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The Newborn Cry that Never Ends: Jimmy Kimmel Never Made Such Noise

Kim and GiannaDear Jimmy, Dude wtf

The Sound of Vaccine Injury

May I call you Jimmy? I feel like I know you, having invited you into my home so many times. Laughing with you. Crying with you when your Uncle Frank died. Reveling in your numerous guest appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Loving the updates from the fabulous parties you throw for him and Beth. I'm a fan, Jimmy. You make me laugh and Lord knows I need to laugh. So....  about this foray into vaccination politics. Can I just ask, "WTF?"

I know you have a beautiful baby daughter named Jane. (Love the name, so much better than Kumquat or Des Moines.)

I also know you have grown children by a previous marriage.  (We "anti-vaxxers" don't just use the Google to find "myths and debunked lies" about healthcare, you know.)

Your first set of kids were fortunate to have missed the autism juggernaut that was churning forward when they were young, heck, when my girls were young. The rate was increasing each year from 1 in 5000, to 1 in 500, 1 in 250, 1 in 188, 1 in 150, 1 in 88 and onward.  I'm sure you count your blessings.  Every parent does.

Baby Jane is probably sleeping through the night now.  Isn't sleep the greatest freaking gift ever? I mean it - sleep deprivation is a form of torture for a reason!   All that infant crying has probably started to subside a bit - giving you and your wife Molly a chance rejuvenate after a hard day of writing comedy to make people like me, people who have a tough slog every day, laugh.

The sound of a baby's cry will never be a memory for my husband and me. The first sign of vaccine Gianna birthdayinjury in my 18 year old daughter (that's she in the photo above, her birth to the right) was a shrill cry that set in hours after her birth dose of Hepatitis B vaccine. That vaccine had 12.5 mcg of mercury - far more than a 6 pound infant girl could handle.  I have the piece of paper I signed from Doylestown Hospital authorizing that shot - I never questioned vaccination. I never got informed consent either. 

If baby Jane received a birth dose of Hep B, you can thank Lyn Redwood of Safeminds for the fact that Hep B no longer contains the full dose of the mercury-based preservative called Thimerosal.   You see, Lyn, a nurse,  watched her son decline into autism from vaccine injury, started asking questions, counted the mcg of mercury on the vaccine schedule and informed YOUR government that there were hundreds of mcg of mercury being injected into American infants in the early 1990s.  If you can imagine, NO ONE at PHARMA OR CDC or AAP BOTHERED TO COUNT the cumulative dose of mercury.  Kookamonga, right? I know! And in 1999, without a recall, since that would imply liability and wrong doing and we all know vaccines are made from fairy pee and unicorn farts, pharma started to produce "mercury free" vaccines, while selling the full mercury dose vaccines at the same time.

Back to my kid.

Miss G as I call her, came home from the hospital unable to nurse without biting me to a bloody pulp after 24 hours of perfect latching.  And she developed a high keening wail that sounded like the banshees themselves in the midnight forest.  There's a study that explains what the birth dose of Hep B did to baby primates. It destroyed their ability to suckle, shot oral motor planning to smithereens and brain injured them.

I did not sleep.

18 years later, I still do not sleep.  

Below is a 2 minute file of Miss G crying yesterday - because of another snow delay here in Connecticut.  She has autism - and while she can speak pretty well by full autism standards, her anxiety and overwhelming need for routine (shattered by yet another storm) launch her back to an infant/toddler screaming tantrum stage on a regular basis.

The Sound of Vaccine Injury

Put this on a loop. Listen for 18 years.  Let me know when you stop laughing.  Taunting. And please, pray your baby Jane never suffers a vaccine injury.  I will too. I wouldn't wish what has happened to my daughter and so many of us on a dog.  Not on a dirty lowdown dog.  We "anti-vaxxers" don't roll that way.  We don't wish ill on other people's children.  Because we know the agony.

You have vaccine rights as her Dad. Molly has rights as her Mom.  There are bills that threaten to take away your right to make healthcare choices for your daughter.  Today it's vaccination. Tomorrow?  Thanks.

Yours in health,


Kim Stagliano

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.  Look for 101 Tips for Parents Raising Girls with Autism this Spring, written by Tony Lyons, with contributions by Kim.


Jeannette Bishop

Re the drop to 56th in mortality over five years, are other countries improving while we're stagnating, or is the mortality increasing in the U.S. along with disability?

