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Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Going Nowhere Fast

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Last week I drove from Washington to Philadelphia, where Mark Blaxill and I spoke to a TACA chapter in Newtown Square. It was a great evening and dinner afterward. We talked about our new book, Vaccines 2.0, and as is so often the case, heard disturbing accounts from smart, honest parents about their child’s illness and autistic regression after vaccination. The visit redoubled my hope that people take vaccine injury seriously – and take the vaccine schedule into their own hands rather than relying on the CDC, which Bobby Kennedy Jr. correctly calls a “cesspool of corruption.”

On the drive over, I realized I was traveling through a virtual time warp of the long history of delay and denial when it comes to vaccine safety. If you want to relive the whole awful story of ethyl mercury poisoning in medicine and manufacturing – emblematic of the careless approach to our safety by both institutions -- just drive from DC to Philly.

My Waze app took me up 16th Street, which intersects with the White House – hence the address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The current and previous occupant both promised to get thimerosal – organic ethyl mercury, a terrible toxin – out of vaccines. Neither has delivered, and millions of doses of the worthless flu shot – some given to infants and pregnant women – still contain it.

On the Beltway, there’s a sign for College Park and the University of Maryland. This is where, in the early 1920s, a brilliant organic chemist named Morris Kharasch performed the key research that led to the development of thimerosal. By then he had moved to the University of Chicago and worked on the patent and process with Eli Lilly Co. 

The other early commercial use for ethyl mercury was in pesticides – as a seed disinfectant and a lumber preservative. And as I neared I-95, that part of the story was just coming into view.

In the distance, I could see the tall brick fortress of the National Agricultural Library, which is adjacent to the Beltsville Area Research Center of the Department of Agriculture. In the 1930s, a plant pathologist at BARC named Frederick Wellman was experimenting with the seed disinfectant Ceresan – made with ethyl mercury--  at the same time his son was born. That child, Frederick L. Wellman III, became Case 2 in the landmark article “Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact.”

Leo Kanner, who wrote that first account of autism, was a child psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore – which appeared a half an hour later on my left. Here’s where the Wellmans and 10 other families came to see if Kanner could figure out their kids. In 1943, Kanner published his paper saying those children differed “markedly and uniquely” from anything described before.

Yes, they did, because those newly commercialized ethyl mercury compounds caused this newly observed disorder. Like Wellman, several other families were local, including:

-- Vivian Murdock, whose father was the superintendent of a mental hospital in Baltimore.

-- John Trevett, whose mother went to medical school at Hopkins and became a public health pediatrician – advocating for the new diphtheria vaccine, which contained thimerosal. (John Trevett still lives in a group home in rural Maryland. As I like to say, autism is recent.)

-- Bridget Muncie, daughter of Wendell Muncie, another Hopkins psychiatrist who doubtless knew Kanner and brought Bridget to see him.

Bridget’s brother, Peter, lives nearby in Columbia, Maryland. I thought of him and Bridget as I drove on past Baltimore into Harford County, where the family had a farm.

Mark and I had visited Peter for our book, The Age of Autism. He wrote us a beautifully bittersweet recollection of Bridget, recalling family visits with her at the state hospital. “I would see Bridget a couple of times yearly when she was at Springfield—it was a not-too-distant drive from our farm in Harford County—on her birthday and at Christmas. I vividly remember the drives back home in the wintry darkness, my mother weeping continuously, my father silent at the wheel of the car, and me scared and still in the backseat.

“I really got to know Bridget well only after my father died in 1984. … These days, I visit Bridget once a year—at our family burial plot in Harford County. There, I commiserate with her about the shitty hand she was dealt at the time of her birth.”

So much for the cheerful bromides of Autism Awareness Month!

Soon enough I was sailing past Wilmington, with DuPont’s vast chemical plant off to my right. DuPont, in partnership with Germany’s Bayer, manufactured Ceresan, the seed disinfectant Frederick Wellman was experimenting with when his son was born.

And then came Philly, where people like Paul Offit say none of this means anything, and places like CHOP push mandatory flu shots like dentists used to pass out lollipops.

Driving home meant going through all over again in reverse For a moment, I though about doing it with my eyes closed, like everybody else in the medical and media establishment.

But I didn’t.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


cia parker

The vaccines have ethylmercury, which is just as dangerous as methyl, and can cross the blood-brain barrier to be stored permanently in the brain (as can aluminum). And cause Alzheimer's as well as autism. I really just don't get why the revolution is so late in coming.

Angus Files

The trace amount’s aluminium or mercury in the manufacturing of vaccines cannot be removed in fact it’s worse I believe so far as methylmercury Me Hg ,is concerned it converts into Ionic mercury Hg+ and redistributes itself around the brain..
Ionic Mercury is the most toxic form of mercury and the most difficult to remove.
34% of ethylHg is converted in the brain to Ionic form and only 7% MeHg.
Alumimium as you know was introduced in 1926 to vaccines .Tests by Charleston in animals reported that just the aluminium alone with no vrus gave the same immune response…Yup!cant make it up…
To me when manufacturers of vaccines can only say it shouldn’t cause XY and Z and no guarantee’s of no harm whatsoever will be given in fact the opposite, who would want to have that injected into a baby or a pregnant mother multiple times not once but time 36 in the US just now…You would have to be crazy an idiot or both….saying that, I was like that ,one time.


cia parker


That's what I wss suggesting. At this point I really don't think any vaccine is worth the huge risk. Why even fool around with trying to take out known toxins and trying new substances to see if they're effective and safe?

