American Whistleblowers: The Peril and Promise of Science

Senator Doctor Crosses Over Into Crazy PANts Conspiracy Theorist

Dr Pan
By Ginger Taylor

Over the last few years we have gotten to know Dr. Richard Pan, California State Senator and Big Med operative (to the tune of $182,000 in campaign donations), as he has not only has worked to force everyone in his state into becoming customers of his donors and a corrupt vaccine program, but treated individual parents trying to earnestly advocate for their vaccine injured children like... well like crap.

While in 2012, he claimed he wanted to pass his bill not to remove parental choice, but to merely make sure families are educated on vaccination, he now has thrown that out the window and has a new bill to remove choice all together. Let's go to the video of this thoughtful legislator and solid citizen:

Not super consistent, is he.  "NO CHOICE FOR YOU!"  I guess we should have called, "no take backs." during the hearings in 2012.  Our fault I guess.  

I would encourage you to challenge him on twitter about this change of heart, but if you do, you will be immediately blocked by him. He only wants to hear what he wants to hear, and if you don't like his stance, you are not allowed to see his tweets any more.  "NO TWEETS FOR YOU!"

For those of you who have already been blocked, I present to you, Dr. Pan, officially jumping the shark:


Yes, folks... Crazy PANts believes that William Thompson's admission of taking part in the hiding of vaccine autism links from the public along with his research team at CDC is... somehow... a fraud perpetrated by Andy Wakefield. 

Who knew that Andy was such a powerful guy?! I asked Dr. Pan to explain his conspiracy theory of how Andy could fabricate Thompson's admission letter released by hot shot whistleblower attorneys MorganVerkamp LLC, but all I got was blocked.

Did Wakefield hire them to post the letter? That musta cost him a pretty penny.  How has Thompson not sued the pants off of those lawyers and Andy for fraud since it was posted last summer?

Perhaps Dr. Wakefield has the power of mind control?

Or is Andy a superhacker who posted the letter himself?! That would seem more likely as CDC confirmed the Thompson claim that they messed with the study in question, and no chance that CDC would sell out to an evildoer like Wakefield, so Andy musta hacked the CDC web site too!

OMG!! This just in... exclusive video of Andy Wakefield, in disguise, superhacktivating in order to fraudulate #CDCwhistleblower, while Albert Enayati covers him!

Holy crap, Dr. Pan is right! We have it right there in full live action color! If the Statue of Liberty fell so easily to Andrew Hackfield, then surely CDC never had a chance. (Pretty sure that is Blaxill using a cutting edge, illuminati cloaking device to do something illicit that we don't actually know what it is, but probably something fraudulent and filled with fakery... and also who knew Enayati had such sexy, bad ass, bullet moves!)

But seriously folks... Dr. Pan does not belong in office if he is going to make theses kinds of bizarre accusations. Dr. Wakefield is taking the matter with the seriousness that is appropriate. He has written to Richard Pan, in his typical dignified style, to confront him on his odd defamation, and copied Pan's fellow California Senators:

March 20, 2015


Dear Senator Pan,

Without Prejudice

It has come to my attention that, in an attempt to limit parental rights on vaccine choice you have defamed me and recklessly misled your colleagues and the people of California. Specifically, you have written the following:

Dr. Richard Pan
#CDCwhistleblower is another Wakefield fraud. #VaccinesWork #WakefieldCon #vaxfax

I attach the testimony that I had proposed to present to the information gathering session of the Oregon Senate Health Committee. Senator Steiner Haywood, who sponsored Bill SB442, misled her colleagues and the people of Oregon in respect of me and of my work. She was called on it. The Bill was pulled. You have misled your Senate colleagues and the people of California similarly and your bill deserves an identical fate to that of SB442.

For the avoidance of doubt, I would bring your attention to matters of fact in the public domain that were available to you to scrutinize before publishing the headline above – a false headline that is, consequently, both reckless and malicious.

