How the British Medical Journal and Brian Deer Fixed the Historical Record to Destroy Andrew Wakefield’s Reputation 1
Senator Steiner Hayward Drops Oregon Vaccine Mandate Bill

Is California's Epidemic of Vaccine Legislation About Merck's Political "Health?"

Goodbye CA
Between December 17-20, 2014, measles arrived at the happiest place on earth and all hell broke loose. Anti-vaxxers were shamed and maligned by everyone from Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel to Dr. Richard Pan.

According to the California Department of Public Health’s latest measles surveillance report (3/6/15), since December of 2014, there have been 132 confirmed measles cases reported in California residents out of a population of 38.8 million.   40 cases visited Disneyland during the period in question. 81% were not hospitalized.

56% were over the age of twenty.  18% were between the ages of five to nineteen. 19 cases were between the ages of one through four. 15 cases were under the age of one.

This affected exactly 34 kids from birth to age four.

Since the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in December of 2012, there have been 109 school shootings and no legislation.

There is no measles epidemic. There is, however, an epidemic of vaccine legislation.

Currently, there are three bills in the California’s state legislature regarding vaccines: SB-277, SB-792 and AB-1117.

SB-277 focuses on eliminating personal belief exemptions which in California includes religious exemptions.

Its aim is listed below:

(a) A means for the eventual achievement of total immunization of appropriate age groups against the following childhood diseases:

(1) Diphtheria.

(2) Hepatitis B.

(3) Haemophilus influenzae type b.

(4) Measles.

(5) Mumps.

(6) Pertussis (whooping cough).

(7) Poliomyelitis.

(8) Rubella.

(9) Tetanus.

(10) Varicella (chickenpox).

Only one company manufactures the polio vaccine and that’s Sanofi. Only one company manufactures the varicella vaccine and that’s Merck. Only one company has a monopoly on the mumps vaccine in the United States and that’s Merck. Only one pharmaceutical company profits from the sale of all the vaccines on this list and that’s Merck (Merck and Sanofi Pasteur are a global joint venture).

The proposed legislation has nothing to do with a measles epidemic. There is no public health crisis that requires ten mandated vaccines, with an eleventh option of any vaccine “deemed appropriate.”

This is an attempt by Merck and the politicians they fund to capitalize on a measles outbreak, one they may actually be responsible for and can profit from.

California’s Political Reform Act of 1974 is designed to ensure that:

- State and local government serve all citizens equally, without regard to status or wealth.

- Public officials perform their duties impartially, without bias because of personal financial interests or the interests of financial supporters.

- Public officials disclose income and assets that could be affected by official actions and disqualify themselves from participating in decisions when they have conflicts of interest.

- Elections are fair.

- Public officials and private citizens are given the means to vigorously enforce political reforms.

“No public official at any level of state or local government shall make, participate in making, or in any way attempt to use his official position to influence a governmental decision in which he knows or has reason to know he has a financial interest.” Even though the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United upheld political spending as a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, it did not legalize financial conflicts of interest.

SB-277 was introduced by Senators Dr. Richard Pan and Ben Allen.

Principal Co-Author is Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez.

Co-Authors in the Senate:

Senators Jim Beall, Marty Block, Kevin De León, Isadore Hall, Robert M. Hertzberg, Jerry Hill, Hann-Beth Jackson, Mark Leno, Mike McGuire, Holly Mitchell, Jeff Stone, Bob Wieckowski, and Lois Wolk.

Co-Authors in the Assembly:

Assembly Members Catharine Baker, David Chiu, Jim Cooper, Evan Low, Kevin McCarty, Adrin Nazarian, Anthony Rendon, Mark Stone, and Jim Wood.

We analyzed Merck’s annual reports on corporate contributions from 2006-2014.

Highlighted in green are legislators whose campaigns received contributions from Merck.

