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Dachel Media Update: Vaccine Crackdowns

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.   The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and OurKidsASD, an online supplement retailer for patients with special needs.

April 13, 2015, ABC News: School District Kicks Out 143 Kids for Not Being Vaccinated 

April 13, 2015, Washington Post: What one of the anti-vaccination movement's least favorite doctors discovered about Jesus

April 13, 2015, Discover Magazine: The Robert Kennedy Jr. Anti-Vaccine Tour - Collide-a-Scape

April 13, 2015, NY Daily News: EXCLUSIVE: New York parents who oppose vaccines for kids may be required to seek proof they were warned by doctor

April 9, 2015, Augusta (GA) Chronicle: Vaccine bill frightening

ABC News

Spokane school district officials on Monday removed from class 143 students who could not prove they had legally required vaccinations.

More than 700 students in the state's second-largest district lack complete vaccination documents, so that number was expected to rise, district spokesman Kevin Morrison said. The crackdown began Monday morning. 

Vaccine madness:

It's clear we're losing our collective mind over the threat of communicable diseases.  Only vaccines can save us. 

So what's the sense of this action in Spokane?  Big crackdown on the unvaccinated....big show of force and ostracism of a tiny group.....yet they acknowledge parents can exempt.

No wonder no one shows any concern over autism.  They're too busy sounding an alarm over measles, whooping cough, etc.  We must act.  We must vaccinate.

Autism only calls for awareness.  There's nothing we can do to prevent or cure it.  Why even talk about it?

Washington Post

But while writing his newest book on medicine, the co-inventor of a rotavirus vaccine was surprised by Jesus. . . .

A professor of pediatrics and vaccinology at the University of Pennsylvania, Offit has been branded as "Dr. Proffit" by anti-vaccination activists. In previous books, he has defended vaccinations, challenged the now widely discredited autism-vaccine link and sharply criticized the alternative medicine industry. When he published "Autism's False Prophets" in 2008, he didn't go on book tour because had received death threats. . . . .

"I took it at face value when people said, 'Jesus was our doctor,'" Offit said of vaccination and treatment. "The choice to put your child in harm's way is not a religious act."

So now Offit speaks on behalf of religion?   What won't this man do to promote the industry that's made him rich?

Discover Magazine

Yes, Robert Kennedy Jr. has made headlines again for, as the New Jersey Star Ledger put it in a hard-hitting editorial, "his crazy-talk about a vast government conspiracy to hide the truth that a vaccine ingredient called thimerosal causes childhood autism." The Star-ledger goes on to correctly note.: . . .

I've spent enough time with Kennedy and argued with him enough to know that he's gone down a deep rabbit hole. It's not just that he can't let go of the discredited thimerosal/autism connection. It's his irresponsible conspiracy talk involving the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), calling it a "sock puppet" of the pharmaceutical industry. And his shameless hyperbole, which he has ramped up in recent weeks.  . . .

Discover Magazine bills itself as "Science for the curious."  I think it's more like "Science for the cowardly."  When is anyone going to honestly cover this issue?

NY Daily News

A Queens state senator is set to introduce a bill that would require parents who don't want to vaccinate their kids to prove they've been counseled by a physician.

"I believe in science, and the science is clear that vaccines are the right answer to help our children avoid disease," said Democrat Michael Gianaris, the bill sponsor.

The legislation, which will be introduced Monday, would require parents who want to opt out to submit to their kid's school an affidavit signed by a physician saying that they discussed the medical risks of skipping vaccinations.

"The idea is that education will help overcome the anecdotal gossip that is threatening the health of kids around the country now," Gianaris said. . . .

State legislatures are increasingly pressured to protect children from disease by taking away their rights.  The Daily News did include Barbara Loe Fisher, but there's no real acknowledgement that vaccines carry any risks at all.

Augusta (GA) Chronicle

Recently I watched four hours of live testimony from a California State Senate hearing on Senate Bill 277, introduced to force mandated vaccines on all schoolchildren, private or public ones. This includes all the state's present vaccine schedules plus any future mandated vaccines. . . .

