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Laura Hayes' Speech on Parental Rights and Medical Freedom: California SB277

Laura Hayes

Here is the transcript:

Laura Hayes’s Rally Speech Opposing SB 277 April 8th, 2015

Today marks a sad day in the history of California. Today is a day where we have had
to come from near and far to oppose medical tyranny and to fight for what is rightfully
ours, the right to decide what we allow into our bodies, and the bodies of our children.
Our right is under fierce attack by the very people we elected to protect our rights. If
the right to decide what goes into our bodies, and those of our children, is wrongfully
taken from us, what meaningful rights do we have?

How did we arrive at this place in time, where if SB 277 becomes law, police will be
required to forcibly take our children, against our will, to be force-vaccinated…with
scores of vaccines…by doctors and nurses who have sworn to “first, do no harm”, and
who are ethically and legally required to obtain prior, voluntary, and informed consent
before any and all medical procedures…including vaccination? How has it come to

I will tell you how. It begins with lies. Lies that vaccines are miraculously safe and
effective for all, unlike any other drug or medical procedure…which is especially
unbelievable as there are well over one-hundred of them. Lies that vaccines are
solely responsible for eradicating certain diseases. Lies that vaccines have been
properly tested, both individually and in the multiple combinations in which they are
administered. Lies that pharmaceutical companies don’t have corrupt influence over
government regulators. Lies that vaccine research is without fraud. Lies that fraudulent
vaccine research is true. Lies that toxic vaccine ingredients are safe. Lies denying
cover-ups of the causal links between vaccines and the endless list of conditions now
crippling the health, development, and well-being of our nation’s children. Lies that
informed consent is taking place before vaccination. Lies that someone is actually
monitoring our nation’s children post-vaccination. Lies that vaccine side effects, injuries,
and deaths are tracked. Lies that our nation has a program in place that takes care of
the vaccine-injured. Lies that even though no doctor and no company is liable for
vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths, safety remains a priority. Lies that doctors admit
and report vaccine injuries, deaths, and failures. Lies that pharmaceutical companies
tell the truth. Lies that pharmaceutical companies behave ethically when it comes to
vaccines, despite multi-million and multi-billion dollar lawsuits won against them for
fraud and deception year in and year out. Lies that vaccine injury is rare. Lies that
vaccines don’t harm and don’t kill. Lies that vaccines never cause Autism, and also
don’t seizure disorders, learning and behavioral disorders, asthma, life-threatening food
allergies, tics, SIDS, cancer, Type 1 Diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis,
and more. That lengthy list reminds me of the saying: Vaccines…the leading cause of
coincidences in the world.

Lies, lies, and more lies…that is how we have arrived at this time today where our
legislators think they have the right to disregard and undo the Constitution; the right to
ignore that which our country was founded upon, religious freedom, specifically, the
freedom to think, believe, and practice in our own way; the right to defy international
codes of ethics such as the Nuremberg Code, which prohibits forced medical treatments
and procedures, of any kind, including vaccination. Our legislators also seem to think
they have the right to violate sacred, God-given parental rights, and the right to insist
that millions of parents all submit to a one-size-fits-all prescription, make that scores of
prescriptions, which have a long, undeniable history of harming, disabling, and killing.
We must ask these legislators: What Constitutional powers have been bestowed
upon you to mandate that I must inject my child with known neurotoxins, known
carcinogens, ingredients proven to disrupt and destroy both the nervous and
immune systems, ingredients that will destroy my child’s gut and gastrointestinal
tract…ingredients that YOU, Senators and Assembly Members, wouldn’t allow in
your morning cup of coffee, but that we must inject into our children? What legal
or moral authority gives you the right to mandate that I must allow risky medical
procedures for my child, numerous times over the course of 18 years, procedures
that have the very real potential to cause great harm, grave injury, permanent
disability, and death? YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT and YOU DON’T HAVE THE
AUTHORITY to order parents to play medical Russian roulette with their children.

I would like to address the recurrent mention that all must be vaccinated to protect the
immunocompromised. The elephant in the room that refuses to be acknowledged is
how and why do we have so many children and young adults today who are classified
as immunocompromised? Could it be that the very vaccines they received, possibly
beginning in utero, and subsequently on the day of birth, and at regular intervals
thereafter, when their blood-brain-barriers were wide open and their immune systems
were undeveloped and unable to handle the barrage of toxins and viruses contained in
vaccines, could it be that they are immunocompromised due to the vaccines they
received? And now legislators propose to mandate that other children be forcevaccinated
until everyone is ill beyond repair?

