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RFK Jr. Speaks Out on Vaccine Mandates & Safety at New Jersey State Capital in Trenton

CourageBy Anne Dachel

Robert Kennedy, Jr. has been very vocal across the U.S. opposing bills to end exemptions.  Below is a transcript from Kennedy's press conference in Trenton, New Jersey.  He focused on the corruption, collusion and malfeasance at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  It was a scathing report about the ethics of the agency in charge of vaccine safety. 

The second half of his 45 minute talk was a chance for reporters to question Kennedy about his claims.  Incredibly, during the question and answer session not a single reporter asked about the scandalous charges Kennedy made about top U.S. health officials.   Most of them asked about exemptions and herd immunity.  It was like they weren't even in the room. 

When members of the press so willingly close their eyes to charges of fraud and the damage done to a generation of children, they become part of the corruption.  

I contacted Mr. Kennedy to get his thoughts on what went on during the New Jersey press conference, here was his response.

Dachel: "You made some very serious charges against the agency that runs the vaccine program and assures us that their vaccines are safe, yet members of the media had no follow-up questions about anything you said about the CDC.  What, in your opinion, will it take to get the press to finally start covering this controversy in an honest and thorough manner?

Kennedy: "The trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry is now the largest advertiser on television ,radio and newspaper pages, spending from $3 billion to $5.4 billion annually over  the past decade. Pharmaceutical companies target network news divisions for their advertising buys partially for message control and partially for the demographic; TV news audiences tend to be older affluent pharmaceutical customers .A network news division president told me two weeks ago he would fire a newscaster or program host whose reporting or programming choice lost his station an advertising pharmaceutical company.

Of course, it's easy for bean counting network executives to sell this censorship to reporters and on-air employees by parroting  the industry/government mantra that allowing debate on vaccine safety will inflame the "anti-vac" movement and kill babies these factors account ,to some extent ,for the impenetrable Kafkaesque suppression. Journalists are reporting what the government tells them to think instead of doing basic reportorial investigation. The gatekeepers enforce this orthodoxy by avoiding science and facts and instead focus on vilifying and crucifying the heretics.

In 2005 , Dan Shulman wrote a scathing and somewhat bewildered critique of the airtight censorship among media organs of any debate over vaccine safety or CDC corruption. He said that many reporters considered covering this issue to be a potentially "career ending" hazard. Today that censorship extends not just to the mainstream media but also to the so-called "alternate media" like Salon, Slate, Huff Post and Mother Jones. There is simply no national forum for this debate. We have been forced from the public square."

 RFK Jr. Speaks at New Jersey State Capital in Trenton

Robert Kennedy, Jr focuses on the CDC, which he refers to as "a troubled agency, in fact, a cesspool of corruption."  How bad is the corruption?  It's "pervasive," according to Kennedy.  He cites the the years of studies that have exposed that the CDC is "hopelessly corrupt and dysfunctional." 

"The way that those vaccines today are added to the schedule are not completely dependent on public health considerations.  There is a huge money consideration.  The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world; it's a trillion dollar industry. . . .  It's an extraordinary product for them because it's the only product that I know of [where] a company makes the product and the government orders hundreds of millions of Americans to buy it.   The patent never expires, there's no advertising or marketing required, it's often a monopoly, . . . and they're protected from any kind of product liability. . . . . Congress has made it illegal to sue vaccine companies in this country for injuries that were suffered by people from vaccines. . . . So it's a very attractive profit center for these vaccine companies.

"The way vaccines are placed on the schedule is through a vaccine advisory committee.  Unfortunately that committee is not stocked by independent scientists or regulators.  . . . Ninety-seven percent of the people who sit on those committees have these same conflicts that Paul Offit had.  So the problem is, . . .as a parent who's giving my children vaccines, I want to know those vaccines are on the schedule only because my children's health is the objective.  And there's no other objective that the people who voted have in mind.  

"Today, there are 271 new vaccines in CDC's pipeline . . . awaiting approval to be put on the schedule, and each one of those new vaccines could mean upwards of a billion dollars to the companies that own the patents.  And Paul Offit has said that he believes that children can get as many as 10,000 vaccines safely.  There's never been a study by the CDC of the cumulative impact of these vaccines.

"I'll tell you what that study would look like, and it is crazy that we aren't demanding that CDC do the study: compare non-vaccinated children to vaccinated children.  We have the database.  The CDC has the database for the millions of children who've been vaccinated in this country and their health impact.  . . . They spend  $110 million a year making sure that nobody can look at that database.  The one time they looked at it, which was the Verstraeten study in 2000, it showed that thimerosal was causing an autism epidemic in this country.  They said at the meeting when they examined it, we should never have done this study, and then they closed the Vaccine Safety Database.  And it's the official position, . . .policy of the United States today that the link between autism and vaccines should not be studied.  That's the 2004 finding of the IOM, that is the official policy of this country.  How can any scientist endorse that?  How can any member of the press endorse that?  Why are we sending Freedom of Information Requests  . .  because we could find in a week if the vaccines are safe.  . . . Very easily, just get the Vaccine Safety Database.  Why are we allowing CDC to hide that from the public?

". . . The division in CDC that determines vaccine safety, the research division, the Immunology Safety Division, it's called--that's where the scientists are.  The senior scientist is a man named Dr. Bill Thompson.  Dr. Thompson is the lead author of the one study that CDC has that supposedly exculpated thimerosal from a link with all these neurological disorders.  And he's also the lead scientist on the study that exculpated the MMR vaccine from [an] autism link.  Thompson invoked whistleblower status in August and hired the best whistleblower attorney in our country, and handed 100,000 pages of documents over. . . And none of you in the press is covering that story.

