SB 277 Passes Education Committee - The Battle for California - Part 3
Sesame Street Selling Vaccines and Seeking Kids with Autism To Display on Program

Dachel Media Update: California Vax Mandate Bill SB277 Passes

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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LA Times: CA Vaccine Mandate Bill SB277 Passes

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Thank you Channel 6 San Diego! Thank you Rebecca Estepp, Dr. Stenzler! And also, thank you Jeannette Bishop for sharing the link to the interview.

Grace Green

Anita Donnelly, Yes, you are absolutely right with this hypothesis. I know, because exactly this has been happening to me and my family here in the UK for the last 60 years. Because my parents, sister and I were among the first generation of those suffering from ASD and ME, after vaccinations preparetory to emigrating to Africa in 1953, and because my father had been working on vaccines as a pharmacologist during WW2 and was a potential conscientious whistleblower of the government's biological warfare experiments, I was encouraged to home educate my two sons (also ASD after vaccines). We have subsequently been completely excluded form society's benefits, and experience daily persecution in all walks of life. We are continuing our fight against this, but I believe our evidence is crucial to defeating this medical holocaust.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Rebecca Estepp, Dr. Stenzler!


@Elizabeth S:

Here is a link re an abstract birth plan you may want to consider using:


@Elizabeth S:

You can and should file a BIRTH PLAN with your physicians/nurses/hospital PRIOR to your child's birth.

Make sure you have in writing whatever procedures you agree to, and what you do not agree to re vaccines, vitamin K, etc. If possible, try to ensure your husband and/or significant other remains with your newborn AT ALL TIMES after the birth, to ensure your requests in writing are adhered to (they will oft times try to sneak in a Hep B shot in spite of parents' wishes).

I had a doula with me during our son's birth. She was of enormous help to us during my labor/delivery, so this may be an option for you as well.

Best of luck to you!

cia parker

Elizabeth S.,
No, it won't affect you, but put it in writing that you don't want your baby to get the hep-B vaccine: it caused encephalitis and autism in my baby, and was given without permission. I had told the pediatrician I didn't want her to get it. That wasn't good enough. Get the head of something to sign it and say you want a copy given to the nurses in the obstetrics unit. And then tell every nurse you come in contact with that you don't want your baby to get it. This bill would only affect schoolchildren and probably kids in daycare.

Jeannette Bishop

Concerned mother,

The bill passed only out of the Education committee (headed to another committee) and hasn't been approved by the Senate, the Assembly, and the Governor's desk which, if it unfortunately does, might be in several months for his signature. If the bill becomes law, I don't know when it will come into effect.

You will want to be aware of any procedures the hospital may want to do (hepB vaccine, vit K injections, maybe DTaP and/or flu vaccine? -- I'm not fully aware of what is common now) and understand that these are not required by law, though sometimes treated as such. You may want a birth plan with explicit instructions in place with the hospital or your baby's pediatrician and to keep someone with your baby at all times to watch that it is followed and to carefully check everything given you to sign before signing.


Elizabeth; I am so sorry you that will have to grow a back bone the likes that have never been seen since the giant dinosaurs.
Tell your doctor and every body else that is your plans and then don't let it out of your sight and tell them that too.

They will ask you why - never say cause I heard it on the internet - they don't respect us and that we have selective reading.

You can say I read the vaccine insert and I am not a drug user and I do not have Hep B and my child is not likely to be infected with it. You can also say I have read some things on pub-med (they kind of respect that) And you might find some pub med studies that support your position, memorize them and use them.

Good luck.

and blessings!

Elizabeth S

Ian having a baby in a couple of weeks at a California hospital. How will this affect me. Will I be forced to immunize my newborn at the hospital. Someone pls help with information

Thank you

Concerned mother

Tim Lundeen

Every day, on my facebook page, I post one to three peer-reviewed articles on the dangers of vaccination. Hopefully it will reach someone. I've actually had (private) discussions with some of my family/friends as a result, but they don't go public with their concerns.

Anyone wants to friend me, search for "Tim Lundeen MIT"!

Vijay Gupta

The Hep-B vaccine was mandated in the early 1990s. The number Hep-B related deaths have gone up from 700 in 1990 to 2000 in 2006. Please see Fig. 7 in this paper.

Epidemiology of Hepatitis B in the United States:

The CDC website shows Hep B death stats for last few years only. It does not go back to 1990.

Perhaps the opponents of SB277 should just focus on the Hep B vaccine:

i) to counter the pro-vax focus on measles, and
ii) to emphasize the perverse overreach of the bill which mandates vaccination for non-contagious diseases also.

Senator Roth had raised this point about Hep B in the Health Committee hearings, and Pan promised to look into it. But he didn't do anything about it.

Every time a pro-vax person says anything about measles, the pro-choice guys should reply with a similar point about Hep B till they get tired of hearing it or they agree to remove Hep B from the list.

If they remove Hep B, it will set a great precedent, namely, that all vaccines are not equally safe, equally effective, or equally necessary.

