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David Foster Accuses Senator Liu Over SB277

LiuCalifornia citizen and AoA correspondent David Foster has written an open letter to Senator Liu and the California Education Committee highlighting underhand tactics and hidden dealings at Wednesday's meeting.

Senator Liu,

We know what you did at the SB277 Education Committee hearing April 16 2015

California Senate Education Committee Members -

It has come to our attention that something profoundly rotten happened this week at the Senate Education Committee hearing on SB277.

We watched with great surprise as the first four Senators asked very pointed questions about SB277 that Dr. Pan did not have any answers to. One Senator even referred to SB277 as "draconian". Then the Chair of the Committee, Senator Liu, asked questions and made comments which gave the impression that she was also not a fan of the bill.

What happened next was something all of you might consider to be politics as usual, but to us constituents this is one of the most deceitful things I have ever seen from a political body...I am 51 years old so believe me that is saying a lot.

Sen. Liu informed Dr. Pan that his bill was not going to make it past the committee, and she suggested that he collect answers to questions posed by the committee so they could hold a closed-session vote the following week. Dr. Pan agreed.

What we all are extremely concerned about is the marked discrepancy between the opinions expressed by the Senators at the hearing -- especially those from Sen. Liu -- and the results of an early poll on SB277 taken on April 14 (two days before the hearing). Surprise surprise, Dr. Liu is apparently in support of the bill, so it is no wonder that she saved it. In the entire Committee there were 3 Yes, 1 leaning Yes, 3 Undecided, and 1 declined to answer.

    Early Poll of Senate Education Committee Members on SB277, April 14 2015

Now we know what really happened on April 16.

Even though the Committee clearly did not have the numbers to pass SB277, Sen. Liu gave the pretense of having concerns about the Bill, but then gave it a Get Out of Jail card and gave Dr. Pan one week to answer the Committee's questions. The obvious intent here was twofold: (1) delay the vote for one week to accommodate upcoming planned changes to the Committee's membership...one Senator, who was only on the committee temporarily, would be replaced, and a vacancy was to be filled, thus assuring that those in Favor had sufficient numbers to pass the Bill; and (2) be able to hold this vote in private with no opportunity for any constituents or experts to address the answers provided by Dr. Pan.

We find it difficult to understand how you can possibly justify making changes to the membership of a Committee after it has heard testimony on a critically important piece of legislation, and then vote on that legislation with new members who were not even there to hear testimony or ask questions. But what is especially hard to fathom, Sen. Liu, is how you can be so incredibly disingenuous during the hearing, and then ignore the very real and appropriate concerns raised by your own members when you vote next week.

This charade is an egregious abrogation of your responsibilities as Senators to represent the interests of your constituents and respect the legislative process we have come to expect here in America.

Shame on all of you taking part in this, and especially shame on you Senator Liu.

If your reformulated Committee really does pass SB277 next week, then it will have become painfully obvious that this was a purely political decision which ignored all of the relevant and crucial questions raised by your own Members this week. You have no business even being on the Education Committee since you are clearly not acting in the best interest of California's educational system.

I promise you that I will make it my life's purpose to see to it that every Senator who votes Yes on this bill gets voted out of office.

David Foster




No. That comment was taken right off the pages of a certain pediatrician who was allegedly on the pro-choice side of our community. He stated right on his Facebook page that parents in the pro-choice movement should have their children write 'nice' notes to each and every legislator as an act to show these representatives that our side are really nice people, and not the quacks we were made out to be by those on the pro vaccine side who didn't understand our issues re SB277.

In fact, given your comments regarding Bolen (and by which I completely agree), he outs this particular pediatrician in one of his articles. This 'make nice' issue angered Bolen as much as it did me and many others.


David thank you for your focus! Another hero!!!


We should.be calling for the resignations of these corrupt politicians, asap!


Speaking of: I just read that one of our activists is proposing parents MAKE NICE to our Senators re SB277 by baking cupcakes and making 'nice/feel good' posters to submit to some of our Senators. I have to say, I am completely pro the 'kill them with kindness' creed AT TIMES, depending on your audience.

I think this comment was meant to mock the pro-choice group. Several other comments said that the people posting this were plants-otherwise know as trolls. Purpose to plant the idea that this situation should be approached with a soft touch rather than a hard push back which is what the people behind this California event don't want.

Jeannette Bishop

Wow! I just wondered what vital updates, messages, possibly recommendations/directions from somewhere, the CA Senators were receiving from staff moving in and out during the hearing...I assumed their own staff, maybe other senator's staff...lobbyists have to be on the spot? Really, the cynic in me can't be sure what expressions of concerns about SB 277 are legit, what are attempts to get in a more politically secure voting position, and what are really just bargaining chips?

How do we get most fully vaccinating Californians to see that their right to not inject 300 different vaccines in their child (and themselves) maybe, if they don't want to, is at risk?

David Foster

You simply have to go to these links to believe this!

It looks like we may have video evidence of Dr. Pan taking orders from a paid pharmaceutical industry lobbyist at the end of the SB277 Education Committee hearing...when the Chair Sen. Liu asked him whether he would like to delay the vote for a week.



It all makes perfect sense now.


I've been following Bolen for a long time and he's provided me over the years with some good information that I could use in regards to other health issues. He's the first person to give me the complete low down on David Gorski long before anyone else. I don't have to like him to take into consideration what he has to offer. My instincts are pretty good after years of dealing with more BS than Bolen could ever put out and IMHO, the man's heart and soul are in the right place. He's has an ego no doubt. He knows it which is why he goes the extra mile in my opinion-except with the California agenda which even he admits he could have done more to provide information, to inform people of laws, rules etc that others did not know existed. That type of personality doesn't quit. That's what's needed in the the fight to maintain medical autonomy-someone who doesn't quit. When has the government ever played nice?