"And what Thompsons says is that for ten years, he and his fellow scientists at CDC's Immunology Safety Division, which the only thing that determines vaccine safety, have been ordered to lie.  He's not saying 'they' ordered us to lie, he's naming names.  He says Frank DeStefano, the branch chief, Robert Chen, the head of the vaccine division, Julie Gerberding, the former head of CDC, that they're the ones who ordered them to lie. And what he says is that when CDC sees data that show an adverse vaccine reaction, it gathers a bunch of scientists, locks them in a room, and says, don't come out until you figure out a way to massage, bury, manipulate, so that we can say that it didn't exist.  And this isn't me saying this.  You can go to Ring of Fire, I wrote a blog on it and in that blog, is embedded the tapped confession of Bill Thompson.  So you can hear what he says, you don't have to take my word for it.

"His lawyer has issued a statement that says that Bill Thompson apologizes to  . . . the parents of autistic children in this country, because he's been part of the problem.  And he says that specifically on one of the more recent studies where CDC found in the data a direct link between . . . African American boys who received the MMR vaccine prior to 36 months, that there was a dramatic increase in autism in those boys.  CDC ordered him to bury that part of the study and it was never published.  And he apologizes for that in the statement made by his lawyer.  This is not a disgruntled employee.  Bill Thompson is currently working at CDC.  He has not been fired.  He's still there.  He wants to testify in front of Congress, and he's handed over 100,000 pages of documents that are damning documents about the cheating, the manipulation, and the corruption at CDC's Immunology Safety Division.

". . . There's another issue, which is this: All the checks and balances that are intended to protect our children, that would normally protect our children from a dishonest company-- How can I say that for example, that Merck is a dishonest company?  Well, I don't know that until the case has been tried, but I do know that there are two Merck employees now who have also filed for whistleblower protection under the Federal False Claims Act, and the Justice Department is now investigating their charges that they were forced by Merck to gin up sham studies to falsely show the efficaciousness of the MMR vaccine--the mumps part of the MMR vaccine.  So this vaccine that we're all arguing about, the MMR vaccine which has to have a 95 percent, under the law, 95 percent efficacy in order to maintain their monopoly, they're saying it doesn't have that, and Merck lied about it.

"So how do we protect our children?  What are the mechanisms in our society that protect children from a company that's willing to do that?  . . . The political leaders have been subverted in many ways through vaccine money.  The vaccine industry is the number one lobbying  industry in this country.  It contributes $2.6 billions a year in lobbying--twice what oil and gas spends. . . . It gives $31 million a year to federal political candidates.  . . . The regulatory agency has been undermined.  The CDC today, because of these financial conflicts, is a sock puppet for the industry it's supposed to regulate.

"It is the agency that is supposed to be protecting the public from industry abuse, but it has become the subsidiary of the industry that it is supposed to be regulating."

Kennedy went on to specifically talk about  the role of the media in this scandal.

"And then of course, you have the press.  . . . The pharmaceutical industry, I believe, is the number one advertiser.  The pharmaceutical industry spends between 3.4 and 5.4 billion dollars annually on TV, newspaper and radio advertising.  It's the number one advertiser.  It targets the network news division.  It's the number one advertiser on network news.  And what I've seen is that time and time again is that these stories do not ever make it into the newspapers and they do not make it onto the national press because of some other considerations. 

"The pharmaceutical industry has a very good scare tactic which is, if you say anything bad about the CDC vaccine program or you question the safety of vaccines, people will stop vaccinating and children will die.  So. . .  journalists, and news divisions and editors often times will listen to that ,and sometimes they're looking at the cash that's coming in, but they will not run these stories. And in the long run, that's a big problem because Americans are reading the science anyway, even if you guys aren't reporting it.

"And people ask, why is it that it's the most affluent and highly educated people who are vaccine resistant.  The reason for that is that those are the people who are reading the science on the Internet, and the science is out there--I found it.  And it's real.  And they're reading about the corruption of CDC, and the fact that the newspapers won't cover it, simply gives CDC a license to go deeper and deeper and deeper into that corruption.  There's no incentive for them to clean up.  There's no incentive for the vaccine industry to clean up because they can't be sued.  The press isn't there reporting against  them, so they're giving us the worst kind of outcomes in these vaccines, and the vaccine supply is getting less and less safe because journalists won't call them on it.  . . . .

"There are only four reporters in this country that will actually cover this issue: Dan Olmsted from UPI, who lost his job, Alisyn Camerota from Fox who basically is being pushed out, Sharyl Attkisson from CBS, who lost her job, and there's a woman called Karen Garloch, who started covering this issue for the Charlotte Observer.

"I worked for three weeks with the CBS film crew, had the film in the can, and it was going to be played that night, and a half an hour before I got called by the editor saying, we got called by the vaccine industry---  And he said it was the first time in his career--Jake Tapper--first time in his career, that he'd gotten that call to yank the story. 

"The same thing happened with CNN, and I've seen this in papers.  All the papers that you guys represent . . . even non mainstream media outlets have a hard time covering this issue.  But got to cover it.  Journalists have to cover this issue, because the more you don't cover it, the more license it gives the CDC and the vaccine industry to continue this kind of corruption.

What followed at 21:44 was a question and answer session with the media. 

Specifically Kennedy expressed his concern over parents having their religious objections to vaccination questioned.  He said this is something that hasn't happened before in the U.S.

