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Kennedy at the Commonwealth Club and the Fight for California

Robert F Kennedy Jr 3By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

The ticket I purchased for the event, "Robert Kennedy, Jr: Thimerosal - Let the Science Speak" had on it the following words and promise: "You're on your way to an event at the nation's leading public affairs forum, The Commonwealth Club."

I knew the venue well, having been a member for several years when I lived in San Francisco.  And the Club had recently extended a speaking invitation to me, my co-author, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and Dr. Brian Hooker, for an event entitled "American Whistleblowers" which for the moment remains "postponed."  I have always supported the stated mission of the Commonwealth Club to be "the leading national forum open to all for the impartial discussion of public issues important to the membership, community, and nation."  As I have stated before, I believe the question of the epidemic of immune and neurological problems such as autism presents a watershed moment in our country's history.  We will either redeem the promise of an America where we are free to discuss important issues or we will enter an age of darkness for which our children and grandchildren will curse us.

Kennedy began his talk to a crowded room of about 250 people by thanking the Commonwealth Club for being the first place in the country to allow him to have an open discussion about the question of mercury, vaccines, and autism.  He stated that no network or newspaper in this country will allow him to engage in this debate.  Kennedy pointed out that there were rare, honest journalists willing to take on this issue, like our own Dan Olmsted, formerly of UPI, Sharyl Attkisson, formerly of CBS, and Alison Camerotta, formerly of Fox News and just hanging on by her fingers at CNN.  But they get shut down by their editorial bosses.

Kennedy talked about four scathing reports by federal agencies over the past couple years that paint the CDC and their relationship with vaccines as a "cesspool of corruption."  There was a three year study by the House Oversight Committee in 2000, a follow-up study which said the conflicts of interest were "debilitating the agency," a 2004 study by Senator Tom Coburn, a 2008 study by the Inspector General of Health and Human Services, and a 2014 study by the Office of Research Integrity in which the head of the office, David Wright, resigned because he said the dysfunction at the CDC and FDA were "intractable."

In discussing how this came to happen, he cited the removal of vaccines from the civil justice system by the creation of the Vaccine Court in 1986, and the vast amount of money spent by the pharmaceutical industry in the political process (twice that of oil companies), and among the news networks (sometimes 70% of their advertising revenues).  The lawyers have been taken out of the process, the regulatory agencies, the politicians, and the press neutralized.

Some interesting information was revealed by Kennedy about CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson.  Thompson invoked federal whistleblower status this summer and hired leading whistleblower attorney, Morgan VerKamp, to represent him on his claim that his superiors had required him to lie for the past ten years about the connection between vaccines and autism.  He has turned over tens of thousands of pages of documents to Congress and has "asked" to be subpoenaed by Congress.  The matter is currently before Congressman Jason Chaffetz's Oversight committee.  Kennedy related how the chief of staff of Chaffetz's office had said that these documents, when they are released, "are not just a smoking gun, but a wildfire that will burn CDC to its foundations." 

Kennedy talked of how he had been present when his family started what became known as "Special Olympics" and they never saw a child with autism.  He talked about how the severe problems of these children cause their parents to essentially "disappear" from society and political discourse because they are just trying to get through the day managing their lives and their children.  To say that this problem was missed in previous generations was 'like missing a train wreck."  He recalled how he had been in Utah the previous night, which has both the highest vaccination rate and the highest autism rate, 1 out of every 39 kids.

Kennedy recalled how his father often wondered how normally good, decent human beings could be complicit in a holocaust.  It seemed to Robert Kennedy, Sr. that such widespread injustice usually involved an authority figure who was getting undeserved reverence and a willingness on the part of the population to put their heads down and ignore what was happening around them.

Kennedy is deeply engaged in the fight against vaccine mandates in California.  I encourage all who can attend to join Kennedy on the west steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento, TODAY, April 8, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. for a rally opposing this proposed law and attend the hearing at 1:30 p.m. before the Senate Health Committee.  Those who attend are asked to wear red shirts for the rally.  (Don't worry, it's not a Star Trek red shirt thing.  You will be allowed to return home safely!)

I also encourage ALL of the people reading this post to send a respectful  e-mail to the President of the Commonwealth Club, Dr. Gloria Duffy, expressing your appreciation that by allowing Robert Kennedy, Jr. to speak they are living up to the best traditions of an open society.  If you would like to add an additional comment that you hope they will soon reschedule the "American Whistleblowers" talk for me, Dr. Mikovits, and Dr. Hooker, I would greatly appreciate it. 

To my dear brothers and sisters in this fight, I believe we may be near a turning point.  Do whatever you can, but do something.

The e-mail address for Dr. Duffy is [email protected]

Kent Book PlagueKent Heckenlively is a Founding Contributing Editor to Age of Autism and co-author with Dr. Judy Mikovits of Plague: One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.   Visit his website at Plague The Book. You can order the book HERE.


Georg Elser

Anita Donnelly - Wonderful comment

And this comment , and if its comes to pass , is all down to Brian Hooker (he is the ONE , he is the ONE we have to thank)

"The matter is currently before Congressman Jason Chaffetz's Oversight committee. Kennedy related how the chief of staff of Chaffetz's office had said that these documents, when they are released, "are not just a smoking gun, but a wildfire that will burn CDC to its foundations."

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Kent! Thank you, RFK Jr., for coming here to California to inform those who will listen of the state of vaccine safety in the U.S.! I pray you are both blessed for your efforts!


