Greater Freedom of Speech on Web 2.0 correlates with Dominance of Views Linking Vaccines to Autism.
Hearing 3/18 Hartford! Rep Matthew Ritter Is Attempting To Take Your Parental Health Choice Away.

Is There a Way out of the Autism epidemic?

By J.B. Handley

Studies of the Amish and Homefirst communities of children have proven very revealing: children who do not receive vaccines appear to have significantly lower rates of Autism. Of course, these observations remain anecdotal, so they have yet to enter into the mainstream debate about whether or not vaccines cause Autism.

Chances that someone is able to get an IRB to actually do a valid study of these populations? Remote.

The drumbeat by our community to have a real study done of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children makes all the sense in the world except for one problem: if the rate between the two groups is dramatically different, how do you respond to that information from a policy perspective? Stop giving all vaccines to all children? It’s a vexing issue for even the more moderate members of this debate: those who view vaccinations as important but also recognize they are a medical procedure that comes with risks.

Enter Dr. Paul Thomas, an outspoken pediatrician from Portland, OR who entered the national debate with his participation in the recent fight to keep vaccine exemptions in Oregon, a fight that Dr. Thomas and others recently won.

I was struck by this recent blog post that mentioned Dr. Thomas and his practice:

“Dr. Paul Thomas, a Portland-based pediatrician, claims that he has 1,500 children in his pediatric practice who never received the Hepatitis B shot and had the MMR shot delayed until they were older (age 3). Based on an Autism rate of 1 in 68, 22 children in this group should have Autism. He claims there are zero cases of Autism and he thinks a modified vaccination schedule is the reason. What an extraordinary claim! Shouldn’t Oregon investigate the veracity of his claim?”

Indeed, what if it really was this easy? Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely believe that vaccines do far more damage than just Autism. At the same time, vaccines have shown the ability to prevent deadly disease, and I think the only way to move towards a real solution is to find some middle ground on our national vaccine policy.

Let’s think for a second about what Dr. Thomas is doing in his practice:

  1. He’s not giving the Hepatitis B vaccine. As many AoA readers know, all that means is he’s mimicking the vaccination practices of the overwhelming majority of the first world. Most first-world countries ONLY give the Hepatitis B vaccine to children born to Hepatitis B-positive mothers. This is a fact, and it’s shameful that Dr. Thomas is sometimes portrayed as a radical for doing something commonplace most everywhere else on the planet.
  1. He’s delaying the MMR shot. For those of you who think, “isn’t this one of Dr. William Thompson’s—aka #CDCWhistleblower’s—biggest points?” You’re right: what Thompson alleges is that a signal was detected for MMR vaccination in African-American boys: those boys getting the shot EARLIER had higher rates of Autism.

Yes, Dr. Thomas still gives the MMR vaccine. In fact, Dr. Thomas has literally vaccinated thousands of children with the MMR, he believes in the shot and believes in the importance of protecting children against measles, mumps, and rubella. He just waits until the children are a bit older, which reminds me of something Dr. Donald Miller said a few years back:

“Finally, a user-friendly vaccination schedule requires that vaccinations, after the age of two, be given no more than once every six months, one at a time, in order to allow the immune system sufficient time to recover and stabilize between shots.”

*                 *                 *                 *                 *

Of course, our health authorities have painted themselves into such a corner about vaccines and Autism that any policy that involves either removing or delaying shots will be met with fierce and reckless resistance, even for a shot that very few first world countries mandate for the general population.

Dr. Thomas claims he has shared his desire to publish data on this 1,500 children population and has been unable to receive IRB approval. How shameful! Of course, can any of us expect Autism Speaks to step up, now that they have firmly emblazoned themselves with the Vaccine Zealotry stamp?

Could it be this easy? Could the removal of Hepatitis B vaccine from the schedule and a delay of MMR reduce the Autism rate in America?

Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait decades to explore an idea that is staring us all in the face. And, don’t we all with Dr. Thomas had been our Doctor?

