A Message from "The Anti-Vaccine Movement" to Jimmy Kimmel
The Newborn Cry that Never Ends: Jimmy Kimmel Never Made Such Noise

Levi Quackenboss: On the Misogynistic Treatment Jenny McCarthy

Jenny Made Me Do ItMany of us are taking a shine to a blogger with a keen writing style who is an independent thinker and has a pretty cool name: Levi Quackenboss.  His blog entry Raise Your Hand if You Take Medical Advice From a Playboy Bunny.

He exposes (pun intended) the hypocrisy and misogyny of using Jenny McCarthy's model/actress past to discredit her when so many other (most other?) actresses with similar backgrounds get a pass for their on camera activity even when they tout, sell or otherwise support medical products and practices. Why is Jenny singled out? Because no one is allowed to discuss vaccination without using "unicorn, cotton candy, and Messiah" in the same sentence.

Oh, before you read Levi's post (excerpted below) here is a link to a website (adult content!) devoted solely to nude scenes in films.  Yes, you read that correctly.   You can check out the actress who has called parents who alter the vaccination schedule "parasites" and continues to denigrate parental healthcare choice.  We're supposed to obey Amanda Peet but obliterate Jenny McCarthy. Got it?

From Quackenboss:

This accusation is everywhere, isn’t it?  Respectable doctors say it on live TV, trying to sound like they have sympathy for those of us who just weren’t smart enough to avoid being duped by a pretty young thing with big boobs.  Journalists never fail to mention it in stories about whatever the current vaccine-preventable epidemic is.  It’s talked about on blogs, call-in radio shows, and legislative hearings.  I’m starting to think that the recipe for a mainstream print article is made up of 5 ingredients:

  1. A hefty dose of mass hysteria;
  2. A declaration of vaccines being the greatest medical achievement of the 20th century;
  3. Two parts vaccine injury denial; both in what an injury is and that they are “exceedingly rare”;
  4. An allusion to a “debunked” and “fraudulent” study;
  5. All topped off with a sprinkle of Playboy bunny.

Snoooooze.  Who gets paid to write that stuff?....

Read the full post at his site:Raise Your Hand if You Take Medical Advice From a Playboy Bunny.



MOM of vaccine-injured child who died responds to @jimmykimmel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tlf_ejwqi8 … #CDCwhistleblower

Jason R Fetzer

Jenny, cmon now, I remember I liked you as a really young boy when all my friends didn't agree. Vaccines don't harm anyone. Doesn't mean it helps anyone either though, besides maybe preventing a flu.

John Stone

The fundamental here is that they just have to trash anyone who gets in their way and they don't mind how they do it. It is not subtle but it is how you maintain scientific orthodoxy. Speak up about any bad experiences and the gang will be after you.

John Stone

Hi Jenny (Allan),

"Would Deer ever have attempted to smear Ruben’s and Botticelli’s artist models? Of course not!"

I wouldn't be so sure!

Jenny Allan

Actually, the attacks on Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield, are probably counterproductive these days. There's no such thing as bad publicity, in a public arena dominated by corporate interests and cash, and a press and media dishing out constant paid political/corporate sponsored propaganda, whilst suppressing any counter evidence or debate.

I think it was Brian Deer who first called Jenny a 'former Bunny Girl'. Deer uses connotations all the time in order to smear people; this one was meant to imply Jenny is an 'airhead', but the idea that gorgeous ladies cannot be intelligent and capable of reasoned logical thinking went out 'with the ark', just look at any recent University graduands, often in maths, science and technology to see what I mean. Gorgeous girls? They often ARE! Bunny Girls were always ‘look but don’t touch’ and perfectly respectable. Lovely female bodies, have inspired artworks since civilisation began. Would Deer ever have attempted to smear Ruben’s and Botticelli’s artist models? Of course not! Brains and beauty often go together these days. Brian Deer has no claim to either, and he is also getting old and irrelevant.

