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Dachel Media Update: California Vaccine Exemption Restrictions

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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It seems that members of the press are all in agreement on the issue of vaccine exemption elimination in California.  Vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives, everyone should get them.  The terms you people like to use regarding those in opposition are "anti-vaccine" and "anti-vaxxers." 

April 20, 2015, The Los Angeles Times published 3 letters to the editors in a column entitled Readers react-- California caves to vaccination deniers and all of them were in support of taking away a parent's right to exempt their child from vaccinations. It's hard to imagine that there were no letters from people opposed to the vaccine bill.

 April 20, The LA Daily News also endorsed the end of exemptions in the piece, Broad, new vaccination law needed in California by  by Thomas D. Elias.  Elias announced that there are "thousands of infants now being kept in homes all around California and not taken out because of concerns over the dozens of measles cases that broke out when the illness spread from one unvaccinated child at Disneyland."  As far as a parent's right to choice whether or not to vaccinate, Elias said, "For sure, anti-vaxxers declaiming their right to freedom are in fact denying liberty to many thousands of children either too young or too allergic to be vaccinated."  He went on to describe those using exemptions as "lazy parents [who] lie about religious beliefs."

April 20, The Sacramento Bee had the story Big emotion drives two major bills in California in which "anti-vaxxers" like Robert Kennedy Jr. were up against medical authorities who said that vaccines don't hurt children.

"Two marathon hearings have been packed with parents, mostly young and affluent, who oppose the bill, believing that vaccinations potentially cause autism and other crippling conditions. Robert Kennedy Jr. even came to Sacramento to champion 'anti-vaxxers,' as they've been dubbed.

"With medical authorities asserting that vaccinations pose no such threat, the bill made it through the Senate Health Committee but stalled in the Senate Education Committee over how unvaccinated kids would be educated."

April 20, an editorial in The New York Times entitled Vaccine Phobia in California called for "virtually all students" to be vaccinated and for California to follow the "trend" set by Mississippi and West Virginia and eliminate exemptions.

"California is in the midst of a dispute between parents who want to exempt their children from some or all of the vaccinations required for admission to public and private schools and a medical establishment that believes, with good reason, that vaccines can protect the students from the harm caused by infectious diseases and reduce the risk of transmitting the diseases from schools to the broader community. . . .

"Two other states - Mississippi and West Virginia - limit exemptions to medical necessity, but California would become the largest by far if the bill is enacted. It is a trend that should be encouraged. . . .

". . . The legislators, however, must keep their eye on the most important goal: ensuring that virtually all students have been vaccinated."

April 20, Fox News ran an article that was also in The New York Post on April 18.  Fox News called it, Skip vaccines? Opt out of tests? Radicalism is tearing us apart  and The New York Post headline was Radicalism is going mainstream.  The author was Michael Goodwin and he went after RFK Jr and "the anti-vaxxer crowd" for "the outlandish claim" that vaccines cause autism.  Goodwin referred to Kennedy as "a spoiled brat."  Goodwin further said not only are these people wrong, they're also dangerous and out to destroy America.

"But this ­anti-establishment mind-set coming from within the establishment is more about turning back the clock of progress than pushing new ideas.

"Some of it reflects widespread distrust of government, but the choice of targets also smacks of paranoia."

"Similarly, boycotting vaccines risks a return to a time when children routinely died in infancy or were left with crippling and disfiguring injuries. America's public health system grew out of calamities caused by contagious diseases and it's nuts for a spoiled brat like Kennedy to use his celebrity status to put other people's children in danger.

"We live in strange times, and they are getting stranger by the day. I have argued that America appears headed for a crack-up, and mainstream radicalism is both cause and effect of the potential chaos."

This coincidental mass mainstream media endorsement of ending parental choice in California all shared the same talking points.  Not one of these articles acknowledged even the remote possibility that vaccines carry real risks.  Presenting those in opposition as "anti-vaccine" covered up the fact that in reality they're really pro vaccine choice and vaccine safety advocates. 

News people writing like this merely expose their ignorance and their bias.  This kind of coverage doesn't convince anyone that vaccines are safe, but it does add to the mounting distrust the public has of the media.  With rare exception, reporters refuse to honestly and thoroughly cover this controversy.  They get their talking points from officials who have long been seduced by the power of the pharmaceutical industry. 

When this country is finally forced to acknowledge what so many have worked so long to cover up, the news industry will share equally in the blame. 