He talked about parents who watched their children regress into autism following vaccinations and who would now be forced to continued to vaccinate that child and any siblings.

Kennedy said that forced vaccination is a violation of the Nuremberg Agreement which says "you can only give medical procedures by informed consent.  You cannot force somebody to undergo a medical procedure."

Kennedy said that parents don't vaccinate because they don't trust the regulators.  The goal should be to "restore the integrity of the regulatory process," not to force parents to vaccinate.

Reporters asked some questions but they avoided discussing anything to do with the corruption that Kennedy talked about.   Other speakers strongly objected to the actions of the New Jersey legislature.




Dawn Crystal

In the 1980's, I lived in New Jersey. When I put my kids in public school, we used the Philosophical Exemption. (When we moved to Florida, there was no P.E. so we had to use Religious Exemption.) Someone PLEASE tell me: in New Jersey, what year was the Philosophical Exemption removed?! (I have scoured the internet yet been unable to find answer.) Thank you in advance:)


"The corruption is SO entrenched. I don't honestly know how in the world we can turn this corruption around. Unless and until our media, for example, grows a spine and starts speaking the truth about this issue, our country is going to continue to spiral downward until most of our freedoms (what little we have left), are completely gone."

Yes we cannot wait for an honest media; it is not coming until perhaps after the revolution. We cannot wait for an honest CDC; it will not show up until the layers and layers of corruption above it are burned away.

We cannot wait for ANYTHING. We should have enough ammo NOW to convince a few tens of millions more mothers not to poison their babies. Not to poison their babies even though it be MANDATED.

This done the good Mothers of this poor country may have something to say about "vaccination".

John Stone

The capture of the media was of course facilitated when the Clinton administration de-regulated pharmaceutical advertising by executive decree.

Jeannette Bishop

I meant "admire," present tense, instead of "admired."

Jeannette Bishop


Re something I saw Sibel Edmonds say: she had heard from someone aware of the judicial vetting process, an observation they were overlooking individuals with clean backgrounds and moving up those with questionable backgrounds, IOW our federal judges may be qualified more for advancement if they appear to be corruptible or blackmail-able.

Another whistleblower I admired has also warned that at the federal level it's standard practice to try to get (if they don't already have) "control files" on all legislators and political appointees. It's also very difficult for anyone, even if charges brought against them for blackmail measures are false, to be able to fight some agendas and not pay a huge personal price.

I don't know how much this level of corruption oozes down into the state governments, and I'm not sure of the solution...we maybe have to not let the media jerk us around so much with corruption charges, and maybe also we should start thinking of taking members not responsive to their constituents out (at the ballot box, ballots counted by machines owned by whom?--it all starts to look so impossible, but maybe we need to think of imposing very short term limits) as a charitable (and wise) act...

Also, I don't put much hope in the Six California States motion suggested recently (and maybe still being challenged in court?-- to improve things much if such a move could be feasible, but it might matter to some in power to avoid generating support for succession action (some of us might be able to "move out" this way?), and I don't see how it could make things worse.

Nick's Mom


I hear you and support what you say. I know they know what has caused all of this. Here's an example of a recent article I read in the neurological journals I regularly read (yes as an autism Mom I read neurological journals and have for 15 years):

Evaluation and Treatment of Autoimmune Neurologic Disorders in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Leslie A. Benson, MDcorrespondenceemail, Heather Olson, MD, Mark P. Gorman, MD
Published Online: December 17, 2014
showArticle Info
Full Text
Autoimmunity is being increasingly recognized as a cause of neurologic presentations both inside and outside the intensive care unit (ICU) setting. Pediatric autoimmune neurologic diseases likely to be seen in the ICU include autoimmune encephalitidies such as N-Methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor encephalitis, central nervous system vasculitis, demyelinating disorders, and neurologic involvement of systemic autoimmune disorders. In addition, there are conditions of suspected autoimmune etiology such as febrile infection–related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES) and rapid-onset obesity, hypoventilation, hypothalamic dysfunction, and autonomic dysregulation (ROHHAD) syndrome that are rare, but when they do present, it is often to the ICU. Refractory seizures, altered mental status, and disordered breathing are the most common indications for intensive care for these patients.

Yeah, I wonder how the autoimmune reaction got started??? HepB? MMR?

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you again, RFK Jr. and Anne.

Re California (my thoughts, whatever they're worth),

Education Committee: (Yeah! Pan will be voting for the bill, I suppose...)

Will the Simpsonwood transcript, including portions discussing linear dose dependent rates of NDs, maybe a summary of the manipulations of the Verstraeten study, also the discussion of how concerning a general IQ loss of about 1 IQ point across the population should be...will any of that be of interest to (most of) the members above? Maybe how thimerosal was not really removed after this research, only moved around, possibly to a more developmentally sensitive timing of prenatal exposure? How aluminum (another neurotoxin that acts in synergy with thimerosal) has increased without adequate safety research?

Will those on the education committee care about potential cumulative and synergistic and activity of vaccine neurotoxins with others exposures?

Also, Pan made a statement that seems fairly easily refutable (though maybe only by someone with a medical degree in the eyes of some) with examples of research to date in the Health Committee hearing, something to the effect that there was no research linking vaccines and autism, asthma, and other condition(s)...


Actually, screw the nuances, if you are going to vote on such an important issue and one where there are serious allegations of abuse (per Dr. Bill Thompson) you need to be able to answer two questions at least:

What is the current rate of autism?
How many childhood vaccines are currently given (not how many did you give your child)?