 JB Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue.


cia parker

I agree. I am totally for free choice, but if parents were well-informed, I really think nearly all would refuse all or almost all of the vaccines. Parents of immunocompromised children have a tougher situation since the vaccines may be especially dangerous for their children, and they should certainly consult with alternative medical practitioners to talk about ways to improve their child's condition. But no fucking way should you throw your healthy child into the meat grinder because you think it might benefit someone else's child. Young infants should be kept sheltered at home or with a caregiver with as few children as possible. After the age of two, or even one, their immune systems should be up to dealing with the childhood diseases. Let them get measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, flu, hep-A, rotavirus: they'll get permanent immunity to most of them and reap the benefits of a competent, well-trained immune system. Demand the use of high-dose vitamin C to treat any infectious disease serious enough to land them in the hospital. And let's shut the door forever on the dungeon of autism and autoimmune disease!


Here is Doctor Thomas talking about how he has gotten his practice's autism rate down to close to zero.

Doctor Paul Thomas MD Pediatrician on How to prevent autism in our Children & How this information is hidden by the CDC and others

Doctor Paul Thomas a pediatrician with 1,000 children in his practice and a method of "vaccination" which has produced NO AUSTISM in his practice, shows you how COMMON it is to get autism after the deadly MMR. Please watch this video several times, let it sink in and ACT on your conclusions. SOMEONE is lying, either the CDC of Doctor Thomas. My money is on this brave pediatrician. The highly political CDC has lied continuously to cover up the deadly MMR and other autism producing "vaccinations" such as the Hep B.


"Studies of the Amish and Homefirst communities of children have proven very revealing: children who do not receive vaccines appear to have significantly lower rates of Autism."

NOT "significantly lower rates of Autism" but almost non existent rates of autism, the ASDs and diseases of "vaccination"

IMO forget proof especially "scientific proof" it will NEVER be forthcoming from the demonstrated LYING CDC. We have NOW all the evidence needed to LIVE our lives in such a manner as to almost eliminate autism as a threat.

IMO if you do these simple salubrious things your risk of autism the ASDs and diseases of "vaccination" will drop VASTLY and your life will improve in MANY other ways.

Risk factors for Autism and the ASDs

The simple truth is the "authorities" are lying to us. Autism is IMO 100% man made.

Unwarranted trust in the "Medical System" Trust yourself, VERIFY EVERYTHING, We should KNOW the "Medical System" and the "authorities" are LYING to us about MANY important medical and other topics; autism is one of these. MOST doctors are good honest people. YOU MUST spend some time resolving this seeming contradiction. Please PUT IN THE TIME. This is a much BIGGER issue than only autism or even medicine.


Vitamin D Deficit

Mercury especially in "vaccines"

Aluminum especially in "vaccines"

Antibiotics often given because of "vaccines"


Excitotoxins MSG, Aspartame, artificial sweeteners, food dyes et al

Food Allergies often from "vaccines"

Junk "Food" eat organic or mostly organic little to no processed or fast food

Gut Dysbiosis often from "vaccines"

GMO "foods"

Magnesium Deficit

Zinc Deficit


So, if you are allergic to the whooping cough vaccine - you never know what "other" vaccine will also have the whooping cough antigen - toxoid in it - so best to never take another vaccine again - as long as you live.

Good advise. I sure wish the Ped had told us that when my son reacted and he told us not to get any more whooping cough vaccines.

Sure wish he did more than hint to me that my daughter's kawasaki disease was also the whooping cough too and she also should avoid them

Sure wish the internet had things that could have helped back then.


JB, indeed delaying Hep B and MMR may significantly lower the autism rate, but what should parents do after these are done, and we are not all dropping in droves from diseases? Why should they not also delay DTaP to see what impact it will have on the SIDs rate? Heck -- why should they not cut all vaccines to see if this will reduce ADHD, allergies, diabetes, cancer, and so on? Also, if the results are all positive what punishments and reparations should be sought of pharma?

JB, these questions illustrate why there may be no middle ground. It's really all or nothing for pharma. Sometimes I wonder if it's not the same for us.