Danchi -- I agree with Ottoschnaut about the negative effects Tim Bolen has had on the vaccine injury community.

Recently Bolen had the unmitigated gall to brag online that he deliberately watched the SB277 struggle from the sidelines, rather than helping. But that's probably a good thing.

Bolen is all talk -- nasty talk. He's paid to write PR. His suggestions are not rooted in reality. His claim of a million followers is nothing more than some poached email lists.

The man is an abusive pathological liar. Steer clear of that obstacle.

David Foster

This has also been documented by California Coalition for Health Choice here:



@Jeannette Bishop:

YES. Senator Carol Liu is married to Michael Peevey...THAT Michael Peevey. He's a criminal and is now under criminal investigation by the Feds. Liu's and Peevey's home was recently raided by the Feds back in January of this year. The investigation is still ongoing.


I agree with you for the most part re Bolen. I spoke with Tim personally a few years back. He's an older guy; he's been in the trenches for a long time regarding healthcare issues in this state. He says it like he sees it and although I do not agree with his bulldog attack mode at times, I do honestly believe his heart's in the right place.

While I don't care for his divisive tactics in the healthcare/choice arena (and that goes for some of his articles re the autism community), I do agree with him that stronger rhetoric and a somewhat firmer/tougher attitude is what's needed from our constituents as we fight back this horrible bill. So in that respect, I agree with Tim. But yes, I can do w/o his name calling and general petty remarks about some of the folks in the autism community. It's hitting below the belt, isn't professional, and isn't necessary (and yes, extremely divisive).

I very much admire what the folks in Oregon did; they were polite, firm and to the point AND STUCK TO THE FACTS when they fought back their own bill. I LOVE their website; read it front to back and am very much appreciative of the efforts they've expended to help Californians fight back SB277. These guys/gals(?) know how to pull and crunch numbers. They were BRILLIANT with their presentation in that regard.

Speaking of: I just read that one of our activists is proposing parents MAKE NICE to our Senators re SB277 by baking cupcakes and making 'nice/feel good' posters to submit to some of our Senators. I have to say, I am completely pro the 'kill them with kindness' creed AT TIMES, depending on your audience.

But in this instance, I completely disagree with this strategy. These Senators need to be handled firmly, politely, and handed nothing but cold, solid hard core FACTS as we proceed with the protest with this bill. Somehow, baking cupcakes and making nice by having some of these children make posters just doesn't sit right with me. Sounds more than a little desperate (not to mention a tad disengenuous). I did note that at least one person wasn't going along with this strategy. If I were on Facebook, I would have added my 'nay' vote to this strategy as well.

As one commenter here stated not that long ago, being polite to the point of being deferential to these political figures is almost like asking a rapist/torturer to go a little easier on you the next time. I realize this sounds crass, but it's the truth...

Jeannette Bishop

Senator Liu is married to this person?


I watched a different surreal video (not sure of the link but it was similar in topic to the above) of public testimony of many California citizens who were wifi sensitive or were speaking to Peevey in behalf of those too ill to testify themselves, while aware of what the "smart" grid has done to the quality of my life (and that's while still paying extra to not have them on our own walls). It came right after wrenching testimony regarding the San Bruno explosion.

I can't help asking were the two failures linked in some way?

Certainly, the process of allowing smart grid commentary has been shown to be meaningless display. Peevey stayed in his appointed position for some time after and then we get the show of "appreciation" for his time of "service" (video in the above link), and most citizens in compliant California communities don't know they are guinea pigs of irradiating surveillance.


Re: the Bolen Report linked to by Danchi-

Danchi has earned my respect and gratitude for his/her intelligent, researched, topical posts.

May I gently point out Bolen has deliberately sought to divide the community of vaccine injured families with his self aggrandizing bs and his unwarranted attacks on people he doesn't like?

His rips on AoA editors (that is his references to "Ken" when he talks about Ken and Barbie) are unwarranted, baseless, and cruel. One can only speculate on why he attacks vaccine injured families.

If Bolen has 1 million energized followers as he claims then he should be siccing them on the California Senate right now. I don't see any evidence that Bolen has ever moved the needle one iota on the topic of vaccine injury, except to sow discord and diversion among the affected families.

Keep the posts coming, Friend Danchi. Please turn your bs detector to 11 when reading anything by Bolen. I gave up on him years ago, don't miss him a bit. If you can glean anything useful from Bolen, please share, suggest your valuable time and intellect are better invested in other pursuits.....



@Holly Riley:

I understand where you're coming from, to a certain extent, re Carol Liu, but are you at all aware of the following info. on both Liu and her husband? There are, indeed, some very concerning issues here with these two. Consider the below:


"...Committee Chair Senator Carol Liu is not without her controversies. She received campaign money from the law firm Girardi & Keese. Girardi was implicated in a racketeering scandal that involved bribery and laundering money for judges and attorneys! But, it gets worse. Southern Edison was investigated for prolonged power outages by the California Public Utilities Commission. Not only did Edison contribute more than $35,000 to Liu, her husband is a former Edison executive and chaired the CPUC! Liu did not respond to requests. But, it gets worse. Her husband, Michael Peevey resigned in disgrace after the mayor of San Bruno and others accused PUC officials, including Peevey, of not properly notifying the public of confidential communications with the utility in the case of the San Bruno gas explosion. The disaster killed eight people, injured 66, and destroyed 38 homes. It cannot get worse than that. Or can it? Liu and Peevey’s house was raided and computers were taken in a massive judge-shopping investigation involving Pacific Gas & Electric. Truth is certainly stranger than fiction."

I remember this story. Liu's husband, to put things very correctly/bluntly...is a crook. I've read up on his past. It's rather unsavory, to say the least. I'm not at all saying Carol Liu is responsible in any way, shape or form for her husband's behavior, but still. She's married to the guy, so that does (or should) give you SOME insight into her CHARACTER.