I'm wondering if along with the housing market crash and more Americans relying on food stamps, government programs for healthcare, maybe, if the prenatal/post natal flu vaccine uptake has increased enough on top of the expanding vaccine schedule to explain the mortality ranking drop and the difference for minority races where it appears to be at least double?

Though I'm personally aware of other problematic exposures, EM radiation particularly, in the same time frame, but the EMP increased to me doesn't seem likely to target minorities disparately, unless there is again some issue with something like vitamin D levels that weighs in, or cell towers are more likely to go up in certain neighborhoods, or...?

Theresa Thinnes

As I watched Jimmy Kimmel make his rants, all I could think of were the many parents of babies who died or suffered permanent injuries from vaccines who were watching, too. They thought they were in for some light hearted comedy. Instead, they smacked down. Some of us are lucky and our children have mostly recovered. But babies are dying at a higher rate than ever. The USA is now 56thin infant mortality. We were 34th just five years ago. One in 128 babies born in the USA no longer reach their fifth birthday (7.8 out of 1000). The rate of autism is even higher, as are the increases in childhood cancer and asthma. We know why. There is plenty of research to prove it.
I believe we need to put an end to all this media bullying by moving forward with a class action suit against Jimmy Kimmel, his show, and his network. The damages that he has caused inflicted tremendous pain and suffering on parents. It was humiliating. It was done with intent. It was not satire or comedy. It was cruelty. A class action civil suit would generate a great deal of publicity and help to make more people aware of just how damaging the current vaccine schedule is to our children and grandchildren.


I hope Jimmy Kimmel got the message. He probably won't hear it over the sound of the cha-ching of money he's being paid off to promote government mandated compulsory vaccines for school children irregardless of parent's rights and concerns. The same year they started giving babies Hep B vaccines laced with mercury immediately after birth, my youngest son was born and has had a myriad of life-long neurological disorders. His cries are not quite as sharp as this poor child with autism, but I do indeed have a grown son that still cries like a baby and unable to care for himself. Many of his peers born in the 90s exhibit the same myriad of neurological disorders. So now I have to wonder, could it be because of those mercury laced vaccines? My older son was six years old when he got his first dose of mercury laced vaccine for kindergarten and ended up in the hospital from a severe reaction, we could have lost him then, thank God we didn't. I believe someday they are finally going to have to admit the damage that has been done to a whole decade of children born in the 90s because people never questioned the safety of childhood vaccines. They still don't want us to question it, and yet the incidence of autism and other neurological disorders are growing at alarming rates. So alarming that more and more parents are becoming concerned and wanting to avoid childhood vaccines. That's why they are now trying to make vaccines mandatory. This is an abuse of state power and we can not allow this to happen.


I don't know where such human cruelty comes from. Perhaps there is a previously unrecognized syndrome appropriately named "Kimmel Cruelty" named for a pathology which stems from some mental defect which allows some people to entertain, yet the inability to entertain the grief of others.

Yes, a new diagnostic condition for the DSM-V. "Kimmel Cruelty" can be associated in early stages as cruelty and mistreatment of animals, bullying, demeaning, lack of empathy, and nighttime drooling especially when disparaging others who are less fortunate.

Jeannette Bishop

Another response to Jimmy Kimmel:



Well said, Kim! We all need to speak up against Medical tyranny! If they can force it on our children and ourselves, why, they won't need gas chambers...they can kill us off slower and make thousands off the insurance
! More profitable that way. The child in my family that got most of his vax, ended up having epilepsy. Coincidence?
Thank you for speaking up for those who cannot speak.

Praying for our country! Praying for your family, Kim.

Jeannette Bishop

Is this a somewhat new schedule or just visually different?


This suggests an 8 month booster (on "recommended" schedule--we see what "recommended" means to some physicians in legislative bodies) could be HepB or polio, or maybe influenza (I'm not sure who is considered high risk and needing MMR early or Men, but that possibility is on there too).

Not an MD

Wow, Donna K! Let's see-- at six months (not eight months) a baby is to receive a Hep B shot, Rotavirus oral drops, a DTaP shot, a Hib shot, a PCV (pneumococcal) shot, an IPV (polio) shot, and baby's first flu shot. Those are all of the recommended CDC vaccines at 6 months.

