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Autism Speaks Turns Health Disaster Into Magical Blue Celebration

New_Year_Magic_Hat_PNG_ClipartBy Anne Dachel

Autism Speaks
has turned what should be seen as an international health disaster--a generation of neurologically injuredchildren--into a curiosity we have all the time in the world to figure out.  They've done this by promoting numerous lies, most notably that autism is a genetic disorder unrelated to the toxins our children are exposed to in the ever-increasing vaccination schedule.

Eight years ago AS got the U.N. to proclaim World Autism Awareness Day for April 2nd and thousands of famous sites around the world are now illuminated in blue for April 2nd.  Here in the U.S. we have a month of walks and celebration for a disorder with no known cause, prevention or cure. 

Autism Speaks calls for money, awareness, and services.  They pretend that autism has always been here like this, it just wasn't recognized.  In 2011, they produced a study from South Korea showing an autism rate of one in every 38 children. 

According to AS, this was proof that autism is still "under recognized"/"underdiagnosed" and therefore the continuing increase in the rate is to be expected.

The glaring flaw in all of this make-believe is the absence of an adult population with a comparable rate.  Many of us have long asked for evidence that autism is an adult problem as well.  The fact that there aren't services already in place for the young adults with autism aging out of our school system seems to show that this is a new phenomenon. 

Autism Speaks is now out to dispel that idea.  Adults have autism, we just didn't know it.  We're talking about people functioning in the adult world, but who have personality problems and a lack of social skills.  I'm sure the media will fall in line with the lie that there are lots of autistic adults out there.

(This was tried before with a study from the U.K. that supposedly found an autistic adult population with a questionnaire.)

This is more fraud and cover-up.  No one has EVER been able to show us an adult population with the signs of classic autism like we see in so many of our children.  Believe me, no one needs a "tool kit" to recognize autism in the non-verbal, hand-flapping, spinning 10 year old in diapers.  IF Autism Speaks wants anyone to believe them, they need to find that adults like this.  Also we need to see adults with severe autism who started out as typically developing children, but who suddenly and dramatically lost learned skills and regressed into autism, along with seizure disorder and bowel disease. 


Mar 28, 2015

Press Release - Autism Speaks Resources Cover the Full Lifespan with Release of Adult Diagnosis Tool Kit - Autism Daily Newscast

First-of-its-kind guide now available for adults who have been recently diagnosed with autism, as well as those who suspect they have the disorder.

New York, N.Y - Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization, today has launched a new tool kit that addresses the needs of adults affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The tool kit - Is It Autism and If So, What Next? A Guide for Adults - provides an overview of ASD to help recently diagnosed adults better understand the disorder, and offers guidance to people who suspect they have ASD but have not received a formal evaluation.

"With increased awareness of ASD and its signs and symptoms, a growing number of people are receiving diagnoses during adulthood," said Lisa Goring, executive vice president of programs and services at Autism Speaks. "At the same time, there are many adults who suspect they have ASD but have not received a professional evaluation or have been misdiagnosed with other conditions. Our new tool kit provides a roadmap so that adults with autism and those seeking an evaluation can navigate their journey with the disorder."

Is It Autism and If So, What Next? A Guide for Adults

As autism awareness has grown dramatically in recent years, many young adults and adults have learned the signs and felt there may be a connection between their feelings and behaviors and the symptoms of autism. 

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



I don't know. You think there's yet another twist to this sordid tale? That they're actually not even serious with these bills? I think Tan is serious. I think Steiner-Hayward (or Hayward-Steiner) is dead serious and completely out of her mind intent on succeeding if not today, then someday. I don't expect her to ever give up. NJ's attempt got out of committee. West Va. and Miss. already live with these draconian laws, and despite miserable morbidity and mortality stats and the fact that their states are impoverished, all related to these laws, they are hailed a success and states to be emulated. But the bottom line is this - The fanatics do believe that vaccines do not cause harm. There are enough legislators who are too young and inexperienced in life, whose knowledge mainly comes from propagandized curriculum and Offitesque brainwashing, that will go along and shoot themselves in both feet by promoting this legislation just because they're too wet behind the ears to know any better. For the more seasoned legislators, let's hope there aren't enough of them to rationalize that the money they receive outweighs the risk of harm to their constituents. There is no doubt that the well connected can obtain medical exemptions and I wouldn't be surprised if that was part of the bargain they make with the devil who bribes them to put the rest of us in shackles.

