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Weekly Wrap: Wasting the Wait for Enterovirus 68

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Spring has sprung, at least theoretically, in daffodil-deprived Washington. Warmer weather will soon favor a resurgence of enterovirus 68, the virus that first appeared in severe and paralytic forms in 2013 as a small cluster in California, popped up unpredictably around the country last year in larger numbers and now – well, now what?

Just this week, the CDC put out a plain English Q&A about the virus.  The CDC notes that last year, 1,153 people in 49 states were confirmed to have the virus, and 14 of them died. Most were children. Weirdly, the CDC doesn't mention the frightening and seemingly permanent cases of paralysis almost certainly associated with EV-D68, and regarding the deaths, it mumbles: "State and local officials have the authority to determine and release information about the cause of these deaths."

It would be nice to see the CDC a little more animated on this one, because given the obvious parallels with poliovirus, I think we could be on the brink of big trouble. Both polio and EV-D68 are enteroviruses, meaning they get into the body through the GI tract, although they can manifest as respiratory illness; both appear in warmer weather; both can cause paralysis and death. A big part of the problem is mainstream medical types may once again be blind to what they are really dealing with.

Polio epidemics, as Mark Blaxill and I have proposed, were triggered not just by the virus but also by a necessary co-factor -- exposure to certain pesticides in people, most often non-immune children, who happened to have an active poliovirus infection at the time. The pesticides – lead arsenate starting in the early 1890s, DDT after World War II – opened a pathway to the nervous system that let the otherwise benign virus attack cells that control motion.

The idea that pesticides are implicated in polio has been around for a long time – since the first outbreaks over a century ago, in fact – but roundly sneered at by mainstream scientists, if they noticed at all while hunkered over microscopes in their virology labs. The pesticides-alone theory was easy to dismiss because it was incomplete. The virus, we argued, was a necessary cofactor with the toxin, and when the vaccine came along and took down the virus, the epidemics ended. But the truth -- the ability of toxins to potentiate microbes -- did not.

As the CDC points out, EV-D68 is one of more than 100 non-polio enteroviruses from which the vaccine provides no protection. And since lead arsenate and DDT are no longer used in the United States, we can only guess what toxin, still presumably a pesticide and who knows what else, is potentiating EV-D68. We suspect the collapse of bee colonies and the rise of neurological illnesses point to successor chemicals that are even more toxic in ever-smaller doses.

It would be useful to find out, and quickly. Unfortunately, the idea of a toxic cofactor in the spread of EV-D68 is not on the radar of any current research, as far as I can tell. That’s despite clues in the early EV-D68 cases – the parents of one child run vineyards and a winery in northern California, and the mother told us her daughter had fresh raspberries the morning she got sick (the doctors seemed uninterested); another child is from Moorpark, a Los Angeles exurb built on former (often toxic) farmland that has an apricot named after it.

By now, 1000-plus ED-68 cases on, the clues to the origin have been buried in the breadth of the outbreak, just as they were with polio (and autism); early polio clusters occurred in the San Joaquin and Napa valleys in California (fruit, vegetables, grapes), and in locations where lead arsenate was pioneered – most astonishingly, in 1893 in Boston, which is when and where lead arsenate was invented to battle the coddling moth that was attacking apple orchards. Its use soon spread, and so did epidemics.

Failure to understand polio epidemics, and now EV-D68 outbreaks that may presage a polio-scale catastrophe, is really the failure of an outmoded medical paradigm that researchers cling to for their professional lives. It’s so nineteenth century. In our book The Age of Autism, Mark Blaxill and I showed how the worst outcome of syphilis was a neurological disease called general paralysis of the insane. We proposed GPI arose after many years of treatment with mercury, which eventually gave the syphilis bacteria entry to the brain.

Similarly, there’s a very good case to be made that autism can be caused by live virus vaccinations like the MMR, especially in children who also have gotten mercury-containing vaccinations at the same time or earlier. This idea, of course, has been “debunked” by the federal government, even as it continues to covertly award millions to families of children who get those vaccines, develop brain swelling, and end up with autism. Metals – mercury, lead, and arsenic are all metals – can cause mayhem, on their own or in conjunction with viruses.

So under our theory of the case, unfortunately, EV-D68 is not going away. Back last October I wrote this:

“Right now the media is fixated on the first case of Ebola to reach U.S. shores … Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC director, says the disease will be stopped in its tracks, and for once I believe him. This is what the CDC does well -- track an outbreak in real time, find contacts, quarantine if necessary, and put an end to it. 

“Enterovirus 68, I'm afraid, may be another story. This prospect is outside the CDC's wheelhouse because it does not follow the straight lines of germ theory - one microbe, one disease. It's another paradigm altogether -- a possible microbe-toxin interaction, the kind we've written about many times. And it comes uncomfortably close to interactions (MMR and thimerosal, another microbe and metal combination) they have already rejected as impossible. 