If you can't answer these, you have no dam business even commenting on the issue, never mi d voting on a Bill regarding vaccines!


Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder what percentage of pediatricians take antidepressants. As far as I know antidepressants are not controlled drugs, so there is no barrier to doctors self prescribing them.

And what about journalists who lie to the public and bury the truth for a living? Is this how they cope?


No, I mean it. If 1/2 of people in their last decades are taking some kind of prescription mind altering drug (antidepressants, etc.), what is the likelihood that some of those senators take them? They should have to disclose that information because those drugs have the potential to dull emotion, effect judgment and make them just plain not care about what is happening around them. I'm serious. I really wonder if any of them are taking antidepressants or other drugs that effect thinking.

According to this 2011 NPR article:

On antidepressants:

-11% of women (according to the CDC, so take that stat with a grain)
-more than 1 in 5 women age 40-59
-4% of adolescents (age 12-17)
-Antidepressants are the 2nd most prescribed drugs
-255 million scripts were written in 2010 (a 2% increase from 2009)
-In those that made up these stats, 60% of those taking antidepressants took them for at least 2 years


@David Burd:

Diana, Princess of Wales, was told by her then friend, Fergie, right before the wedding, that she'd better learn to spell the word 'homeopathy.'

I've known about the British Royal Family's use of homeopathic medicine because our own homeopath trained under the homeopath who treated the Royal family. It was a former pediatrician of ours who steered us over to Randall Neustaedter many years ago.

Truthfully, I think he did this, at least in part, because he saw my rather feisty nature when it came to an issue I'd been having with one of his nursing staff. His referral re Neustaedter was one of the better blessings we have had in this entire experience.

Randy's been working with our family for almost 20 plus years, now. We are indeed quite blessed to have him on board with us.

cia parker

I don't know what FAPE looks like in other places, but here in Columbia, Missouri, supposedly in the forefront of autism treatment and methodology (according to the pharma companies that own the university), my autistic daughter got NOTHING to help her learn ANYTHING. EVER. No adapted instructional materials, no trying to see what she comprehend, respond to, retain, show grasp of in testing or future work. NOTHING. She got a para who was supposed to bring her up to speed in the typical classrooms. But the paras had NO IDEA how to do that when she is BRAIN-DAMAGED BY VACCINES. The language circuits in her brain were DAMAGED by the vaccine encephalitis, but because Big Pharma will not let a word of that be breathed to anyone, they do not have any CLUE how to reach her, It would not be hard, she's learning now with me, but still has close to no expressive language.

I have no ideas. As long as Big Pharma refuses to let people think about and talk about ways to reprogram damaged brains, our kids have no chance of benefiting from public schools (probably private either). You've got to admit the problem first. But admitting it would be to admit that our revered and august public authorities have knowingly enabled one in 36 American kids to be severely and permanently brain-damaged by vaccines.


"...The $400MM loss to the CA school system budget comes from estimating: about $5,000 per child in CA in the budget, with about half of the parents with PBEs leaving the school system, and 2.4% of parents with PBEs. Very rough number, but in the ballpark. I understand people are working on better numbers/justification."

Yes Tim, I recall seeing that figure someone posted over at Sears' Facebook page. And while it's a very rough figure, I think it's a fair one. I may be mistaken, but if memory serves, our district spends 'roughly' $7,000.00 per head. I'm just not too sure which way to play this numbers game with this issue. There's a certain $$ attached to FUNDING, but then you have figures dealing with both state and federal levels; am not certain how that all plays into this scenario. Each district handles its funding differently and may have, thus, varying degrees of issues with this bill, depending on where they 'place' their funding sources.

As one former educator over at Sears' Facebook commented, she's seen some mighty fancy footwork with the 'books' when it comes to funding placement.

I'm actually wondering if some of our hesitation to play the 'science' card with these legislators may be backfiring on us somewhat. These legislators have absolutely NO CLUE whatsoever re the real underlying 'science' re vaccines. They've done nothing more than regurgitate the 'facts' from Big Pharma lobbyists and are completely myopic when it comes to the science inserted in credible peer reviewed medical journals, which absolutely refutes the science these lobbyists are throwing at them.

It's terribly frustrating.

Someone made a comment that just perhaps we NEED this bill TO PASS, if ONLY because it may truly cause more than a few eyes to open when the catastrophic consequences, occur. There's so little insight attached to this atrociously written bill and inevitable (and I know this will happen) consequences are just too unspeakable to think about.

david m burd


Just to pick up on your support for homeopathic health: The British Royal Family for many generations including the Queen Mother who died at age 100(?), Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, on and on, have been quietly strong advocates of homeopathy - and eschew allopathic medicine - for some 10+ decades. And, they have been great examples of good health into their elder years.

The Royal Family are also enthusiastic Owners and promoters of natural/heritage food growing, including what they do with/on their own expansive holdings.

I don't know, but I would guess none of them ever take a Flu Vaccine, or other vaccines when traveling the World.

Hats Off!, and cheers to the Royal Family!


"Which makes me wonder, what I-don't-care-I-do-what-I'm-told-and-carry-out-my-mission-for-my-master drugs are the California senators on?"

Well, they're NOT on 'empathy' or 'understanding' or in any way connected to INSIGHT. They are absolutely myopic when it comes to this topic.

These Senators have hundreds of bills put forth to them, for vote. They have precious little time within which to educate themselves on any given issue with any of these bills.