Sounds like Kimmel doesn't have any clue what he is talking about when he discusses the vaccines for his own baby. A booster? A SINGLE BOOSTER at 8 months of age? Which one was it, I wonder, and which ones did his baby have at six or seven months, if any? Jimmy is, quite clearly a LIAR and a HYPOCRITE!

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Oh, "Miss K!" Thank you for having the guts to write and post this. The sound was fine to me. I hope Mr. Kimmel gets to hear it. We parents and grandparents know it. Of course some in our families don't know it and don't want the discomfort of ever exposing themselves to the sound, never mind the visual.

I want to send a bolus dose of love your way. I do believe things are connected in more than the obvious ways, so I believe you will receive the dose of love I am sending, when you most deeply need it, and it will probably come as an unexpected dose of beautiful, restorative, healing ... SLEEP!

And I want to say that you are extremely funny! Real humor comes from the twisted gut -- and it is never, NEVER! mean, cruel, or petty. I wish Mr. Kimmel no harm -- and to him I imagine people like me maybe don;t :count? I'm elderly, don't watch tv much, never mind the almost 42 years my son has survived a childhood malignant brain tumor and radiation in 1973!) Never mind that his younger brother is well versed in "the sound, and the visual."

I want to say that our people are being targeted and we know it. I think the mass of Americans are not aware of the stealth assault on parental and human rights that is happening. We fought a revolution for the rights of the people over kings.

Just sayin': Probiotics, political action, grow a garden, avoid all non-organic food, learn how to ferment things for free, and how to get kids to try it (juicing is working for my son.) And don't be scared. My (now six feet tall and still growing) 13 year old grandson (a classic story of regression and bowel disease after the MMR) did hit me a couple of times a couple of years ago. You have to hold on, and you have to plan for the worst, but he loves me like he loves "The Wiggles."

And just sayin': maybe we should all start "prepping" for survival. It could happen in America, land of the free and home of the brave. God bless America, and God bless "Miss K!"


Interesting about the autism cry and the baby failed to latch on for nursing. I know things were so different 41 years ago when my son was born so don't know if he had a vaccine early or not but don't think so. He was in the room with me totally because I had him in a study through La Leche League. He did cry for three months but golly he sure did latch on to my breast at birth.

ronna hochbein

god bless and keep you and the girls, kim.

Angus Files

Thanks Kim it just makes us realise that we fight on despite all the names they call us..sticks and stones...


low blow

You never really recover from that prison camp-style sleep dep-- not fully. You still guard sleep and a great moral victory is managing it while saying FU to pharma by refusing to take addictive sleep meds and refusing to turn to drink.

We get by but it has lasting effects. My husband of 18 years and I used to sleep tangled up together. Now we keep to our own sides of the bed for fear our tossing around (we sleep fitfully, lots of bad dreams-- which have gotten worse lately) might wake the other up.

It's hard to mind-fuck adults into thinking these effects are "symptoms" of some mental defect or "genetic instability" or even relationship woes when they've had long prior experience with their own emotional states and know themselves. In our case, we were married for six years before deciding to settle down and have kids. This isn't "us." We were never like this before-- just like our kids weren't born with autism. We didn't get to be this jumpy until that eternal, nightly double high-pitched encephalopathy scream ripped up every last shred of peace of mind, broke our hearts, our finances and any faith we had in American justice, put us at odds with grease monkey doctors, online trolls, juvenile talking heads, etc. The cause of fragile sleep and tooth-grinding nightmares couldn't be any more clear-- 4 years of sleeping less than four hours a night, thanks to vaccine injury.

10 years after double vaccine catastrophe in our twins, sleep is still the holy grail. We're among the lucky few whose kids have significantly recovered through diet-Nazi tactics. They prefer it now and would have to be force-fed anything else. It was all we could afford to do for them and thank God it worked. But change one thing in their diets and the kids stop sleeping, so we guard their regimen with our lives.

What loses us sleep now is that at any moment, some idiot bystander could decide that the kids' strict diet-- all organic, all home made, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, low-sugar/no fructose and a fistful of vitamins and minerals every day and not a single psych drug-- constitutes some far-out definition of child abuse, happy pill deprivation or "Munchausen." Never mind if bystanders own kids are obese, asthmatic, going into puberty at age 7, covered in boils and are on statins and four different psychiatric drugs-- it's actually now considered a mental disorder to feed your kids a healthy diet. Somatic symptom disorder can be interpreted that way and extended as a criminal disorder involving proxy "child abuse." It could land families in hot water with child protective services.