“I'm afraid they feel much more at home waging war on Ebola.

“Which story is bigger? I vote for the enterovirus.”

If EV-D68 follows the polio trajectory, it will be back in bigger numbers, following a jagged course of dips and spikes that no on can make sense of until, one day, it explodes.

That’s what happened with polio. From those scattered agricultural outbreaks in the 1890s including Boston and the San Joaquin Valley, there was a sudden spike to 2,500 in New York City alone in 1907, and then 27,000 cases and 6,000 deaths in the Northeast epidemic just nine in 1916. From there, polio was off and running for half a century. One could argue there was a magnitude increase every decade.

In a way, EV-D68 is on a faster track, going from a couple of dozen cases in California to 1,000 nationwide in one year – a two-magnitude increase. One thing that especially concerns me: It was often noted that the worst polio outbreaks were connected with droughts; our hunch is that’s because less pesticide got washed off the produce by rainfall. And as we all know, California is suffering through a historic and seemingly unending drought.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Another possible cofactor
From east bay express may 20 15
Linked from pesticide action network

"Last year, UC Davis also published a study linking maternal exposure to pesticides with autism in children-particularly for chlorpyrifos exposure during the second trimester. That study collected data from 970 women living throughout the state."

Nrdc called for a ban, and sued epa for failure to restrict its use.

"Knowing what I do, there would be no peace for me if I kept silent". Rachel Carson


Whenever I read these pesticide/polio connections it sends my memory bank reeling back in time to the '60's when my mother relayed a conversation she had with a door-to-door salesman (I think children's magazine). For some reason the topic of polio came up, he either had polio or was discussing it with my mother. I remember she said that he said to always thoroughly wash fresh vegetables and fruits due to pesticides. She must've really taken the advice to heart because she had a vegetable scrubber and I remember her washing and washing fresh veggies/fruits. I did not make the connection to polio and pesticides until decades later when I read articles like this. The mind of a child is an amazing thing, how we retain information that somehow makes sense years later!


Methyl bromide recently in the news for a delaware family that got poisoned on vacation. some use on strawberries rasberries grapes.
Also in some old fire extinguishers.


2,4-d is another weedkiller of interest. Soon to be incorporated in combo with glyphosate in new gmo crops.
A Universty of Minnesota study around 2007 found children of farmers 4 to 12 had 3 times the amount of this in them as children 12 and older.
An unfortunate trend.


..."EV-D68 is a polio-like virus linked to the deaths of at least 14 people in the U.S. since last August. Though far more deadly and pervasive than the recent U.S. measles outbreak that garnered much publicity, government officials have not promoted general public discussion or media coverage of EV-D68. And the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has not been forthcoming about EV-D68′s potential link to at least 115 cases of paralysis, mostly in children..."

Measles compared to EV-D68+AFM

—————————————— Measles EV-D68+AFM

Cases 178 1,153

States 17 49

Paralysis n/a 115

Deaths 0 14

Note: First number/stat is for Measles, second for EV-D68...(couldn't get figures to line up with cut/paste)...


Re: atrazine, in response to question from Grey One:


"mystery" paralysis afflicts two month old child, now 19 months old and at CHOP:


Here is Eckard Wimmer's Stony Brook profile. Some enterprising journalist needs to ask him some questions about a possible link between EV-68 and provocation paralysis. Dan, there is a story here if you or one of your colleagues wants to pick up the ball...


CIDRAP and UCSF have connected the dots from EV-68 to paralysis, will they and CDC be willing and able to connect the dots from EV-68 paralysis to intramuscular injection as a possible trigger? That mechanism has been proven in polio virus (an enterovirus), why not EV-68, another enterovirus? I suspect the possible connection is being conveniently ignored, as the CDC does not want another reason for parents to fear vaccination. Eckard Wimmer, one of the authors of the study explaining the paralysis-provoking injection mechanism, is now an IOM member. That puts him in a position to have an influence on vaccination policy if he dares to speak up.


"Enterovirus 68, I'm afraid, may be another story. This prospect is outside the CDC's wheelhouse because it does not follow the straight lines of germ theory - one microbe, one disease."

This unproven "germ" theory of disease is at the ROOT of this the richest most well health care funded country in the world having the poorest health outcomes of any developed country. We are now approaching 20% of our GNP going into "health care". IMO if we double it to 40%; only possible if we stop bombing the rest of the world, it will not affect health outcomes except to possibly WORSEN them.

When you base a 4 Trillion/year INDUSTRY on a FALSE premise what do we expect?

I would urge everyone to base their health care on self given PREVENTION.