Bob Moffitt

@ Greg

"The mandates are all DOA, but they will continue the ruse only to eventually back down. And, of course, they will also continue to fault us for their retreats"

I think we can agree the legislators in states seeking to impose "mandates" have all received their thirty pieces of silver from the usual suspects .. just for proposing the legislation.

However, I do not believe ANYONE thought these mandates would all be DOA .. if for nothing else .. why would they deliberately create.. in the court of public opinion .. the perception (reality!) there are so MANY PARENTS in opposition to the mandates .. they had NO CHOICE but to reluctantly withdraw them?

In other words .. if the legislator's ONLY reason to withdraw the mandates was because .. "they do not want autism to bite their own precious little ones" .. they sure as hell could have found a much better way to protect their "precious little ones" without risking the political wrath of their constituents.

Think about it .. if they had received overwhelming SUPPORT for their mandates .. do you believe they would have withdrawn the legislation?


Linda I; no one wants to be first in vaccines and last in everything else like Mississippi.

Just got the email that from the IACC - about the celebrations of April

The CDC has joined in the celebration. They got a link to the CDC page and everything! Impressive!

It says that so far no one knows the cause and there is no cure, and so like Autism Speaks our federal agency the CDC is on the ball - cause they do know that autism is a developmental - thingy.


I'm so fed up with myopic people saying vaccines don't cause autism. Look, maybe they didn't for your kid, or even for your autistic kid, but let me assure you that if you follow science, you will recall that there are some viruses and other factors that TRIGGER genetic mutations in people that cause cancer, that means NOT EVERYONE WHO SMOKES will get cancer, but some people who smoke, and have this genetic mutation, will get cancer. Now, can you pro-vaccine people follow this same logic when it comes to autism and vaccines? So, here we go...sometimes people who get vaccines become autistic because something in the vaccine, whether or not it was too much of the vaccine, or too many vaccines at once, TRIGGER certain vulnerable genes....hence, messing with synaptic connections, blunting certain neurotransmitters, affecting hippocampal regions, etc...creating autism.....this doesn't happen to everyone, just those who already vulnerable...It is extremely ignorant for people to say that vaccines could never cause autism....this just borders on insanity...


Thanks for the link Linda on the failed NC mandate.

Their confidence soon faded, however, following a backlash from citizens concerned about their children’s safety, their own religious rights, and the effect of government overreach on their personal liberties.

This is such BS! This is almost the same wording in another article on the defeated Oregon bill. When have they ever listened to us?

Linda, I must disagree with you that they are still bent on mandates. As I explained numerous times, they do not want autism to bite their own precious little ones, hence the defeat of these bills. The mandates are all DOA, but they will continue the ruse only to eventually back down. And, of course, they will also continue to fault us for their retreats. It must be so frustrating for them knowing by avoiding the hook, they are granting us the same.

Joanie Calem

All of these lies make my stomach turn...my almost 20 year old son struggles every day.

Joanie Calem


I am aware that we have let our children down.


Was just reading the April 1st newsletter at Merola.com, titled " US Government Rolls Out Mandatory Adult Vaccination and Tracking Program".

It was their annual "April Fools" piece.

At last count, there were 589 comments. Some of them were from terrified people, who didn't realize it was a joke. And many others were from people incensed by the suggestion of such a unconstitutional act.

Yet for most parents, that is exactly what we have imposed on own defenseless children.

So yes, we are a generation of parents who have let our children down.