Listed below are some of the campaigns that received funding by year:

2006 – Ed Hernandez for Assembly 2006, Wolk for Assembly 2006 and Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Assembly 2006.

2007 – Lois Wolk for Senate 2008

2008 – Kevin DeLeon for Assembly 2008, Friends of Bill Monning, Carol Liu for Senate

2009 – Wolk for  Senate 2012, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly, Jerry Hill for State Assembly 2010, Tax Fighters for Anderson 2010

2010Dr. Richard Pan for Assembly 2010, Friends of Bill Monning for Assembly 2010, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly 2010, Kevin de Leon for Assembly 2010, Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Senate 2010, Wolk for Senate 2012

2011 – Feinstein for Senate, Jerry Hill for Assembly 2012, Kevin De Leon for Senate 2014, Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Assembly 2014, Wolk for Senate 2012

2012 – Bill Monning for Senate 2012, Jerry Hill for Senate 2012,Dr. Ed Hernandez for Senate 2014, Major General Richard D. Roth USAF (Ret.) for Senate 2012, Taxpayers for Bob Huff 2012, Feinstein for Senate

2013Dr. Richard Pan for Senate 2014, Anthony Rendon for Assembly 2014, Hertzberg for Senate 2014, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly 2014, Jerry Hill for Senate 2016, Kevin de Leon for Senate 2014, Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D., Democrat for Senate 2014, Major General Richard D. Roth USAF (Ret,) for Senate 2016

2014 – Jim Cooper for Assembly 2014, Holly J. Mitchell for Assembly for 2014, Kevin De Leon for Senate 2014, Vidak for Senate 2014

Note how many Democrats currently in high positions of power were funded by Merck since the beginning of their careers and the ambitious titles of their committee names. Merck either had a way of predicting the winner of future elections or determined the winner of future elections.

SB-277 is now in the Health, Education and Judiciary Committees.

Health Committee Members:

Senator Ed Hernandez (Chair)

Senator Janet Nguyen (Vice Chair)

Senator Isadore Hall, III – Co-Author

Senator Holly J. Mitchell – Co-Author

Senator Bill Monning

Senator Jim Nielsen

Senator Richard Pan - Author

Senator Richard D. Roth

Senator Lois Wolk – Co-Author

Education Committee Members:

Senator Carol Liu (Chair)

Senator Bob Huff (Vice Chair)

Senator Marty Block – Co-Author

Senator Loni Hancock

Senator Connie M. Levya

Senator Tony Mendoza (Author of SB-792)

Senator Richard Pan - Author

Senator Andy Vidak

Judiciary Committee Members:

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (Chair) – Co-Author

Senator Andy Vidak (Vice Chair)

Senator Joel Anderson

Senator Robert M. Hertzberg

Senator Mark Leno

Senator Bill Monning

Senator Bob Wieckowski – Co-Author

Senators without any known conflicts of interest with Merck and aren’t sponsoring the bill are highlighted in yellow. Note that they are the minority in every single committee.

This isn’t surprising considering Merck’s long history of unethical and fraudulent behavior. They have paid out billions of dollars in settlements over Vioxx, NuvaRing, Fosamax and Vytorin among others.

Currently, in the state of Pennsylvania, case #2:10-cv-04374-cdj UNITED STATES VS MERCK is pending. The Department of Justice is involved. Former virologists now whistleblowers allege that Merck falsified data with the MMR II vaccine in order to meet the 95% efficacy rate which is the benchmark required by the FDA to maintain its monolopy on the mumps vaccine which extends to the MMR II. This suggests vaccine failure and fraud, not unvaccinated kids, as the reason for the outbreaks.

Falsely stating that all vaccines are safe and that the science is settled when this case exists is either an example of gross ignorance or evidence of a cover up. If either is the case, one should not be legislating vaccine mandates on Merck’s behalf.