Here's a letter-to-the-editor by our own Maurine Meleck in the Augusta (GA) Chronicle from Friday.  Another great commentary.

The bill was approved 6-2, but still has to be approved through two more committees. California is the first state to have taken a forced vaccine bill this far. Oregon, Washington and Maryland withdrew similar bills.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.


LInda L.

A senator from Queens wants to pass a bill that requires parents who don't want to vaccinate their kids to be counseled by a physician. Queens is in NYC where there is no philosophical exemption, religious exemptions are routinely denied, and school boards have the right to deny medical exemptions. I don't see any purpose to this bill other than to place NY State one step closer to a no exemption status. California passed a similar bill last year and now they are pushing through a bill to deny all non medical exemptions for everyone.
My concern is will the doctor tell parents that their child can contract measles from their MMR vaccine (as my daughter did), will the doctor tell parents that their children may contract whooping cough even if they are vaccinated(as my children did), will the doctor tell the parents that their children are contagious with the chicken pox after the vaccine, will the doctor tell parents that new studies show the more you get a flu shot, the less effective that it is, will the doctors tell parents that the rotovirus vaccine was grown in diseased animal tissue, will the doctors tell the parents that the flu shot has been linked to alzheimers in the elderly? What about autoimmune disease? Heck, what about the fact that the insert for the flu and Pertussis shots specifically state that they have never been tested on pregnant women. How can you assume they are safe? What is their reasoning? The list of real issues referred to as anecdotal gossip is endless.
Will the doctor discuss the list of ingredients in vaccines and their potential toxic side effects?
I have had these discussions with pediatricians who tell me that the side effects are just listed because of the lawyers. They never told me that there was no liability for the manufacturers. That won't be a topic of discussion either. My children and many others that I know of have suffered one in a million reactions. I don't know millions of people. It is statistically impossible for the reactions to be rare.
And as for Jesus, well the bible says I should be a good citizen, until the government tries to hurt my family. Then I must protect my children and speak out. Because of my experience,I don't see vaccines as safe and effective, therefore they may put my child in harms way, and Jesus would certainly expect me to protect my children. I am really disgusted that a doctor would belittle my faith in God. Those of us who act on our religious convictions are ridiculed and ostracized. That comment was a clear attack against christians.
That is against the law.

Bob Moffitt

Anne .. link to Maurine's letter did not work .. but .. that may just be my older than time computer.

NY Daily News: "The idea is that education will help overcome the anecdotal gossip that is threatening the health of kids around the country now," Gianaris said. . . ."

Does this obviously misinformed legislator really believe 1 in 65 children being diagnosed every day in this country is "anecdotal"? How about the CDC's fact (gossip?) that .. at last count more than a few years ago .. that "1 in every 6 children in US have development problems"?

Is the dismal infant mortality rate in the US "anecdotal" .. therefore .. unworthy of the "gossip" of those who wonder why the most heavily vaccinated children in the world die in the first years of life?

How about this genius "educating" HIMSELF on the "scientific" probabiliy of creating and manufacturing a "one size fits all vaccine" .. when "science" has yet to create a "one size fits all" aspirin.

Consider .. just a few years ago .. Johnson and Johnson had to remove most of their "recommended and approved" drugs for infants and toddlers from being sold "over the counter" .. brand names that had been well established over decades .. having found those "infant and toddler" drugs were responsible for over 6,000 emergency room admissions in just a few hundred hospitals EVERY YEAR.


Concerned momma

That's scary about those Sacramento students. Do the required vaccines include flu? I swear they will not be happy until so many are sickened that it's crazy. Oh yeah, we're already at that point. So much for a healthy population...

David Taylor

Those who call RFK Jr. a "conspiracy nut" are in for a big surprise when the smelly stuff hits the fan with the Thompson documents, described by one senior Congressional staffer as "not a smoking gun but a fire that will burn down the CDC to its foundations." [paraphrasing]

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