Falsification in science includes manipulating research processes, or changing, or omitting data or results such that the research is not accurately represented in the research record.1

I turn now, to the public statement of Dr. William Thompson Ph.D., the CDC whistleblower, following disclosure of the fraud.

I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.2

Dr. Thompson’s public statement confirms that there was omission of significant data, and manipulation of the research process by 1. failure to follow the final study protocol (which Dr. Thompson has provided to me), and 2. making decisions not to report the significant findings after the data were collected, in contravention of the original intent as set out in the agreed protocol. On any reading of this matter, the actions of the CDC scientists amount to scientific fraud.

Dr. Thompson has confirmed in writing that:

I was involved in deceiving millions of taxpayers regarding the potential negative side effects of vaccines.3

You would be wise to reconsider your current position in light of this statement.

For your information, I attach an official complaint to the Office of Research Integrity and the CDC, setting out the details of the CDC’s scientific fraud in respect of MMR vaccine and autism. These documents were readily accessible to you and your staff prior to your false allegations being made.4 I urge you to read them carefully before compounding your errors and denying the parents of California the fundamental right to make health choices on behalf of their own children.

Using the headline above to mislead the current debate on vaccine choice, as you have done, is, in my opinion, disgraceful. I believe that you are at risk of becoming an accessory to the CDC fraud and I have passed the matter over to my lawyers for their opinion. In the meantime I will encourage the people of California to have you removed from office at the earliest opportunity through the due democratic process. 

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Andrew J Wakefield MB,BS.


Senator.allen@senate.ca.gov, Benjamin.Allen@senate.ca.gov






































Mr. J. Moody Esq

1para. 93.103 of Department of Health and Human Services. 42 CFR Parts 50 and 93. Public Health Service Policies Research Misconduct; Final Rule.

2 http://www.morganverkamp.com/august-27-2014-press-release-statement-of-william-w-thompson-ph-d-regarding-the-2004-article-examining-the-possibility-of-a-relationship-between-mmr-vaccine-and-autism/

3 email from Dr. Thompson to Dr. Hooker and Dr. Wakefield, filed with the office of Congressman Bill Posey.

4 autismmediachannel.com

What Dr. Pan is doing is horrible for California, and for children. And the fact that he is has gone from rude, to contradictory, to outright out there, should be a giant red flag to other legislators that they need to smile politely at Pan as they slowly back away from this guy and all for which he stands. God only knows what is coming from Richard Pan in the future.  I predict that next he will boldy, with great courage, strength of character and intestinal fortutude, try to force all adults in California to be vaccinated.  And then on to the US Congress...

If I didn't laugh, I'd cry.  And I often do.

Petition to ask Pan to resign.



Eddie Unwind



Richard Pan, you are a disgrace. I do not know your background much. I do not know whether you are a Chinese?! boy, hopefully NOT as you are a real shame!A real disgrace!!
Dr Wakefield was describe as a scapegoat.
Some said ' the wrong man was condemned.
Lancet is a Shame too that Lancet figure out they need pharma money to continue to survive, and they destroyed Dr Wakefield career.
In fact, Dr Wakefield's co-author won the law-suit that his license had been given back. But the doctor retired some years ago.
As far as I know, Dr Wakefield got a different insurance policy from his co-author that his co-author's legal fee had been all paid by insurance company.
All in all, some news writer put down in one of the article that the whole world owe Dr Wakefield an apology which I totally support!
Dr Pan Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!I would try to spread the news and I am hopeful that all people in California know about that.

Jeannette Bishop

I've been watching the following petitions a couples times a day for the past few days and the numbers of signatures continually creep up (except one drop that I think was likely a recording error on my part):






If there is interference for some in signing these, it's not universally applied, whatever that might mean.

cia parker

I couldn't sign the petition either. As soon as I hit the send button, it all disappeared and didn't thank me for my vote, so I don't think it went through.