Dr. Richard Pan and the medical establishment tout herd immunity as the reason for the need to mandate vaccines with 95% being the magic number. California is already at a 2.54% exemption rate for the state overall. Dr. Pan claims there are pockets with higher percentages and these pockets are putting everyone else at risk. However, there have been no outbreaks or deaths in these unvaccinated, wealthy and educated areas. The only risk is Dr. Pan using his authoritative role as a pediatrician to benefit politically.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Dr. Pan opened a campaign committee to raise money for his Senate campaign, the day after his Assembly win. As a Senator, he owes “paramount loyalty to the public.” Instead, he has been violating the First Amendment rights of California voters by either blocking them on social media in order to silence their legitimate concerns or allowing out of state astroturfing trolls to harass them, including parents of vaccine injured children.

During Dr. Pan’s public media tour and on social media, he’s been calling out “anti-vacciners.” His pejorative use of the term shows that he has no interest in the actual concerns of constituents, the majority of whom aren’t anti-vacciners but parents who are pro-choice when it comes to making medical decisions on behalf of their children.

Informed consent is to medical ethics as freedom of speech is to a democracy. Using fear and propaganda to create a manufactured epidemic and using that epidemic to do away with informed consent is unethical, dangerous and sinister.

1. We ask that all three bills are dismissed immediately.

2. We ask for the resignation of Dr. Richard Pan, who has abused his authoritative roles as Senator and Physician. We also ask that Richard Pan’s medical license #84883 be revoked.

3. We ask for an investigation into the members of the Health Committee in regards to their financial ties with Merck and how it may have affected past legislation. If there is evidence of any wrongdoing, we ask that they resign.

4. We ask for greater regulation and transparency with regards to campaign finance in the state of California.

5. We ask that Merck be held responsible for acting unethically.


Margaret Smith

There is a problem when you post that Bill Monning has a conflict of interest when he is on the Health Committee but does not have one when he is serving on the Judiciary Committee.
The first is in green and the later is in yellow.

Jeannie Pleasant

This is very concerning !!


No too Shots My Child Will Get Them She Will Go 7th Grade You Can.t Make Us Get Shots Too Are Kids Thanks Nancy Dr Richard Pan Should Listen Too All Parents And Other Care Taker No Too Give Are Kids Shots


I don't see the direct correlation between green highlights and how the person votes. For example, Richard D. Roth voted against the bill, while some others without green highlight on the health committee voted for it. I wrote to my senator, Joel Anderson (also green highlighted), and he replied that he opposes the bill in the current form. It seems to me that Democrats are more inclined to support the bill (which doesn't makes sense to me, that they support the person's right to decide about abortion for example but not the right to decide about the shots).

Melissa Dodd



It should be noted that there is also a #11.

The bill states that:

120325. In enacting this chapter... it is the intent of the Legislature to provide:

(a) A means for the eventual achievement of total immunization of appropriate age groups against the following childhood diseases:

...[1 thru 10 are listed in the article above]…

(11) Any other disease deemed appropriate by the department,
taking into consideration the recommendations of the Advisory
Committee on Immunization Practices of the United States Department
of Health and Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and
the American Academy of Family Physicians.

ANY OTHER DISEASE DEEMED APPROPRIATE. Hundreds of vaccines are currently in the works, and may be approved. This bill is not only about the current schedule but about losing our right to make choices on many more vaccines in the future.

Helen Ostrovergova

The Merck will profit, and the price we pay is the health and lives of some of our children. You can wait to see this bill pass or you can do something to stop it!

Tim Lundeen

Also this petition for Pan to resign:


I really wish you had sited sources, so I could have used them in my paper on this very subject.

Godfrey Wyl
"Only one pharmaceutical company profits from the sale of all the vaccines on this list and that’s Merck (Merck and Sanofi Pasteur are a global joint venture)."

The joint venture between Merck and Sanofi Pasteur is "Sanofi Pasteur MSD," which only operates in Europe.