“The pathogenicity of a virus is mainly related to its capacity to overcome the non-specific defenses of a host.” How Viruses May Overcome Non-Specific Defenses in the Host Note this page is part of a series on pathogen characteristics. Highly recommended if you want to “know the enemy” The non-specific defenses are contained largely in our Natural Immune System and diet.

"The “pathogenicity ” of a virus is primarily determined by the ability of the host to resist infection. Nutritional status is an obvious critical factor in strengthening natural immunity & resisting infections of all types." Note here it is folks when our natural immune system is weak we get viral infections including Ebola

Fighting a virus (ANY virus, Polio, Ebola, EV-68, ANY Virus) is almost trivial once you understand "the enemy". Sunshine and Vitamin D along with Vitamin C are perhaps two of our most powerful virus fighting tools and are required BEFORE the virus enters out body.

Here is a visual on Polio and DDT production

cia parker

That's interesting. It's true that having received the DPT vaccine in the month before polio exposure so greatly increased the severity of the polio, that DPT vaccination was suspended entirely during polio outbreaks. It would be interesting and valuable to find out if those paralyzed by E-68 had received any vaccines in the previous month. Would they ever admit it to the public? It would mean stopping all vaccines given in July, August, and September, which is probably not going to happen. Very interesting that they took the question about it off the intake form. They know very well what they do, and just don't give a damn about children's lives.


Don’t forget the contribution of intramuscular injection provocation to increased rates of polio paralysis during the 40s and 50s. This was documented as late as the 1980s in other countries. Although polio infection results in paralysis in less than 1% of cases, reports show paralysis rates at 5 to 17 times normal due to intramuscular injections either during asymptomatic polio infections or within 30 days of vaccination with oral polio vaccine. The spike in polio paralysis during the late 40s and early 50s coincides with an increased rate of routine intramuscular injections in US children at that time (DTP, antibiotics). Also, tonsillectomy impacted rates of polio paralysis. It appears that a substantial percentage of the 40s and 50s increased rates of polio paralysis can be attributed to medical procedures.

I am concerned that the injection provocation mechanism may have a role in the recent polio-like paralysis that may be associated with EV-68. Children receive a much greater number of routine vaccination injections now than in the 40s and 50s.

Last year I noticed that the first version of the CDC’s EV-68 patient history questionnaire included a question about any intramuscular injections within the previous 30-days, but the question was omitted from subsequent versions of the questionnaire.

cia parker

It's also true that for nearly twenty years now they've used the new acellular vaccine, which is only a quarter as effective as the old whole-cell vaccine. And we know that even when it works, it often wears off in as little as three years. So I agree that in anyone with a long coughing illness, it COULD be pertussis. As far as I know, the many coughs per breath is a symptom always present in pertussis, but I could be wrong. When I had pertussis in 2001, my chest started to tingle during coughing fits because it was so long before I could take a breath that I started to experience oxygen deprivation. Two years ago I had a similar cough, and after a month of coughing I suddenly realized that my chest was tingling, and I think it was another case of pertussis. After having received nine DPTs as a child, I think original antigenic sin means I'll never have permanent immunity to pertussis.

We'll see. Another thing is that after the first two weeks, you would no longer test positive for pertussis even if you had had it, the problem would be that the toxin produced by the pertussis bacterium would have broken off the cilia in the breathing passages, making it much harder to cough up the mucus pooled in the lungs, so the symptoms would be dramatic even when the pathogen was no longer present. It may be the same here: after a few weeks, even if you had had E-68, you might no longer test positive for it, the process of damage might continue even after the virus was no longer present.


Linda1, really interesting link, thank you.

Cia Parker; what interests me is that of the cases of children from Colorado who got paralyzed, from a newspaper article, only 4 out of the 10 children tested positive for E68.
That means that E68 wasn't found in more than half of the kids.
Polio also starts with a respiratory illness.
Am I sure it is really polio? No. But do I think it is possible? Yes.
In several cases they ruled out polio "because the child had been completely vaccinated."
That only works if vaccinations never fail.

Which means we have a situation where "it can't be polio because the vaccine always works, so it must be E68 even though the test for it is negative".

I don't question that E68 is going around, and that people are getting respiratory symptoms from it, but I am unsure if the paralysis is also being caused by it.

With pertussis, we know that the vaccine over time appears to have become less effective. For a long time, doctors were sure that vaccinated people could not get pertussis. Now they are finding that just is not so. I know several fully vaccinated kids and young adults who came down with what their doctors eventually diagnosed as pertussis.