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



Tim Lundeen



95,000 kids with older sibs..2000 of the older sibs are on the spectrum..give them all an mmr ..and there are no differences..shouldn't the risk group ,as risk groups go,have developed autism , with or without an mmr..but they didn't..so they weren't a risk group? Sorry..I'm trying to make some sense of this.. Then there were pregnant women with gestational diabetes..among 322323 children, about 1% 3388 developed autism, (lower than any recently reported CDC study), among these 3388 children, 425 had been exposed in the womb to either a diabetic mom or a mom with gestational diabetes.Less than thirteen hundredths of a percent of the original 322323 children had this as a cofacter and went on to develop autism. Where is the information on the number of pregnancies/diabetes that did not go on to autism ?Bottom line 12 % of the asd children had diabetic moms. This small number may indicate a child with a history of family autoimmune disease is at somewhat greater risk from vaccines.This is the kind of study that one day may identify those at most risk of disability directly triggered by the current vaccine schedule.


Just read on anh-usa.org newsletter that NVAC draft for increasing adult immunization mentions

Increasing pay for performance

Strengthening policies to limit personal and religious beliefs

Recommending that "healthcare professionals reinforce that vaccination according to ACIP schedule is the SOCIAL NORM and not the exception. Misperceptions that vaccination in line with Acip recommended schedule is not the norm and should be appropriately addressed."

Horrible policies for humans in a democracy great for corporations.


This is the study that after this doctor/father finished testifying and just wept -
That Tom Insel turned around and asked - at the IACC meeting - how that study was going?

The study was taking the medical records of children with autism and their siblings that had been vaccinated too and comparing them.

I am not sure though how they were going to do it - did the siblings have to have the whole course of vaccines, or just a few since the parents may have not -- vaccinated the full load.

Regardless Colleen Boyle of the CDC -former "
controlling the situation over the agent orange situation" Darn good job she did too -but she was sitting right there in that meeting looking very Umbridge like.

I also forgot who he asked.


Help me please - I cannot recall the name of the doctor and father that got up and testified in front of the IACC about recombiant DNA and pleaded with them?

If anyone can help me?


Regarding the new study saying vaccines and autism are not linked I saw this response.

"You can't use statistics (sampling data) to prove that two variables are not linked. It is called the fallacy of accepting the null hypothesis.

It is the equivalent of looking in your kitchen for buried treasure and then, having found none, declaring that there is no buried treasure anywhere to be found.

The researchers who did these studies should never be allowed access to grant funding again for making such an egregious error."

Concerned momma

Any and all involved in the creation and voting in of this bill should display all their up to date vaccines, including yearly flu shots. The 2 flu shot takers in our family now have Alzheimer's.
I'm afraid with this bill, many will develop earlier dementia and of course many will opt out of the educational system.


Barry, at the Sacramento screening this is discussed in the Q&A afterward with Gladen, RFK Jr., Dr. Hooker and Dr. Sears. Gladen explains that the mercury was all he felt he could handle as a focus in the movie but that he did do some research on aluminum and on the synergistic effects of aluminum combined with mercury. At the end of the session Laura Hayes, who moderated, in a not so subtle hint, told the audience to make sure to give their contact info to her so that she can contact them for future activism, including when Gladen's movie on aluminum comes out.

I agree that some could come away with the wrong impression that vaccines are safe as long as they don't contain mercury. That's a big problem. If people take a long look at the information surrounding the movie, the online talks such as this one, they'll see that it's much more than mercury. But people just driving by the story taking a quick glance will be misled.


Anne Dachel,

From CNN this morning:


I wonder how they rigged this study.


They continue to deny us the one study that would close the deal. The unvaxxed kids are healthy . They will never let that secret be known, hence it will be the secret that if shared would have saved the next generation the tortures of heart disease, gastro illness, speech issue, tics, and a list of the "d's"..add ,adhd ,ocd, pdd, sensory processing disorders,


I'm not surprised that 'they' won't do this study. Because let's be honest, most criminals are bright enough not to expose themselves.

I think the problem comes from our side, and those supposedly posing as advocates for vaccine injured children.

With all due respect to the film Trace Amounts… it appears to focus on just one poisonous vaccine ingredient, which is supposedly only present in a handful of vaccines. In my opinion , that does more harm than good, because it leaves the public with the false impression that mercury is the only problem with vaccines. We all know that isn't true, and the best we can hope for from this effort is yet another industry 'promise' to remove mercury from vaccines. Which we all know we can't trust them to do. And so at the end of the day, we will likely have accomplished nothing since mercury will still be in vaccines, and we will still be vaccinating the bejesus out of our children.

