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A Tragic Derailment of Future Plans As Vaccine Safety Regulators Are Asleep At The Switch

Heartwrenching Public Service Announcement: Preserve Parental Choice for Vaccination

Through this powerful 30-second ad, Karen Kain reveals how her daughter Lorrin's life radically changed 2 hours after being vaccinated as an infant. At the end, Karen appeals to all to maintain parental choice in vaccination as the movement grows to strip parents of their right to informed consent with their children's healthcare decisions. Lorrin Kain died, severely disabled, at the age of 15.



@All It Takes,

You've brought up so many good points. I guess, in retrospect, it wouldn't make much difference to these cretans should they view these videos of our damaged kids. Believing isn't always seeing what's right in front of your eyes. Denial is extremely powerful...

I keep hoping some brilliant attorney out there will start taking Big Pharma to task and sue their assess off, but I don't see evidence of that happening. They've effectively taken California down this hell hole and it's on to the next state; ALL planned in advance strategically, in part, during the annual Governors meeting of which Sherri Tenpenny has pointed out (approx. one year ago).

The issue with exemptions has been hinted at by none other than Offit for quite awhile now. He clearly let it be known he did not feel parents should have the continued right to the use of their exemptions. (When we start hearing statements like this, it's fair to say they've already got their little agenda in the works.)

They are going after ALL our exemptions. Mark my words, they will be looking to further restrict our medical exemptions at some point in the near future.

Then there's the issue with this Adult Immunization Program. I think it's fair to say they've got their plan lined up for that as well and will be unrolling that lovely program in the near future. They've already got a bill on the table in Vermont which would require all teachers in that state to be fully up-to-date with their vaccines in order to keep their positions.

My heart goes out to all parents who are facing this horrendous situation, as you describe. This is an utterly impossible situation. I hope yet again that some litigator out there (Jonathan Emord perhaps) might take this issue to a higher court. But after that last Supreme Court ruling, I don't have much faith left in our judicial system re this issue any longer.

cia parker

Gotta watch this one. Elizabeth Warren and Anne Schuchat solemnly swearing on all that's holy that vaccines NEVER EVER cause autism or autoimmune disease, absolutely NEVER, but that the DISEASES CAN and DO!

All it takes for evil is for good people to remain silent --CALL California!

The other part of the story needs to be told: that even if you saw your child have an injury, the way the law is now, you would be forced to vaccinate if you could not get a doctor to sign off that she should not get another vaccine. You would be forced to choose between an education for your child and possibly killing them or re-injuring them. We heard the doctor yesterday deny vaccine injury and say it was 4 in a million. They don't believe us. Our legistlators don't believe us. So we have to go to doctor to doctor our special needs child in tow? How much do they hate us for our injured child bearing witness to their refusal to see, bearing witness to their greed and arrogance? All we had was an exemption that didnt force us to grovel before an arrogant person who has already violated our trust. It would be like asking a rape victim to get permission from a rapist to not have to get raped again. I don't think that analogy is too much. Our child got injured in his or her body by the hands of the medical establishment. No one had to go to jail or bear liability for it Now we have to go to that same body to get permission to not have our child get injured again. It couldn't be more cruel if had been designed by Mengele.
It would be like, if you saw your child react to peanut butter, but no one believed there was such a thing, and the govt and your doctor forced you to give the child peanut butter and then had no liability. Maybe they WANT to push our children out of the school system once again to keep there from being a witness. To the home schooled never vaccinated--they can attribute their abilities to being home schooled. To the inuured home schoolers--no one will see the injury and tax payers won't have to provide special ed. If you have ever wondered how movements that hurt innocent people happen, you have only to study the techniques used by the medical and pharma establishment to lie, lie, lie. We are living through a hideious takeover, a coup of the govt by the corporation, of the corporation, and for the corporation. God Save us all. And thank you to Lorrin's family for your courage. The pain of reliving this must be enormous.


I've read Lorrin's story and it's absolutely heartbreaking. I hate to say this, but I think more parents need to put their children's injuries/videos (if they have them) out there in some sort of venue so that these legislators can see these children aren't just statistics. These legislators need to see the 'before' and 'after' with these kids!

Our son suffered with petit mal seizures shortly after his DPT vaccine. I can still remember when he was in his high chair and watching him as he seized. I didn't realize at the time that he was seizing; had no clue. It was only after we put everything together that we realized what was going on.

I couldn't view the entirety of that Q & A session after the public input; it was too painful to watch. I could see the writing on the wall. It was patently obvious the minds of most of these legislators were already fixed on a supportive vote.

Time after time after time people came up to that microphone and voiced opposition to this bill, yet it made no (seemingly) impact whatsoever.

My husband said the following to me this morning, "If money didn't talk, corporations wouldn't be giving it away."

I think that about sums things up...

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Karen, for speaking out including giving your testimony in California yesterday.


Critics of the truth always come up short. Yes, it is hard to recognize and watch sometimes, but what might be much worse is allowing this toxic injection - because you knew not to decline it for the long-term benefit to a helpless child!

Betty Bona

Thank you, Karen Kain, for this video.


The local news pointed out that they - the guys that put out the commercial - that the baby - did not die untill it was 15 years old.

Where do you begin on messed up thinking like this?

So those seizures went on for 15 years - and at a time that she should be picking a dance dress for the Holiday school dance, they were instead picking out a casket.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I wrote these stories for AoA about Lorrin and Karen.

The Story of Lorrin Kain, a Deadly DPT "Hot Lot" and a ...

Book Debut on 20 Year Anniversary of the DPT Injury that ...

Dan Burns

This is great. I can make a 30-second video about my son's vaccine injury. How can I get it on TV as a PSA?

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