believe this intervention is directly causing?

Have to get that HPV vaccine to theoretically protect against cervical cancer, but ovarian cancer? No one seems to care.



I think there are more twists and turns in store.

Those rights will likely be declared contingent upon vaccine compliance.

Kind of like, we all have the right to vote, unless one commits a crime. They are working toward framing the unvaccinated as criminals.



I agree. But the one point I might take issue is that 'it's going to happen anyway."

I'm not so sure about that. Example: The % of special ed students who are autistic is quite high. Those kids are in IEP programs, which 'supposedly' provide them with a FAPE under the IDEA/No Child Left Behind Act.

You cannot take those kids out of these programs and equivocate that their homeschool programs will also provide them with a FAPE. There are state funded programs these students are entitled to, so not quite sure how they're going to address that issue on any legal basis.

This is a very poorly drafted piece of legislature, but one also of which I am certain was 'vetted' by certain state legal authorities before being pushed through.

I certainly hope the ACLU goes to bat for Californians should this horrid bill be signed off by our governor. They need to put 'deed to word.' If the ACLU is so against this bill, I guess we'll see how far they'll go to defend our rights in this state, should this bill land on our governor's desk for signature.


I do understand that there are many who cannot just homeschool. And likely the private schools would be the ones hit hardest since it is the wealthy that can afford them and possibly are the ones who already have one parent at home. I think if the schools felt the loss of some of these kids, it would send a message that these legislators are determined not to hear. Like it or not, it would be a financial loss to the schools and the state, and it would only be the beginning, because if they pass this bill, it will force all the other families, currently two wage earners or not, to withdraw their kids from school. It's going to happen anyway.



I like your idea, but remember that many parents just simply cannot provide a homeschool environment for their children for a variety of reasons.

It is enormously expensive to live here in California. I'm sure most of you realize this. Owning a home is out of reach for many. For most, including my family at one point, it requires two incomes to simply keep your head above water.

But having said that, I've been in contact with a former homeschool support group I used to use when homeschooling Ryan. It's called the Tri Valley Explorers. The group is located in the East Bay Area and offers an enormous support base for those considering taking on this option for their family.

I received a lovely email from Christina/TVE today. She encourages all those in this area to contact her via her website. Here's their link:


then I found you fierce warriors and realized this is a call to arms for us all. We will defeat this ignorance and corruption with Love and honesty. Thank you all and all my hope and prayers for you and your loved ones. Jon


People like you give me hope Jon.

Big change is coming, there's no way to stop it. And it will definitely have its roots in love and honesty.

The evil forces behind this madness have had their time. They're gonna try like hell to hang on to what they have, which explains a lot of the brashness that we are seeing right now. But the harder they try, the more they hasten their own demise.

Relish the new life that you've been blessed with. And rest well knowing that future generations will live free from this tyranny.


They don't want to hear what their constituents have to say. They had the audacity to mute the microphones when the people they are supposed to be representing dared to speak.

They were annoyed that so many people called them, that so many wrote to them.


Anyone who can, just take the kids out of school. Call the California Homeschooler's Association to find out how to legally homeschool in California and just do it.

May I suggest that you begin your homeschooling adventure with an intensive, in depth, real world social studies/science lesson facilitated by traveling with the kids to other states to look for new homes and places to do business. Think of all the geography, culture with the goal of getting out of crazy town for good. Think of the social skills they'll gain watching the real estate and business transactions. Washington State is close by. North Carolina is a beautiful state. Both rejected what California is about to pass.

Gut the schools. Now.

If you don't do it now, you'll be doing it later anyway because they intend to pass this regardless of what you want, and what is right.


Education Committee
Carol Liu (Chair) [Aye]
Sharon Runner (Vice Chair) [No ]
Marty Block [Aye]
Loni Hancock [Aye]
Connie Leyva [No ]
Tony Mendoza [Aye]
Bill Monning [Aye]
Richard Pan (Bill Sponsor) [Aye]
Andy Vidak [Aye]


Wait a minute… there person who sponsored this bill, was actually allowed to vote on it????

For once its a real Pan-demic

I don't believe that focusing only on the representatives and registering your opinion is enough. Theirs is a divide and conquer attack, and vaccine rights advocates should use the same technique.

The numbers of vaccine abstainers is a drop in the bucket compared the families who have no clue as to the true nature of vaccine issues and remember, it's not being reported in the media anywhere. Direct campaigning is a must.

When you get off the phone with your rep and the next committee, start emailing information to every daycare and school in your area, every teacher that has an email link that you can find, every school board member, every afterschool activity leader that makes a business off kids, because when they are done with the schools and daycares, they'll take aim at kid based businesses.