That's the cause of jumpiness now-- apart from "disability finances," fear of the kids relapsing, fear of the five fold early mortality among affected people, more school staff abuse of our kids and total lack of recourse for same, fears for their futures, etc., etc. We know what would happen to our kids in state care because we've seen the decline in local kids whose parents have them on the authorized autism/ADHD treatment. Some are dead, others limp around like the walking wounded even if they started out better off than the twins. The increasingly privatized child welfare system, which MoJo hypocritically critiqued recently http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/01/privatized-foster-care-mentor(while simultaneously putting the cross-hairs on families with vaccine injured kids), doesn't need no stinking laws to justify breaking up families these days. They make up its own rules according to whatever will fly and how much they can make from federal incentives and private profits from the "product"-- just like privatized prisons. And what's flying now-- thanks to goons like Kimmel-- is to target families who've already paid the price for the "greater good" or who, in trying to avoid the fate of so many of the families they personally know, slow down the 70+ doses of WTF now given between day of birth and age 18. The same front groups congratulating Kimmel on his attacks on vaccine injured families are the ones promoting child snatching as a tool of coercion.

I know that the above just sounds like a goldmine to some or will be taken as a sign that the big squeeze on parental rights is working. Yay, state terrorism.

So Kim, your patience with ignorance and expedience amazes me. I know, I know. Kimmel is a cog. He's simply part of a much larger machine and probably doesn't process this consciously. It really takes first hand experience to feel the burn here and most people have selective empathy. And if they don't, there are always astroturf groups of a minority of self proclaimed high functioning adults who purport to speak for the experience of all affected with autism while promoting some sulky master race theory of "autism as gifty gift." It's all cynically meant to ease the consciences of the uninitiated or flatter affected families who can't or won't put their children before social pressure-- all while the epidemic gallops on as services for the majority of severely effected individuals are cut.

I don't wish that anyone's child would be impacted, both because it's not the fault of children if their parents are cold fish (that's not genetic either), and also because heartless people will often simply use their affected kids as human shields to justify some marketing opportunity to play spokesmodel for one of the many disaster capitalism schemes squeezing profits from autism and vaccine injury.

You can always tell who's sincere in a social controversy like this-- whomever's trying to put themselves out of a job.

Jimmy Kimmel is a jerk

Hey Jimmy, the funniest f'g thing is how one of the main "vaccine safety" researchers, that wanted fucking felon, Poul Thorsen, fudged the data by adding in outpatient diagnoses so that it actually fucking looked like decreasing thimerosal increased the autism incidence. Fucking hilarious. Jerk.

For Donna K

Yes, I highly doubt baby Jane got the full hep b doses and you are right. 8 months: this would be off schedule somewhat, for dpt.


AMEN!!! Just because someone doesn't have a Vaccine injured child (that they know of yet and may not know Until adulthood and trying to get pregnant) Does not mean Vaccine children don't exist! It is so sad! I just read that Kristen Bell is angry with anti-vaxxers too! So sad...and what is sad is they think we are all idiots! As if we haven't researched. Keep up the good fight! Someday they will know. We have to not feel bullied into them.


I have fear that he might find Miss. G's cry funny. How can so many not ask questions to those who know their child was injured? They presented Jimmy's views on the View this morning. I turned it off. Where is my child's voice in the media? WHERE IS IT?
Thank you Kim for putting this out there. I hope it makes a difference.


I would love to know that you have emailed this to him. Over and over and over again until he is compelled to read it. My nephew suffered a vaccine injury as well, he was diagnosed with autism at age 2. He's 19 now and has never spoken a word since. It's because of my nephew and you and the countless other parents of vaccine-injured children that I decided not to vaccinate my two children, now eight and five. So, thank you for sharing your stories, your struggles, your pain. You have all saved precious lives in doing so. Your beautiful child's suffering is not in vain. Now my rights to vaccine exemption are being threatened and it's my turn to fight. And fight I will. God Bless


Thank you as always, Kim, for saying what needs to be said and saying it so well.

cia parker

Did you send your letter to Kimmel? He really needs to read it.