It is possible that similar changes may have occurred with polio, and now the polio vaccine is also not very effective.
I can understand however that if that was true, "the polio vaccine does not actually work" might not be the message the CDC wants to send. Disabled kids from vaccine injury have always been easy to write off, even when the rate has increased to 1 in 68. It makes sense that the CDC is not that worried about some cases of children with paralysis, if it goes against the message they want to give.
My prayers go out to all the children and their parents who are effected by whatever this is.

david m burd

All, Dan's Post specifically alluded to, and quoted stats from the CDC, focused on EV-D68. And so many others have also cited stats from such as the CDC.

Doesn't everybody realize how BOGUS are stats are coming from the CDC, or all their OTHER medical allies? So many, if not 100%, of "statistics" or "studies" funded by such as the CDC and NIH, et al. are PHONY.

As in rolling dice, occasionally, even the whores at CDC/NIH come up with possibly accurate statistics - BUT - only if such stats agree that 'vaccines are safe and effective.' Otherwise, they rewrite and lie about what they found.

The pantheon of other so-called diseases the CDC/NIH Cabal has foisted on the public is endless, when in fact, these ailments and fatal conditions are caused by peoples' behavior and inattention to taking control of their own health, and thus ruin/kill those trusting in doctors who follow the ideology of the CDC, et al.

NEVER trust anything the CDC and NIH, et al. says or promotes.


Unless there was appropriate timely lab analysis of those cases, we don't know what they had. Even in a cluster which appears to be spread from one to another, we don't know for sure unless each one was tested. There are many organisms and irritations that can cause similar symptoms.

cia parker

I don't think it was pertussis: my daughter had pertussis at 8 months old (and 9), it caused ten coughs per breath. When she had E-68 last August and September, the cough was very bad and lasted about a month, but it wasn't a string of many coughs without being able to take a breath, as it would be if it were pertussis. She coughed up sheets of mucus from her lungs when she had it as a baby, but I caught it from her and I didn't cough up mucus. She didn't cough up mucus (not much anyway) when she had the enterovirus last summer either, but maybe adults wouldn't anyway. It's not polio either, but it looks as though it's a pathogen in the same family as polio, producing similar symptoms and occasionally paralysis. The polio vaccine wouldn't protect against E-68, just the way last year's flu vaccine wouldn't be expected to protect against this year's flu (for those that worried about flu). Isn't it most likely to be what seems most likely, that the E-68 virus has mutated to become more virulent, and will cause periodic outbreaks until most people are immune to it? They need to turn their attention to warning people about pesticides more than any other measure.

They're saying that the illness of the children who were paralyzed began with the severe respiratory illness that occurred late last summer in a broad swath across much of the country. Of course there could always be some exceptions, but it looks to me as though it's logical that this enterovirus is similar to the polio enterovirus, causing the same severe respiratory illness which only in a tiny number of the total number of cases progresses to paralysis, and it needs to be investigated to see if all of the paralyzed cases had also had exposure to pesticides. Of course no one is completely immune, since they use them in so many public areas, but not many kids were paralyzed, most just had the bronchitis-like cough for a long time and then got well, my daughter included.


They don't care if vaccine mandates would work outside of maintaining sales and profits. Any side effects, including that of coming down with the agent being vaccinated against, will be denied as much as possible. Look at non polio acute flaccid paralysis that just happens to occur in children after mass polio campaigns in India and Pakistan. What a coincidence. Maybe that's what these Americans have.

So, I looked it up. Please read this below. We do have AFP in this country, it is not reportable, it looks exactly like poliomyelitis and sometimes it is poliomyelitis, if testing isn't done early and before treatment - there is no way to know if it is polio, oh, and in this report below, there were cases of AFP that tested positive for EVD68, and, most of them were vaccinated for polio. People have died from AFP, but where is the public health department outcry? Maybe I'm reading this wrong and maybe I'm being too critical, but like with autism, they don't seem to be too concerned about tracking down the details.

cia parker

Mike Stevens says he's an infectious disease specialist who works for the NHS, and I think that's true. He says he has seen many people (not just children) with flu this year, and says he's involved in a hepatitis-B study, and was on a panel that investigated the death of Gareth Colter-Williams from measles pneumonia two years ago. Also a pharma shill, of course.


I think mercury is a form of cholinesterase inhibitor.

And check out the interesting list of other known cholinesterase inhibitors:

That kind of stuff is the science Stephanie Seneff talks about, I believe: glyphosate opening up the bbb and letting this stuff in the brain.

If mercury is a cholinesterase inhibitor and bacteria are part of the animal kingdom and have cholinesterase, mercury could be detrimentally affecting gut bacteria, or all sorts of bacteria it comes in contact within the body.

Arsenic levels in the blood have an inverse correlation with cholinesterase in the body.

Poisoning with certain aluminums cause cholinesterase inhibition.

Formaldehyde could theoretically be a cholinesterase inhibitor.