How many bills do we need? To me, if common sense and logic were pervasive in our culture (don't get me started), we'd already have laws on the books that make sense, with little to no need to vary/change what's already in place.

It isn't possible for these Senators to spend the time needed to understand the many layers of issues with this vaccine topic. Recall that video that someone posted awhile ago wherein a small group of parents, etc., held a meeting with one of these Senators re this bill. He explained then (can't recall his name) the difficulties with this issue because of the enormous amount of bills presented to them for consideration.

This is but one of the issues my husband and I realized was an issue with our political 'baptism of fire' when we entered the political machinations/motivations behind our academic system. Our political system is not about truth, honor and decency. It is about bribery, $$ and special interests. And please don't call me a negative Nancy because I've dared to type's the truth. There have been documentaries made about this issue and plenty of whistleblowers come out who have stated the same.

It's absolutely frustrating to have to witness, because of your own child's near death experience (or death in many cases), the pitfalls in our political system. Every now and then, justice seems to be served...but that's truly on a minimal basis.

I would encourage all those reading at this forum to take a view at the link I've provided under the "We R 2" section re the issues with some of this from whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds. That link is not about the vaccine issue, but it does enlighten and provide transparency to, the many deep layers of corruption in our political/governmental institutions. And I hate to say this, but one of the autism community's own heroes IS mentioned (as not one of the good guys) during a deposition Sibel participated in, emanating from a lawsuit filed in Ohio at the time.

It's a real eye popper.

I realize how negative my posts are these days. I'm actually (really) not this angry most of the time; it's just that I've been completely immersed in this vaccine issues trenches for a very long time now, and I've seen, time and time again, this issue becoming so much worse. It's truly a helpless feeling to have when you try so damned hard to warn people and they just don't want to wake up...until it's too late...and then they're reaching out to you when it's their kid, or their grandchild that's now become damaged and 'what do I do now?' sets in.

...and they go to you for help...when they wouldn't listen BEFORE the damage occurred.

But you know, I did the same thing when my friend tried to warn me. Did I listen? Nope. I held my baby down for his shots and it almost killed him.

At times, I have to pull myself away from this issue and just BREATHE, you know? This is SO. DAMNED. FRUSTRATING. And I just don't have any real answers re how to remedy this, other than a) our U.S. media needs to grow a damned spine and start speaking TRUTH, and b) our medical professionals and institutions need to do the same thing. Real CHANGE can ONLY COME FROM WITHIN - at the heart center.

I've seen more and more physicians (finally) speaking out on this issue, BUT WE NEED MORE OF THEM TO CULTIVATE THE COURAGE IT TAKES, TO DO SO.

Tim Lundeen

Re "restore the integrity of the regulatory process", if this was done there would be almost no vaccines on the schedule. MMR has higher injury rates than MR, mumps shouldn't be given at all, and no vaccines with aluminum or ethylmercury would be allowed. Down to a very short list at that point. Everything else would all have to be reformulated and go through new safety/efficacy testing.

Then, each vaccine lot would each be checked for contamination and retroviruses by independent third parties. The 1986 law giving blanket product liability would be abolished so doctors and pharma have incentives for safer products and for using them safely. Doctors would be required to report all possible adverse events along with vaccination status, so we can see if there are correlations between vaccines and long-term events (e.g. things like HepB causing MS a few years later).

When pigs fly, indeed :-)

Tim Lundeen

It is definitely not just mercury. All vaccines have risks, and all vaccines with aluminum adjuvants cause brain damage and neuronal death. See (read it all): there are full-text copies of all the research, and their own commentary. Excellent site. Then there is the risk of contamination, "hot lots", etc. No needles for me, thank you very much.

The $400MM loss to the CA school system budget comes from estimating: about $5,000 per child in CA in the budget, with about half of the parents with PBEs leaving the school system, and 2.4% of parents with PBEs. Very rough number, but in the ballpark. I understand people are working on better numbers/justification.


Nuances, yeah tell me about it! You got that right. Just got back from a visit with some very nice, well read older friends (late /80's) and it was very hard for them to conceive of all the vaccinations required of children and parents these days and even though one was a former teacher, he just had no clue how many people there are with autism these days. The subject is SO nuanced. They really had no clue what parent these days have to factor in re. their decisions- they had no clue about MMR never mind MMR-V......


"Yes, the SB 277 hearing Wed was a sham. But it did show the resolution of the people opposing it..."


"...the homeschooling change will help some parents (although it requires a private homeschool, you can't be part of a charter school..."

'Some' being the operative word here. Please understand - MOST of these kids that have been severely/chronically injured by vaccines are under FAPE/IEP programs in school. What do you suppose the parents of those children are thinking at this point? How in the world are these kids going to be provided with a FAPE (and I use that term loosely when it comes to public education) if they have to be pulled out of school because their parents refuse to continue to vaccinate (for obvious reasons)? What if these parents are not able to receive a medical exemption for these kids? I was not able to provide our son with a so-called FAPE because I rightfully acknowledged I was simply not able to provide our son with the services he needed to bring him up to speed with his peers. Ryan needed extensive speech/language therapy after school and required specialized expertise with various issues regarding his issues with math. I shudder to think what would have happened to our son had we not had the opportunity to place him back into the school system where he could be provided with state funded programs tailored toward his specific needs.

There is another issue vis-a-vis the homeschool issue with this bill, as Dr. Sears brings up on a recent Facebook comment:

"This morning there WAS a link to the Health Committee's analysis of the bill, along with some amendments which let private homeschoolers go without vaccines as long as the school only includes family members from the same household. But this concession still sucks - these families will be isolated, and this concession doesn't make the bill right. It also said the ACLU opposed this bill - that's good to know. At least we now know it will go to court if it passes..."