They have no idea what's coming down the pipe. They need to know what viable safe alternatives there are to vaccines (ex. the vit. D3 research from japan showing it 8 times more effective than vaccines for influenza A in children, and its positive effects on asthma. How about the WHO's acknowlegement that Vit. A could reduce the risk of mortality from measles in Africa by 70%? Link to studies showing the effects of vitamin C on viruses.)

They need a fast easy history of vaccine shenanigans. Start with basic easy to absorb info and build up. How about the chart showing measles declined before the vaccine hit the market, and any other disease that pertains to. How about the recent UK compensation for narcolepsy, how about the surveys showing unvaccinated kids are healthier. How about the one showing MORE doctor visits occuring AFTER wellness checks, how about the progress being made about HOW the damage of HPV is working in the body, how about the paralyzing people with polio shots in India fiasco, and the countries putting moratoriums in place for the HPV, how about the fact that OTHER countries DON'T mandate ANY vaccines for public school education and probably not for the teachers, either). Is the person you are contacting African American or a minority who has been discriminated against historically for other reasons? Tell the about William Thompson's revelations. Line it up like a story, send an email every day to the same people with a new bit of info and at the bottom of each one tell them who to contact to register their opposition! Tell them teachers are next,and that its now or never! Too shy to aim it at your own kid's school? Send them to someone else's school - any school at all.

When you are done with the teachers, educate the school board members and send to the PTA links.

You may not be able to win reps over with the science, but you can use science to increase the numbers that that stand with you against discrimination.

Find out where those reps live and what schools are in their areas and target them first. They and their wives have to live in neighborhoods with other people and look them in the eye. Let those neighbors know what the hell is going on!

Any of those reps go to church anywhere? Check out their neighborhood churches and start sending information to those pastors and church group contacts. Think they might care about discrimination being perpetuated by their very own member, someone they thought had their back and wouldn't sell out to lobbyists?

Any of those reps part of other groups? Find out and start sending information to those groups, and then let them one of their members just sold out in the biggest worst way possible. Have any of them stood up for African American groups before? Find out and then contact those groups about William Thompson and tell them to register their complaints.
Tell Pan's constituants and the yes vote reps' constituants what he just did. Remember, 97.5% of Californian right now have no idea what is going down and you can't bet on the media to help.

Get on the Asthma support groups and tell them about the timing of the dip/pert/tet shot and that the CDC knows that by altering the sched it would reduce asthma risk in boys by 50%. Ask them if they want to give up the right to decline that booster in the future? Parents of kids with asthma wouldn't wish it on someone else. Then give them the list of committee reps to contact.

Has the gay and lesbian community experienced any discrimination in the school system from bullying? Contact them and tell them about this discrimination. They have a very vocal and active community that doesn't hesitate to pick up the phone and make a comment. Connect the dots for them! If there is a vaccine against HIV, but it kills or maims a certain percentage of previously healthy gay people, should they be allowed to decline it or forced to take it?

Reps don't care if 2.5 percent of California gets pissed, but if you start undermining their support from other directions, you just might succeed!


Thank you all for giving me hope.
After a 12 year ordeal doing my best for my vaccine injured beautiful daughter a part of me felt dead to the joy of children and creating new life. To our surprise we found out we are pregnant again last week. Filled with trepidation and hope I mustered the courage to go once more into the breach. Then SB 277 passed the health committee, but still hope for sure it wouldl be defeated at education committee, but No...I have been sleepwalking through my day hoping it was all just a nightmare..then I found you fierce warriors and realized this is a call to arms for us all. We will defeat this ignorance and corruption with Love and honesty. Thank you all and all my hope and prayers for you and your loved ones. Jon


I get it. Sounds like a good idea but it needs to get coordinated soon. Yes, rip their tax base out. NVIC has a good article up on proposed changes to VAERS reporting. Apparently the poor docs were feeling threatened by having to put their offices to the report. Sketchy as it used to be it looks like they were attempting to make it more so.


Your idea and approach may actually work. I believe all Silicon Valley will soon depart from California, because majority of parents working there do not vaccinate their children. This way California will become economical desert in addition to being a physical desert. This my be the best approach - kill these criminals by withdrawing our $.



Lets get on the offensive

@Cmo Are you saying that each state has medical control over vaccines? If so, why don't we do a "prop 65" type thing in california. What if we could do a referendum that:
--States that in CA, drs , practices, and pharma are in fact liable for vaccine injury in the actual court system
--States that it is illegal for any health practice to give bonuses based on vaccine compliance to doctors --or if it is allowed, that it is prominently posted in the pediatrician's office that "This doctor received $x last year for administering X vaccines.
--requires drs to give every patient the actual long 4 sided tiny print insert and allows parents a day to think about it before they get the vaccine, if they want, at no charge for a return visit, and an exemption if they want one that day
--requires posters in every place that distributes vaccines that clearly label vaccine side effects, that explain how to report a vaccine injury, and that say "It's your right to refuse a vaccine"
Let's take BACK this power and use it to stop this insanity!