Furthermore, for the children who are seriously immunocompromised, going out in
public is a danger to them, and their parents must decide if they need to be kept at
home until re-entry into social settings is possible. Vaccinating all children in the state of
CA will not protect them. There will always be diseases circulating to which they will be
exposed, including the common cold. There will always be those for whom vaccines
don’t work. There will always be those whose temporary, partial, and artificial vaccineinduced
immunity has waned and is no longer present. There will always be those who
just received live-virus vaccines, who are actually contagious and shedding the very
diseases against which they were vaccinated. There will always be a risk for those who
are immunocompromised…there is always a risk for every one. That does not mean
that others should be forced to endure risk to supposedly protect them. Furthermore,
that is not the government’s decision to make. Risk-benefit health care decisions must
be made for children by their parents, who know them best, who know their present
health status, who know the child’s family history, and who know there are many ways
to protect, maintain, and enhance their child’s health…risk-free ways…without riskladen

It is the responsibility of all parents of immunocompromised children to take the needed
measures to protect their children. It is not the responsibility of other children, most
especially if it could mean chronic illness, permanent disability, or death for those
children. It is no one’s right to put themselves in the position of valuing one
child’s life over another’s.

I am the mother of a severely vaccine-injured child who is now 21 years old. He is a
boy in a man’s body, fully dependent on others. He did not complete high school or go
to college. He is not capable of earning a living or living independently, he will not get
married or have children. As a matter of fact, he will never even go out on a first date.
He was robbed of ever living a typical and independent life because he was poisoned
and disabled by vaccines beginning in 1994, continuing through 1998. There was no
informed consent, no acknowledgement of his loss of skills and development of strange
behaviors after every single set of vaccines. There was no admitting that he received a
minimum of 237.5 mcg of neurotoxic mercury, and neurotoxic aluminum, and
formaldehyde, and anti-freeze, and animal cells and viruses, and allergy-causing food
proteins, and known carcinogens. No government agent has followed up on his vaccine
injuries so the same thing won’t happen to other children. He is one of the
unacknowledged, uncounted, uncompensated, ignored, discounted, and publicly-denied
victims who make up the ever-increasing epidemic of vaccine-injured persons.
There is indeed an urgent public health crisis sweeping the country and it is NOT
measles, mumps, or chicken pox.

It is Vaccine Injury.

Vaccine Injury is THE public health crisis facing us today.

Thank you all for coming here today to help end this vaccine madness, this medical
fascism, this oppressive tyranny…this present evil.

Because there is risk, there must be choice…parental choice.


Laura Hayes

To Kathy Ralhan,

Just saw your comment, months after you posted it. In case you check back, I do not have a FB page or blog. However, I recently compiled many of my articles, speeches, and interviews, and Vaccine Liberation Army actually created a link for them:


Just so you know, there will soon be a YouTube video link for my most recent radio interview with Jeanie Keltner (the one from 1-27-16). Josh Coleman and I are currently working on it. Stay tuned as it will hopefully run here on AoA soon :)

Sorry for the delayed reply, Kathy!

Kathy Raihan

Does she have a Facebook page to follow?

barbara zinsmeyer

what about non-shot forms vaccines like polio and nasal flu sparay? Pharm companies could get creative.

Raymond Hauglustaine

Dear Mrs. Laura,

From Belgium we want to congratulate you wholeheartedly for your strength, your courage, your wisdom and your great speech. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do to save the health of so many people worldwide and let the truth prevail.
Warmest regards,


One for the history books Ms Hayes.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm wondering if we need to be educating more on the current politics (CDC fraud) of vaccination, though certainly hearing that a parent will pull a child out of the public system may impact votes. As a parent who has homeschooled with a public school charter school (i.e. under the state public school system) I'm wondering how legally protected those who've filed as a private homeschool currently feel in this state. The atmosphere seemed a little uncertain/threatening when I first considered homeschooling, and I'm concerned on (at least) a couple of points: some might actually think that having the few "crazy" non-compliant parents "encouraged" to get out of the public system is a good idea (even more incentive to vote the bill forward), and I'm also concerned that "private" homeschooling is not even truly going to be a respected option?