Jeannette Bishop


I posted a comment I don't see now (I should have saved a copy so I could identify where I maybe went wrong, probably something about wanting to maintain a status quo of dis-health, or the Sherri Tenpenny recording was too off topic?). I don't know if the local paper does the moderation or diquss (or if some Gates bot can steal away one's digital voice) making "disquss" start to look like "dis" & "cuss" or "disgust" ... but many of the comments are good, obviously not moderated out, and the report goes into some detail of the Santa Barbara board discussion.


To "Science First" -- whose science are you deifying?

The falsified MMR study statistics that CDC senior scientist Dr. William Thompson confessed to co-facilitating?

The falsified mumps statistics subject to a fraud lawsuit by two former Merck virologists?

The corporate science spotlighted by former NEJM editor Dr. Jerome Kassirer in "On The Take: How Medicine’s Complicity With Big Business Can Endanger Your Health"?

The corporate science revealed by former NEJM editor Dr. Marcia Angell in "The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It"?

The sleazy intersection of physicians and pharma described by bioethicist Dr. Carl Elliott in "The White Coat, Black Hat: Adventures on the Dark Side of Medicine"?

The science found at "Dollars for Docs -- How Industry Dollars Reach Your Doctors"?

Jeannette Bishop

I want to note for Mr. or Ms. Science First and others that many California homeschoolers have their vaccine status monitored under many "homeschool" programs and have to file exemption forms also if they feel they should or want to opt out of a vaccine. There is some discussion about families looking into getting certified as a qualified tutor (I'm not clear on the title or the process, if it is in the reach of most)--the state is rather controlling of the "homeschool" process already--and at this point it appears to me this legislation gives no opt out option for some families, but to move from the state if one can, and will make California the most draconian vaccination state in the U.S.

For "Science" first

Looking at a video of the Senate hearing you can easily see that the other politicians questions such a strong measure- forcing one to homeschool IS extreme. But hey, there are many of us who would opt for this VS veing forced to take endless shots with no decent, objective evidence of safety. No, a bunch of biased epidemiological studies don't count.
One of the other Senators or officials even mentioned that many Americans are feeling frustrated and leery of these kids of restrictions and government meddling. You can write all you want but you are on the losing side. Critical mass is being achieved on the issue.


Actually, "science", my understanding is that once it is law, non compliant parents can be jailed.
And I assume, jailed repeatedly until they comply?
how is this not "forced"?
There is no home schooling "out" because California law classes "homeschooling" as a "private school", covered by the same laws.

Hope you are up on all your adult immunizations, and of course the annual flu shot, science. Because there is already talk about forced adult vaccination next..

And that you are willing to roll up your sleeve for all the new shots that are in the pipeline, regardless of whether or not you think they are safe, because by then all you have left to say is "I thought it was ok for parents to be thrown in jail, but did not realize that next they could come for me too."

David Taylor

Science First is hereby nominated for the Unintentional Irony of the Month Award with this marvelous entry:

"He is not putting a gun to your head to immunize, he is just making you home school your kids if you choose not to."

Right, he's just taking away public services. That type of coercion ain't as bad as a gun!

And for some children, a vaccine is a gun to the head.


Yawn Mr. 'Science first'. You're really going to have to do better than that. I'll give you points for mentioning Jenny McCarthy, getting medical advice from the internet and use of the words 'hysteria' and 'nuttiness'. And of course extra points for the use of 'Science' as a singular entity (capitalized of course!)-- because 'Science' yeah! However I must deduct points from you for failing to mention Andrew Wakefield, and for not using the any of the following terms 'quack' 'pseudo-science' 'crank' or 'debunked'. And, well, not calling us 'anti-vaxxers' is just sloppy work on your part!! I will give you credit for throwing in the Kennedys for creativity and originality. However I still have to demote you back to skeptics school 101. Please return when you have been fully indoctrinated in how to properly malign and mock us. Great first effort though!!

Who is William Thompson ?