Jeannette Bishop

Another petition, link from

Jeannette Bishop

Another step to consider?,_California_Constitution#Section_13


Candidates running in the March 17 Special Election for the California State Senate District 7 seat and their positions on mandatory vaccination as of February 4:

"Do you support mandatory vaccinations?

Susan Bonilla: There is a bill on this being introduced today. Ready to take the step but wants to make sure that there is an exemption backed by a doctor. We have an obligation to the general health. Wants to see the details on the bill.

Steve Glazer: Believes in vaccinations, but wants to have respect for family choice to not have it.

Joan Buchanan wants to make sure that there is a narrow exemption for medical and ‘true religious beliefs.’ that the current methodology is too broad and loose."

Kathy Sincere

Great article about Merck and the ongoing Pharma/political connection! I'd like to share another interesting pharmaceutical tidbit.

This VERY small article was in the business section of the Denver Post today. It concerns the federal criminal charges brought against Johnson and Johnson. Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin were contaminated with metal particles – they ignored it! I love the ending of this small paragraph. The Company and the prosecutor said in court that “no one was injured”. I would like to say “prove it”. Don’t believe it! How would they know? Did they follow up with every doctor and hospital to see if a child was sickened or perhaps died of SIDS.


Maker of kids' Tylenol pleads guilty over metal particles

By The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA — A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson pleaded guilty Tuesday to a federal criminal charge that it sold over-the-counter infant's and children's liquid medicine containing metal particles.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, of Fort Washington, Pa., acknowledged failing to take corrective action after discovering the adulterated bottles of Infants' and Children's Tylenol and Children's Motrin. The company agreed to pay $25 million to resolve the case.

Metal particles, including nickel, iron and chromium, were introduced during the manufacturing process at McNeil's plant in Fort Washington. Prosecutors said McNeil knew about the problem for nearly a year but failed to take immediate steps to fix it.

The company and prosecutors said in court Tuesday that” no one was injured.”

Another interesting site regarding all the lawsuits brought against Johnson and Johnson:

Here is the headline from Nov. 4, 2013 regarding the 2.2 BILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT that Johnson and Johnson had to pay for their improper marketing of Risperdal:

This is just ONE pharmaceutical company, Johnson and Johnson. Just ONE out of the many multi-billion dollar companies of Big Pharma. Anyone can google Merck, Pfizer, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, AstraZeneca, Abbott, Bayer, Eli Lilly and all other players in the Womb to Tomb Drug Treatment/Vaccination Plan for America. Anyone can read about the lawsuits and Federal criminal charges against these giant Pharmaceuticals and their callous disregard for human life. Of course, that would be getting your medical information from the Internet. Paul Offit says that parents who do that are just plain stupid!


Did anybody else get an email regarding the petition to stop SB277? Here it is, copied and pasted from my email:


We have an update regarding the CREDO Mobilize petition you signed against SB 277, the California bill that would require all students in California schools to be vaccinated by removing the personal belief exemption.
The petition creator has your signature on a petition urging the California state legislature to preserve the personal belief exemption and allow parents with children in public schools to opt out of vaccinations. He will deliver it to California lawmakers.
CREDO Mobilize, where the petition was created, is CREDO’s activist generated petition platform, where progressives can create their own petitions for progressive change.

Allowing anyone to create petitions helps CREDO’s team find out about local issues all over the country that we might not know about otherwise, and allows us to work on campaigns on a broad range of issues. But it also means that people sometimes create positions that we disagree with. That’s what happened here.
Sometimes progressives disagree. And in this case, CREDO disagrees with the position taken in the petition you signed. We respect your right to your opinion, and we hope you respect our right to our position which is outlined here:
After speaking with Dr. Meltvedt, the creator of the petition you signed against SB277, he agreed to create a new version of the petition on a neutral platform that will allow him to contact petition signers to follow up about the campaign and take it to the next level. While we don’t agree with Dr. Meltvedt on this issue, we respect his passion and the fact that he’s using grassroots organizing to fight for what he believes in.