Anita Donnelly

It occurs to me that there is another agenda with the measles story line. They are trying to keep us from taking this grassroots. Grass roots beats astroturf every time.
Shun those of us who don't vaccinate so that no one will hear our stories, so that we will be afraid to tell our stories. Many of us literally can't speak up at work because the "anti-science" label is so toxic and we are the sole support or the only way to pay for our child's recovery. So people don't see the face of that reasonable person from work. They see the face of a "homeschooling" mom--someone they can't relate to. Someone who is "other" and would never be them (they think). I heard one person at the CA rally make a slur that "the hard working moms who support vaccines couldn't be here". That was so wrong on so many levels. First, who works harder than home schooling Moms? Who works harder than Moms who can't work because they have special needs kids? But that was how she characterized us becuae she couldn't say what she said if she accepted the truth about our lives. And that's what the powers that be want. They want to push us into the "other" category. Not the person next door, the crazy lady down the street. . . Because, the more we tell our stories, the more we turn this around. The more you knew a guy with cancer who smoked the more you knew it was caused by cigarettes. But if EVERYONE smoked cigarettes, you couldn't be a sure could you? So let's keep the people who never smoked, or who stopped smoking, out of the equation so no one figures this out. God I want the tape of these people plotting this stuff. I really want the tape that proves they know exactly what they are doing and they don't care. I want the '49%" tape where they say that they really don't give a crap if vaccines hurt our kids because they know how to get exemptions for themselves. We know that exists. It has to. Why else would they push neurotoxins on pregnant women? To kill off the susceptible before they are born? This is a human rights issue.
--All of us in any church needs to go to our priest, minister, rabbi, and tell our story of vaccine injury and explain why it is against our conscience to deliberately harm our own child ever again. We need to give them RFK Jr's book We need to ask if we can speak at some event, or put fliers up, or somehow reach the congregation about vaccine reactions and what to look for. We need to ask the older ones if they ever saw so many special needs children.
--We need to create liability forms to give our doctors asking them to sign them if they wish to give our child a shot.
--We need to create fliers about vaccine injury with links to appropriate sites, and leave them on coffee shop bulletin boards, urgent care centers etc (I noticed our dr offices and hospitals no longer have magazines in waiting areas which makes me wonder if this is so that people can't leave stuff like this)
--We need to meet with our mayors and tell them our vaccine story. We need to meet with our state representatives. We need to meet with their staff. We need to meet with our supt of schools. We need to tell them our eye witness story. We need to push through the incredulity and enough of us need to do this.You know they are asking the question "where did all these children come from" and they aren't getting an answer. They will get the answer from us and they will start to support us. We haven't tried because we've been pitted against school sups for example for resources in so many cases. Let's reach out. Let's make an appt. Let's tell our stories. Yes, many of the people will dismiss us out of hand. But some won't. It will begin to turn around. And its' the only way.
--We need to tell stories of the difficultly of raising a child with autism. The side no one knows about. The poop on the wall. We need to figure out a way to talk about the stuff we don't want to say.
--We need to make the younger people twice when they start a family, about if they want no say in vaccine choice. We need to alert them so that if their child or their friends child has a vaccine reaction, they see it for what it is in time.
--Finally, we need to explain whenever and wherever we can what motivates us and compare it with motivates pharma and medical shills. We need to explain that we have to speak out, ethically. We have to speak out because we know. And not speaking out is to be complicit.
We are motivated by love and fear. Love for these children, whom we hope can recover if the powers that be admit what is wrong. Love for all children, paying it forward for what has helped our child. Fear for every baby today who got a newborn hep b, and for his or her loving family and what might fact them if their baby, like outs, cannot process poisons. Fear, literally, for the future of our country. And fear for the future of our democracy.


Why does Pan get to vote for his own bill?

Marty Block and Loni Hancock both voiced strong opposition to the bill last week, although Hancock wasn't very knowledgeable, confusing HIV with HPV and apparently not knowing much about either. She said she was very uncomfortable with the bill. So what happened?

And the chair, Liu, while voting for the bill, says she has problems with it. How can she justify voting yes?

Angus Files

Transcendentalism seemed to have it right and what we have now is brainwashing pharma ineptitude.



It does not matter how these corrupt morons vote. People should never accept their vote as a law, people should never tolerate that some white collar criminals who call themselves senators or congressmen decide to maim or kill their children for profits. Pan must be tried for violation of democratic principles, high treason, and attempt to commit genocide on millions of California children.

Jeannette Bishop
Tim Lundeen

@Carol, yes this bill keeps HepB mandatory, just as it was before. And you're right, any parent who actually considers risk/benefit will decline the HepB.

Pan is corrupt

Carol it does include hep B and even a final spot for any vaccine they deem you should get. We need a reprint of their list.


On the community board I see John Trovolta holding his shy son Ben.

I wonder if Ben was vaccinated like Jett.

I wonder if Ben will be home schooled.

Tim Lundeen

Well, through the education committee anyway. It likely will get through the judiciary committee, because it has a majority of co-authors, and the senate, where 15 out of 40 are co-authors -- so they only need 5 non-authors voting for it on the floor, because there is one vacant seat.

Then we will see about the assembly. Much better chances there, since only 10 out of 80 are co-authors.


Am I missing something or does this bill makes hepatitis B vaccine mandatory? The IOM didn't actually give this vaccine a thumbs-up and since the IOM loves all vaccines almost to death, that must mean it's pretty bad.

"The committee concludes that the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between hepatitis B vaccine and the first episode of a central nervous system demyelinating disorder.

The committee concludes that the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between hepatitis B vaccine and ADEM.

The committee concludes that the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between hepatitis B vaccine and optic neuritis.

The committee concludes that the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between hepatitis B vaccine and transverse myelitis.

The committee concludes that the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between hepatitis B vaccine and GBS.

The committee concludes that the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between hepatitis B vaccine and brachial neuritis.

The committee concludes that there is weak evidence for biological mechanisms by which hepatitis B vaccination could possibly influence an individual’s risk of the central or peripheral nervous system disorders of MS, first episode of CDD, ADEM, or optic neuritis, transverse myelitis, GBS, or brachial neuritis."


"The evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between hepatitis B vaccine and neonatal death."

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