cia parker

My autistic daughter came in, wondering what the crying was about, and asked her all-purpose question, "What is it?" I told her that Gianna was crying because the school bus wasn't on time because of a snow day, I didn't tell her the a- word. Last year she had a number of tantrums at middle school because she was forced to sit through five hours a day of typical classes that she didn't understand a single word of. No one thought she did. But because the fashion now is for the "inclusive" classroom, no one cares about the language-disabled, autistic kids who can understand NOTHING, do NOTHING. She couldn't answer a single question on quizzes or tests (except in Spanish 1, because it started from ground level for everyone, and she got As and Bs in that unassisted at school). They said their special ed class was filled up with ten students, could accommodate no more, and because, although she is language-disabled and can say virtually nothing, she has normal intelligence, trapped behind an insurmountable wall of language use. So their BRILLIANT solution was to change all her Fs to As and Bs on her report card! Wow, problem solved! So there, you see there's no reason to get bent out of shape about the millions of vaccine brain-damaged kids in America today, in the future we'll compel employers to hand out professional-level jobs by a quota system to employ them.

I'm sorry you have to live like this, Kim. Fortunately my daughter is quiet and well-behaved at home (and I took her out of school in November), I would not be able to handle what you do every day.

Donna K

According to Jimmy Kimmel's latest attempt to support the CDC's safe vaccine schedule and further make fun of parents who question the safety of the timing and number of vaccines in the schedule,


he tells his audience that his almost 8 month old daughter just got her booster this morning. Well obviously he doesn't have to follow the CDC's "safe" schedule either. Sounds like he is delaying and spacing out her vaccine schedule. If she were following the CDC schedule, she would have gotten "boosters" and have gotten them 2 months earlier.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Kim!

My daughter and I had a moment of empathy with you and Miss G this morning when I played the audio for her. We walk a tightrope between trying to encourage independence in self care and avoiding the anxiety caused by any hint of the goal. This morning after mom asked daughter, who needed a little help getting the shampoo on all parts of her head and not just the very clean crown, if she likes to scrub, we had a similar moment of pain. I'm counting blessings that she worked out the stress in only about 30 minutes with only a few of our "balms" applied. Her final voiced solution is for mom to not help her next time so she won't get stressed about mom possibly not doing it (or not doing something right) next time. Some parts of her head may only get shampoo once every few days for how many more months or years? Or possibly the discomfort of not knowing what mom might say and do any moment might motivate more brave and intrepid exploration in shampooing on her part. I can't explain how much ground has been covered in getting her to even "do it herself" as much as she now does...

Anyways, I hope Gianna is feeling much better!

Laura Hayes

Jimmy Kimmel's daughter will no doubt be part of the birth cohort that will be required to get the HPV vaccine for entrance to preschool or kindergarten, whichever she is enrolled in first...unless, of course, we STOP this runaway medical fascist train.

Kim, I just caught up on your 2 articles related to Jimmy Kimmel's ignorant and vicious rant that sounded like nothing more than a paid-for pharma ad...which it probably was. Sadly, if he chooses (or is forced) to vaccinate his daughter per the CDC's recommendations, he, too, will join the club that no parent ever wants to join...that of "The Parents of the Vaccine-Injured." No child escapes harm from our nation's vaccine program...not even one.

Lila White

And you didn't even tell him that you have this x3! You're a saint Kim.


Well said, Kim. I do wonder if Mr. Kimmel has decided to not only vaccinate his baby, but to do it on schedule according to the CDC. Every shot, given in bulk, when they say to. No spreading out, no opting out for ones he deems unnecessary. That's the point. If the right to take part in the decision of what, and what not, goes into your child goes away, so does the right to choose the timing and the amounts. So long to deciding if your child, or you, get a flu shot. Or the unnecessary (in this country) rotavirus shot. By virtue of his on-air statements, Mr. Kimmel is now obligated to do exactly what the CDC says. No veering from the schedule or the number. No choosing, no opting out or spreading out. He's all in. And I wish his baby well. But remember, just because you haven't been shot does not mean bullets don't exist.


Kim, beautiful post. Thank you so much. God bless you and your daughters.


Kim, you have written a ton of thing I love, but this, it pure GOLD! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. He is an ass, who knows, it may be YOUR NAME he pulls up next to knock. Maybe he should, if he does maybe people will ask Kim who and look you up...hum...good things do come from bad.


My wish is simple: Mr Kimmel would read this and understand there by the grace of God his family goes.

Thanks Kim for being kind and informative. That's a rare gift given the circumstances.