Also from


"The California State Parent Teachers Association, which includes 800,000 members, has endorsed the bill. But the California Teachers Association, one of the most powerful unions in the state, on Sunday declined to take a position on the bill.

"CTA spokeswoman Claudia Briggs said that the Burlingame-based group's Council of Education, comprised of about 800 of its more than 300,000 members, voted to take a "watch position" on SB 277.

"She said that means the CTA will "monitor the bill and if there are any significant amendments to the bill, those will be brought to the appropriate committees for consideration and possible change of position."

"Asked what kinds of amendments would warrant a change in position, Briggs said she did not know."

Does anyone know why the CTA is delaying or avoiding endorsing the bill? Are our teachers more cognizant there is a problem with vaccine injury in our schools? Are they concerned about mandates for themselves also? Concerned about the violation of informed consent?



"As he seeks to push his controversial vaccine bill through another committee vote Wednesday, Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, is expected to confront a legion of even more determined opponents than he witnessed last week when Senate Bill 277 cleared its first hurdle.

But this time, adversaries of the bill -- which would repeal the state's personal belief exemption and require that only children who have been immunized for diseases such as measles and whooping cough be admitted to a school in California -- are returning with what they say is a powerful trump card..."

Jeannette Bishop

Also very good:



Great website:


Opposition to SB277

..."In the analysis that Health Committee Directory prepared for the Chair (Hernandez), the ACLU expressed 2 paragraphs of concerns, and the The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Inc.and many groups stood up to state their opposition for the bill:

“The ACLU of California writes that while they appreciate that vaccination against childhood diseases is a prudent step that should be promoted for the general welfare, they do not believe there has been a sufficient showing of need at present to warrant conditioning access to education on mandatory vaccination for each of the diseases covered by this bill. ACLU of California writes that unlike other states, public education is a fundamental right under the California Constitution, and equal access to education must therefore not be limited or denied unless the State demonstrates that its actions are “necessary to achieve a compelling state interest.” ACLU of California writes that this bill does not declare what this interest might be, nor does it explain why denying students access to education is necessary to advance that interest. If there is, in fact, a compelling governmental interest in mandating that all students in every school be vaccinated against each of the enumerated diseases except for medical reasons, the bill should be amended to explain specifically what that interest is, where it exists, and under what conditions and circumstances it arises..."


I agree with Bob Moffitt that this should go viral.
This was an outstanding speech. Flawless.
Thank you.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Thankyou , with deep gratitude- Laura Hayes, for calling the silent holocaust for what it is. I was so depressed today, thinking of all the childdren I see in New Delhi who no longer look well, healthy and intellectually bright. To make matters worse, most people, including most doctors are not familiar with child development and think that these kids are ok. We are heading for a time when few know what a really healthy child is. Recently I found in an old magazine, a photo of a sturdy boy of about one and a half, walking purposefully, pulling a tiny wagon. Do we see anything like that now?- Not often- the child of that age is now carried by his parents and we think it to be normal.


Laura, so beautifully and powerfully stated. I think the whole world needs to hear your speech. This should have been aired on the evening news. Was it? Even in California?



W. Jean Dodds, DVM
938 Stanford Street
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 828-4804; Fax: (310) 453-5240

The challenge to produce effective and safe vaccines for the prevalent infectious diseases of humans and animals has become increasingly difficult. In veterinary medicine, evidence implicating vaccines in triggering immune-mediated and other chronic disorders (vaccinosis) is compelling. While some of these problems have been traced to contaminated or poorly attenuated batches of vaccine that revert to virulence, others apparently reflect the host’s genetic predisposition to react adversely upon receiving the single (monovalent) or multiple antigen “combo” (polyvalent) products given routinely to animals. Animals of certain susceptible breeds or families appear to be at increased risk for severe and lingering adverse reactions to vaccines.