Science First

HepB vaccine for newborns - are you joking me - really ?
drug addicts and sex workers are the high risk groups

Diptheria , not a risk for people on a good all round diet , it was a killer in the past when people livwed in abject povery and were half starved to death . "dissolving illusions" Suzanne Humphries - it had largely disappeared prior to the vaccine coming online - which is the SAME story again and again , diet and nutrition improved , sanitary conditions improved , poverty tackled , these diseases disappeared BEFORE these sordid concoctions ever even got introduced .

Tetanus , not a high risk whatsoever in an Urban environment

Pertusis , a vaccine mired in controversy because of its high failure rate , and it has been withdrawn in several countries .
Giving it to pregnant women is tantamount to a crime against humanity (only 5 years ago the policy was never vaccinate a pregnant women).

Flu vaccine , a vaccine mired in controversy because of its high failure rate , Giving it to pregnant women is tantamount to a crime against humanity (only 5 years ago the policy was never vaccinate a pregnant women). Contains themiserol known to be toxic at nano grams since 1948 (Dr Frank Engley) .
Toxic @ Parts per billion - that means NEVER EVER , not even TRACE AMOUNTS . Using in Themiserol even in the production process is Hg-enocide , its never safe at ANY level .

Mumps vaccine , dont take my word on it , ask the two Merck whistleblowers who are in court right now saying that Merck has lied about its efficacy for decades . Mumps is such a mild infection 70% never ever knew they even had it .

Gardakil , the biggest lie in history , it doesnt stop cervical cancer , has been proven to sterilise , has been proven to kill .
Two whistleblowers here , Diane Harper & Charles D'Albergue

MMR - where do you start - William Thompson CDC whistleblower.
Vaccines DO cause Autism and the total worldwide number maimed with Autism is 50M+ children .

And so it goes on for every and any vaccine you mention .
And all the vaccines they have lined up in the pipeline 200+
We have the facts we have the science . YOU DONT !

I recommend rather than praising this Pan , you read this book , "Dissolving Illusions" Suzanne Humphries .
Have a look at the Maurice Hilleman recording too "bargain basement" healthcare = unsafe & defective VACCINES .


Science First,
I suggest you talk to some physicians to see how badly their arms hurt from being twisted for the past several years. They are not exactly happy about being told how and what to prescribe for their patients and about being mandated to accept vaccines themselves. They are increasingly being rendered powerless by Pharma, the insurance industry, and government. So your 98% consensus among physicians is complete nonsense. Further, you are wrong about Californians having the option to homeschool to avoid this tyranny. Homeschoolers would come under the same mandate. But even if homeschoolers would be exempt, to force anyone to homeschool is to strip them of their civil right to freely move about and participate in society and would place undue hardship on parents who either desire to or need to work. You know, like parents who are both physicians, for example, and who do not want to vaccinate but who want their kids in school. Their kids have every right to be able to go anywhere they want to go. If you are so paranoid about this, then I suggest you stay home.

For Science First

I guess you could have said something like that in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia as well. Can you delude a nation, and pervert policy with intimidation, political patyronage, cronyism and ideology. You bet!

Science First

I am sending Senator Pan a note of support for his position. He is not putting a gun to your head to immunize, he is just making you home school your kids if you choose not to.

The irony of accusing him of being a conspiracy theorist is remarkable, considering the leap of nuttiness required to assume that 98% of all physicians are somehow shills for "big pharma" or "bid med" and are going against their hippocratic oath and recommending that children be immunized. Luckily, the vast majority of parents don't get their medical advice from Facebook posts, but rather from physicians who actually use science to make decisions, not unfounded hysteria promoted by playboy bunnies and Kennedies.


Has Pan no legal and PR team to watch out for his obvious lies (imho, I call them perjury while he is under oath of elected office). A few simple google searches would have led his handlers to Congress Posey's access to Dr. William Thompson's documents

Jeannette Bishop

I want to share the quote at the top of this page today (it may change):


"For no reason other than freedom, without prejudice on the pros and cons of various vaccinations both individually and on a broader statistical basis, no citizen should be made to get an injection of anything at the point of a gun. I absolutely oppose this legislation." - Chris Thompson, President Fullerton School District, Board of Trustees Fullerton, CA


He's probably not in the right senate district, but it would be nice to get someone like him in Pan's seat.


