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Dachel Media Update: The Neurologist is a Person In Your Neighborhood - Elmo Hawks Vaccines

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Elmo from Sesame Street?

Who's next to be used to promote vaccines as safe and effective?


Flo the Progressive Insurance lady?

Larry CG

Larry the Cable Guy?

Pope F

Pope Francis?

Elmo SG

Dr. Vivek Murthy and Elmo

Elmo and the surgeon general set the record straight on the vaccine debate

There's been a lot of Internet "controversy" over vaccines in recent years, but the fact is, vaccinations protect children from life-threatening illnesses. Period.

Doctors have eradicated maladies like measles, only to see them crop up again in communities where vaccines are distrusted. Bad science, misguided celebrities, and uninformed social movements have contributed to a confusing and dangerous online discourse. . . .

In support of his first major public health initiative, Dr. Vivek Murthy, surgeon general of the U.S., drops in on Elmo's checkup to explain how vaccines actually work and why they're so critical to children's health.

You can find more information and resources about childhood vaccinations at the Health & Human Services blog. This video and partnership supports the Sesame Workshop's mission to help all kids grow up smarter, stronger, and kinder.

Someone put this on Facebook....

The media loves this.  ....People Magazine calls it "hilarious."

The Surgeon General tells Elmo to get vaccinated and to encourage everyone on Sesame Street to do the same and every child as well.

So what are the accepted possible vaccine side effects for A MUPPET? 

Can we consult VAERS? 

What's on the package insert on Sesame Street?  

Is "redness at the injection site" possible when we're talking about Elmo (who's already RED)?

Do doctors have any liability when vaxxing a Muppet?  Or does that protection just cover human children?

What's point?

Are kids supposed to now convince their unconvinced parents that vaccines are safe and effective?  Obviously the campaign to promote vaccines directly to parents hasn't worked.  It's time to convince the kids.

What utter idiocy. 

I would like to ask the newly appointed Surgeon General, Dr. Murthy, what he intends to do about autism---that mysterious disorder that now affects two percent of U.S. children. 

Will Murthy have Elmo on flapping his hands and calling for awareness?  

When Murthy was appointed Surgeon General in Feb, he was on  CBS News and his BIG CONCERN WAS 131 CASES OF MEASLES---NOT THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC AFFECTING TWO PERCENT OF OUR CHILDREN.


 CBS anchor: "The Surgeon General is the nation's chief spokesman on public health issues."
"Tell me how concerned you are about the spread of measles."

 Murthy: "I'm very concerned about the spread of measles and about this particular outbreak that we're having. . . .

The CBS anchor asked Murthy if "we need to rethink exemptions." 

Murthy was asked about public fear and confusion. 

Murthy dismissed any side effects from the MMR and assured viewers that the ONE STUDY linking the vaccine to autism was "debunked multiple times by multiple sources.  It was found to be a fraudulent study. ...." 

Stories of regression following vaccination are merely "personal anecdotes," according to Murthy. 

Parents, take note.  The Surgeon General doesn't care how horrific the autism rate is.   He isn't interested in the thousands and thousands of parents who report that their children were healthy and happy and who suddenly and dramatically regressed after vaccination. 


He wasn't asked, "How concerned are you about the epidemic increase in autism?"

No one in the medical community, in public health or in the media gives a damn.

Too bad if your children no longer speaks, has bowel disease, seizures and autism.  Studies have shown that it's just a coincidence following vaccines.  Be sure to turn on blue lights.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.

Has it come to this?



Jeannette Bishop

Jeannette Bishop

There are so many things wrong with the DHHS, Elmo PSA showing Elmo getting a vaccination! One, I'd forgotten that Elmo had a mom and dad:

Any PSA showing a 3 and 1/2 year getting vaccinated should, I think, show what most of us weren't taught all through our minor years, parents asking probing questions about each vaccine and (gasp) refusing some of them, like maybe a furry red monster couldn't possibly benefit from a vaccine for kermit-pox (maybe a wiser experienced muppet doctor chides his new overly enthusiastic intern for suggesting it), and maybe baby Natasha's parents carefully decide to wait at least until school starts after Natasha develops a severe fever and rash following one of her vaccines and asks the doctor for other ways to boost her immune system and treat the illness of which he could knowledgeably provide (I know that still doesn't cover real informed consent, but...). IMO, if vaccinations are even appropriate to teach about in the grammar levels, there has to an appropriate conveyance that getting a vaccine is a serious choice and not always the right one.