What legal remedy provides Dr. Pan the authority to pre-determine HOW and WITH WHOM these children are homeschooled? This infuriates me. It's quite clear when reading this language that 'control' is the issue here, and not necessarily just about vaccination status.

..."the main point is how much revenue will leave the CA school system (if passed it will reduce their budget by over $400,000,000, if half the people with BPEs leave the system)..."

I can see this issue/tactic may be our best opportunity when expressing issues with this bill, but I'm not quite sure where the figure you are using has been determined.

Here's a graph from our own California Health Department showing % in immunization rates and overal rates for PBE's and/or medical exemptions:

As you can glean from the above link/stats, VERY FEW students are using either their PBE's OR their medical exemptions. VERY FEW. So as to that one specific Senator who asked the question put forth to Pan just why it was important to ask the FEW who are actually using their exemptions to take the 'hit' for those that are vaccinating, just to bring up the # rate a few points, I don't think Pan's response held much merit (something to the effect that these diseases will only continue to spread should we allow even this small percentage of students to use their exemptions).

Further, it's pure speculation as to how many parents will truly pull their children from school should this bill pass. Frankly, I don't know what we would have done if this bill issue occurred during the time our son was still attending school. I imagine we would have pulled him because we simply will not allow one more needle to enter that child's body. But schools are taking a hit as it is with these special education programs; I'm not certain how the schools view this issue. From what WE'VE seen in our school district (Contra Costa County), I believe our district would simply espouse the mantra of the MSM, i.e., something to the effect that 'vaccines are good, vaccines protect our children's health and we support the vaccination program.'

That's essentially what the bureaucrats in our district would say to you. I know this because I fought hard to enlighten those in our district when this issue came up, along with other special ed issues, several years ago. Many of us did; there were parents in our district at that time who didn't know and/or did not understand the mercury issue with vaccines, much less the other underlying issues. It was like trying to educate a sleeping giant. They. Didn't. Get. It. Nor did they try. It was like trying to 'unbrainwash' several thousand people about this issue. In the end, my husband and I realized that the only productive thing we could do at that time was to ensure our son was properly taken care of during the IEP process. We realized that every individual has to awaken at his/her own level and in his/her own time.

I still hold out much hope that this bill will be killed in committee. I really do. But I do believe that a spokesperson needs to be appointed to speak before this next committee hearing with specific VALID talking points about some of these more nuanced issues. And that's not going to be an easy thing to do. I truly believe it's possible, but we can't just pull numbers out of our hats and expect these people to take us seriously.

One last point Dr. Sears made, referenced above:

"...It also said the ACLU opposed this bill - that's good to know. At least we now know it will go to court if it passes..."

I certainly hope this is true, because this MAY be our own remedy to stop this damned bill.



"She was astounded when I explained that no one in my immediate family are on any psych drugs whatsoever. She just couldn't believe it. She honestly feels that most people are on some sort of drug for something or other."

That probably accounts for the lack of empathy and ability to reason, the pervasive mental disability among American voters, where they can't seem to understand that they are being distracted and lied to. They are being drugged.

Which makes me wonder, what I-don't-care-I-do-what-I'm-told-and-carry-out-my-mission-for-my-master drugs are the California senators on?

cia parker

But what happens when families read what Kennedy says about being a staunch vaccine advocate except for the mercury thing, they believe him and get mercury-free or almost free vaccines and/or live vaccines like the MMR, and then have disabling responses to them? Would they be chalked off as inevitable casualties in his moderate political bargaining process?

I have a feeling he really believes vaccines are safe and desirable except for the mercury. Don't know what he thinks about MMR. This would make him sincere and not to be faulted on that point, but you should still wonder his reasons for that belief.

And I agree, Bayareamom, there are so many preferable, safe slternatives to vaccines, and the practice and immunity your immune system gets from doing battle with the routine diseases, that EVEN IF vaccines were ALL effective and safe 100% of the time (which they'll never be), MANY people would rather forego them, and for good reason, and have a RIGHT to do so no matter WHAT our reasons.

Tim Lundeen

Yes, the SB 277 hearing Wed was a sham. But it did show the resolution of the people opposing it, and the homeschooling change will help some parents (although it requires a private homeschool, you can't be part of a charter school.

We have an excellent chance to defeat it in the Education committee, the main point is how much revenue will leave the CA school system (if passed it will reduce their budget by over $400,000,000, if half the people with BPEs leave the system).

If you can get to Sacramento Wed the 15th before 9:00am, please come! -- no need to be a CA resident


..."Kennedy said that parents don't vaccinate because they don't trust the regulators. The goal should be to "restore the integrity of the regulatory process," not to force parents to vaccinate..."

Yes, but he needs to be more concise as to WHY parents don't vaccinate, and it's not just because we don't trust the regulators. There are more nuances attached to this issue!!

It's almost as if he's saying that if the CDC just cleaned up their act (and how in the world that'll happen is beyond me), then we WILL choose to vaccinate.

News flash: Even if vaccines were PROVEN beyond a shadow of a doubt to be safe/effective for ALL, there should be NO FORCED MANDATE TO TAKE THEM. In a truly democratic society, no one should be required to partake of any medical intervention unless he/she is expressly inclined to do so.

