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Who Should Make Vaccine Decisions For Your Child?

Poll Shows 72% of Californians Think Parents and Doctors—Not Politicians Should Make Decisions About Vaccinating Children

Your_rightsSACRAMENTO, CA—Survey USA released new poll results today showing Canary logo 4 22 the majority of California residents believe parents and doctors, and not bureaucrats at the State Capitol, should make vaccination choices. SB277 (Pan/Allen) eliminates the Personal Belief Exemption for vaccination, and would deny a child the right of a classroom education if their parents chose to exempt them from one, some or any of California's state-mandated vaccines.  

Opposition to this bill has reached record numbers.  More than 1000 concerned California parents have shown up to express their opposition during recent Health and Education Committees hearings, many making trips multiple times from all over the state. 

“Bills like SB277 are dying all over the country because this is America and we value freedom. In recent weeks, Oregon, Washington, Maryland, North Carolina, New Mexico, Illinois and Texas realized their proposed bills like SB277 were far too draconian to impose on their citizens. Those bills died. Is California going to join ranks with only Mississippi and West Virginia and be the third state that does not value parental choice,” asked Jude Tovatt of the California Coalition for Health Choice.

Many of the organizations opposed to SB277 point to AB2109, a California law implemented in 2014 that requires parental counseling from medical professional before a PBE can be signed. Senator Pan, then Assemblyman Pan, sponsored that bill. Since AB2109 has passed, PBEs have gone down 20%.

“Senator Pan needs to give his own prior legislation more time to work. AB2109 has resulted in a 20% reduction in PBEs. SB277 goes way too far and infringes on parental rights. This bill seems to be an answer to a problem that does not exist. Only 2.54% of kindergarten students are on a PBE, and hold them for a variety of good reasons.   Most California children are fully vaccinated and now we know from this important poll that most Californians do not support this legislation,” said Sylvia Pimentel, California State Director of the Canary Party.          

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The Canary Party is a movement created to stand up for the victims of medical injury, environmental toxins and industrial foods by restoring balance to our free and civil society and empowering consumers to make health and nutrition decisions that promote wellness.



Jeannette Bishop

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Canary Party.

Georg Elser

cmo - if only it were only about Wall Street .

There is no business model in the world that would countenance themiserol for pregnant women via the flu shot .
Themiserol is toxic at parts per billion , nano grams , and this has been known since 1948 . Thats only the mercury end , the same is true for the aluminium and so on .
No sane person can say this is about ca$h anymore .

John Stone


This is a Press Release of the Canary Party who presumably commissioned the poll from the poling organization Survey USA. You can also find this on the Canary Party website.


Where is the link to the original poll and results?

Correct me if I am mistaken,

but I understand that there are NO VACCINE MANDATES to attend school in Canada, the UK, Denmark, Norway...

Does someone has the entire list ?

Cmo, in almost all civilized, western nations vaccination is not compulsory for school attendance, and it's so for a simple reason: Education is a constitutional right in these nations. In fact, over 135 countries provide free compulsory public education as a right. Unfortunately, the US is not one of them that provides federal constitutional right to an education, hence why States can even contemplate vaccination mandates. Being Canadian, I assumed Americans had this right, but I was corrected here by an 'Iannelli' commenter. Interestingly, bill sb277 was recently criticized by the ACLU for conflicting with California's state law recognizing education as a right. Yet, whether this right would have as much bite as a federal one remains to be seen. Even more interesting, with the various nations having education as a right, even if vaccination mandates were successful in the US, it would likely end at her shores. Perhaps Australia's tying welfare payments to vaccination is one crafty way of avoiding this constitutional hitch.

The following link lists the nations in which education is a constitutional right

cia parker

I agree, Linda, I was mulling that one over yesterday. I came up with, if that many people refuse them, the balance would have tipped, and they could no longer be forced. However, that's not really true, at least not for a long time. If twenty or thirty percent refused, they would still probably be the minority. But you're right. If parents don't want to take the huge risk of vaccine injury, it doesn't matter what everyone else does, they should not be forced.

Another thing. I tried to find an independent article about this Survey USA poll: Proponent asked for a link to it after I mentioned it and said You lose. I found one site that said it had it, but my computer warned me that something wasn't right, and someone might be trying to infiltrate my computer if I opened it, so I didn't. I went to the Sacramento Bee, and saw the above ad, but wanted something more objective. There was NOTHING. I tried to go back to the first one, but by that time, five minutes later, even with the exact same phrase in my search engine, I got a list of results NONE of which mentioned the poll, not even the two I had gotten five minutes before.

Have the vaccine companies taken over the Internet to the extent that they can get reports of this survey (74% of California parents AGAINST the mandate!) quashed so that they don't come up on searches?


As Laura, Cia and others have pointed out, it is not doctors and parents, but only parents who should be making medical decisions for their children. ONLY PARENTS. Doctors are hired help with conflicts of interest. Parents must be FREE (remember? Land of the FREE?) to take or leave medical advice concerning vaccination.

It also is a dangerous argument to make - that because vaccination rates are high this legislation isn't necessary. What if vaccination rates drop because people DON'T WANT THEM? Would that be justification to FORCE these drugs on Americans? Very dangerous argument.


Correct me if I am mistaken,

but I understand that there are NO VACCINE MANDATES to attend school in Canada, the UK, Denmark, Norway...

Does someone has the entire list ?

As always, American health care starts with mandates for Wall Street & one needs four doses of most vaccines because the first three do not work...

John Stone


I am sure you could but the interesting thing is how people get to read the events in such inauspicious circumstances. It argues for total popular disillusion wih everything.



There has been talk of mysterious federal legislation that may kick in if this state by state campaign fails. "We the People" have very little say about what happens these days as shown by the passing of legislation that the public didn't want.

David Taylor

@John: One could make an argument that it is, in part, because of "all the lying, the corruption and the one sided mainstream media coverage" that citizens are not buying it and becoming more concerned about the dangers of vaccines."

John Stone

It is very interesting that with all the lying, the corruption and the one sided mainstream media coverage that people are still not buying it.

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