Kim For Politics Buff

Politics Buff, your empathy for my daughter and insight into the point of this post is a shining example of your kind.


Lori O

Thank you KRS. You always know how to say exactly what needs to be said with gut punching reality, humor, respect and class. I hate that this is our hand. But you play it with style and grace lady.

Maurine Meleck

Bless you and your family. Haven't so many of us become skilled in the art of remaining calm un der horrific circumstances? Much love, maurine

Not an MD

I was very moved by your letter, Kim, and even more so by the sound of your daughter's anguish. Sadly, Kimmel likely isn't capable of compassion, unless something affects him directly, due to some personality defect he must have. That kind of personality defect really doesn't make a good fit with comedy, does it?

How sad for Mr. Kimmel. Pathetic, actually. I will pray for him and for his familiy, that somehow, they learn compassion for others who take the neurological, gastrointestinal, and immunological hit for the masses for their phantom, artificially induced, always waining, always imperfect "herd immunity". May he never hear such cries from his own child, or from his future grandchildren.

John Stone

Politics Buff

I am not sure how the later study would invalidate the earlier - certainly not because of the much vaunted size (which is still very small). Also, Hewitson needs to answer the comment by Dan Laks on Pubmed:

"Dan Laks2015 Feb 20 10:31 p.m.edited 1 of 3 people found this helpful

"Supplementary Figure 5 clearly shows a drastic reduction in learning in the thimerosal exposed group. The authors discussion: "In the present study animals in the TCV group appeared to perform poorer than controls in learning set testing but showed little evidence that their responses had organized into a strategy that was different from that of the control group.In fact, the reported difference was only found in the overall mean averaged across all of the blocks and trials, not in their learning across trials or blocks, which is the outcome needed to indicate a strategy difference." But in fact, a deficit in learning seems to be in multiple groups, for if one looks at group E, there seems to be a slope difference from the control signifying a key difference between exposures for learning strategy. These results are not reported. Perhaps Supplemental Figure 5 results should have been the title of this study instead: "Ethylmercury from vaccines reduces learning capacity.""


With a study of this sort if you get positive results it is a concern, if not it still is not statistically very significant.

Politics Buff

Hewitson has changed her mind about vaccines. She now reports, based on a larger study that: "This comprehensive five-year, case-control study, which closely examined the effects of pediatric vaccines on early primate development, provided no consistent evidence of neurodevelopmental deficits or aberrant behavior in vaccinated animals."

Bob Moffitt

I will make a prediction .. this IDIOT will rue the day he allowed his name and voluntarily participated in that .. unwarranted .. mean-spirited PSA .. meant to ridicule .. demonize parents .. and .. ostracize their unvaccinated child.

Years ago .. the CDC acknowledged that "1 in every 6 American children" suffer childhood development problems .. and .. every day the numbers of chronic autoimmune disorders continue to rise .. chronic autoimmune disorders that were far less common in all previous .. less vaccinated generations.

I have to believe the IDIOT was somehow pressured to present that PSA .. because .. if he done it completely on his own .. IDIOT would be too kind a label for him.


I was having trouble accessing the audio before. Just listened. Simply heartbreaking.


You sure know how to push the right buttons Kim. Your girls are so beautiful.
I don't know how you do it with three kids with autism. I have one and the sleep issue can exhaust me. My young autistic adult pulled another all nighter. He's still awake at 6am. I know teenagers do that but he is caught up in an OCD loop where he is in and out of the bathroom putting soap on his hands-because he is obsessed with smells. Or it's the obsessive need to touch the faucet over and over until he touches it just right....and then SLAM... the door. Over, and over as his mind dictates... Can't lock the bathroom door because his ongoing GI issues. Sigh....I bet Kimmel could do a hilarious skit with that material...

Jenny Allan

I see the WhiteHouse petition against mandatory vaccines and pro parental and adult choices had surpassed 112,000 signatures when I last looked. Another news outlet 'straw poll' asked persons to vote for, amongst other things, jailing parents who refuse vaccinations for their children. (This is presently happening in India. The 'giving parents and citizens a vaccination choice' option, got more than 92% of the votes.

The American People have spoken. It is NOW time for the President and Congress to LISTEN.

Kim, your daughter is beautiful, but like my adult grandson, suffers every day, from the damage caused by those innocuous needles. God bless them both, and all the other vaccine damaged children and their parents.

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