Frontline Dredges Up Old Show to Prop Up Vaccine Safety Argument in Time for World Autism Day
Dachel Media Update: CDC's Role in NACCHO Group


John Stone

Hi Joanie

This is one

and here is another

but it is much more important for everyone to contact their representatives.

Joanie Calem

Are there any petitions circulating to defeat these state laws to do away with personal preference regarding vaccinations?


An adenovirus (not the measles virus) can create the symptoms of measles.

The Adenovirus or Adenoviridae to put the name into scientific terms, are medium sized icosahedral viruses with 57 different serotypes. A serotype is simply a classification for a series of micro-organisms. It can help to think of serotypes as the "family" of the virus. These serotypes are responsible for between 5-10% of upper respiratory infections in children as well as various other infections in adults. Take a look at our article about the specific virology of the adenovirus here. All vertebrates are susceptible to Adenoviruses which were first discovered in human adenoids, from which they derive their name.

The Adenovirus in humans can cause upper respiratory disease, conjunctivitis, and gastroenteritis. The Adenovirus' variants are very common in children and can often cause diarrhea. The virus is much more common in children and infants than adults and can often spread quickly through daycare centers and schools.

As you know every cases of measles doesn't result in Koplik spots which most believe is the tell all sign of the illness. Measles & Adenovirus manifest the same symptom so unless every cases is lab confirmed-it could be one of the 57 Adenoviruses. If you want to research measles don't go to wikipedia. The page was updated on 24 March 2015. So you know information has been grossly skewed to present the CDC's point of view.


Reading the CDC's "Origin of the Outbreak" MMWR Feb 20, 2015/64(06);153-154

"The source of the initial Disney theme park exposure has not been identified. Specimens from 30 California patients were genotyped; all were measles genotype B3, which has caused a large outbreak recently in the Philippines, but has also been detected in a least 14 countries and at least six US states in the last 6 months."

The above statement, if read as is, gives the impression that Genotype B3 has just been discovered in the US basically in the last 6 months. That is another CDC LIE!!! Here is what I found on

Identical genotype B3 sequences from measles patients in 4 countries, 2005-

The Study

On November 9, 2005, a 17-year-old man who arrived at the airport in Newark, New Jersey, United States, had symptoms consistent with measles. The man was part of a group of 148 refugees from the Eastleigh community in Nairobi, Kenya, who arrived in the United States from November 3 through 15. Genotype B3 (subgroup B3.1) was identified from virus samples from this patient; the sequence was identical to sequences from measles viruses collected in Nairobi and Machakos, Kenya, in October 2005 (Figure). All but 1 of the 6 viruses collected from Nairobi (Figure, MVi/Nairobi.KEN.xx.05) were from patients from the Eastleigh area of Nairobi, where an outbreak of measles had been reported in the Somali and Ethiopian communities (6).


Also in November 2005, a single case of measles was reported in the Netherlands. This patient had visited New York City, returned to the Netherlands on November 15, noted a rash on November 23, and was hospitalized with pneumonia and fever on November 24. The initial investigation focused on potential settings where exposure may have occurred in New York City. The source of infection was traced to an unrecognized exposure to the patient in New Jersey only after analysis of the Netherlands viral sequence demonstrated complete identity with the New Jersey genotype B3 virus. The possibility of an epidemiologic link between the 2 cases led to the discovery that the Dutch visitor had arrived at the Newark airport on November 9 and waited in the arrival area for 1 h, along with the group of refugees from Nairobi.

Subsequently, genotype B3 was identified from patients who had had measles during December 2005 in Texas, Canada, and Mexico. In Texas, during the first 2 weeks of December, 3 cases of measles were reported in members of a family from Houston. The patients had flown directly from Houston to the resort area of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they stayed from November 22 through 27. In Mexico, health authorities reported 5 cases of measles beginning on December 12 among baggage handlers and other airport workers at the Mexico City airport. In New Brunswick, Canada, a patient developed a rash on December 19.