Unfortunately, we are now 10 years out from our son's dx. He was dx in February. I will NEVER forgot when April came around that year and made me "aware". That vaccines don't have any connection to autism what-so-ever. That autism is caused by genetics so no point in applying medical treatment or doing any testing (EEG, MRI, blood tests). That kids with autism just have chronic GI issues (so why bother finding a root cause). And my favorite, from a pediatrician no less,"Kids outgrow autism. That's why you never meet adults with autism." Every year I feel more and more aware. I am aware that we have let our children down. That we do not appear any closer to solving this puzzle than 10 years ago. That the only FDA approved "treatment" has one slight issue (breasts and lactation in boys). ENOUGH with the awareness. If you are not aware by now then you are not paying attention (or you have thrust your head deeply into the sand). Our kids are sick!! Arthritis, allergies, diabetes, ADHD, "autism", speech delay. I was given a t-shirt at A1 last year by a TMR mom. It reads "FUA". For me, April is FUA month. So Happy FUA Month.


I remember the first World Autism Day. It's been 8 years already? When my son was little I was naively hopeful we could right this wrong. Never in my worst nightmare could I imagine such a rotten and evil organization could rise up from our collective troubles. But, they are here and not going away trying to drown our pleas out. I hate April. I hate autism. I hate dishonest fake autism advocacy organizations. I feel hopeless when people want to celebrate the worst thing that's ever happened to so many.


I believe they are lying low in an attempt to get legislation past what they hope are the distracted masses. Another state so far failed:


(except I think it's the fourth - Washington, Oregon, Maryland and now North Carolina)


Great article Anne. AS's complicity is truly disgraceful. On a more refreshing note, on the eve of Autism Awareness Day we did not have one 'blockbuster' study finally 'proving' that vaccines do not cause autism. Could it be that even they are getting bored with their connivance? Yet -- the month is still fresh. Happy 'vaccines do not cause autism awareness month' everyone!

Angus Files

Autism Speaks,the world leader in astroturfing .

"What’s most successful when it appears to be something it’s not? Astroturf. As in fake grassroots"


Do Autism Spews never get sick of the constant repeat lies they puke everywhere regurgitated year after year becoming more putrid every year.


Louis Conte

Autism Speaks has harmed a generation by failing to have the courage to insist on research that focuses on environmental causes. They have hurt people with autism and they have hurt the vaccine program that they protect. If they had been courageous, we would have solved this by now and millions of children would be safer and we would know how to prevent autism.

There will be no blue lights in my home.


As my father used to say "the proof is in the pudding" or in this case in Adult day programs. My son started attending one 7 years ago and there were 2 other adults there with Autism both who were there less than a year older than my son. The Day program we chose and the others we visited had never had adults with Autism before and had NO IDEA what to do with people whose needs were so clearly different, in so many ways, from the rest of their "clients". 7 years later Adult programs are starting to be inundated with just turned 22 year olds (here in Massachusetts) and they are still trying to figure out how to provide them with the services they need.
The line that adults with Autism have always been here is BS plain and simple.

John Stone

Hi Anne

Thanks for linking to my 2010 article on the English Adult autism survey which I had forgotten. It was published just two weeks after the survey and it is pretty good but there are some additional points. It should be stated unequivocally that the original survey of which this was an off-shoot classified its subjects as Asperger. This was then fudged to Asperger and able autistic people and then just to autistic people. A further point is that there are in fact no valid diagnoses in the group not ony because the assessment tests were non-standard - and had watered down criteria - but because the people making the assessments were not qualified to make a diagnosis anyway. The survey has often been cited be Tom Insel at the IACC as good evidence of the static hypothesis.

The population screening methods of the AS Korean project are particularly disgraceful. More than three quarters of the families of positively screened cases had withdrawn before the study was completed, and it cannot be seperated from AS's collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry in potentially targetting a new captive population with their products - this is how more cases become good news.


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