And she's had issues come up around her own political activities.

You stated the following:

"...Even the staff didn't know how she would vote on 277 because she was waiting to hear testimony before making up her mind, as the democratic process is supposed to work..."

What makes you feel this particular staff member was telling you the truth? He may have, but not necessarily. The political process isn't exactly known for its above the board transparency, not to mention the fact that these aides/staff members are not always entirely clued in, either.

I understand your point, really. You are one of Liu's constituents and you voted for her. However, given the completely unsavory antics of SOME of our legislators in times past, does not induce many of us toward a 'benefit of the doubt' sort of mindset when it comes to these political figures.

As someone once said to me a few years back after he came back from Sacramento during the hearings re AB2109 - he said to me he had to go home to shower to clean off the filth he felt he'd picked up after having spent the entire day in Sacramento, witnessing the corruption; it was SO distasteful to him.

Personally, I feel the turnout for this last hearing was fantastic. This issue of parental rights and the right to freedom in healthcare choice is a passionate one for almost all of us (or at least it certainly should be).

These Senators need to have their feet put to the fire. While I do not espouse rudeness, nor any other type of ill behavior during this process, at the same time, 'politeness' is not going to get us anywhere re the SB277 issue. Confronting these Senators in a calm, yet very FIRM way, letting them know in no uncertain terms what we expect them to do, is the way to approach this issue. Being 'nice' and 'polite' won't get us anywhere (and never has). These Senators have, and will, look you straight in the eye and LIE to you. They do it all the time, make no mistake about that.

These Senators NEED TO HEAR OUR ANGER. Respect and honesty are EARNED VIRTUES; no one gets a free pass from me or MY family, until those same individuals have provided us with enough validation to the extent we feel we CAN trust/respect them.

That's how I feel, anyway. So when Liu decided to push THAT MUTE BUTTON and was not at all transparent about the two seats of which she knew were going to be vacated, (as did every single one of those other panelists, INCLUDING PAN), she lost any sort of respect I may have been inclined to give her (not that she had it in the first place).

Just my .02...


Thanks, Twyla.

Thanks for those links, Danchi. The MomStreet Journal article was fantastic...




See the 4/15 Education Committee video. (Not 3/15 of course.)


Linda1, I think that what Pan assumes is that all those silly parents who don't give their children all the vaccines (but who don't want to homeschool) will relent and get all the vaccines for their kids, but since vaccines are so safe and harmless everything will be fine and everyone will be happy. And any cases of autism, ADHD, diabetes, severe food allergies, IBD, seizures, asthma, eczema, bipolar etc. will just be a coincidence.


At 2:52:44 Senator Liu says that the penalty of taking kids out of school is not a solution, and points out the ACLU's statement in the bill's Analysis saying that going to school is a fundamental right under the CA constitution, and asks how do you justify banning children from school.

All this talk about the "children who cannot be immunized" drives me crazy. Many of the people who don't vaccinate have a reason, such as prior adverse reactions, sibling's adverse reaction, or family history of autoimmunity. There is no concern for identifying who should not be vaccinated. The official medical exemptions are very narrow. There is no interest in studying vaccine injured children to figure out what are the susceptibility factors, how can vaccine schedules be tailored to the individual, how can these injuries be prevented, how can they be treated. "Children who cannot be immunized" are held up as a reason why everyone else must be forced to get all the vaccines. Yet we do not even know who should not be "immunized". Figuring this out is up to the individual families and their doctors. Our govt agencies are so concerned with declaring adverse reactions to be a coincidence and hushing them up as much as possible that they have not developed good standards for identifying a vaccine injury, let alone identifying who is susceptible.


When advocating for causes there is a continuum as far as peaceful, polite discourse, angry protest, civil disobedience, or more extreme actions. There is always disagreement over what is the most effective approach. In the 1960's perhaps some of the more radical groups such as the Black Panthers and Malcolm X (in his angrier days) and the Watts rioters actually increased the establishment's desire to work with Martin Luther King who seemed more peaceful and less radical in comparison - better to work with him than to not respond and have riots break out in more cities. So, there is always a balance.

I'm not in favor of sitting nicely all the time and waiting for someone to change their minds out of the goodness of their hearts. On the other hand, I feel that the senators on this committee asked some very good questions and deserve kudos for that. I worry about alienating people with our hostility and suspicion who may actually potentially vote against SB277. We don't really know what is going on, we can only guess. The questions about the changes on the Education Committee and about pharma influence are totally legitimate. But the Education Committee did so much better than the Health Committee as far as how it approached SB277. Again, it is understandable that Senator Liu would give Pan & Allen the option of postponing the vote a week. She must feel they need a strong basis to stop this from moving forward to the full Senate. Hopefully they will vote against it. But for example Senator Block said there was a chance he would vote for it in committee but against it on the floor, if Pan & Allen could come up with a better educational alternative than homeschooling (which is not an option for many families). I don't know what better option they could come up with. It's not the least bit realistic for school districts to set up separate schools for the unvaccinated. And we just don't have any communicable disease health crisis justifying extreme measures.

I am generally a Democrat, but it is distressing how in CA the Democratic politicians are mostly lined up in favor of all-vaccines-harmless-and-good-for-everyone-all-diseases-dangerous. The federal congressional oversight committee hearing a few ago was more bipartisan, and people I know with vaccine concerns are in all political parties - Dem, Rep, Libertarian, Green party etc. - or Independnt. I agree that we need to agree to disagree on a lot of other political issues and unite on the vaccine issues which are clearly bipartisan issues.


Bayareamom, Senator Liu discusses her concerns starting at 03:37:00, and specifically the religious exemption at 03:37:45 here:


See the 3/15 Education Committee video.