I can't sign petition. It is not responding.

Jenny Allan

I just can't believe this bunch of clowns is in charge of disease control USA:-

"CDC’s ‘inconsistent’ lab practices threaten its credibility"

From above:-
(CDC Investigated by an external agency)
"One incident occurred in June when dozens of employees in a bioterrorism lab working with the deadly anthrax virus, were at risk because of a failure to properly follow sterilization techniques. The head of that lab resigned after the incident.

This followed a May incident in which avian influenza samples, thought to not be dangerous, were unintentionally mixed with the deadly H5N1 influenza virus and then shipped to a USDA lab.

Then in December, with the advisory group already working to reduce lab safety risks and improve the culture of safety, employees in the Ebola lab were potentially exposed to that virus when a technician mistakenly transported the wrong specimens from a high-level lab to a lower-level lab."

Thank you Ginger Taylor and Dr Andrew Wakefield for exposing this incompetence and corruption. I hope Senator Pan has the grace to resign before he is thrown out of office.


Very interesting that presentation given by California Nurses for Ethical Standards!


Medical tyranny means never having to say no to your doctor or the government. You won't have a choice but to submit.

Whether you're pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, no one should be forcing you to submit to medical procedures without your consent.

If philosophical, religious and medical vaccine exemptions are outlawed, you will not have any recourse when they come to give you any and all of the many vaccines already in use—as well as the 300 vaccines that are in the FDA-approval pipeline. And this applies to you, as well as your children.

Get involved and stand up to this abuse of power.

Jeannette Bishop

After I'm sure his office received repeated expressions of concern about the chronic health epidemics and links to vaccination during the AB 2109 legislation, Pan's prescription for improving healthcare: Virtual Health, electronically monitoring all those with chronic illness...


Gee whiz, thanks in part to my "healthcare" I can't spend more than a couple of hours a day with such a device (if it's transmitting a wireless pulse, I can't spend any time), let alone 24 hours, non-stop. Is it impossible for some types of doctors to promote anything that is not harmful (and control-freakish) in nature?


Dr. Wakefield is always so polite.

Diplomacy is the ability to tell someone to "go to well.."
in such a way, that they look forward to the trip.

Jeannette Bishop

California Nurses for Ethical Standard's President Urges " NO" on SB277 (3:02, presentation to Fullerton City Council, Zonya Townsend)



In North Carolina, there are 4 talking heads sponsoring a bill to take away religious exemptions, a state that does not have a philosophical exemption.


One of them, Tarte added that “the God I know doesn’t want children to die unnecessarily.”

I'm pretty sure a caring god in any religion would expect any human to take steps to improve safety when the simplest changes are available to make it so, but the CDC certainly has chosen to ignore such pathways of benevolent kindness, having not altered the diptheria/tetanus/pertussus shot by 2 months to reduce the risk of asthma in boys by 50%, and by having ignored the increased risk of autism to African American boys who get the MMR before the age of 3. With one official statement, that horrific bit of news could have been corrected and lives saved over the past 13 years.

It's kind of like how the King of England and persecution by the Anglican church of the puritan/separatists movement drove a certain set of Puritans and Pilgrims across the ocean to escape the hierarchical corruption in the Church of England and hence, started the creation of the United States. Tarte seems to have declared his own version of the Act of Supremacy of 1534: "By the Act of Supremacy in 1534, King Henry VIII had taken control of the Church in his country away from the Pope . . . The Church of England was the official and only church in England. Everybody belonged to it, whether they wanted to or not.. .
Because it was an extension of the government, the English church was as subject to political abuse and favoritism as any other governmental agency. . .
In his biography of John Robinson entitled The Pilgrim Way, Robert Merrill Bartlett summarized the problems which led to the rise of Puritanism in England as being "the tyranny of the hierarchy, the indolence of the clergy, and the lethargy of the laity". . . The initial impetus for the Puritan movement came from a highly enlightened area of England, and the movement was noted from the beginning for its intellectual substance. Dr. Bartlett wrote of the
They were part of the intellectual and cultural ferment of the Elizabethan period. They were close to the amenities of Lincoln, Boston, York, and within the arc of influence that emanated from Cambridge [University]. . They were substantial thinkers, and their contribution was not
only religious and intellectual but of literary significance as well. . These Puritans marshaled a
mighty brain trust. Their movement was one of the intellectually best equipped in history; and they prevailed in their reformation through the force of their logic expressed in dynamic Elizabethan English.
As in any movement bent on major social change, Puritans differed among themselves about the degree of change that was necessary and what it would take to effect that change. They were all radical, of course; that's the nature of any movement that seeks change. But some were more radical
than others. "

