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Italian Court Reverses Vaccine Autism Decision

Milan__ItalyAn Italian appellate court has reversed the trial court’s decision from 2012 that autism was due to vaccines.  The claimant’s lawyer, an experienced vaccine injury attorney, plans to appeal the decision to the highest court.  The appellate court, based on its own medical expert, decided that the connection between the child’s vaccines and autism was temporal, not causal. We’ll keep readers posted.


Shell Tzorfas

Courts are "Playing Ping Pong" with the health of an entire generation of our children. In the US 1 in 5 are Neurologically Impaired, 1 in 6 Developmentally Disabled, 1 in 25 boys Autistic in some areas only since the law was passed blocking your right to sue vaccine makers in regular courts in 1986 and kids went from a few vaccines to more than 70.
I know that I am" preaching to the Choir," the question is how do we expand the choir and get it out to the general news media so that civilians can observe and take part in the position to stop unnecessary dangerous interventions and stop the declining health of future generations. Shell of "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."

Michelle F

I used to have faith in the judicial system. Situations like this seriously unsettle my foundation. Godspeed Mr Italian Vaccine-Injury Attorney. May the heavens shine down the much needed truth upon the next judge. Our children are counting on you.


does anyone know whether any of the Italian court documents have been translated into English?

Ted Kuntz

Amazing how vaccine proponents are fine with temporal connections when it is vaccines and the decline of illnesses, but dismiss them when it is vaccines and injury.


I was so pleased and wondered at the fine example Italian courts were setting -- but of course pharma - like some evil comic villian - complete with big curled mustache was threatening all behind a heavy curtain -We all here do not doubt it for a second
- and of course some one caved.

Steven Fischer

I'm sure the court's own medical expert was an unbiased individual without any ties to the industry and its' regulators. After all, those are the folks that get appointed to those sorts of positions.


p molinary

To the judge:
Human beings are not anecdotes.

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