The onset of adverse reactions to conventional vaccinations (or other inciting drugs, chemicals, or infectious agents) can be an immediate hypersensitivity or anaphylactic reaction, or can occur acutely (24-48 hours afterwards), or later on (10-45 days) in a delayed type immune response often caused by immune-complex formation. Typical signs of adverse immune reactions include fever, stiffness, sore joints and abdominal tenderness, susceptibility to infections, central and peripheral nervous system disorders or inflammation, collapse with autoagglutinated red blood cells and jaundice, or generalized pinpoint hemorrhages or bruises. Liver enzymes may be markedly elevated, and liver or kidney failure may accompany bone marrow suppression. Furthermore, recent vaccination of genetically susceptible breeds has been associated with transient seizures in puppies and adult dogs, as well as a variety of autoimmune diseases including those affecting the blood, endocrine organs, joints, skin and mucosa, central nervous system, eyes, muscles, liver, kidneys, and bowel. It is postulated that an underlying genetic predisposition to these conditions places other littermates and close relatives at increased risk. Vaccination of pet and research dogs with polyvalent vaccines containing rabies virus or rabies vaccine alone was recently shown to induce production of antithyroglobulin autoantibodies, a provocative and important finding with implications for the subsequent development of hypothyroidism (Scott-Moncrieff et al, 2002).

Vaccination also can overwhelm the immunocompromised or even healthy host that is repeatedly challenged with other environmental stimuli and is genetically predisposed to react adversely upon viral exposure. The recently weaned young puppy or kitten entering a new environment is at greater risk here, as its relatively immature immune system can be temporarily or more permanently harmed. Consequences in later life may be the increased susceptibility to chronic debilitating diseases.


Betty Bona

An absolutely perfect speech! Thank you, Laura.

@Kathy Sincere -is there anything more bodies can do for you at the Colorado Department of Health?


Great Job Laura.

This battle is raging globally and just after I heard Hilary Clinton (every child by two) announces and when I thought things couldn’t get much worse this, I read this .....the removal of state benefits in Adelaide Australia for declining to vaccinate…could not make this up.

This is just astonishing – forced medication of a population and no-one protests ?

Society is so ill informed and so dumbed down they don’t even know what is being done to them.
Simply bewildering , speechless


Very powerful speech, Laura.
Thank you for defending the innocent children from criminal attempt of the regime and pharma mafias to maim or kill them with toxic vaccines. We will never allow mandatory crippling of the entire US populations. If vaccine fascists try to do it, they will face civil war. Nonetheless, people of California should immediately declare vote of mistrust for their extremely stupid, corrupt and criminal legislators, and should initiate procedures of kicking them out.


WOW. Fabulous job, Laura. I'm so moved and impressed and grateful, I can't think of a thing to add.


Great speech, Laura (and to all those that spoke out as well)! Yes, vaccine injury is THE leading public health crisis of today's time. It MUST be stopped. No matter what the cost.

I wish I could attend this next hearing, but will be with you all in spirit during this next go round.

Also - a heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr. Bob Sears for all you've done in support of this cause. Your support has been invaluable to all those who are so passionate about this issue.


Laura, you said it all. This great speech should be sent to each and every one of those senators. I will be sharing widely.


Would siblings of vaccine injured or those with auto immune conditions not be able to get a medical exemption? Pardon my ignorance of this has been answered before.

Katie Wright

Way to go Laura!!!!! Thank you

Mark Curran

Wow - possibly one of the greatest speeches ever made.

I live in the UK and while we don't have mandatory vaccinations there is little by way of informed choice but plenty of by way of scare tactics and misinformation to 'force' vaccinations.

I have two vaccine damaged children and fully endorse every word of this speech.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! Yesterday I viewed the rally and the Trace Amounts Q&A video posted by the same YouTube user. Thank you for the huge effort that must have gone into both events.

The words that stand out for me most are, "Vaccine Injury is the ... health crisis today."

Will the Senate Education Committee care to know that VI is a major part of the educational crisis today, as well?


Laura your words and your delivery of those words was impeccable and extremely moving. Thankyou for all the thought and preparation you put into this speech. It should indeed go viral!

I can only say one more thing and it is to Hilary Clinton - Hilary you should listen well to this woman and hang your head in shame.


Great speech. Thank you for saying so clearly and beautifully what needed to be said.

I hope if this goes through that it can be challenged legally. And I agree with Jeff; if the special ed kids are homeschooled it will cost California less and they are hoping the problem will go away...
But how many siblings and kids from susceptible families who are forced to be vaccinated will become special ed because of this?

The idea of medical exemptions is a farce; they only come for the most part after severe irreversible damage has already been done.


Just perfect. Thanks for fighting for my son and daughter who are vaccine-injured, Laura. You remind me that God is with us and that through people like you, His good will triumph.