Yes many rats hah.
I was refering to the photos from the gmo seralini study, the study wasnt designed as a cancer study but they did show photos of the rats with large tumors that occured during the study of gmo effects.

Jeannette Bishop

Re Seralini rat pictures... (figure 5)

... with my impression that the act of retraction is at risk of becoming a validating stamp for research regarding big industry product harm.


@John Stone,

Sorry - I didn't catch that this guy was a PEDIATRICIAN. You said "pediatric consultant,' so I was wondering what that meant.

Thanks for the clarification...


Linda1, I think you are right. Hadn't thought about the potential tourism fall out until now.

I know that with the flu shot, vaccinated people can be more susceptible to similar flu virus mutations than unvaccinated people; I wonder if it is the same with polio?

It seems that many of those who got the paralysis are described as fully vaccinated against polio. Maybe this also partially explains the huge push to take away exemptions? Though it seems unlikely even mandating vaccination for everyone would work, if, as seems possible, the vaccine actually increases susceptibility to the mutation..

Perhaps they would do better focusing on researching how to treat polio so as to prevent side effects.

Re the questions about rats, Greyone in a comment earlier was referring to a Serolini study about roundup causing tumors in mice or rats. It is on the web. One site said there seem to be some questions as to whether the study used a breed that tends to develop tumors anyway; having said that, I believe it likely that Round Up is very dangerous indeed, and won't use it in our garden.

I do find your comments about various pesticide/herbicide exposures to be very informative and telling, Greyone.





My Aunt and Uncle loved loved loved their flowering gardens. They never thought twice about pesticides.
My Aunt died of parkinsons, her husband falls asleep with no warning sometimes, as if he has narcolepsy or something. One of their daughters has crohn's, the other has a blood disorder and harbors iron too long, and one of her grandchildren has OCD, another had febrile seizures as a newborn. Rachel Carson knew what she was talking about. Just google cholinesterase inhibitor. Or here's a wrapup. Even Aldrin is mentioned.

Both organophosphorous and carbamate
insecticides have a similar mode of action:
they bind to, and put out of commission a vital
enzyme called cholinesterase. They are therefore
lumped as ‘cholinesterase inhibitors’.
The cholinesterase enzyme, which is present
across the animal kingdom, is active both in
the gap between nerve cells (the synaptic
cleft) and in the junctions between nerve and
muscle cells (neuromuscular junctions). The
role of the cholinesterase enzyme is to neutralize
the neural messenger acetylcholine
after it has allowed the nerve impulse to pass
from one cell to the next. The sudden disabling
of the critical cholinesterase in the
bird’s brain and peripheral nervous system
leads to the equivalent of a ‘short-circuiting’
of neural connections with a multitude of consequences,
none of them good.

Boycott FaecesBook NOW

To GreyOne , I'm very confused , who are we talking about here :

"The pictures of the rats are online and will stay with you."

You could be talking about so many people ! give me a clue .


grey one

There may be some effects too from operation LAC, the zinc cadmium spraying over several areas in the US. The military sprayed it off the top of Pruitt Igoe housing project in St Louis, and i believe the bay area among others.


A resurgence of polio in the US would be an an international embarrassment and problem for the US. The US would not want to join the list of few remaining countries where polio has not been eradicated. A few hundred cases of measles is not a threat to tourism and travel, but an outbreak of polio, especially in the vaccinated, would be. Also, measles was the chosen disease for the vaccine campaign, not polio, at least in the US. That's what I think.

John Stone


In the UK we have in principle three categories of doctor: general practitioners, junior doctors and consultants who are specialists in their field (such as pediatrics). For any routine consultation (including children) you go to the GP. A paediatrician would be a consultant who works from a hospital rather than from a clinic or surgery.


If Stevens is a consultant he ought to know these things but if he works in hospital he would not necessarily be responsible for dispensing vaccines. There are admittedly other possibilities: my memory may be at fault, he may have made bogus claims, there may be more than one Mike Stevens blogging.


I believe that Mike Stevens, who has been posting on blogs for several years, is a British pediatric consultant, or "paediatric" as we spell it.

I don't know John. Last year when I posted the number of vaccines a child receives in the US and the UK he jumped all over me calling me a liar. He wouldn't back down until I posted links to the "official" schedules. If he was a doctor wouldn't he know this?


Use polio to treat cancer?


I have been wondering if what is going around actually is polio.

Vaccinated children, we have discovered, can still get pertussis. The live oral polio virus is no longer being given, and it is possible that this new killed vaccine is not as effective.

Vague memory here, I'll have to look it up, but I think not all of the paralyzed kids tested positive for E68?

And if you have been vaccinated for polio, then polio antibodies present in your blood will be presumed to be from the vaccine, not from a new polio infection. I believe their is only a very short window of time to actually identify a new polio infection?