I just read a book by Kate Moss on homeoprophylaxis (The Solution). The evidence that it works looks convincing, she gives a protocol for giving people extremely good probably permanent protection from all the VPDs. I think I'd like to get meningococcinum, pneumococcinum, and tetanotoxoid for my daughter.

Tim Lundeen

@cia if trace amounts of mercury used in manufacturing cannot be removed, we should not use these vaccines, obviously. The same is true for aluminum (see vaccinepapers.org). I've seen it claimed that Calcium Phosphate can replace aluminum adjuvant, but don't know if this is true, and obviously it would need extensive testing.

Teresa Conrick


I always said you, "Mr. Lumberjack," and Mark Blaxill, changed my life forever with this research. I could not stop myself from getting involved. It is the epicenter of where we are today.



Reading your piece and thinking of MLK "the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak".
Thank you Mr Olmstead.

Jeannette Bishop

Yup, it seems like they are driving with eyes wide shut, a big, fume spewing, maybe for all I can tell rocket-powered, contraption dubbed "disease control" (crossed out and replaced with "public health") across the country, big vaccine shaped sign flashing "Mandates or Bust" (no time to worry about traffic rules, children in the crosswalks, or the wake, basic human rights, man-made epidemics, historical clues of causes...what "roots" are you talking about, we're not sure, but we're likely so much better at counting)!

Do some see these mandates as the means to pan a little more gold out of our "healthcare" before it all goes bust? Nothing else to do? Are they desperate to avoid major profit losses in several pharmaceutical lines if Vaccine Injury Awareness spreads, and it becomes the norm to pick and choose which if any vaccines and maybe even politically popular to go after pharmaceutical companies? I'm sure there's not a soul currently at the CDC that wants their "recommended" schedule mandated upon them and theirs, and most of the impetus must come from individuals who feel pretty untouchable, but whether that includes our "government" institutions, I can't tell. I'm not sure that even includes most in the industry.

Anita Donnelly

Dan, What a touching, well - written piece. Just beautiful.
I have a question folks:

Where is the mercury sourced? Where does ELi Lilly get the mercury they use in thimerasol? For that matter, who sells the mercury used in the squiggly dangerous bulbs?

WHO ELSE is profiting from pharma's use of heavy metals besides pharma? Surely there is an answer and if we know what it is, we may have another clue as to why this incredibly evil practice still continues--who else is getting the payoff that makes them look the other way and deny the result?

Maurine Meleck

You should have taken the Southern route through Disneyland.

cia parker

I agree that we have to get rid of the MMR, but the fight to remove mercury from vaccines is not going to touch the MMR. And can the "trace amounts" be removed? It is my understanding that, except for most injected flu vaccines, mercury is no longer being used as a preservative, and instead they are using single-dose vials. I think they have to use mercury in the manufacturing process: they filter out all they can, but what they can't then constitutes the "trace amounts." I don't think they can get rid of aluminum in vaccines, period. It's used as an adjuvant, it makes a little vaccine serum go a long way, and it makes the immune system continue to be irritated and continue to react to the injected antigen and the long-lasting aluminum for many years. If they didn't use aluminum, you'd have to pay much more to get enough of the serum in the shot to work, and it would only provide disease protection for a short time, maybe a few months, or less.

Back to the question, are any of the diseases so dangerous to us that it is worth deliberately taking chemicals DESIGNED to be very irritating to the immune system over many years? So they spend millions trying to figure out how to manufacture the vaccines so as not to use mercury in the manufacturing process, or technology to filter out even more of the mercury than now? What is so dangerous as to be worth this expense, this trouble, and the crippling of our immune systems by depriving them of healthy exposure to pathogens?


Thanks Dan, we are getting somewhere, Dr. Nancy is gone and everyone else is still here...

Check my math, but I understand that 25 micrograms = 37,151,000,000,000,000 molecules of mercury / which are STILL in a typical flu shot STILL given to infants at six months of age, excepts for a few states which may ban mercury for those under age three.

Is it true that Thimerosal is STILL USED in the manufacturing process of nearly all vaccines ? (except the live viruses)

... and then is “washed out” in some manner that STILL LEAVES a "trace of mercury" behind which may mean dividing the above amount only 10 or 100 ???

Are 25 to 30 doses of vaccines WITH ONLY .... 371,510,000,000,000 molecules of mercury ... an improvement ???

How much damage does this do 24/7/365 until it is removed ? / if ever ???

Angus Files

Thanks Dan Time moveS on but the continuation of policy over the past 300 years has not changed whatever country you look at in the, civilised Western World.

The Puppets in charge of the country do not have a say, and the charade of voting them in is even more larfable.
So sad but I personally think we have to start looking at the family's of the world that control the money markets world wide. We all know who they are but how long will people continue to tip toe round them and not name them.




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