Angus Files

Dr.Russell Blaylock thanks Susan,I have listened to his talk a few times,and so has my friend.I always pull something else from his talk ..dosent matter how many times you listen to it..Iconic Mercury this time...awesome


Angus Files

Benedetta do as I do ...Refuse the vaccines ..oh!! but they say,your not going to school if your dangerous un-vaccinated , kids aren't shot to hell with vaccines...chances are if they have the shots they aren't going to have any function to learn anyway...and I hate to say it but" if they have health they have everything" VERY TRUE.

Sooo you move state,country whatever,wherever the pressure isn't so..but you don't ever vaccinate shame on all who say you do.


John Scudamore

JBH: 'At the same time, vaccines have shown the ability to prevent deadly disease, and I think the only way to move towards a real solution is to find some middle ground on our national vaccine policy.'

Vaccines have never been shown to prevent disease, study smallpox history, for one. There is no 'middle ground' for a deadly racket, that is just appeasement.

And it is easy to prove it's just a racket with one example--the 1949 vitamin c cure for infections

that is excluding the well proven fact vaccination can be destroyed

1. by statistics, easily, Leicester stats are a revelation, they killed 2,200 more babies under 5 during their high vaccination years, this factors out to 25,000 deaths in England and Wales. Yet they say smallpox vax saved lives, millions of them. In fact the whole racket rests on this great lie. Measles deaths declined by 99.4% before vaccination, so how can you make any mention of MMR without pointing out it's a racket?

2. by medical politics. Allopaths/Vaccinators have a medical monopoly, and monopolies are created and run by psychopaths, and these psychopaths have suppressed the cures for all diseases like cancer, alzheimer's, heart disease, arthritis, aids etc, and you want to give them a middle ground on the one thing their racket rests on?

did you know homeopathy, nutritional medicine, and naturopathic herbalism, for example, could take over and run government medicine all by themselves? And cure all the diseases? At a minuscule fraction of the cost, and have the knowledge to prevent all disease? Think how much that would cost compared to Allopathy that creates and maintains all the diseases, for vast profit, at our expense?

Also, no one has died due to the medicine of the above systems of medicine under proper medical care, yet Allopathy kills 780,000 people every year in the USA alone through bad medicine, eg 120,00 drug induced deaths, then add on the hundreds of thousands killed, deliberately as we have all the cures, by chemotherapy every year.

Plus the millions of pharma drug addicts, 1.2 benzo addicts in the uk alone, then prozac etc. While the cures for mental illness has been suppressed, so they can feed off the population with well proven, useless, but deadly psychiatric drugs.

3. Disease theory. If homeopathy, naturopathic herbalism, and nutritional medicine, plus therapies such as Dr Hamer's who had a 90% court proven cancer cure rate, can cure and prevent all diseases, while the allopaths can only cure bacterial infections, you would have to say they have the correct disease theory. None of them use vaccination. Go figure.

that is vaccination destroyed by disease theory, politics wise, and any study of the vaccinators monomorphic pasteurian disease theory, and the true disease theory, pleomorphism, would easily see theirs is absurd, but just the sort of theory to sell a racket such as vaccination.

and then factor in the study of poisons (polio was due to DDT and medical injections, meningitis epidemic traced to an antibiotics, etc), and nary a mention of any in connection to viral disease, as poisons are in fact the main cause of viral disease, combined with malnutrition and high blood sugar levels.

"Toxicology is avoided by the medical media, like the plague. Without toxicology, the intellectual, scientific intrigue of virology is a wasteland. Without toxicology, virology is a mere mind-trap, a parasite, a mind-virus."--Jim West

4. Vaccine death and disease. Even if u believe the lie vaccines are effective, the fallout,such as the 500,000 asd victims in this country alone, dwarfs the benefit.

and no deaths or disease under nutritional medicine etc

and that is just the tipof the iceberg.

so you want to give this psychopath, selling easily proven mafia medicine, a middle ground?

they can have a bit of middle ground, there is a nice bit in Iraq, where they have turned every building to dust, killed most of the, civilian, population, and polluted their land with DU. We can give them some of those refugee tents to live in, they have created millions, tens of millions, of refugees, so there should be plenty of them spare.