It appears polio does shed in the stool and from the throat, and is also identified through physical exam and history, and from "antibodies in the blood". If the assumption is that that vaccinated kids "can't' get polio, and that antibodies in their blood are proof of protection, then is it possible this diagnosis is being missed or ignored as potentially a political/medical minefield.
( After all everyone knows all vaccines are safe and effective.)

This could also explain the remarkably disinterested approach by the CDC who normally leap on every possible infectious bandwagon the moment they can.


What's a pediatric 'consultant?"

Godfrey Wyl
"Both polio and EV-D68 are enteroviruses, meaning they get into the body through the GI tract"

This is a misconception, albeit an understandable one, given the outdated nomenclature. The name came about because poliovirus was the prototype member. However, the rhinovirii which cause the common cold are also members of the genus Enterovirus.

"although they can manifest as respiratory illness"

It appears EV68 is deactivated at the pH encountered in the stomach, making gut colonization improbable, to the extent of my understanding, as a prerequisite to respiratory infiltration:


This one, Cia:

"For Priya Duggal and her colleagues at Johns Hopkins University, the biggest puzzle is why those children became paralyzed while their brothers and sisters, who also were exposed to the virus, escaped largely unscathed.

“Is there something in these [paralyzed] kids that is different than the kids that are fine?” said Duggal, a genetic epidemiologist. “Maybe it’s the host, and the virus is a trigger that sets off the paralysis. . . . Maybe it’s something in their genetic makeup.”"

Maybe it's something in the genetic makeup of their last batch of vaccines? Or maybe it's something in the way their last batch of vaccines and/or the genetically modified food they eat, together with the hundreds of other chemicals they're exposed to (most needlessly) changed the expression of their genes?

When they have a vaccine for it, whether they actually do or not, then they will instigate widespread panic in order to sell the vaccine. Until then, they are selling treatments, there's no need to alarm (or inform) the public.

John Stone

I believe that Mike Stevens, who has been posting on blogs for several years, is a British pediatric consultant, or "paediatric" as we spell it.


"Dr. Mike Stevens totally denied everything, saying it WASN'T polio.

Were you on a Disqus board? So Mike Stevens is now revealing himself to be a doctor? If it's who I am thinking of this guy has been commenting on boards, specifically disqus for almost 2 years. He used to be part of Dorit's troll train but the last 6-8 months he's hooked up with a guy named Edward Lazarus or something like that. I don't think he is a doctor but this is a troll tactics called "Invoke authority". This is usually thrown out after a comment board goes south on the trolls so they think if they say they are some type of PHd, Dr, scientist etc it will bear some weight. You can't believe how many "careers" lilady has had in the last two years. Next time you run across him, challenge him on it. Ask where he went to school, where does he practice etc. Of course he'll never be able to give sufficient answers to satisfy but it will knock some of the wind out of his sail.

cia parker

Polio used to be most common in the late summer, early fall. California is probably different because of the warmer climate, but I'll bet E-68 is going to be like polio in most states, more common starting in late summer. Last year it became virulent here in late August, and went on until October, then apparently disappeared.

for Cia

Seth Berkley probably expressed it best when he wrote, "Vaccine development is driven not by the risk that a pathogen poses to people, but by the economic pay-off. Given the difficulty of the science involved, how much money will it take to develop the vaccine? And given the size of the market, how much money can we make by selling it?"

Of course, his comment was taken from an article in Nature (Volume 519 Number 7543 pp261-382 19 March 2015) regarding development of an Ebola vaccine, but would there be any difference in thought regarding the development of an EV-D68 vaccine? I don't think there would be.

Tim Lundeen

Very likely this would be cured by IV Vitamin C, just as Dr Klenner found with polio. But then there wouldn't be any market for a vaccine...

cia parker


I can tell you that my daughter hasn't had a vaccine in ten years, that was a TD, and hadn't had any before that since infant vaccines (which she reacted to), no Prevnar, MMR, varicella, hep-A, flu, or rotavirus. And she caught E-68. I think the virus itself is something everyone catches, whether vaxed or unvaxed. In India before the polio vaccine, 100% of children achieved immunity to several kinds of polio just through natural exposure, and Dr. Yazbak said the same about children in Egypt before the polio vaccine.

I don't think the virus is a big deal, the patient should be treated as he would be for flu. They said that it was dangerous for kids who had asthma, again, don't give your kid the dangerous, ineffective pertussis vaccine, and he won't get asthma, won't have to worry if he gets E-68. The moral is that everyone should give up the use of pesticides, which is the real danger. I think the E-68 virus is similar to pertussis in that it does lung damage which takes a long time to recover from: my daughter coughed all night every night for several weeks, a homeopathic formula finally gave her some relief, Delsym didn't. Then in October she had another severe cough, and in late November another one which went on for several weeks.