We wanted to direct you to Dr. Meltvedt’s new petition – he encourages you to sign this petition also so he can easily communicate with you via about new developments in his campaign:

Thanks for all you do.

-- The CREDO Mobilize Team

Time to leave the country...

Merck and Scienceblogs?

Doesn't Merck fund a lot of Scienceblogs? I believe Jake wrote about that...


Benedetta, Jennifer, Dad's and all, I am right with you. This should not have been allowed to happen and this will be a major factor in ipcoming elections. The midterms showed that people are sick of corruption. And ehat has Congress gone about the whistleblower William Thompson's information?? They need to hustle on it.


I'm with you Jeanette I'd like to send this to my senators and congressman.

Jeannette Bishop

Is this post attributable to Age of Autism? I may want to copy this on to some of my representatives.

A Mom

I think about how many of us used to post on AS message boards with the likes of Matt Carey and Autism Diva, and who knows who else was there collecting our private IP information.

They discouraged us from trying to heal our children. They shamed us for it. They tried to also convince us that brain damaged toddlers would be the new normal - to just accept it and get used to it.

People cautioned us about our tone and language when discussing it, as if saying the words brain damaged children was worse than the actual children having been brain damaged. As if that was nothing to be passionate about. I saw Anne Dachel's headline about children's bodies being destroyed (in reference to OT in NY) and I thought 'Now that is what we need to see - the truth!' The truth is far more ugly than the words used to actually describe it.

How stupid are the TPTB to sit back and allow our precious children to be brain damaged en masse? We parents certainly have not taken it lightly and we have been screaming about it since 1990 and perhaps before then.

How stupid we must look to the people who are behind this destruction of the USA. They attacked OUR BABIES and our elected officials did NOTHING while it happened, while people on AS message boards tried to shame us into accepting it. While our pediatricians turned their backs on us and shamed us and fired us and threatened to withhold treatment if we told the truth about what happened to OUR BABIES.

Why aren't there headlines reading USA headed for bankruptcy/military demise while millions of infants bodies destroyed, while US politicians sat by and WATCHED. While the AAP and medical established shamed the parents.

Boy, they got us. They went after our achilles heels. Our precious babies.

Why isn't everyone as angry as I am?


What I don't understand is why no one is investigating Dr Pan. Has someone filed a FPPC complaint against him? Isn't what he is doing a blatant conflict of interest considering how much money he's taken from the pharmaceuticals? Does he even live in the district he represents? What about the AMA? Do they have conflict of interest rules?


I blame Merck for the majority of these school shootings. I really do and I don't care how crazy that sounds.

If vaccines cause brain injuries, then they cause mental illness - period.

So I really liked the statement there had been 109 school shootings but no attempt to legislate.


Who is William Thompson ?

The Dads are here risking ALL . But we need more . Agreed .
This is WAR .

So they are going to implement these mandates are they ?

Mandating the Mumps vaccine whilst the 2 Merck Whistleblowers
are in court at the moment saying the efficacy figures are a complete fake ?

Mandating the HepB vaccine for newborns - really ?
Drugs addicts and prostitutes being the high risk groups .

Mandating the Tetanus vaccine for all babies - really ?
Tetanus is not a risk in an urban environment

Mandating the Gardakill vaccine - a fraud if ever there was one ?
Bernard D-Albergue , Diane Harper

Mandating the Varicella Chicken Pox vaccine ? really ?

Mandating the Pertusis vaccine ? Its a failed vaccine many times over

and all the vaccines efficacy is no greater than 5 years .