You can see how Tarte and Pan and others would just hate to think that the major intellectual minds of our current time may also be the same people tied closely to religious freedom ideology and might be aware of how corruption might be influencing policy in government and therefore affecting religious freedom. The separatists did not think it was up to politicians to determine how everyone should practice Christianity, and neither should modern Christians, or anyone of any other faith or spiritual belief in this country.

Maybe Tarte and Pan, etc were the kind of kids in school who fell asleep during history, and since they didn't learn it, they are doomed to cause the same problems today as the pilgrams, puritans, and separatists suffered through, and mistakes the founders of our constitution tried to take into account when making the freedom of religious part of our country.


Oh yeah, interesting that wikipedia doesn't have a specific listing about the pilgrims that came to this land mass on the Mayflower. "Pilgram" will get you the general definition, but type "pilgrims" in and see if you get anywhere. Slight missing chunk of history on a commonly used term in a word search.


Thanks Kapoore; for information about Allen - and he was supported by Waxman.

And may the public wake up enough to kick Pan out - Liar!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Ginger, and thank you Dr. Wakefield!

Who is William Thompson ?

"Republican Ted Cruz has made individual liberty the key theme of his presidential campaign announcement."

Does this include freedom to refuse focred medical procedures ?


Does anyone else think that politicians are selling out for what is relatively little money to a huge corporation? Or could it be that bribe money (or promises for future employment) is being artfully hidden?


Excellent Ginger. Please all note this petition calling for Pan's resignation:


Dr. Pan doesn't like the negative attention on him.

Dr. Richard Pan is clearly desperate and does not like all the attention lately on his "contributors" and clear conflict of interest. Dr. Pan has made his bed and now he has to lie in it. The truth hurts. Keep up the pressure.


The supporter of this bill was the new Senator from Santa Monica, Senator Ben Allen. I wasn't surprised to find out that his primary supporter was outgoing Congressional Senator Henry Waxman who authored the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act which took liability away from vaccine manufacturers. This led to the reckless vaccine schedule and the simultaneous explosion of autistic and autoimmune disorders. Of course, I dare not say correlation is causation in this new realm of science where no one is permitted to connect the dots without being called a conspiracy theorist. Oddly, parents of autistic children, children with peanut allergies, and autoimmune disease all seem to trace their children's illnesses back to a well baby visit, or baby too many well baby visits. As someone pointed out in another blog comment: Waxman got off free and has never had to answer to this disastrous epidemic. So, now the epidemic is going to possibly be even further expanded by other reckless politicians who are not acting apparently in the best interests of the citizens of California.

Louis Conte

Two retractions are called for:

First, the tweet.

Then the bill.

Not a Pan Fan

I sure hope that Senator Pan is recalled, and very quickly. He does not represent the people. He represents Pharma. That is not acceptable.

Hearing his hypocrisy, from his own mouth on video, no less, is proof positive he cannot be trusted. He has a very clear agenda that he has finally revealed-- one that removes the informed consent rights of parents and at the same time maximizes profits for the vaccine industry.

Angus Files

These days its a game of spot the non pharma shill..very rear to find..

Thanks Ginger vg


Who is William Thompson ?

Great article Ginger Taylor - thanks vm

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