Pan is Corrupt,
No, I don't mean playing hooky for a couple of days. That is truancy and against the law. I mean pull them out of school permanently - homeschool starting today.

If the bill doesn't pass and people decide they want to put their kids back, they always can. But for now, I'd pull as many out of the public school system as possible. That will cause an immediate financial crisis for the public school system and the state.

Show these bastards that you are't going to allow them to sell your children. Show them that you mean business.

And any businesses that won't stay in or move to California under this law need to let these legislators know. A petition of business entities against the bill would get their attention. Let them know they will lose their tax base.


Thank goodness there are consistent FEDERAL guidelines for cantaloupe production to protect the public. Cantaloupe can kill…

Vaccines, mercury and mandated live viruses are left up to “expert medical legislators” in each of the 50 states.


Some interesting information was revealed by Kennedy about CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson. Thompson invoked federal whistleblower status this summer and hired leading whistleblower attorney, Morgan VerKamp, to represent him on his claim that his superiors had required him to lie for the past ten years about the connection between vaccines and autism. He has turned over tens of thousands of pages of documents to Congress and has "asked" to be subpoenaed by Congress. The matter is currently before Congressman Jason Chaffetz's Oversight committee. Kennedy related how the chief of staff of Chaffetz's office had said that these documents, when they are released, "are not just a smoking gun, but a wildfire that will burn CDC to its foundations."

Where in the process are these documents? This would be a good time to bring them out into the light.

False Skeptics Make Me Laugh

I'd be interested to see the pharmaceutical campaign contributions to each of the "Yes" votes. I already know that Pan received significant contributions for both his campaign and to promote this "law," but I'm curious how much the others received.


Read elsewhere leyva and runner were the 2 no votes, god bless them.


I think you missed my point.

Fred Dyste

Here is how the voting went down:

Education Committee
Carol Liu (Chair) [Aye]
Sharon Runner (Vice Chair) [No ]
Marty Block [Aye]
Loni Hancock [Aye]
Connie Leyva [No ]
Tony Mendoza [Aye]
Bill Monning [Aye]
Richard Pan (Bill Sponsor) [Aye]
Andy Vidak [Aye]

Antivaccine Prochoice

Oppose Senate Bill 277 - Protect Your Rights​

The Health committee has a hotline - 916-651-4111 - you can leave a yes or no vote on SB277 on their recording. Don't tie it up with arguments - just say you are against it. That's it. Apparently they are counting these up and that may influence the meeting. They will stop counting soon, so call now!!!


Read elsewhere leyva and runner were the 2 no votes, god bless them.

Pan is corrupt

@Linda1, maybe that's an idea. Before the end of the school year there could be a day or two designated as a sit out for those who oppose this. No attending daycare or school. And this should include anyone who doesn't agree with forcing the full, on time schedule, even if they have given some. Because they will be forced to comply fully if this passes. 2 days off is a hardship for some but it will be worse when one parent is forced to stay home to homeschool of the bill passes.


Thank you Kent. Every step forward this bill takes is an overwhelming blow to humanity as a whole.
Although this is disheartening, our voices will continue to cry out against this supreme injustice. I'm happy to see so much support and unity among those of us who refuse to support California's version of assisted suicide. Please continue to remind us that all hope is not lost; do not submit to the feelings of powerlessness that follow today's display of travesty. We are strong, and have to be to protect our kids.


Those in favor of SB277 haven't had the enlightening experience of witnessing vaccine injury firsthand. Senator Pan has never held his beautiful baby and watch it arch it's back and scream that high pitched scream for hours on end. Frank DeStefano hasn't changed twelve to fifteen diapers in one day from his child with a distended, bloated belly. Julie Gerberding hasn't left a toddler's birthday party in tears carrying her tantruming, biting, scratching, slapping 2 year-old knowing that was the last one her child would ever be invited to. Paul Offit has never woken up at 2 am hearing the sound of his child falling out of bed and having a seizure on the floor. Someone please find me a pharmaceutical lobbyist whose child has disappeared from the house, walked into the nearest retention pond, lake, or swimming pool and drowned. Hey, Robert Chen, hey Harvey Alter, yo John Coffin!!! Let's see you wake up every day at 4 am prepare thirteen supplements, cook organic meatballs, prep fermented cabbage and coconut, clean up a urine soaked bed, or vomit, or smeared feces while trying not to get spit on then you can get ready to go to work. Not that your health insurance covers your vaccine damaged child's medical needs because according to all of you there's no such thing as vaccine injury. So go ahead, maybe your bill will get passed. Why should you care? It didn't happen to you or your children. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren along with millions of others (who would have otherwise been healthy) may not be so lucky, and they'll have you in part to thank for it.