Sacramento Bee and Marcos Breton are biased

Sacramento Bee is buzzing about how "unscientific" those against this bill are. Marcos Breton is himself using hyperbole when he purposely refers to Kennedy's remark about a holocaust as "the Holocaust." Oh, and the vaccine efficacy and safety science is "undeniable," apparently. The bias and outright lying is sickening.

Hey, Marcos, it's also undeniable that whistleblowers on mumps and Dr. William Thompson exist. The fact that there are lots of angry phone calls should tell you that something is wrong. You seem to think you and a few others have a monopoly on the truth. You don't. More and more is coming out about the $ involved in this mess.

Hey sacbee, why don't report on the fact of one of the docs against Oz being a convicted felon from an industry front group?


Regarding Pan's inability to answer the senator's questions...It looked like he didn't think the legislation through. But I think that he has thought it through, and in his mind, what will happen is that some parents will have their kids vaccinated and the ones who aren't able to follow through with homeschooling according to the law, will have their children taken by the state and vaccinated and either returned to their parents or to the for profit foster care system (the more the merrier $$).

Holly Riley

Cougar, amen to what you said!

But don't forget that most people still think in blue and red, Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative ideology so consider your audience when you're trying to convince people.

My liberal, democrat leaning friends have a blind spot for pharma as a big business, so they need to hear the Mussolini story. In regard to 277, we need their bleeding heart to understand how this will affect poor and working families. No shots, no daycare=no work. No shots, homeschool is the only option which would deny education to many kids who's parents lack literacy or parents who don't speak English. It would deny FAPE to disabled kids (mamma's not a speech therapist).

Republican and conservatives including libertarians need to hear the freedom call. They need to understand that the current bureaucracies won't be able to enforce this law and they'll have to create more and/or increase funding to schools for the administrative side and welfare programs for the families who lose income because they're stuck with only homeschooling as an option. And how expensive will this be to enforce? Will put law enforcement officers be pulled from chasing drug dealers to arrest parents? This is the state telling me what to do with my body. Get your bible thumpers in on this-277 violates our first amendment is a big way.

Craft your argument based on your audience, and get people to speak up. There's plenty to hate about this type of legislation no matter who you are!


It still seems very much like the Democrats are the ones that blindly (or maybe not) promote the vaccinate, even though the CDC is corrupt and many children have been harmed, schedule.


Holly Riley
Have you ever heard of PAC's? Political Action Committees. They were created to funnel money to political candidates/legislators so a direct line cannot be drawn to a specific source -the pharmaceutical industry. This onslaught of vaccine bills just didn't pop up out of the blue. This has been in the making for some time. 35 years according to the Healthy People 2020 and The Decade of Vaccines agenda. http://drtenpenny.com/2015/03/09/healthy-people-2020-and-the-decade-of-vaccines/.

The Vaccine Makers and the CDC have know who they were going to "buy" before these people were even elected like Pan. PAC's are ideal for hiding donations and payoffs to key people who they know will be scrutinized by their opposers.

*Committee Chair Senator Carol Liu is not without her controversies. She received campaign money from the law firm Girardi & Keese. Girardi was implicated in a racketeering scandal that involved bribery and laundering money for judges and attorneys! But, it gets worse. Southern Edison was investigated for prolonged power outages by the California Public Utilities Commission. Not only did Edison contribute more than $35,000 to Liu, her husband is a former Edison executive and chaired the CPUC! Liu did not respond to requests. But, it gets worse. Her husband, Michael Peevey resigned in disgrace after the mayor of San Bruno and others accused PUC officials, including Peevey, of not properly notifying the public of confidential communications with the utility in the case of the San Bruno gas explosion. The disaster killed eight people, injured 66, and destroyed 38 homes. It cannot get worse than that. Or can it? Liu and Peevey’s house was raided and computers were taken in a massive judge-shopping investigation involving Pacific Gas & Electric. Truth is certainly stranger than fiction. http://www.blacklistednews.com/SB277_Controversial_Committee_Chair_Steals_Victory_From_CA_Parents/43466/0/38/38/Y/M.html

-Does Big Pharma Own America? http://themomstreetjournal.com/2015/04/15/does-big-pharma-own-america/#comment-1196

-Democrats Sell California Children For Campaign Money...


Yes Betty,
The Pan/Allen piece was defamatory toward Dr. Wakefield. They once again blamed every problem on him and called him a liar. He's the reason why this legislation is even necessary. I hope they are held responsible for their words.

Thanks for sharing. Couldn't help but think re Liu's bill 445 to get homeless kids into school even without documentation including vaccine records, wouldn't providing those kids with a HOME be more important than and a prerequisite to providing them with a school? Just saying. That legislation is the polar opposite of 277 also, as you point out.