Betty Bona

Oscar the Grouch should receive some serious therapy to get him out of the trash can. He must be really depressed! Researchers like Dr. Rob Knight are finding an association between gut bugs and depression. Maybe a fecal transplant would help. Oh, if you read Teresa Conrick's April 22 article on the Microbiome, you might conclude that Oscar's mercury laced vaccines contributed to the unhealthy state of his microbiome which tends to make him depressed. So I conclude that Oscar is vaccine injured. No more vaccines for Oscar, especially if that Tetanus shot has mercury!


Well, since Cookie Monster is addicted to peanut butter cookies, he won't be able to be Elmo's friend anymore because Elmo suddenly developed allergies to peanuts.

Laura Hayes

I just sent this comment via email on Sesame Street's website, under Contact Us:

I have a severely vaccine-injured son who is now 21. His favorite items are Sesame Street items, and over the years, we have purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars of them, from toys to books to movies to computer CDs to clothing, the list of Sesame St. products in our house is endless.

However, no more. Not after Elmo's participation with the willfully-ignorant Surgeon General to irresponsibly promote vaccines, drugs with the possible side effect of DEATH, not to mention permanent disability and/or chronic illness. Not only are we done purchasing any more Sesame St. items, but we will encourage others to be done, too.


Ginger Taylor posted on Adventures in Autism a meme from a mom showing what happened next.

LOL PANDAS mom - yes, the Count would be good.

Vincent Iannelli, MD

Are you going to deny that it would be a good idea for Oscar the Grouch to get a tetanus shot?

Bob moffitt


I suspect that was his main requirement for appointment to the position.

I know the Surgeon General is supposed to be talking to children about the miracles that vaccines are .. but .. the message I get .. his real target audience are all the "sock puppets" throughout our main-stream media who may not dress like ELMO .. but .. are .. none-the-less .. easily manipulated .. their actions and ideas carefully scripted by the "puppeteers" of the industry that control their every move .. you know .. Anderson Cooper, Nancy JUST GET THE DAMN VACCINE Snyderman, on and on.

Heck .. from now on .. I will think of ELMO everytime the usual network "Health experts" launch one of their misinformed tirades on national television regarding vaccines .. I can visualize ELMO instead of the "sock puppet" pretending to be the "Health expert".


They should have done a bit with The Count. ONE vaccine, ha ha ha...TWO vaccines...FIFTY vaccines...SIXTY vaccines! (lightening/thunder)

This kind of propaganda aimed at preschoolers is just pure evil.

Jeannette Bishop

Is this just one of those life-is-sometimes-full-of-quirky-little-ironies moments? Elmo headed to get information from his computer and the Surgeon General pulled him back? The "nurse" wears horizontal stripes? Everybody kind of looks like they are wearing uniforms... Sing a song, distract yourself, and you won't notice a thing? "Players gonna play, play, play... Haters gonna hate, hate, ...shake it off, shake it off..." I know, they didn't mean anything...

"They can spot the germs a mile away and kick them out before they ever make you sick."

"So, antibodies are the best superheroes ever."

Elmo, mermaids, and superheroes...

"Why doesn't everybody get a vaccination?"

I suppose the real irony will be when Sesame Street decides they need an episode teaching about autoimmunity or other immune-mediated health difficulties that occur with increasing frequency in our children.


This is no biggie. Disney & Nickelodeon children's shows have been advocating vaccines for years.


So now they're using a puppet to promote vaccines. Correction: two puppets.


Like all predators, drug pushers go straight for their victims, avoiding parents whenever possible, and they are not deterred when their victims are harmed.

Jeannette Bishop

Saturday I viewed this short version:

And posted the comment below, currently not visible if I'm not logged in. Since there was only one comment at the time from DHHS, I thought maybe they don't show public comments, but now there a few so I guess maybe they filter. Mine might be posted a month from now, maybe:

Why did the Supreme Court rule vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe?"

Don't we need to get the science done first, like making sure that children that do get "all their vaccines" are as healthy or healthier than those that do not, before we tell three year olds (or 18 year olds on the autism spectrum) who love Elmo that's what they do?

We've never checked the health of an unvaccinated population to get real background rates for the immune mediated chronic health problems that are linked and suspected to be linked to vaccination.

What did we do with this "health" measure?

And what else did we appear to do in response?

And if we haven't gotten the "science" (and "history") right simply with the "disease" of polio 50 + years later, what else are we possibly not getting right in an infant vaccine schedule expanded to 27+ vaccines never tested in combinations given or cumulatively?

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