Watched almost the whole thing. Thanks for posting the link.


6/2 out of Health Committee for the #SB277 bill- Pray for the Kids of California!


Wild fire that will burn CDC to it foundations - Thanks Bob for passing this on.

Could it be that in my life time - I will see justice? Not only justice but the world will be saved? What will this do to the whole of the medical profession?

I just had a nurse tell me this weekend (hubby in the hospital with double pneumonia) that it is good to read - even if it is selective reading, saying to me that yes, good to read even if I have to hunt to find what I wanted to know. Sigh.

Will they have their world rocked to the core like I did so many years ago?
Will the Doctor at the VA; that asked me if I had a medical degree - finally get it that a degree is not the end of learning or an indication that you have been taught what is the truth in the real world?


I do not support any politicians in general.
They turn with the money tide.
I see rfk as more of the rich man's bidder 70 in this effort.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Mr. Heckenlively. I shall send an email.


Amen, Greyone. Thanks to any who dare speak out who have power. Donald Trump, Robert Kennedy, Rand Paul come to mind, I know there are a few more.


I am grateful to Robert Kennedy Jr for his work against environmental toxins and his willingness to give voice to those affected by this epidemic, and especially for calling the regulatory agencies to task.

Anita Donnelly

We went to see Trace Amounts last night in Sacramento.WOW. GO TO A SCREENING IF YOU CAN ! Buy it and show it to your friends and family if you can't! A huge crowd filled the auditorium, kudos to every person involved. The whole event brought tears of hope to my eyes. To hear the film tell our story, to know the sacrifice involved by so many just to make this happen . . .the courage it has taken to speak truth to power. To counter all the lies with the simple truth: Injecting neurotoxins into anyone is wrong. It's stupid. It's unpardonable. It's evil. The CDC knows it and pharma makes profits by needlessly brain damaging our entire population. And it needs to stop. NOW.

As an Irish Catholic, I grew up deeply admiring the Kennedy family. Our family mourned the tragedies years after they happened . I read every speech I could find by RFK and JFK. My faith in their essential good never wavered, and at times I was ridiculed for being so idealistic as to believe they meant what they said. . . So, to have RFK Jr be the only political Democratic voice with the courage to speak the truth is the most touching, amazing thing to me, and incredibly comforting. To know that someone whose family has always stood up for the rights of those who are in danger, was standing up for us and for our children . . . WOW. Bobby seems to be an introvert, and it was clear he was tired and probably not enjoying the meet and greet much, but he did it anyhow, and we got to have photos with him we will always treasure. This man has offered himself up to our cause simply because it is right and because what we say is true. To all of you, RFK Jr, Age of Autism, Brian Hooker,Dr. Sears, Trace Amounts staff, Dan, Max, Anne, Kent, all the Moms, Kim, all of you who put together this event and all who continually speak out. If there is a God, and I believe there is-- when you die, you are going straight to heaven. You have chosen to tell the truth over wealth, and to save children at the expense of your own careers. . . .to organize, to work, to enlighten, to inform. For taking on this huge burden to help all children and to speak the truth. I am in awe in your presence.
We need to get congress to subpoena William Thompson. ASAP. Any and all advice on how to do this??

Birgit Calhoun

Kent, do you have an idea why your event "American Whistleblowers" is being postponed?

Jeannette Bishop

California Senate Health Committee hotline: 916-651-4111

There may still be time to influence the committee vote today. It's recommended you leave a simple no on SB 277 message, avoid tying up the line with arguments.


For those of you interested in viewing today's hearing in Sacramento (1:30 p.m. PST), here is the link:


Could you post links to the studies of CDC corruption mentioned in the article? I found one titled "CDC Off Center" from 2007:

Concerned educator

Respectful and thankful letter- done!

Georg Elser

Msg for Jenny Allen . And how you remember the diseases of the past (so there is still a case for some limited chosen vaccination) .

I recommend the book Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries for you . And in it she blows the Polio\DDT lie apart and suggests vaccines have played no part in its demise - it was the cessation of the use of DDT that brought the 50 years of the Polio epidemic to a close .

Likewise she deals with Diptheria , a disease that disappeared when poverty was tackled and nutrition improved .
Vaccines are a lie from start to finish .

Jenny Allan

Dear Dr Duffy,

As a fellow Scottish Citizen, I would like to endorse the comments of Angus Files, and add my thanks to the Commonwealth Club, for allowing Robert Kennedy Junior to present his vaccine views and supporting evidence freely, and without censorship.

Angus Files

Thanks Kent for the update what a great family the Kennedy`s are god bless them.


Dear Dr Duffy,

Just a thank you from us over here in Scotland in the United Kingdom in allowing Robert Kennedy a chance to speak in an open manner concerning corruption, vaccines,etc.This evil seems to stem from the US Government bodies, and afflicts the entire world. We would love to hear of the cancelled Whistle-blowers meeting and the possibility of this happening, without further ado.

Many thanks


Angus Files

Bob Moffitt

"The matter is currently before Congressman Jason Chaffetz's Oversight committee. Kennedy related how the chief of staff of Chaffetz's office had said that these documents, when they are released, "are not just a smoking gun, but a wildfire that will burn CDC to its foundations."

This is truly encouraging news .. can't wait to see the public outrage when these "documents" finally see the sunlight ..

I have this image of people standing atop the Berlin Wall .. swinging sledgehammers and removing it with their bare hands .. brick by brick.

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