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Open Letter to Journalists from Mom of Vaccine-Injured Child

By Cathy Jameson

Syringe penRe:  Reporting on Vaccine News

In the last ten years, I have never seen vaccine news being reported as frequently as it has been in the last three months.  First, a note of thanks: 

To those journalists and reporters who are providing vaccines facts, not fear, thank you!  Your work and your effort is appreciated.  I wish there were more of you out there. 

With gratitude,

Cathy Jameson, mom to a vaccine-injured child

Since there are so many media representatives who have not provided facts, I finally have to say something:

The public is bombarded daily with information.  From the newspapers to television to the internet, breaking news and news we can use is available and at our fingertips all day long.  People turn you on, tune you in, view your shows, listen to your interviews, and read your articles.  Reporting fair, balanced, investigative, facts used to be the norm.  What’s being aired, printed, and posted now is not.  We’re now being fed fear, half-truths, mistruths, and straight up lies. 

What should you do instead?

Do the research.  Do that before you open your mouth, before you write your article, and before you contribute unnecessary confusion about vaccines. 

Facts, not fear.  That’s what your viewers, your readers, and your subscribers expect.  It’s what the public needs to see.  It’s what the public deserves to hear. 


Cathy Jameson, mom to a vaccine injured child


For the last few months, I’ve tolerated reading, listening, and watching the fear, the half-truths, the mistruths, and the lies coming from the national news.  But when I saw the lies being aired closer to home, I couldn’t just sit here and ignore them.  So, I wrote an angry letter.  Then I sent it. 

This was a response I sent to someone who used fear in his article and who also failed to be thorough.  If only he’d only done a little bit more work, and if only he’d been a little more considerate to his audience…

Dear Mr. C—

I just read your article about the measles. I agree that measles information is important to share, but I was disappointed with the last part that of the article that you titled Misinformation: Vaccines Cause Autism.  As the parent of a child who is vaccine injured and whose autism was caused by his childhood vaccines, your lack of knowledge and understanding of this very real issue was disappointing to see.  Further, the final bolded and all-caps sentence in your piece, "PLEASE, FOR EVERYONE'S SAKE - VACCINATE" was even more disappointing and was quite shocking to read.  Making general health care demands to readers, when the measles vaccine has caused more deaths in the US in the last 10 years than the measles, is presumptuous and rude. 

If your future articles include the vaccine topic, consider looking at all sides of the vaccines including that some people cannot tolerate them.  Consider researching and reporting the following facts too:  

-the US Supreme Court  ruled that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe 

-the current vaccine schedule has never been safety tested (sorry, no link to share as this testing has yet to happen)

-the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program fund has paid over $3 billion to those injured by vaccines and to families who've lost a loved one to vaccine

-you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer if your vaccine results in vaccine injury and death

-vaccines can result in autism;  at least 83 cases associated with vaccine injury and autism have been compensated by Department of Health and Human Services

Instead of providing better health, vaccines destroyed everything we ever hoped for.  Our once typical, healthy child may never grow up to be an independent.  He may never be an active member of society.  We can contribute that to the irreparable damage done by his childhood vaccines.  

Vaccines may have helped some people.  For those of us who have vaccinated, but who've had the opposite happen, please be more respectful and understanding.  

Thank you, 

Cathy Jameson, mom to a vaccine-injured child


If I, a non-journalist can find information to the above-mentioned facts, any journalist should do the same.  They should be reporting that vaccines are a medical procedure that come with severe risks.  The public would be better served if they knew that.  To exclude that basic information while demanding that everyone go ‘get your damn vaccine’  is poor form.  No one should be bullied into a medical procedure, especially one that they do not want or do not need.  

Something else that is poor form and that I’ve seen pop up in news reports is the citing of ‘some debunked study from the UK’.  To the journalists and reporters who bring up The Lancet in their articles, you lose all sorts of credibility when you misreport the facts from The Lancet.  It makes many of us wonder if you’ve taken time to read what’s actually written

Here was a gentle reminder that I sent to someone who didn’t provide correct information from that paper in her article: 

Ms. S—

I believe it is important for parents to educate themselves on vaccines.  I also believe that those who write about vaccines should present accurate information. 

When you reference The Lancet, please make sure that reference it correctly.  The authors of that paper stated, "We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described…" 

All too often the media misreports that finding.  They also twist the authors' words.  The authors' final words were, "We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in children that may be related to neuropsychiatric dysfunction. In most cases, onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and rubella immunisation. Further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine."  

So that you are aware, the findings from that paper have been replicated several times across the world and have come to the same conclusion:  that some children on the spectrum have gastrointestinal issues, and that some of those children with gastrointestinal issues have previously been vaccinated. 

The CDC openly states that all vaccines come with side effects, including GI problems. Vaccines can also result in autism.  That’s what happened to my son.  It’s also what was reported to have happened to Hanna Poling.   The vaccine-autism link is supported in the following studies as well.  