Surely we have loads of legal challenges of our own here ?
These are just my ideas for starters . But there is loads here .
Their current schedule only works because of the loose voluntary basis , if they lock it down as part of the law , then surely each and every part is challengeable in those same courts of law

Dads grandad uncles ---we need you to call

We need to ask you Dads to visit state legislatures. I think that autism Dads are awesome but I think that in the media it is mostly Moms speaking out. Due to misogyny our stories are being ignored and not heard. Dads, we know you can't afford to lose your job if you have your wife as primary caretaker due to autistic children,so maybe you can't speak out publicly safely but we think congress, senate, mayors, and state senators might be more inclined to listen to you and believe you than us hysterical desperate moms who can't see that seizure our child had minutes after a shot was a coincidence. Of course we women end up being the witness first and some dads take a while to believe (Though I know many cases where the mom took a while to accept her child's brain injury was medically induced and the Dad realized it first too). But my point is those men who can safely speak out-- we need you especially. We need you to call and to visit. I hear the patronizing in the voices of many of the staff I call --I believe they would be more likely to listen to men due to unconscious sexism.


Do any of them have a clause making it illegal for a doctor to write him or herself or their practice partners and own family members a medical exemption?

Write that into the bills and see if they pass.

A Mom

Given that the rate of vaccine induced autism will be 1 in 2 by 2025 (according to MIT's Dr. Stephanie Seneff), what are these US politicians being told that makes it OK - for one thing - that our military is on track to cease to exist? Are they really that short-sighted? Nevermind that the country will be in severe financial straights by then because of the financial burden of caring for millions of deliberately damaged children. I mean, really, what are people thinking - a bankrupt USA with no military? HELLO... Wake up!

What are they being told that makes this OK?

Who is William Thompson ?

The UK will be next .
They already staged the Swansea Measles Hoax .

I wonder what the Royal Families vaccine schedule looks like ?
Did Prince Phillip of Bavaria take the Hg-flu vaccine this year -he has to be a high risk group - right ?

Bob Moffitt

As they say in the dirty world of politics .. every "crisis" is an "opportunity" .. for politicians to advance their own vested self-interests .. under the guise of "good intentions".

And so .. 132 cases of measles in a population of 38.8 million is NOT a CRISIS .. but .. it does create the "opportunity" to launch a political effort to deny parents their humanitarian right of "informed consent".

I think it is a good thing the issue of "informed consent" may become a national political discussion .. and .. I have to believe the American people are not going quietly into the night when they realize the CDC has already recommended and approved 72 vaccines .. for ADULTS between the ages of 19 and 65.

It also helps to have an "expert" like Offit .. the FACE of the pro-vaccine movement .. the man who will not personally challenge his critics ANYWHERE at ANYTIME .. the man of 10,000 vaccines by age six .. who recently declared that "parents do not own their children" .. they merely have a responsibility to care for them.

If the growing debate over 'informed consent" continues .. I can't think of a better guy to represent the opposition than Offit.

Jenny Allan
Dr Wakefield's latest video, where he refutes the Oregon Senator's fraud allegation, and also accuses his accusers, Brian Deer, Fiona Godlee & the BMJ, and the huge profits made by the vaccine manufacturers. The lady asking the questions has an annoying voice, but Dr Wakefield is his usual rational self.
You rock Dr Wakefield!!

Jenny Allan

As Dr Wakefield states in this video, it is all down to YOU, US Citizens, to make a fuss.

Bombard these Californian 'Merck bought' Senators named, (and shamed), above with letters and e-mails, making your outrage known. Ditto to those other US States Senators with similar Nazi like intentions on your and your childrens' bodies. Send copies to Congess,the press and media, and, if necessary, MARCH IN THE STREETS!! Make it plain who you will (and won't) vote for in the next US election.

We don't have compulsory vaccines in the UK, but I'm not complacent. Both mumps and measles are on the rise here, and, as in the Disney measles outbreak a large proportion of these cases were fully MMR vaccinated. Panicked Governments are attempting to impose this vaccine on adults and older children -so far unsuccessfully. They are looking to the US, in this case observing how far coercion is possible!!

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