another option is to put them in the lands of refugees,say Congo, where they have killed 10 million or so, had millions raped. That is middle earth, middle ground, they sure aint coming down here to the shire.

and make sure they get the full dose of 38 vaccines, while making sure they have no medical care, and enough food to live on. In fact we can feed them on the poison they feed us, McDonalds should give them the right sort of slave feeling they want us to feel, and they can die from the multitude of poisons they inflict on us, vaccination being the gold standard in that regard. How anyone can believe injecting aluminium and mercury into a baby is going to help the immune system, is a testament to mind control and why they promote atheism, atheists will believe anything.

that god made a mistake when 'he' designed the immune system, it's as absurd as chopping off the foreskin of a baby (done with no anaesthetic, incidently, clue there)

or as absurd to think drugs make better medicine than herbs.


Thank You Angus.

So when a kid does have a bad reaction and a ped does say - don't get anohter one - how in the heck are we suppose to do that?


Angus, what happened to that 17 year old is terrible, I hope his parents know it can be treated medically by a Doctor who specializes
in vaccine injuries (i.e.autism) a MAPS doctor.
The MMR contains mono sodium glutamate which can damage the glutamate receptors in the brain, but that can be treated. Brain surgeon,Dr.Russell Blaylock gave a great lecture about the mechanisms by which vaccines can trigger autism.


To make vaccinations really safe--give far fewer of them; remove the aluminum completely and replace it with the non-toxic adjuvant; and make vaccination completely voluntary...there are some of us that are not convinced because too many antigens also cause autoimmunity.. and they wear out and the boosters don't work so what really is the point. But I agree a middle ground is much better than a complete medical dictatorship

Art of Autism

JB, Let's get started. Here and now. In addition to buying books that describe this epic tragedy from 360 degrees...gets the funds DO The Research. Period. Now.

Angus Files

Is it true that the Hep B uses whooping cough as an adjuvant?

The will probably hide it under "Trade Secret"


John Stone

BTW We don't have the routine Hep B shot for infants presently in the UK. We do have a recklessly extended schedule and plenty of autism.


Is it true that the Hep B uses whooping cough as an adjuvant?

Angus Files

Its a start. I know of a parent who posts on here whose child/adult had the MMR at 17 years old and had a diagnosis of Autism at 21 years of age prior to the MMR ,University was in sight...not now!


cia parker

I agree that in the last few years there has been a sea change into something rich and strange in the autism community, the promise of "safer" vaccines is no longer enough, and many of us believe that since there cannot be a "safe" vaccine, only possibly somewhat "safer" vaccine and program, that it MUST be left up to the individual parents to decide what, if any, vaccines we want our children to get. That's right, medical "authorities," we're taking the power of making all such decisions back into our own hands. If we ask your opinion, you may offer it, but may not compel us to do anything.

John Stone

Who is William Thompson

I had to rummage to see when and if I had ever used the phrase "sea-change" and all I could come up with was this gloomy comment about the now silent founder of LB/RB in 2010:

'I somehow doubt that Kev's sea-change was about crude financial inducement - I don't know but somehow I doubt it. Possibly, a longing or a need for conformity.

'"He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark moustache. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."

'I wouldn't underestimate the pressures of Modern Britain:'

I suspect the defunct link was to an article by the Orwell award winning Times journalist David Aaronovitch (also director of Index on Censorship).


Petition demanding the resignation of Richard Pan:

Who is William Thompson ?

John Dan Stone recently suggested that there has been a "sea- change" amongst the parents of the autism community .

And a quick read over these comments & this article makes me believe he is absolutely right .(its the confidence)

The dam is about break .
Zuckerberg & Larry Page cannot hold back this tsunami now .
Offit I'd buy yourself a submarine if I were you !

Jeannette Bishop

"Dr. Thomas claims he has shared his desire to publish data on this 1,500 children population and has been unable to receive IRB approval. How shameful!"

The official channels are for control, not integrity, anyway. Give them their chance if you must and then please share your data with the rest of us, is what I would like to say.