Holly Riley

Maybe I'm a fool for giving her the benefit of the doubt, but I will make judgements on Liu after the vote next week.
She's my senator and I voted for her. I visited her office last Tuesday and spoke with a smart staffer. What I learned from him is this:
1. Even the staff didn't know how she would vote on 277 because she was waiting to hear testimony before making up her mind, as the democratic process is supposed to work.
2. They had heard overwhelmingly from the pro side -10 doctors from Children's Hospital LA had come to speak with her staff, among others.
3. The way a bill becomes law is this PROCESS. It starts as an idea-to improve vax rates and protect the people (don't debate me on that-it's Pan's dilusional idea, not mine, and it is VERY popular with the sheeple of CA). But by going through committees, the problems are identified and changes are made.
So my take away from Liu orchestrating a delay in the vote is that the bill is flawed. She wants to appear to be reasonable (to the sheeple of district 25 and her peers in Sacramento). The dely allows everyone to save face (even Pan who looked so foolish) and I'm hoping that the bill gets voted down on Wednesday (go ahead and pray for that, please).
Here are a couple of other clarifications I understand only in broad strokes from people who are much more savvy about advocacy than I am (the good AoA type of people on a FB group called CA Coalition for Vaccine Choice, and one friend who, by the way, traveled down to LA from Sacramento for the premier of Trace Amounts. These are people I trust.)
1. The shifting of committee assignments was already in the works. Huff's move was going to happen anyway. And I have to note that the conversation with Senator Huff and Dr. Bob (who I absolutely LOVE and appreciate 100%) also seemed orchestrated. There was a game plan, I think, to make sure info was shared. That's my hunch, anyway.
2. The senator who will be joining in Huff's place is likely to be pro health freedom based on her record.
Also, please keep in mind that the senators are very busy and the actual agendas for the meetings have a dozen items on them. As a side note, Liu introduced SB445 in February that has to do with homeless kids accessing public education. Among the ways would be allowing homeless kids to register at schools even when they don't have all of the registration documents, including, but not limited to, vaccine records. So, since SB277 isn't the only bill the committee is looking at, I'm assuming that no testimony before the vote is a necessity as much as anything.
One more thing I found out-I looked at Liu's campaign financing over the past several elections. No big pharma (as major contributors on the lists I saw anyway). She has, however, contributed tens of thousands of dollars to her own campaigns. I'm not sure if she's independently wealthy (she is from La Cañada, definitely a wealthy area) or if that cash came from other sources.
For now, I'm taking action and following up with each of the senators on the committee by faxing letters.
I usually jump right on board with the angst-filled, conspiracy theories presented here on AoA, but I just want to let this play out before I go there. On Wednesday I will cast my own personal judgment on Senator Liu.


I'm writing this to give a big picture perspective for folks who are just emerging from Democrats good, Republicans bad (or visa versa) thinking.

Mussolini's definition of fascism was Corporatism, the merger of corporations and the State. When corporations make the law, and force people to buy and consume their product, that's fascism, and that's what's happening here with the pharmaceutical companies in the case of mandatory vaccines.

For this revolution to work and for us to actually succeed in overthrowing the elite, liberal progressives will need to join with conservative libertarians, and agree to disagree on hot button polarizing issues like abortion, gun control, gay marriage and the like, and instead focus diligently on getting corporations out of our government, auditing and then abolishing the Federal Reserve and restoring the gold standard, restoring accurate paper ballot voting, and prohibiting 1st strike wars. We can all agree on the importance of these and get our democracy and our economy back.

REFUSE TO POLARIZE on hot button issues as a revolutionary act. They are socially engineered and spot lighted by the corporate owned media to divide and conquer us. UNIFY instead, and brush off the operative plants who attempt to psychologically disrupt any people's organization that makes headway. Realize that during the American Revolution overthrowing British control, only 1/3rd of the people supported it, 1/3rd opposed it, and 1/3rd didn't care. Sound familiar? Let this give you hope when you get overwhelmed.

If you're progressive check out Marianne Williamson's www.sistergiant.com. If you're a libertarian Ron and Rand Paul have done more than anyone to restore democracy. See www.voicesofliberty.com Support BOTH the progressives and the libertarians and we will have a chance to overthrow the elite and get our democracy back. But we do not have a chance if we stay polarized. Occupy's 99% was not 99%. Let's get real. The conservatives were not digging on them. It was half of that. And we need all to win. This is not about red states vs. blue states, or the puppets the elite give us to vote on for President of the United States. Let that old charade of pseudo democracy go. We are now operating as an oligarchy. This is about We the People reclaiming our nation and our democracy from the corporations and the elite.

Kudos to all of you who are calling our representatives and showing up in great numbers dressed in red and speaking out against mandatory vaccines! You are making the crucial difference! Proponent lawmakers of SB277 are shaking in their shoes. They are few. We are many. They are having to deal with the cognitive dissonance of wanting the money they will receive from Merke vs. the knowledge that they are being deceitful to their constituents and voting against our civil rights. They are no doubt having to take large amounts of pharmaceuticals to sleep at night. Keep it up and bring more people! Even if we lose this, in the big picture, this is but one battle in a revolution. It's working!

My big gratitude and appreciation for everyone's time and hard work.


Tom Bolen wrote a piece that revealed some startling information on how the people in California can be taken down:
Democrats Sell California Children For Campaign Money...(follow the money)

Jeannette Bishop

There are a couple of comments here on Sen. Huff's YouTube channel


from Bill Bird:

"As the Communications Director for Senator Huff, I want to assure all of you that the Senator's removal from Senate Education Committee has nothing to do with his stance on SB 277. This is a request that Senator Huff made to the Senate President pro-Tem several weeks ago. The request did not become formal, however, until Senate Rules Committee took official action to replace Senator Huff with Senator Sharon Runner. While I know the timing looks bad, there is no smoke here."

"I don't work for Senator Monning nor the President pro-Tem who made that decision so I don't know what into that thinking. I do work for Senator Huff, and I can tell you that he had requested that he be moved off that committee and replaced with Senator Runner. It had nothing to do with the vote on SB 277. He announced during committee that he would oppose the bill. If it somehow reaches the Senate Floor, he will still be in opposition."

Betty Bona

Did everyone read the opinion piece by Pan and Allen in the Fresno Bee (posted in a previous comment by Linda1)? They make some outrageous statements about Wakefield. Is there a possible defamation claim there? They may have immunity when conducting their legislative business, but in this instance they just wrote an opinion piece like any citizen can do. I wonder if Dr. Wakefield gets tired of chasing down all the possible defamation claims he has.


"...She expressed concern about the Governor's request for a religious exemption..."

I must have missed that portion of the hearing.

So - question: 'Concern,' as in what manner? Concern there is not yet a truly valid religious exemption on California's table, or 'concern' the Governor is expressing an interest re allowing a religious exemption, when Liu (perhaps) may not be in favor of such?