Vaccines are not the end all, be all to good health!!! There are PROVEN health remedies besides the allopathic mode re maintaining one's health!!! For God's sake, the allopathic model of medicine has proven itself well beyond what is needed that it simply does not have the corner on robust health, if that. Eating natural, organic foods, sunshine, plenty of sleep, exercise, all go a long way toward keeping one's self healthy.

I have a 'former' friend who is taking various psychotropic drugs for supposed mental health issues. She was astounded when I explained that no one in my immediate family are on any psych drugs whatsoever. She just couldn't believe it. She honestly feels that most people are on some sort of drug for something or other.

We are on NONE. We take vitamin supplements and other supplements recommended to us for various minor issues...that's it. It frightens me to think that more people than not are on some sort of mind altering drug and these same people are getting behind the wheel of a moving vehicle on a daily basis...I don't even want to go there.

Dr. Russell Blaylock lectures that during his extensive research into the medical industry issues in this country, he found that the Rockefeller group effectively eliminated most homeopathic university teaching by essentially 'bribing' these same universities with funding from his group, SOLELY based on whether they would accept and TEACH the allopathic model, instead. It worked. Eventually, they spread this funding/bribing to universities around the world. Remnants of dispute between the homeopathic/natural base and the allopathic base can be found today. The allopaths are constantly invoking 'quackery' whenever it gets the chance, aiming its poison arrows at the homeopathic industry. QUACK websites such as "Quack Watch" abound, viciously ripping apart those that dare to practice alternative forms of medicine.

I'm not at all stating that any and all alternative medicine is the end all, be all to robust health, exclusively. But I have witnessed the two models of medicine and what they did to our son and hands down, the homeopathic model wins out over the allopathic route. The allopathic route damned straight nearly killed our son.

But I also see where the allopathic route can be used in tandem with natural medicine; the allopaths shine when it comes to emergency medicine. If I'm in some type of horrific car accident, darned straight I'd want to visit our country's ER physicians to be patched up. They're terrific in that area.

But when it comes to PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE MEASURES, excuse my french, but they suck. They don't get it. As one physician stated during a video lecture re the Burzynski issue, "We are taught the vanilla route when it comes to medical school." That is, they are taught very little about the immune system in med school. This same physician also stated that it takes someone like Dr. Burzynski to be bold enough to think outside the box...AND THEN break out of this 'vanilla' system.

The only way I will ever trust the CDC, the NIH, FDA, etc., is if they're completely torn down and built back up with truly caring individuals who place SERVICE TO OTHERS above anyone or anything else.

When pigs fly that'll happen..

Drinking the koolaid to prove allegiance to Jim Phama Jones

First read gray mountain by Grisham about the useless black lung court which sounds like it was a model for the vaccine court (by the way where do they get the Mercury used in vaccines? The coal industry?)
Second after seeing the California senate I realized that the new mantra is "drink the koolaid if you am want to play in our schools". Apparently they are trying to also force day care workers to get vaccinated. Let's decimate another population that has limited resources to recover. Holy God they are lemmings going over the cliff and trying to take everyone with them. I truly wonder if most of them don't vax their own children but lie on the forms they have access and wealth to get. So they know the vax rate is zero for their kids but believe that is effective so want all the other kids to get vaxxers. Because why are they afraid of the tiny 2.5 % rate ?

Anita Donnelly

@Bob, here is the thing. If you read Profiles In Courage, written by JFK, it talks about a very interesting problem. If you start out with the most extreme position you may feel very good about yourself, and very pure, but you may alienate others so much that nothing happens. In other words, you make the perfect the enemy of the good. It actually takes more courage to find a middle ground and work from there, because you have to anger everyone. I think that the strategy RFK Jr is using is to find the middle ground FIRST so that he can at least get listened to. If he said "I don't believe in vaccines" we know people would dismiss him out of hand. I do not know what he believes, but in the Trace amounts hearing he acknowledged that MMR may cause injury as well. The point is, he is getting people to listen who have a long way to go to get to the understanding many of us have that more is wrong with vaccines than thimerasol. I understand your point, but I just suggest we do not make the mistake (you did not but others have) of conflating RFK's comments about vaccinating his 6 children with thinking that the only problem with vaccines is thimerasol. He is not saying if doing that HARMED his children. Since one of them has horrible allergies, he may well feel that it did. However point taken that the news media can use it to distort his message.

Also as a Catholic, I cannot in good conscience allow the govt to force me to allow a doctor to inject my son with something that I KNOW will harm him. I simply can't. And that is a religious exemption right there because St. Aquinas mentions how Catholicism supports your conscience as the ultimate authority. I think we need to preserve the religious exemption while we also work on the corruption. I truly don't know what i will do if I am forced to make this choice. Leave the state? To where? ARGH.
I am in TOTAL shock after watching person after person testify to harm to their child and the numb soulless reaction of Dr. Pan and the health senators. As a lifelong democrat, I'm going to work to unelect my rep, Lois Wolk. She didn't even LISTEN. WOW.


I completely agree with Bob and Benedetta. I've not yet viewed the video of Kennedy's recent speech, but clearly it would seem he could have insisted the questions put forth to him stay on topic and have stated the attorney present would handle some of the other questions that did not pertain to the issues of corruption at the CDC.

Benedetta, you stated:

..."Speaking of which - was that planned too - did the big pharma companies manipulate her?"

I think the honest answer to that question is a decided YES. But not only was Barbara Loe Fisher LIED to, Big Pharma lied to some of these politicians. SOME of them, I would dare to say, had good intentions with this issue; some did not and are clearly in Big Pharma's pockets. That's precisely what happened. Barbara and Jeff were clearly led to believe this new vaccine court would provide almost immediate resolution re the complaints filed, with little to no undue burdens placed on the complainants themselves during the process.