I have been hearing some things indicating that in California banned pesticides may not be completely gone from the market functionally. I recently spoke to a junior California EPA person who told me that the use of unauthorized pesticides remained semi-frequent practice in reality. Interesting in context of that recent lawsuit over very high levels of arsenic present in some California wine...

He also told me some stories about how when he started pulling on some threads and asking about things like active pesticide spraying right next to schools where a lot of the migrant labor community lived, that word came down from a bosses-bosses-boss to gently slap his had and say to look elsewhere... Inconvenient to someone very rich and connected apparently...

This seems to me like a hypotheses worth testing.

cia parker

There were a lot more than a thousand E-68 cases last year: it manifested as a severe summer cold/flu sort of illness, and caused many thousands of cases in kids in public schools over a wide swath of the country. Dozens of kids at my daughter's middle school had it, and my daughter caught it the first week of school in August, and then she had a severe cough for about a month. Some schools were talking about closing to interrupt the spread of the disease. It only affected people less than twenty years old, I guess all of us older have achieved sub-clinical immunity from exposure to a milder form of it? I am certain you are correct, and that in cases in which the patient has also been exposed to pesticides, the illness can turn into a polio-type illness, including paralysis.

And it IS strange how no one seems to be thinking seriously about it. Last month I mentioned it in a comment, saying E-68 was a new kind of polio, and Dr. Mike Stevens totally denied everything, saying it WASN'T polio. I said I hadn't said it was polio, but a new type of polio, both enteroviruses, both like a severe summer cold or flu, both of rapid escalation of symptoms: my daughter came home with a runny nose, but by bedtime had a severe cough. Both sometimes (in a tiny fraction of one percent of cases) causing paralytic symptoms, which were sometimes permanent. He continued to deny any similarity, which I assume is because the pharma companies and the medical establishment want to keep people from realizing the similarities. Why would that be? Because they don't yet have a vaccine for it? Because people might say that why are they going to get seventy shots for their children if they can still be paralyzed by E-68, the one thing they might need protection from. Or maybe if they realized how rare paralytic complications are, and how they need exposure to pesticides as a necessary co-factor, maybe they'd balk at taking other vaccines as well?

There was an article last month on it (Linda, do you still have the link?) the authors were completely mystified by it, and in the comments people were giving wild explanations for it. And I really don't understand that either. Is it because official channels haven't yet announced that E-68 is a new type of polio that people haven't realized? Do they fear panic in the streets as the summer comes on and they have no vaccine, no treatment?

grey one

Louis Conte
Dr Hayes had this issue with the atrazine research.
I don't know the solution but I hope for it.

On an unrelated but bright note
The Monarchs have started their Northern migration from Mexico in droves last Tuesday.
If they can find a way to survive these environmental onslaughts
Perhaps humans can as well.

Angus Files

Sorry second link should be..


Angus Files

Many people on here and Autistic dietician's have all said keep away from bacon...well I never could until I seen this picture ..

That picture solved the craving for me thanks very much..I also read further on the subject

Very annoying because bacon tastes sooo nice.


grey one

Another weedkiller of interest is atrazine.
Tyrone Hayes of UC Berkeley found that this chemical was able to turn a male frog into a functioning female able to reproduce.
Banned in Europe i believe.

Louis Conte

Dan touches on a subtle but significant issue: the inquisitions against researchers who question existing paradigms instills fear and compliance while reducing creative thinking.

Not an MD

The interesting thing about enteroviruses (polio, EV-D68, EV-71, etc.) is that they are vulnerable to certain plant flavonoids (like quercetin).

How's that for the "science" promoting crowd? As it turns out, what God made is indeed good! In fact, it is very, very, very good-- fantastic, in fact! Remember to eat foods that are red and green, in particular-- you know-- foods that are the color of Christmas-- like parsley, pears, apples, lettuce, dill, asparagus, elderberries, plums, radish leaves, peppers, red onions, raw spinach, watercress, scallions, okra, olive leaves, etc.

If we give our bodies what they need, sans pesticide of course, we may be able to fight off these nasty diseases with way fewer lasting effects than those who eat unhealthy, unnatural, processed foods.

David Taylor

It has been speculated that EV-d68 is affecting only vaccinated children. Does anyone have a reliable source or sources on this speculation besides these blogs--

Thank you.

Jeannette Bishop

We started using pesticides (and vaccines with metals) and a generally benign enterovirus (or maybe more than one virus) began to cause epidemics of paralysis ...

And we are talking about the microbiome within the gut in autism, so I'm wondering what various pesticides (and other immune system impacting exposures) might do to the miccrobiome that could possible allow a generally benign enterovirus to do neurological damage...if that is the route that altered polio outcomes in the 1900s.