Also, and just my .02 here, but I'm not really concerned re 'who' knew 'what,' here (re the musical chairs issue). I'm more concerned with the issue as to transparency.

I feel Senator Liu should have been completely honest and explained to the constituents sitting in that hearing the fact that two of those panel seats were soon going to be vacated and then explained 'who' would be taking over those two seats. So huh...she must have forgotten THAT part...

This panel has had its back shoved into the collective corner with this issue and its response was that they've known about this issue for a month (if memory serves).

That's fine, but how about cluing the public in about that issue as well? She suddenly went mute about that part...

Another issue I have is the fact that they could EASILY, completely revamp this entire bill, but now we know there will be NO public discourse permitted next week re those revisions.

Wow; how mighty convenient!

I've stated this already, but what if those revisions bring up NEW ISSUES?! Issues which should rightfully be discussed, prior to vote. So, in effect, we could have an essentially newly tailored bill now presented next week, with absolutely no public feedback whatsoever...followed by a vote.

THIS is, in part, what I am referring to when I state our system needs to be overhauled. Rules/regulations should be in place so as not to allow this type manipulation to be permitted (not to mention we've got a group of people sitting on this panel that don't have a CLUE about the multiple layered issues regarding the junk science backing our entire vaccine program).

Don't even get me started on that one...


Senator Huff's web page currently says, "He currently serves as a member of the Senate Education Committee". Maybe it just hasn't been updated, or maybe his "resignation" from this committee was sudden and not planned in advance.

This article is dated 4/17, two days after the 4/15 meeting. It says, "Two senators were newly appointed to the committee and the changes were approved by the Rules Committee Wednesday. Sen. Sharon Runner (R) replaced Sen. Bob Huff (R). Runner is new to her position after a special election this year and expressed interest in education. Sen. Bill Monning (D) filled a Democrat vacancy."

Apparently the Rules Committee meets every Wednesday at 1:30 pm, so this actually occurred after the Education Committee meeting which was at 9:00 that morning.

These are the senators on the Rules Committee:
Senator Kevin de León (Chair)
Senator Jean Fuller (Vice Chair)
Senator Anthony Cannella
Senator Connie M. Leyva
Senator Holly J. Mitchell

There does not appear to be a video of the Rules Committee meeting, but there is an agenda here:
The agenda does say, "Appoint Senator Runner as Vice Chair of the Education Committee to replace Senator Huff". So IF this agenda was posted on a prior date then apparently this decision was already made before the Education Committee meeting. I don't know how to check on whether there was a prior version of this agenda, or was it posted as is previously.

Some general info from the 4/17 article I stumbled upon:

"Time is running out for Democratic Sen. Dr. Richard Pan to get his vaccination bill through two policy committees. Education and Senate Judiciary," Capitol Bureau Chief for Capitol Public Radio Ben Adler said. "He must get that bill through both of those committees by Friday, May 1-- that is the deadline for policy committees for bills that then move on to fiscal committees, which is what this bill has to do, so many steps this bill has to go through just to get to the Senate floor."

Adler said he expects Pan to have a busy week ahead, trying to address what everyone's issue is with the bill and to get it to pass the Education Committee first.

"He's got a lot of work to do, he's got to try to figure out 'ok, strategically am I going to, am I willing to make changes to this bill, am I willing to amend it, or am I just going to try to sharpen my pitch and sharpen the lobbying efforts on some of the members of the committee who are undecided and just try to get it through in the current form,'" Adler said.

The Education Committee will also look different at its next meeting. Two senators were newly appointed to the committee and the changes were approved by the Rules Committee Wednesday. Sen. Sharon Runner (R) replaced Sen. Bob Huff (R). Runner is new to her position after a special election this year and expressed interest in education. Sen. Bill Monning (D) filled a Democrat vacancy.

The bill has had a lot of backlash from parents. Some stemming from the issue that unvaccinated students would need to be home-schooled. Many protesters flocked to the Capitol during the committee meetings to voice their concerns.

The bill goes before the Education Committee again on Wednesday, April 22.

Adler said it is also possible Pan could make this a "two year bill." If this happens, he would take the rest of the year to try to hammer out the complex issues and come back next year to try again.


Here is the agenda for the 4/22 Education Committee meeting, with SB277 listed as the last item, "Vote Only".

for Twyla

Very interesting points about Sen Huff, Twyla. He is a Republican. Why did he leave? Was it due to any kind of pressure? It does seem suspicious.


A correction to my comment: "listened to the information", not "listed to the information".


I definitely agree that "something profoundly rotten happened this week". I just don't know who is to blame. You may be quite right, Dave and John. I don't know what went on behind the scenes, and I don't know what are the senate rules on assigning people to committees and taking them off. But here is another possibility to consider. Maybe Senator Huff was removed from the committee because of what he said and asked at the hearing. Maybe the story that he was already scheduled to leave the committee was bull.

Senator Huff did at least two things that were outrageous from the pharma-CDC perspective. He called up Dr. Bob Sears and asked him to talk about vaccine shedding. Dr. Sears read the FDA warning that a vaccine (varicela as I recall) can shed the virus for up to six weeks, and that people who have recently received this vaccine are a danger to the immunocompromised. Senator Huff talked about his niece who has allergies, and said that eventually her parents determined that the aluminum in vaccines caused those allergies. He said that supposedly science has proven no link between vaccines and autism, but that science still cannot tell us what causes autism, and if parents believe in such a link who are we (the schools) to tell them that they are wrong and they have to vaccinate? He said that sometimes there is not a clear right and wrong and freedom means having the right to make choices, and we should not treat people as second class citizens for not doing what they are told.