As we all know, quite the opposite took hold, i.e., the number of vaccines added after this was put into place increased exponentially on the already overburdened childhood schedule. The list of events/side effects on the 'table' were in some instances redacted completely from the table, making it increasingly more difficult to prove the injuries involved had anything to do with the vaccines provided.

The corruption is SO entrenched. I don't honestly know how in the world we can turn this corruption around. Unless and until our media, for example, grows a spine and starts speaking the truth about this issue, our country is going to continue to spiral downward until most of our freedoms (what little we have left), are completely gone.


As RFK Jr addresses the press in NJ, this is the garbage reporting that comes from Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles reporting in The Guardian and published today on MSN:


Thank you for speaking up, RFK!!! I wish more people in positions of influence had your courage!

Jeff Ransom

Very good article & information. Can you post this on facebook so it will be easier to share?

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

It is very telling that the press present appeared to be completely deaf to what Mr. Kennedy had spoken about: the utterly criminal fraud and corruption in the CDC and related government agencies. He even named names! The Emperor is truly naked today. Thank you, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. -- you were a hero again today.


I agree with Bob.

Tooo long we have allowed them to carry the message that these nutty parents that don't have sense enough to know what they witness and those other nuts that believe them is the problem and not the fact that pharma and federal agencies, and too much big money are so corrupted that safety has long since been the last thing they are interested in.

And that should be the sticking point we stick to like glue.

Meanwhile I would like to know what in the heck was going on in the 70s - the details; the behind the big door meetings - cause it looks like to me that all of this was very well planned.

I know for a fact that Merck infiltrated the universities and set all this in motion at least in my part of the world.. Cause during the 70s the DPT shot was causing reactions, lots of reactions.

OR Dr. Otereo would not have been preaching on it and a little nurse would not have finally threw up her hand and asked how was she suppose to handle parents -- get this - she had already seen it and been through it -that brings in a very sick baby right after its vaccinations.

One in a million at that time was probably 1 out 250 kids as best as can be estimated by several means..

In the 70s did they start requiring more boosters during that time - I gave my children 3 in the first year and one in the second year, and one in the fifth year. Did I as a child receive that many?

It was during this time they had the first big push, by scaring everyone to get the swine flu vaccine - that required a series of three.

The end of the 70s there was enough injured children, and upset parents that it got Congressional attention, and Barbara Loe Fisher found enough parents to form an organization and got attention from Congress.

Speaking of which - was that planned too - did the big pharma companies manipulate her?

It makes me think back to My Professor Otero - moonlighting director over a Merck subsidized lab at the same time he was teaching. He had lots of big time telephone conferences and everyone knew, and everyone was impressed - as he put on his door a sign that said do not disturb in conference.

-- and I meet at the hospital this week an old school mate during that time that is now a doctor - he told me that Dr Otero was also a big man at the CDC. The CDC used him as a representative when they were trying to find what would take care of MERSA when if first showed up.

How many little professors did MERCK buy to get themselves and their theory that neurological things just happen that would have happened anyway about the time they vaccinate babies, and their indemnity from Congress?

BoB Moffitt

"He (RFK) focused on the corruption, collusion and malfeasance at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was a scathing report about the ethics of the agency in charge of vaccine safety."

Just watched press conference wherein RFK was primary speaker .. and .. I would like to offer my "constructive criticism" of the "question and answer" session that followed his comments .. almost of his comments specifically addressed the widespread and growing evidence of pervasive corruption within the CDC .. which RFK correctly labeled nothing more than a "subsidiary" of the pharmaceutical industry.

The very first question asked of RFK was his opinion of the pending legislation regarding NJ's legislative attempt to deny parents a "religious exemption".

I would have preferred RFK remain on HIS topic .. which was the pervasive corruption of the CDC .. and .. defer that question to the attorney that followed him to the podium .. since she was far more versed and qualified to answer why the exemption is an infringement upon a parent's "sacred" right to make medical decisions for their child.

Instead .. RFK tried to answer the question .. first .. by reaffirming his confidence in vaccines as "life saving" .. as evidenced by his muddled statement that "all his children were fully vaccinated" .. drawing exception only to those vaccines .. such as .. annual flu for pregnant women and children containing thimerosal.

The question I would have asked as a "follow up" .. would have been:

"Knowing the corruption of the CDC's vaccine policies that you just spent 30 minutes describing .. and .. having stated many parents have become reluctant to vaccinate their children because they have lost "trust" in the CDC .. would you still fully vaccinate your own children today as recommended and approved by that corrupt agency?"

In other words .. I was very disappointed that RFK did not require the questions asked of him be directly associated with the corruption of the CDC .. including the whistle-blowers at the CDC and Merck. By allowing himself to be "drawn off topic" by trying to address the religious exemption .. his comments regarding the CDC's corruption were ignored .. which I suspect is exactly how his comments will be reported by the members of the press who were present.

I suspect most of those "reporters" will begin their columns with RFK's statement .. "I am not anti-vaccine .. I believe vaccines have saved millions of lives" .. and ..his comments regarding corruption of the CDC will not make even a passing notice.

God bless RFK for having the courage to "speak truth to power" regarding mercury .. especially thimerosal .. but .. I think it is time he changed his priority from "thimerosal" to the corruption of the CDC .. that lies at the very heart of the "vaccine epidemic" catastrophe.

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