Although the earlier cases in New Jersey and in the Netherlands could be traced directly to the outbreak in Kenya, the sources of the cases in Texas, Canada, and Mexico were unknown. However, the sequences from Texas, Canada, and Mexico were identical to the sequences directly linked to the outbreak in Kenya (Figure). Measles viruses in the same chain of transmission have identical sequences (7,8), which indicates that the source of the virus for the cases in Texas, Mexico, and Canada was likely to have been the outbreak in Kenya.

Virus transmission may have occurred through contact with international travelers in airports or during transit because epidemiologic investigations did not detect other measles cases in Cabo San Lucas or Texas. The exception to possible air travel-related exposure was the single case that occurred in Canada. This patient had traveled by car, although investigations found no measles cases in the areas visited: Bangor, Maine (December 2); Boston, Massachusetts (December 3-6); and Portsmouth, New Hampshire (December 6). Two refugees from Eastleigh settled in a state visited by the Canadian patient. They entered Massachusetts on November 10, 2005, and by 21 days after arrival, measles had not developed. However, a measles outbreak was detected in southern Germany in January 2006 (9), and the viral sequence matched that of the Kenya outbreak virus (Figure; MVs/Stuttgart.DEU/ 4.06), which indicates that the source of this outbreak was also likely to have been Kenya. Therefore, B3 viruses with identical sequences could have been introduced into Texas, Mexico, or Canada by travelers infected with B3 virus in Europe.
(more of study at page)

(1.) World Health Organization. New genotype of measles virus and update on global distribution of measles genotypes. Wkly Epidemiol Rec. 2005;80:347-51.

Genotype B3 has been around since 2005, 10 years and the CDC has not addressed it BUT they have specimens. Since they have not identified PATIENT ZERO this leads to many unanswered questions.
-Disney has more than one theme park so which one was the source of the infection and where is the data to substantiate this?
-An unvaccinated 11 year old was hospitalized on Dec 28 with a rash. This child went to one or two theme parks. NOTHING else was stated about this child. Did the child have a confirmed case of measles or something else? On the 28th reports were made to CDPH of 4 more suspected cases in California and 2 in Utah-all who visited the parks from December 17-20. Did theses 6 people have measles?
By January 7, 7 California measles cases had been confirmed. Are theses 7 different people or 7 who had already been reported, which is 3 more than reported originally?
-What is the age range of the reported/confirmed cases?
-What is the vaccination status of all the reported status?

If you pull apart what the CDC posted in it's literature and factor in that soft ball interview between Dr. Anne Schuchat,and Senator Elizabeth Warren, I personally don't believe a word that comes out of Atlanta.

Without identifying Patient Zero it cannot be confirmed what strain of measles it is. If the MMR is upgraded regularly to configure with the circulating strains shouldn't Genotype B3 be in the vaccine even though the measles vaccine is Genotype A? Or is it assumed that a Genotype A vaccine will be effective on Genotype B3. But than again, one component of the MMR were approved as effective based on fraudulent science and it has been proven that live virus vaccines shed and far more than what was originally believed as stated by Dr. Humphries, what's to say as many have stated-this bogus outbreak could very well have begun with a vaccinated person.

Despite this well put together two part story on the measles outbreak and considering the CDC is incapable of telling truth from lies because they have deliberately confused the two for so many decades they themselves can no longer distinguish between the two----we still don't really know anything other than the entire California measles event was staged. Maybe that's enough for most of us to continue to do everything possible to expose this atrocity being perpetuate upon the American people.

cia parker

Is there any other disease which would cause American children to develop a high fever, blotchy rash, cough, and conjunctivitis for several days, then completely resolve? I think anything with these symptoms could safely be assumed to be measles.


Am placing this video here as well; this video is a must see re big pharma's agenda:

..."The investigation unearthed at least a decade's worth of physician kickbacks, fraudulent marketing, and various other kinds of legal (and ethical) boundaries breached, though this kind of behavior seems par for the course across the industry: Last year, Johnson & Johnson, pleading guilty to bribing foreign doctors, agreed to fork up $70 million in fines. As of April, Bristol-Myers Squibb has been subpoenaed by the SEC (likely for something similar), and Merck, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, and AstraZeneca have said they are also cooperating with investigations, according to the New York Times."