Senator Huff also asked why is whooping cough spreading among the vaccinated. The other side's Dr. Bergen was surprisingly frank, saying that the old DPT caused lots of side effects, and that the current DTaP is better tolerated but does not have as good long-term immunity. (Did not mention the microbe mutating, but still…)

Then Senator Huff said that if he had an immunocompromised child he would not want the child to be at school. This is a very good point - there are plenty of illnesses/infections going around which are not "vaccine preventable". He said that he thinks vaccines are one of modern medicine's greatest achievements, but that in life there may be trade-offs on the other side, and he is going to vote against this bill.

His testimony was a disaster for those who wish to mandate more and more vaccines and deny vaccine injuries. I suggest that someone pulled him aside and said that he better step down from the Education Committee and never speak of these things again if he wants to continue his career and not be targeted for no re-election, no campaign contributions, blacklisting, etc. I don't know who has the power to do this. I don't know what are the rules in the Senate.

Senator Liu said that the penalty of taking kids out of school is not a solution. She referred to the ACLU statement that going to school is a fundamental right. She asked if there is a process for kids catching up on vaccines. She expressed concern about the Governor's request for a religious exemption.

It seems to me that if this committee wanted to pass this bill they would have simply thrown some soft balls at Pan and Allen, which they would have easily hit back, and then voted yes on the bill, with a minority dissenting. In the Health Committee, the senators did not even ask our panel questions, except for "Where in the law does it tell doctors how to define medical exemptions?" which was kind of a "See I told ya so!" trick question.

Yes, Senator Liu should have taken the vote right then and there. It could be argued that she caved. She probably felt that this was too big an issue to be hurried, that she knew they would receive a lot of negative fallout, that she wanted to be able to say that she gave her colleagues the opportunity to respond to the Education Committee's concerns. But she doesn't seem to me to be the devious dictator in charge. Yes she is chair of this committee but there are stronger powers above her I'm sure. I have a good impression of her overall, and it seems to me that she listed to the information presented by her constituents and reviewed the law carefully, and changed from probable support to having significant concerns.

And again, my understanding is that the next Education Committee is open to observers, not private and secret. But they are not going to allow more testimony, they are just going to take a vote. Perhaps they will debate among themselves, but no panel of experts nor voters lining up to say whether for or against the bill.

for Twyla

I agree with John, it's deceitful little tactics like this that create these results and we need to start calling it out (loudly!) and demanding transparency and rightful process. These (mostly Democrats) have tried to pull a fast one and it has become obvious that a huge number of voters/citizens disagree with this policy and they are completely disrespecting that. Being shocked and meek has got our concerns nowhere. Just because we wouldn't act in this way obviously does not mean that they (the bought ones) have not or would not. Time to end the naïveté.

San Melero


Vaccine and policy making. Check it out. I say take to the streets. Recall the senators if this bill passes.


Linda1 - In response to your comment, the bill regarding daycare workers was amended to include ALL vaccines suggested by the CDC, not only measles, pertussis, and flu. I know, unbelievable.

Something is fishy with SB 277. Why not just kill it when they could? Obviously at least Senator Liu wants to see it pass the Ed Committee.

If anyone wants to read a summary on some of the vaccines that will be mandated if SB 277 passes, please read this: http://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/an-open-letter-to-legislators-currently-considering-vaccine-legislation-from-tetyana-obukhanych-phd-in-immunology/

It's written by an immunologist who trained at Harvard and Stanford. It doesn't get better than that.

John Stone


I almost never disagree with you but can't agree with you here. It may not have been Senator Liu's fault Senator Huff was leaving but it was something she could calculate on. I also don't think it is right (1) that Senator Pan should inflict such a "draconian" bill on the world without having thought it through (2) not alright to sort the matter out behind closed doors a week later.


It's unconscionable that Senator Huff is leaving/discharged from this committee and will not vote on SB277. But I don't know whether Senator Liu is to blame. Maybe I'm naive, but to me her questions seemed sincere. And giving Senator Pan a week to respond to their concerns was reasonable. But packing the committee with two senators known to be pro-SB277 while getting rid of a senator who dared to say that parents should have a choice and that parental belief in an autism-vaccine link should be respected and that vaccines can shed - this is terrible.

I don't think that next week's hearing will be closed. My understanding is that they are not allowing further commentary and debate, but that people can be in the audience.

Good point about Mississippi, Lisa.

How dumb that the news reports say parents testified for two hours. Parents just lined up to say their name, hometown, occupation, and whether for or against. They weren't allowed to actually testify.


@Linda1, hah! The Newsweek story, "Anti-vaxxers Score a Legislative Victory in California," seems now to be some kind of lame attempt to make it seem like there was actually a fair chance to stop this Bill. Obviously Senator Liu (a Democrat) did what she had to do to make it look like it had a chance to not pass when they saw the outcry. Obviously they think we are stupid. I think they have underestimated parents and concerned citizens very badly.

Jeannette Bishop

More to stay on top of:



Mandates for day-care workers just passed out of the CA Senate Health Committee.

Setting aside the basic rights violations here, I'm not sure that vaccinating daycare workers for measles (potential for shedding and horizontal transmission), pertussis (increased risk of subclinical infections), and the flu (nasal virus shedding and increased risk for respiratory infections...) won't actually increase risk of infection in daycare, especially for infants.

Noelle Foster

I'm with you David Foster. We need to take back our government.

Lies and Whispers

After watching the video of speakers voicing opposition to the bill, I asked who among reps was saying "Thank you" to speakers or sitting at or near the mic commanded by reps. The reason I asked was because I heard this female voice whisper distinctly "she's crazy" in response to one of the parents who spoke claiming to be the mother of four unvaccinated children. I also heard the same voice whisper "autistic" about a boy with the last name of Burton who spoke to oppose and whose mother spoke after him, indicating that her son had recovered from autism.

On learning from others that it was Lui, I kind of figured her stern attitude towards Pan was merely political theater. Either that or she has some kind of boundary autism herself. But my guess was that it was more likely ugly bias towards dissenting voters.


