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Dachel Media Update: RKF Jr Speaks Out

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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April 6, 2015 Fox 13, Salt Lake City

'Pediatricians don't read the science;' Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says autism linked to mercury in vaccines

Video interview: Kennedy: "Five of my six children got 22 vaccines.  Beginning in 1989, that's the thimerosal generation--that 's the vaccine generation, and it's the sickest generation in the history of this country."

"It was removed from many of the pediatric vaccines in 2003, but the same year, the CDC added the flu vaccine which is loaded with mercury.  And it's now being given in bolus doses to pregnant women and children in every year.  Children today are getting almost the same amount of mercury--children who comply with the CDC schedule."   

Regarding the credibility of the CDC, Kennedy said,

"All they have are these epidemiological studies that are very prone to 'fixing.'  . . . I've shown them 500 studies that shows there is a link." 

"The CDC is a troubled agency It's an agency that has been captured by the industry it's supposed to regulate. . . . There are four separate federal studies, scathing federal studies by Congress, by the United States Senate, by the Inspector General of HHS, and last year by the Office of Research Integrity, that says CDC is off the rails.  It has become captured by the vaccine industry.  It is no longer protecting public health.  It is protecting the profit margin of that industry.

"But you see these very well-respected public health officials getting up there and saying, 'There is no study. We have these nine studies.'"

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks about link between ingredient in vaccines and autism (VIDEO)

A member of the Kennedy family stopped in Park City Monday night to lend his voice to the ongoing debate over vaccines and autism.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attended a screening of a new documentary, "Trace Amounts."  The film explores the theory that there is a link between Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and an ingredient in vaccines called thimerasol.

It's told through the eyes of the filmmaker, Eric Gladen, who said he suffered mercury poisoning after receiving a Tetanus shot in 2004.

"Thimerasol is a potent neurotoxin that is linked to all these neurological disorders that are now epidemic in American children," said Kennedy, who penned a book on the topic last year.

Thimerasol is a preservative that contains mercury. Between 1999 and 2001, it was removed or reduced to trace amounts in vaccines given to kids under the age of 6, but it still exists in the flu vaccine.

"If somebody can show me a single study, one study, if any of the doctors you've mentioned can show me a single study that shows that thimerasol is safe, I will go on Anderson Cooper and publicly apologize," Kennedy told FOX 13.  "I challenge you. Find me one study." . . .

However, Kennedy argued research showed a 33 percent drop in the autism rate in Denmark after they eliminated the ingredient. Amidst the growing debate, he has found growing research he believes supports his argument.

"We compiled all the science on thimerasol, all that we could find.  We found somewhere near 500 peer reviews and 1,400 references," Kennedy said. "We piled those studies on CDC's desk and said, 'Here are the studies that show this is destroying our children's brains.'" 

These stories were excellent coverage.  RFK Jr was able to call the credibility of the CDC into question during his interview by claiming that they're in bed with the vaccine industry.  If we can't trust the agency charged with vaccine safety, why should we rely on THEIR SCIENCE?

I posted comments on both of them.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.


Denise Anderstrom Douglass

It just makes me sick what they are doing to him. He has the gratitude and support of every parent and grandparent who lives with it.

tony bateson

We still hear the preposterous claim that says 'all the evidence shows that vaccines do not cause autism'. Yet more preposterous is the notion that you put some of the world's most poisonous materials into vaccines - Flu vaccine presently containing ethyl mercury,without a shred of evidence that it is safe to inject pregnant mothers, children and adults with this material sometimes used to preserve lumber or to extend shelf life. Indeed I regard the autism catastrophe as the world's first shelf life disaster. It will shock the world rigid when this becomes common knowledge but we should not hold back to expose the criminal work of those who really know the facts but have become institutional liars.
Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.

Bob Moffitt

Where is Poul Thorsen? Why hasn't he been brought to justice in the United States? Who is protecting him? Why?

Everything RFK says about the CDC being "captured" by the vaccine industry they are supposed to be "regulating" is true .. the CDC's highest priority appears to be protecting the bottom line profits of their partners .. the vaccine industry ..

Again .. where is Poul Thorsen?

Are those responsible for bringing this criminal to justice simply waiting for the "statue of limitations" clock to run out? If so .. THEY should be prosecuted for "obstruction of justice".


Vaccines cause autism.

Trying to confine it to just thimerosal, is wrong.


Many, many thanks to RFK, Jr. for continuing to speak out so boldly and eloquently.


I really wish they would stop showing babies getting so many injections. Horrifying to watch.

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