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The Disneyland Measles Outbreak is (Still) Over

The EndBy Mark Blaxill

On Friday March 27th, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued its latest
California Measles Surveillance Update  on “an outbreak of measles [that] started in Disneyland in Orange County, California, and spread to the community” and provided support for our proposal that the outbreak is now over. Last week (see HERE), based on the previous weeks’ surveillance update (March 20th) Age of Autism made the first public prediction that the Disneyland measles outbreak was over. The reason for our prediction was because CDPH had for the first time given a future date when they would declare the outbreak officially over based on the length of time that had elapsed since the last confirmed infectious case. They also reported no new cases for the first time since they began publishing updates in early February.

In the March 27 update, CDPH confirmed that our prediction is holding. The predicted official end of the epidemic is still April 17th. There was one additional “confirmed” case report that was “presumed to be linked to the outbreak,” but this new report was not a recent case.

CDPH also confirmed an analysis first offered by Age of Autism. Following last week’s update, we spoke to a CDPH spokesman and followed up with some questions in writing, including the following.  “For this last reported case, then, would it also be fair to estimate that the date of rash onset was approximately March 2nd, and the date of infection sometime in late February?” Despite receiving no response, in our report, Age of Autism speculated that March 2nd was the date of onset of the rash. We still have not yet received a direct response to our query, but last Friday’s update confirmed that that our estimate was correct, with CDPH writing that “The latest confirmed measles case had rash onset on March 2nd, 2015.”

We’ll continue to track the rapid expiration of the Disneyland measles outbreak.

Mark Blaxill is Editor-At-Large for Age of Autism.


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for monitoring the accuracy of the "official" measles reality.

@Bob Moffit,

Thank you for the heads up.

I used to wonder if the reported early observations of cancer in vaccinated persons was due to carcinogens in vaccines, but maybe our "disease prevention" efforts have essentially prevented natural cancer prevention mechanisms?

cia parker

That's really interesting. Inflammation is a two-edged sword, but millions of years of evolution have taught the immune system to deploy it effectively, in the absence of the deliberate aggravation of inflammation by vaccines. And we've seen how natural measles can prevent and even cure cancer, and that they're working on a drug using the measles virus to combat cancer (obviously drifting onto dangerous territory there, but the take-home point remains).

Bob Moffitt

@ Cia

"People need to lose their fear of measles and come to appreciate the many benefits it confers, most of them positive ....

Last night .. CBS "60 Minutes" had an absolutely stunning segment .. wherein doctors are seeking to "treat" a particularly deadly and aggressive form of brain cancer .. on patients expected to die within months .. by "injecting live polio virus" into the brain's cancerous tumor.

Some highly skeptical "immunologists" invovled in this "new experiment" were none-the-less amazed to see the patient's own immune system .. having ignored the growing cancer .. suddenly .. in response to the live polio virus being injected directly into the cancerous tumor .. launch an aggressive immune reaction .. causing inflammation surrounding the tumor .. stopping its growth .. allowing the polio virus to begin killing the cancer cells from within the tumor.

Immunologists admitted injecting a live polio virus into a cancerous tumor seemed like an insane solution and they thought the researcher crazy for even suggesting a live polio virus injection could "treat cancer".

Which begs the question:

What else don't they know about the immune system they have been tinkering with by injecting numerous vaccines from day one of birth?


I believe in 2014 for every case of measles in the USA, there were about 7000 cases of Autism. This is a small jet full of children every day, no one is really searching very hard for the cause.

Even though it is over, the CDC will be talking about the "Disney-measles" for decades,

much the same as the 2009 killer H1N1 virus where 160,000,000 doses of "CDC emergency vaccine" were thrown away, paid for in full of course.

cia parker

This was a minor outbreak of measles, with no serious consequences. But I think it's important to recognize that it's not important that it was only a few cases: it would be desirable to let measles come back in full force, as I'm sure it eventually will. People need to lose their fear of measles and come to appreciate the many benefits it confers, most of them positive benefits, but also the avoidance of all the many kinds of devastating damage caused by the measles vaccine.

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