Thanks again, J. B., and thank you, Dr. Thomas, for your courageous efforts to improve the health of our children!

cia parker

These two reforms would certainly reduce the rate of autism in the U.S. What baffles me is the reason Dr. Thomas is in favor of the MMR even at a later age. The benefits of natural measles, mumps, and rubella in childhood are so great that it is simply incorrect to believe in the importance of vaccinating children against them.


Additional information for david m burd, taken from the Hep B document on the website that replaced the one he linked to:

"Universal HBV vaccination
In 1991, WHO advised all countries to add Hepatitis B inoculation to in all universal vaccination programmes. A
number of countries have not complied with this recommendation, based on their national epidemiological situation.
Seven countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom) have
opted for a selective hepatitis B vaccination programme targeting risk groups. 22 out of 29 EU/EEA countries have
implemented a universal vaccination programme for infants and adolescents or both, in addition to a selective
immunisation programme (Table 9). In Slovenia, a universal vaccination programme exists for children before
entering primary education. "


@david m burd That site was closed down (as an active site) in 2011, and appears not to have been updated since 2009.

david m burd

Rachel, and All:

Of course a HUGE difference between U.S. Pharma/CDC and Europe may come down to informed consent, and the difference of coercing of American parents by U.S. medicos, and by their European counterparts.

david m burd


Actually, you have been misled.

Here is the European List of Countries, and their recommended vaccinations:

Eleven prominent countries either omit entirely, or specifically cite the HepB vaccine only for mothers testing to have active HepB infection; these 11 countries are: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

Most of the rest of the EU countries include the HepB vaccine as part of a 5-part (hexavalent) shot and given starting at 2 months. Some indeed recommend at birth. HOWEVER, the constituents/excipients in the European vaccines may also be less toxic than U.S. vaccines (I do not know).

At any rate, very few give the HepB vaccine at birth as is done here in the U.S.

regards, david m burd

Truth is hard to come by

Would be interesting to know over what time period his patients were developing, if it includes before and after the supposed reduction of thimerosal in infant vaccines, and if he gives the annual flu vaccine. Any change that reduces injuries would be a good thing, but it is extremely unlikely (imo) that these are the only changes needed.


According to the World Health Authority, in Europe, 47 Member States in the WHO European Region included hepatitis B in their immunization programmes; 29 targeted newborn babies, 15 targeted infants and 3 targeted older children or adolescents. Only six countries have not yet introduced universal immunization against hepatitis B: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom.

It is simply not true that "Most first-world countries ONLY give the Hepatitis B vaccine to children born to Hepatitis B-positive mothers."


IT is not that simple. Although at this point it would at least be a beginning. But I don't think we apreiciate just how seriously dangerous too many boosters of the DPT -ahh well the DTaP is.

J.B Handley did address the fact that there are More injuries than just autism -- yes that is for sure.
And is that just not scary - we now have two or three generations walking around with brain injuries, and it is darn hard to succeed in life with even a mild brain injury.

Bob Moffitt

Personally, I believe it is "scientifically implausible" to manufacture a "one size fits all vaccine" .. my belief based upon Charles Richet's scientifically proven theory of "anaphylaxis".

In addition to what I believe is "scientific implausibility" .. common sense dictates a "one size fits all vaccine" is not only "implausible" .. it is "impossible" because every human being has an immune system that is as unique to that human being as are their "fingerprints and DNA".

Having said that .. I am ready to accept ANY MEASURE that can end another parent or grandparent having to watch their precious child "regress" and be diagnosed autistic following vaccines.

If that "measure" requires elimination of HEP B and delaying MMR .. so be it.

Saul Olinsky's "Rules for Radicals" .. published for those who want to politically "change the world as we know it" .. preaches "half a loaf is far better than no loaf at all" .. if nothing else .. the "half a loaf" has moved the goal posts much closer to your final destination.

Who is William Thompson ?

And Brian Hooker at Autism One 2014 Chicago , suggested quite clearly the MMR shot is given on the very day that statisically caused the greatest number of autism outcomes !

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