An Oregon legislators meeting was cancelled after Dr Wakefield insisted on attending to defend a Senator’s allegation, he had committed fraud. Dr Wakefield is making himself heard these days, writing books and making award winning films. Politicians are ‘running scared’. The tide of public opinion is at last beginning to question the issues of vaccine safety and parental choice. Elected representatives ignore the citizens’ concerns at their peril.
“Oregon legislators have cancelled a meeting to discuss a bill that would eliminate nonmedical exemptions from Oregon’s school immunization, after it became clear that a controversial vaccine researcher who linked the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine with autism was planning to testify. The Statesman Journal reported Tuesday that Andrew Wakefield, whose 1998 study was retracted from The Lancet and refuted by subsequent studies, was planning a trip to Salem to testify against Senate Bill 442. He said in a phone interview on Wednesday that he objected to allegations made by Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, the bill’s sponsor, that he committed scientific fraud in his research.”

Ted Kuntz

I found this quote from William Blake that is fitting here:

“When I tell the truth it is not for the sake of
convincing those who do not know it, but for the
sake of defending those that do.”
- William Blake

Thank you Jenny. Thank you Levi.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

YES, he is so good to stand up for Jenny. It is about time that we kicked back a little about Jenny. Good for Levi Quackenboss!

Managing Editor for "Bob."

"Bob," I posted your comment as a perfect example of the hatred Levi writes about. Your FuckYou@ email address was a nice touch. Thanks for doing our work for us.



She's a complete moron. Not giving your child vaccinations should be criminal. The whole anti-vaccination movement is completely retarded and dangerous.


Jenny McCarthy is being attacked by criminals for shining a light on their crimes and their victims who they try to make invisible.

John Stone


Yes the PR people well understood that they needed to stop parents talking about this in the media and they mostly long since succeeded: to have a celeb doing it of course is an even bigger problem but it is the same problem. They don't want vaccine damage to be talked about. Same thing with Bernie Marcus and the Wrights.


It is always the poor defenceless little pharmaceutical companies whose feelings are paramount.


Bob Moffitt

I think the savage, unrelenting assault on Jenny is very revealing .. consider .. why do they attack Jenny so viciously for comments about her son's experience? ..

Because Jenny McCarthy's experience resonates with tens of thousands of parents who witnessed the very same phenomena .. their perfectly healthy child disappearing before their eyes following vaccinations .. eventually being diagnosed autistic.

The media's obsession with Jenny's former career as a playboy bunny has absolutely nothing to do with the widespread and growing numbers of parents who are reluctant to vaccinate .. especially those thousands who have already suffered the "rare risks" involved.

Trust me .. it isn't "rare" when it happens to YOUR child.

On the other hand .. we have MIT professor Jonathon Gruber .. a valued contributor to launching Obamacare .. proudly .. arrogantly .. proclaiming the "stupidity of the American people" .. and .. a "lack of transparency" were critical components to passing Obamacare.

The difference in media coverage of Jenny and Johnathan is stunning .. as Jenny's name continues to be waved like the proverbial "bloody shirt" at every opportunity .. Johnathan's name has all but disappeared .. his far more damaging "honest" comments regarding the "stupidity of the American people" having been "airbrushed" from the public consciousness.

Common sense would ask .. who deserves your trust ... Jenny or Johnathan?

Fantastic article

I did not know that Jennifer Garner pimps the flu vaccine. Her poor children. She was never a favorite of mine, but now even less so. Jenny has seemed to take a more moderate line these days but I sure do admire that she has never left the cause.

Not an MD

I think what upsets the establishment the most is that none of the other women (who were hired to promote vaccines) are anywhere near as stunningly beautiful as Jenny M.. None of them are even in the same league. And they keep parading around millionaire vaccine industrialist P.O. as if he's some kind of good looking spokesmodel, along with Art C, the maniacal and extremely conflicted and compromised "bioethicist".

I guess I can understand why they are still so angry at Jenny. Men actually sit up, drool, and pay attention to her, no matter what she says, whether it is related to vaccines, autism, or any other topic.

Jeannette Bishop

Some more good points (in case these haven't already been posted):



Angus Files

The attacks on Jenny et-al reminds me of Hitler and his The Night of The Long Knives,a purge that took place in Nazi Germany when the Nazi regime carried out a series of political murders of his biggest threat's as he seen it. Which no doubt would have weakened his position power and wealth.
As we all know take out the leaders in the hope that the minnows wont have a leader and a voice.

Keep speaking Jenny your one of a few who will speak out.

The point Levi accidently, misses(on purpose) is that a lot of us on here seen what we seen then Wakefield and Jenny followed long after confirming what had been seen not only by us but by many more parents of vaccine damaged kids for this we thank them AOA,YAZBAK, et-al.THANK YOU


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