I'm also wondering, not knowing anything about how persistent some POPs are (but DDT is supposed to be among the worst), if the California drought created conditions for dredging up some pretty high concentrations of pesticide compounds used in past times in the irrigation water?

grey one

The WHO recently decared glyphosate (Roundup) a probable carcinogen.
In the recent Organic Consumer Association newsletter they cited a NYT article that said EPA declared glyphosate a class C carcinogen back in the 80s and reversed it 6 yrs later after monsanto men, such as michael Taylor of FDA and i think Vilasek in USDA.
If you havent seen the Seralini study it was a 2 yr study of roundup ready corn that showed kidney and liver damage and though it wasnt designed as a cancer study honking big tumors on the rats. The pictures of the rats are online and will stay with you.
Pompeo is trying to put through the DARK ACT in our congress short for deny Americans the right to know, which will forestall states ability to label gmos.
Like the battle against mandatory vaccination the closer the science gets to helping people the more fascist the response.

Also parkinson's syndrome is a sign in some of stage 2 lyme disease, a borreliosis infection which can be transmitted not just by ticks but gestationally and possibly sexually according to a study done last year.

The synergy of all these health challenges is apparently strong.


Is EV-D68 occurring most often among the vaccinated or unvaccinated? Initially I'd read most cases were among the most highly vaccinated. Is that still correct? If so, this latest insane push to force everyone to take a yearly flu shot seems it could be setting the stage for an awful EV-D68 outbreak.

EV-D68 Is what deserves media coverage, rather than the non-stop, irresponsible measles hype. All these vaccine mandates they are pushing for will only make matters worse.

The sad thing is I believe there are many, really fine ethical scientists at the CDC who would be very capable and willing to try to tackle EV-D68 properly. It's the complete corruption at the top that is the problem. We do need to just overhaul the whole thing and start from scratch. The CDC has become such a waste of valuable resources.


Just witness the latest massacre by the German pilot who was taking modern "meds" so prevalent and promoted today ... Vaccines are just a filament, though crucial, in web of deceit.

david m burd

Dan, you say:

"Failure to understand polio epidemics, and now EV-D68 outbreaks that may presage a polio-scale catastrophe, is really the failure of an outmoded medical paradigm that researchers cling to for their professional lives. It's so nineteenth century."

Your quote had me ironically (and sadly) chuckling to myself. Oh! How I wish we could actually return to the nineteenth century, compared to what we have today, when it comes to the madness of current allopathic medicine backed and dictated by the many $Billions of dollars a year spent by our governmental institutions such as CDC and NIH, backing their pro-vaccination, zealous Ideology. And such ideology enforced further by today's School Systems coercing massive, toxic vaccine mandates.

On a separate level, we ARE of course better off in modern life with the gigantic gains in understanding nutrition, and with excellent nutrition available all year due to refrigeration, frozen foods, etc.- and of course clean water and sewage control.

From personal family history, back in 1910 my grandmother taught in South Dakota at a one-room schoolhouse, ages 5 to 17 --- the iconic little schoolhouse on the prairie. She has long passed, but I remember she said the only serious illness everybody feared was diphtheria (though the disease was fading as nutrition kept improving, and in fact, doctors actually invented surgically opening the windpipe to prevent suffocation, the actual cause of diphtheria deaths by sloughing of throat tissues blocking air getting to the respiratory passages).

At any rate, I posit today's modern and mammoth spending at such as NIH and CDC are actually THE cause of most of our illnesses, as they back the multitude of vaccines and pharmaceuticals foisted on today's public. Just witness the latest massacre by the German pilot who was taking modern "meds" so prevalent and promoted today, such "meds" that bring bizarre and murderous mental thoughts also at the core of all the school massacres in the last 20 years.

British Mum

If you want one candidate for a pesticide consider the following:-
My late father died in 1986 aged 73 with, unusually, Parkinson's Disease as second cause on his death certificate. As a teenager he had grown tomatoes on his family's roof garden. In his thirties he had a large garden and taught gardening as one of his subjects. In his fifties we moved to a house with a very large, very neglected garden which he cleared by digging and hand-scattering pesticide on a still day (my mental image is very clear from over forty years ago). At sixty-six he was diagnosed with P.D. and at seventy-three the L-dopa drugs then available stopped working (I am deliberately omitting the details of his final few months when medical science could no longer help him). The name of that pesticide? Aldrin/Alldrin TM. When another gardening teacher heard he had used that product to clear our garden, he said, incredulously, "do you mean to say you still use that stuff???" I understand Aldrin/Alldrin was removed from the market in the late 60s (anyone know the precise date?) but the product information is still available on-line.

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