Laura Hayes

Thank you for the nice comments, AoA Family :) I have learned much from all of you over the years, and am continually inspired by and encouraged by you!

For anyone who would like to watch the entire rally, 2 hrs. in length, here are 2 different links:

https://youtu.be/23hLOHQ7r4o (filmed and edited by Josh Coleman of Roseville, CA)

http://bit.ly/1OnrW9p (filmed and edited by AutismOne.org)

Bob Moffitt

Just had opportunity to "watch" Laura's incredible speech .. it was riveting .. powerful .. delivered with a self-confident .. self-assured demeanor .. that was nothing less than inspirational.

If any speech deserves to "go viral" .. this is the ONE!


Thank you Ms Hayes for your stand. I was not aware you are co-founder of UC-Davis MIND Institute.

From Fox News:

"Sen. Carol Liu, chair of the Education Committee, which will hear the bill next week, said through a spokesman that the proposal has generated more calls to her office than any other this year, including measures on immigration, doctor-assisted suicide and police shootings."


Notice how the national coverage here has been sparse? Each and every one of these legislative fiats becomes a public relations nightmare for the medical/pharma fascists. The more the vaccine fascists talk, the less sense they make. The reasons for the bills are ever evolving- the latest I heard was that unvaccinated tend to "cluster." The public I think is starting to finally wake up and pay attention. Let the vaccine fascists keep talking- especially the inveterately ignorant Dr. Pan. He could not care less about vaccine injured families, and it shows every time he opens his mouth.

Kathy Sincere


Thank you for speaking the Truth, so eloquently and courageously. Your spirit shines through the video and it is inspiring. I'll be speaking (along with many others) before our Colorado Health Department hearing this Wednesday the 15th and will take my talking points from your speech. As Jeff Ransom said, "Laura Hayes for President". Keep fighting; THIS IS NOT OVER!


This was an excellent speech!!

Laura Hayes

To CD:

Yes, please share away!

Jeff Ransom

I think what California is really saying is, we are spending a lot of money to educate children that has been brain injured by vaccines & they know if they deny the brain injury was from vaccines then try to force you to give your child even more vaccines you will just home school your child saving California a lot of money.

Dan Burns




Your speech was perfect in so many ways. I'm in awe of your bravery. Thank you so much. May I share your words?

Jeff Ransom

O my goodness this, is great. So much information & truth in just 14 minutes. Laura Hayes for President.

Angus Files

"Vaccines…the leading cause of
coincidences in the world."

Vaccines the leading cause of ,for the greater good syndrome

Well said Laura every word true true and true again unlike the lies lies lies of the legislators.


david m burd

To Laura Hayes,


Bob Moffitt

Laura .. it is stunning to witness courageous moms like yourself "speak truth to power" .. in State after State .. only to be met with stoney silence of legislators who pretend not to see or hear their voices.

Reminds me of the classic Dr. Seuss book .. "Horton Hears a Who" ..

wherein we read the story of Horton the Elephant,
who while splashing in a pool, hears a small speck of dust talking to him. Horton surmises that a small person lives on the speck and places it on a clover, vowing to protect it. He later discovers that the speck is actually a tiny planet, home to a community called Whoville, where microscopic creatures called Whos live. The Mayor of Whoville asks Horton to protect them from harm, which Horton happily agrees to, proclaiming throughout the book that "a person’s a person, no matter how small."

Unfortunately, the USA today .. compares to Dr. Seuss's mythical city of "whoville" ... where no matter how many voices are raised .. vaccine injured toddlers remain "unacknowledged, uncounted, uncompensated, ignored, discounted". Victims of official callous disregard.

In his mission to protect the speck, Horton (Dr. Wakefield?) is ridiculed and harassed by the other animals in the jungle for believing in something that they are unable .. or more likely .. unwilling .. to see or hear.

Laura stated:

There is indeed an urgent public health crisis sweeping the country and it is NOT measles, mumps, or chicken pox.

It is Vaccine Injury.

Vaccine Injury is THE public health crisis facing us today."

THAT is the message from "Whoville" in the USA today .. a growing community populated by courageous moms speaking up for their toddlers .. reminding the most powerful among us that

"a person's a person, no matter how small"

It is a shame that it takes fairy-tale like HORTON to remind us of what should be common sense.

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