I sure hope you Californians win on this cause what happens in California -- Kentucky soon follows.


How the hell is something like this, NOT front page news????



"Anti-Vaxxers Score a Legislative Victory in California"

"The bill's author, State Senator Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician, was forced to delay a vote in the Senate Education Committee after some of his fellow lawmakers said they would not vote for a bill that excluded unvaccinated children from public schools. Proponents of the bill spoke for about seven minutes, according to The Sacramento Bee, while opposed parents spent more than two hours arguing against it.[WHAT?] “I think maybe some of the senators were taken aback by the ferocity of passion that they saw there, and that might have been impactful,” State Senator Ben Allen, a co-author of SB277, told the Bee.

The issue of mandatory vaccinations is contentious in California, where, according to the Contra Costa Times, more than 13,000 kindergartners are unvaccinated for personal or religious reasons. Perhaps hoping to sway public opinion, Pan and Allen penned an op-ed in The Fresno Bee titled "SB 277 protects children from horrific diseases."



I find this charade very shocking and disturbing. Does California really want to imitate Mississippi? Does it really want to model its statutes concerning child health on a state with the highest infant mortality in the country? I never thought this type of thing could be happening in California. Thank you David for your work. I would like to see the citizens of California take to the streets.



"...Few bills have spurred action on a comparable scale. At a time when political observers bemoan California’s low voter participation rates, critics have flooded lawmakers with calls and surged by the hundreds into the Capitol to express their opposition.

“We’re hearing from a lot of people out there,” said Sen. Carol Liu, D-La Cañada Flintridge. “They were inundating our phones, etc. I think my staff was overwhelmed.”

During Wednesday’s hearing, proponents of the bill spoke for about seven minutes. Opponents testified for nearly two hours, dressing in matching red shirts, lining up out of the hearing room and convening in stairwells. Many said they would pull their children from school if the bill passed – a possibility that resonated with lawmakers who cast doubt on the bill.

“I think maybe some of the senators were taken aback by the ferocity of passion that they saw there, and that might have been impactful,” said Sen. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, a co-author of SB 277 who said he was “a little surprised” by Wednesday’s outcome..."

cia parker

Any opinions on Dr. Sears' remonstrance to be very polite when dealing with these crooks?


Interesting tidbit of information below from an article titled: Does Big Pharma Own America? Link below. Good read.

Does Big Pharma Own America?

Sen. Pan’s taken money all along the way from the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, Merck, as far back as the beginning of his political career in 2010.

And he has company.

Sen. Holly Mitchell, co-author of SB 277, accepted contributions — according to Merck’s website — as recently as last July when she was elected in a special election. In doing so, she may be guilty of violating the 1974 California Political Campaign reform act, which reads:

“… no gift or gifts aggregating two hundred fifty dollars ($250) or more in value provided to, received by, or promised to the public official within 12 months prior to the time when the decision is made.”

Sen. Holly Mitchell, co-author of SB 277, accepted contributions — according to Merck’s website — as recently as last July when she was elected in a special election. In doing so, she may be guilty of violating the 1974 California Political Campaign reform act, which reads:

“… no gift or gifts aggregating two hundred fifty dollars ($250) or more in value provided to, received by, or promised to the public official within 12 months prior to the time when the decision is made.”

Mitchell voted on SB 277 last week, which would make her in violation since SB 277 would bring financial gain to Merck who gave her money within 12 months of the vote.

Mitchell has been receiving direct funding from Merck as far back as 2010, as have other members of the State Senate Health Committee (see chart below) including Sen. Andy Vidak. Vidak also received direct funds from Merck as recently as 2014. Vidak was set to vote on the bill Wednesday as a member of the Education Committee, but because it was tabled he will vote privately next week. Voting on this bill could also put him inside the restricted 12-month period :http://www.merckresponsibility.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/2014-US-Political-Contributions.pdf?80a7ad.


Liu represents state district 25 in California which includes Glendale, Burbank and Pasadena. Here's her website: http://sd25.senate.ca.gov/


Senator Liu, your closed-session vote with more yes members was very slippery. You should be ashamed! You are the reason that so many are disillusioned with politics.. For shame! I have worked with children for over 30 years and Mr. Foster is right, you have no business being on a an education committtee. Resign now!


Thank you David! I also watched in horror! I will work tirelessly with you and many thousands to get these dirty politicians out of office!

Angela Warner

Hey David,

Nice response, and completely appropriate.

Take a look at H.R 933 and S. 486. They've got to be stopped on all levels. Yep, that's the federal, which started in the Education "area", also know as the "Head Start Act".

Thank you for calling them out. Let's keep it going.

I'd also like to give a shout out to another colleague. Yep, a fellow Red. She knows who she is ;)


Jeannette Bishop

"Top two" ought to help right? Since they've jerry-mandered pretty secure districts (in terms of D vs. R) for many of the seats? For some time I've felt politically "homeless" anyway.

And for some time (about the time AB2109 came up and the "smart" meters invaded my neighborhood) this type of movement has been looking pretty good:


Might make "local" government somewhat more responsive?

John Stone

So Pan was humiliated in open forum and the committee was too embarrassed - perhaps they did not even anticipate how poorly he would perform - so now they are going to replay it behind closed doors and do exactly what they like and without reasons. But it has to be pointed out that if Pan could not give rational explanations in the first place he should never have introduced the bill. So, it should have been killed there and then.

Great letter David!

Angus Files

Go for it David we see political charades in the UK in fact no real debate happens...


Laura Hayes

Thank you, David Foster!

Thrilled to know that SO MANY of us are working around the clock to KILL THIS BILL!

cia parker

Thank you, David, their deceit is contemptible, while your exposure of it is lucid and stirring. Yes, the time for revolution has come.

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