Homefirst Medical Services has been offering vaccine choice to their patients, and they have over 50,000 children who have been minimally, or not vaccinated at all. And among those children, there is virtually no autism, asthma, allergies, respiratory illness, or diabetes.

Why doesn't someone do a documentary on that?

Bob moffitt

"Robert Kennedy Jr. even came to Sacramento to champion 'anti-vaxxers,' as they've been dubbed."

I guess it is easier to blame "they" .. when in fact . it is YOU "doing the dubbing". This "reporter" reminds me of someone who is witnessing a vicous assault on someone and does nothing to stop the assault .. preferring instead to capture the moment on his I-PHONE .. to later proudly put up on "youtube".

"An editorial in The New York Times entitled Vaccine Phobia in California called for "virtually all students" to be vaccinated and for California to follow the "trend" set by Mississippi and West Virginia and eliminate exemptions."

Let's see if I got this straight .. two states eliminating execemptions is a positive "trend" .. 1 in 65 children a day diagnosed autism is what, an inconvenient "coincidence"?

"Presenting those in opposition as "anti-vaccine" covered up the fact that in reality they're really pro vaccine choice and vaccine safety advocates."

In addition to being "really pro vaccine CHOICE and vaccine SAFETY advocates" .. they are also PRO-SCIENCE. After all, one connot be pro-vaccine and pro-science at the same time .. as that would be oxymoronic position.

My evidence? Where are the voices of "trained scientists" .. who are experts in the SCIENTIFIC disciplines of toxicology, immunology, gastronomy to name just three disciplines whose voices remain oddly SILENT in all these public legislation debates to deny exemptions? I think it safe to assume if THEY were as confident in vaccines as are the AAP and AMA .. THEIR voices would be present in such a public debate.

Instead .. we hear almost exclusively from members of AAP and AMA .. organizations that represent the vested interests of pediatricians and doctors .. who profit heavily from administering vaccines. While they are licensed doctors .. they are woefully prepared .. educationally .. to speak so authoritively on the subject of "vaccines"

Consider .. it is "pro-science" people who are demanding a "scientific", "independent" study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations .. to ascertain .. once and for all .. if BOTH populations have suffered the same, inexplicable increase in chronic autoimmune disorders that were .. "scientifically recognized" as less common in all previous .. less vaccinated generations.

It is the AAP, AMA, CDC, FDA, HHS, IOM, that adamantly oppose this SCIENTIFIC STUDY .. either prospective or retrospective .. giving all kinds of nebulus (vague, unclear) reasons .. which when all put together amount to a simple declaration THEIR SCIENTISTS claim the study would be "too hard" to do.

I suspect it is not because the study would be "too hard" .. it is because they are "too scared" to see the results.

If that does not determine who is "pro-science" and who is not "pro-science" .. I don't know what will.


The Lewin Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Health Group. One of United Health Group's two companies is insurer United Health Care. Drexel University is affiliated with CHOP.


@CA lawmaker

If Pan wants to play the photo op angle then maybe lots of children with severe autism can make an appearance in person or by image.

Anna Quandt

Yup. Nice new study in JAMA. Authors affiliated with The Lewin Group and Optum. Funding unspecified.

CA lawmaker plans to revive bill


Anita Donnelly

I wonder if they want the unvaccinated kids to be home schooled so that they can claim that being home schooled is why they will be so much healthier, and succeed so much better than the poor poisoned children in regular school. They are deliberately adding a variable.


They continue to deny us the one study that would close the deal. The unvaxxed kids are healthy . They will never let that secret be known, hence it will be the secret that if shared would have saved the next generation the tortures of heart disease, gastro illness, speech issue, tics, and a list of the "d's"..add ,adhd ,ocd, pdd, sensory processing disorders, autoimmune disease, obesity, early onset diabetes , and more. Liars and criminals, tied so tightly into their sponsors and the money they will maim children for a buck.


At the Sacramento screening of "Trace Amounts", RFK Jr says (I can't remember if it was before the screening or after, during the Q&A session) that he wrote a letter to the Sacramento Bee and that they wouldn't publish it.




This just sickens me. They just don't stop; another new study purporting to PROVE the MMR/vaccines don't cause autism.

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