This is an AMAZING video!

Please note: This GSK Seminar was NOT a seminar for its young drug pushers...


So let that sink in when you view the video...

A quote from GSK re this Seminar: "Thank GOD for political donations!"


"What is a " Confirmed Reported " case of the measles?"..."Does it mean all reported measles cases have been confirmed by lab testing?"..."Or is this a sneaky way of passing off reported cases, as confirmed cases?"

GREAT questions, Barry. Questions we as of yet have not received definitive answers. "Reported" is the KEY word here; huge difference between 'reported' and CONFIRMED.


"I am not at all sure the US does have the highest rate of autism in the world..."

I think that's a high probability. I'm sure 'someone' in the know must have the stats re autism rates in other countries, including the stats in third world countries where mercury has NOT been eliminated in their vaccine supply.

I recall somewhere in my research - it may have been a story told by Dr. Blaylock - wherein a physician (who was attending some sort of international health symposium) from one of the African nations DARED to suggest how inappropriate it was for his country's children to still be receiving vaccines containing mercury and the fact that he was then severely chastised for bringing up the issue.


This is mass hysteria at its worst. People are so ignorant. The other day I took my autistic child to a medical appointment and was asked if he had signs and symptoms of measles. Then I was asked if I had traveled to West Africa lately. I looked at the receptionist and said, "Look lady, we're luck to get out the door, let alone make a trip to WEST AFRICA..." She saw no humor in my comment. Just so clueless. We are not living in an autism friendly society. I should've added, and yes, my son did have signs of measles AFTER his MMR shot years ago....and now he's autistic...she probably wouldn't have gotten that either, especially since it's no joke.


The title for one of the above slides starts with " Confirmed reported cases in California residents ……"

What is a " Confirmed Reported " case of the measles?

Does it mean all reported measles cases have been confirmed by lab testing?

Or is this a sneaky way of passing off reported cases, as confirmed cases?

cia parker

I'm glad you pointed out that the more important point was that the measles virus had become much less virulent even back in 1960 and caused very few deaths. Because I think everyone should be prepared for measles coming back, and that would be a good thing, as long as people realize how to care for someone with measles.

Who is William Thompson ?

cia parker , because full dose themiserol childhood vaccines are being exported internationally to the third world with complete criminal abandon .
Liz Birt wrote a letter a few months before her untimely death in 2005 about there being 5M autistic children in China - its now 10 years on .
South Korea returned an autism rate of 1 in 38 (may2011).
I am not at all sure the US does have the highest rate of autism in the world .
Because HCG-Tetanus sterilisation vaccines have been exported to the third world since at least 1990 (Kenya2015 being the latest clearcut example) .
And dare I mention the "A" word , and those oh so highly suspicious experimental hepB vaccines offered to gay men in 1978 in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And how Aids can have instantly appeared simultaneously in up to 30M africans , having never been observed before .

I saw something the other day that suggested potentially the childhood vaccine market in the US may have been taken as far as they dare . Lets hope that story is accurate . Personally I hope to see a complete collapse in "project vaccine" .
For me the horror & pain of an "vaccine autism poisoning" is only part of the story - the part that sadly introduced me into this sorry tale.

cia parker

Why would it be worse everywhere else? At this time the U.S. has the highest rate of autism in the world, because we give far more vaccines than anyone else.

Dan Burns

Ethan, a 12-year-old child recovering from autism, asked a good question of Andy Wakefield at the Texans for Vaccine Choice rally, Austin, March 25. Check out this YouTube link:

Who is William Thompson ?

If you dont fight this one - EVERYONE
Then you can kiss all our futures GOODBYE
Thats all our children and Grandchildren .
A reminder of Stephanie Seneff's prediction 50% of ALL US children autistic by 2025 (it will be worse everywhere else).
And you know they'll follow the childhood mandate , with the Flu mandate for ALL adults (unless your name is RocketFellow)

There will still be secret exemptions for the few but maybe now the Elin Silverbergs of this world will stand up and tell the truth .

Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries & Roman B.

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