Vaccine package inserts list precautions and damaging side effects yet medical providers rarely educate their patients on those.  It's up to the parents to do the work.  I'm doing the work now--work to recover my child from vaccine injury.  I'm doing all that I can to bring him better health.  I do that in the hopes that he can one day be more independent.  He may never be independent though.  His seizures and the autism are preventing that.  

My son cannot tolerate vaccines.  I wish I'd known then what I know now.  I guarantee you that I would have done things very, very differently. 

Thank you,

Cathy Jameson, mom to Ronan


Write a letter.  Fill it with facts, with evidence, and with a person plea – be thorough, be kind, and be respectful.  Then send the letter.  I’ll continue to send letters.  I’ll do that to remind reporters that they should supply their readers and viewers with facts, not with fear.  

Journalists and reporters keep us in the know.  As a reader, as a viewer, and as a subscriber of many news outlets and publications, I expect the news to be accurate, to be fair, to be balanced, and always to be full of facts.  It’s a shame that several mainstream media outlets prefer to provide otherwise. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Thank you for pointing out this information I also do this with people I know who only hear the one side. I send them links and try to inform them to look at all the information.


In Canada, the recent media propaganda because of a small measles outbreak is not changing the minds of parents who are concerned about the safety and necessity of all vaccines.

"Overall, 80 per cent of those surveyed responded that they were not at all likely to vaccinate despite an outbreak of cases in recent weeks."

“We found that the major reason, by far, parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children is health concerns," Quito Maggi, president of Mainstreet Technologies, said in a statement. "Education and income really aren’t a factor when you take a close look at the make-up of anti-vaxxers."


Ted Kuntz

We have the same issue here in Canada with major media journalists failing to report the facts and instead presenting a one sided, distorted view of the vaccine decision.

Thank you for standing up for truth.


Wonderful post, Cathy, as always. If I may offer a quick typo correction to your letter to Mr. C:
"We can ATTRIBUTE (not contribute) that to the irreparable damage done by his childhood vaccines. "


AnneS is correct: the problem is that "journalists" are paid to present only the pro-vax side and in no position to benefit from getting educated on the subject if they want to keep their jobs. Tune out of lamestream media and into high quality alternative media. Among the best Internet radio sources out there are the Genesis Radio Communication Network (GCN), Republic Broadcasting Network, and Logos Radio Network. Check them out. (Of course you have to listen with discernment, but isn't that true of everything?)


Canadian journalist Lawrence Solomon just launched a wonderful new blog, VaccineFactCheck.org.

One of his posts featured articles from The Charlotte Observer, including this one:

For Jay Gizuk


Let us know your your presentation goes. I have a family member taking some health and science classes now. When vaccines are brought up, her professors have not been very kind.

Wishing you the best, Cat


At this point it's very obvious to me that they are paid to only print one (false) side of the story. The best thing we can do imo is turn off those channels, don't watch their news. And stop subscribing to those papers and magazine, don't buy their news. Use alternative media.

Jay Gizuk

I just did a PowerPoint presentation on vaccines for my senior English class. Some of the information in your letter is exactly the same as my presentation. I too have a beautiful daughter with autism that I believe was vaccine injured and I continue to educate people on this matter. Thank You for your inspiration


It's all so incomprehensible ... no wonder it's still happening today and the stories just keep repeating themselves and we are at 1 in 50 ... makes me sick.


Thank you Cathy, you certainly covered some of the key issues.

As always and before, “Vaccine Safety” in the United States is based on “tobacco science” provided by indicted epidemiologists from Denmark. The CDC refuses to study American children, or conduct a simple “vaxed / unvaxed study” to see if the Autism rate between the two groups are the same.

SIDS was invented not long after the DTP shot to try to explain what was happening to American children. It became the leading cause of infant death by 1972. ...sort of similar to the “no cause, no cure, we just don’t know, how about Autism gene theory? used by the CDC today.

Hundreds of thousands of Autistic children have received the same 9 vaccines as Hannah Poling. The extensive medical data provided for the Poling case has been “Sealed / hidden” from the American public. Few parents, aside from those in medicine, could ever provides such evidence and afford to travel to the “Vaccine Court” for weeks, months or years.

Mercury/ Thimerosal is still used in the production of many vaccines with the full rate STILL in many pediatric flu shots given at 6 months.

“MMR / Autism research” quickly came to a halt following the 1998 Wakefield paper. One cannot get a simple “measles vaccine” by itself because the MMR people would not be making money.

The American news media is all owned by only six corporations. There is little but “McNewspapers”, “McTV” & “McRadio” across the country that ...ALL HAVE to SAY.... the same thing to maintain their funding.

Few Americans understand the vaccine court system, which is similar to Congress providing “freedom from liability” for Toyota accelerators.

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