S. Wright

I feel so disheartened after todays' vote on Sb 277. This bill is like a nightmare to me and my children. I don't know what to do or who else to call or write to. Please, to everyone who reads this, keep fighting, calling and writing your senators and the governor. To think that a handful of people I don't even know are trying to over ride my ability to think for myself and make educated choices for my family is beyond an infringement on my rights as a citizen but on my right as a human!


I just read this article. And nowhere in it, did it say the names of the politicians who voted in favor of this.

Coming down hard on "a committee", is absolute an waste of time. It's like pointing an angry finger at the sky.

If you want to stop this in it's tracks, then for God sakes put some teeth in your protest. Start pointing your finger at the PEOPLE who made this happen. The politicians who are willing to fatten their bank accounts, at the expense of the nations children.

And while you're at it, see what else might be hiding in their closets.


This was a bitter lesson. I say pull the kids out of school NOW. That will get their attention.


Very sad ! You can't trust politicians for anything.


This was so blatantly pharma-pushed. The picture of Pan looking back toward his lobbyists for "help," is unreal. It's not over, but today is a dark day for sure. Thank you to everyone who showed up at the capitol to fight this. Tomorrow - once more into the breach.


More infectious than any disease the Pan-derers claim they are preventing and far more damaging.


It is proven - lobbyists of pharma mafia are behind SB277. Corrupt Pan and his gang must be removed and tried for treason.

Amy Lansky

I have tried to find some way to view all of this as positive. One thing is: we have found each other. We have built a community. We will need each other going into the future. Even if we are ghetto-ized, ours will be the healthy ghetto. I'm hoping that at some point, the tipping point will be reached (when enough children are sick) and the whole vaccine adventure will fall apart.

In fact, here is another possibility: Big Pharma knows the end is coming. That's why they've pushed these bills -- to eek out just a few more bucks before it just becomes too obvious. Because it will become obvious, when kids are all shot up with the 300 vaccines coming down the pike. Hopefully there will still be enough resisters to create a healthy remaining pocket of children for the future....

At some point, though, this will all come to a crashing end.


Before they vote yes to poison every child with toxic vaccines, we must demand them to take during 2 months all 50 vaccines, which thy are giving to infants in doses 20x higher. Who will survive this poisonous attack, he may be allowed by the people to vote yes for this mandate. I think there will be nobody in this group.

Angus Files

Hell is never hot enough for these corrupt Pharma Whores.

My thoughts and prayers are with America.


Jeannette Bishop

Yes on SB277!
Our Awesometism kids deserve the fast-pharma-track to Heaven!

Yessssss! on Senate Bill 277!
270 vaccines mandated, perfect recipe for pharma-geddon!

Why yes on 277???
Because we're so crazy and selfish and dumb!
We want VI (vaccine injury) inflicted on everyone!

Kathy Sincere

I feel like someone has died. That's right.... it's Uncle Sam. RIP

Jeannette Bishop

I'm thinking we should just start campaigning FOR this (these?) bill(s):

Yeah! Yes on SB277, mandates today!
270 new vaccines are on their way!

Kill informed consent!
270 new vaccines need no dissent!
Yes on 277! (Or no, if you want a voice.)


If politics is mostly about money -- and so it seems -- we need to think seriously about what that means for the future of our children.


Put more succinctly, one need not be a fanatic to find this process and the bill itself, appalling.


Thanks Kent. I just can't believe that they have got away with all that deception, especially in a matter to do with children's health. They have no doubt vastly underestimated how many people are concerned by this (both the level of corruption and the issue itself). I feel many parents may have spaced out vaccines or omitted some but this will force the issue.

Mary Holland

Thank you for the clear update, Kent.



I cannot even begin to describe the utter contempt I feel for those members of the Education Committee who sold out the children of their state, and voted in favor of this travesty of justice (against the will of their constituents!).
Extreme ignorance, cowardice and/or corruption are the reasons one would vote for this bill, and none of those are acceptable!
Follow the money, as this most certainly is not at all about "children's health."
This is definitely not over!

John Stone


The right words for the time - everybody must be aghast at the blatant corruption. The sight of Senator Pan going up to the three paid lobbyists to find out what to do next, and what they did next will never be forgotten or forgiven. My thoughts are with all my friends in California and Vermont.


Silvana Appleman

Thank you so much. Comforting. I love Age of Autism site. This was a travesty today.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Good words and a good show of American spirit -- I think we're in for a long haul.

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