Bills Banning Most Vaccine Exemptions Fail in Northwest
In Perspective: Vaccine Exemptions and Health

Drs Pan, Benjamin, De Rosa & Gordon Interviewed on KALW Parental Vaccination Rights

Radio micFrom KALW, San Francisco:

California law currently allows parents to claim a "personal beliefs exemption" from vaccination requirements for school admission. Should this law be changed? Host Joseph Pace talks with State Senator Richard Pan and a panel of public health professionals about proposed legislation that would remove this exemption and require all children (without a medical exemption) to be fully vaccinated before attending school.


Dr. Richard Pan, California State Senator and Pediatrician

Dr. Bob Benjamin, Deputy Health Officer for Marin County

Michael De Rosa, Ph.D., Chair of Physician Assistant Dept. at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland and family medicine practitioner in Berkeley

Dr. Jay Gordon, Pediatrician

Listen to the interview at KALW Public Radio, City Visions.


Jeannette Bishop

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Other California legislation:

In case anyone living in California wants to sign the following:

Jeannette Bishop


Jeannette Bishop

Only one comment appeared to support the legislation with just a brief perusal. Don't many pharma social media PR employees live in California? Did the program just not reach a large enough audience? Should I feel spooked by the absence (or do they generally not want forced vaccinations in their place of residence as well)?


There are special primary elections for State Senate in California on Tuesday, March 17. In the 37th district (Orange County), Republicans John Moorlach, Naz Namazi and Donald Wagner are on the ballot. Wagner wants to drop the personal beliefs exemption. Moorlach says that mandates would be premature; there should be an educational campaign first. I don't know what Namazi's opinion is.

In California district 7, Democrats Susan Bonilla, Joan Buchanan and Steve Glazer are on the ballot. Bonilla and Buchanan want to remove the personal beliefs exemption. (Bonilla may also favor removing the religious exemption.) Steve Glazer wants to preserve parental choice.

Laura Hayes

Regarding the 2 lies that continue to be told to and by our legislators, here is my response that I've been sharing with CA state senators:

First is a link to an article that counters the argument that we need to remove vaccine exemptions to protect the immunocompromised (quite an irony millions of children are now immunocompromised because of the vaccines they received).

Next is a link to an excellent talk by Dr. David Ayoub. I am sending this to counter the continually-stated "there is no more mercury in the vaccines given to children." That is a lie, and an unconscionable one at that. I suggest watching from the 10:20 mark to the 12:40 mark (my guess is that after watching that, you might want to watch the entire video). (Dr. David Ayoub's presentation)

In short, many children today are still receiving incredibly toxic/deadly amounts of mercury from the vaccines they receive, up to 53% of the peak given in 1999 (our 3 children had that maximum amount in the 1990s...237.5 mcg each, maybe more). I should add that the "trace amounts" used in many vaccines does not need to be included on the ingredients list if it is "below" a certain amount (I have zero confidence that careful monitoring occurs, if any).

It is also important to be aware that mercury is used in the manufacturing process for many vaccines, and it can never be completely removed. Additionally, a few years back, a non-profit group named HAPI (Health Advocacy in the Public Interest) paid for an independent study of randomly-collected vaccines, to test the amounts of Hg (mercury) and Al (aluminum) in each, to see if they reflected what was recorded on the package labels. Many of the vaccines tested had more Hg and more Al than what was listed on the label (including many more times the Al in some).

Yet another important fact is that since the supposed reduction of mercury in vaccines (rather than the complete elimination of a known neurotoxin), aluminum has been increased in many vaccines, up to 3X in some vaccines.

Kathy Sincere

To Dr./Senator Pan and all the doctors, all the politicians who keep repeating the tired mantras "Trust Science, Trust Western Medicine, Trust your Government - just shut up and TRUST US":

The news post below from NBC online (March 3) concerns the very toxic effects of a class of antibiotics - flouroquinolones. The sad fact is that the information regarding Levaquin, Cipro and the other antibiotics has been out there for MANY YEARS, ignored by the FDA and the CDC. Yet we are to blindly trust these pharmaceutical companies, especially in regard to vaccines; we are to blindly trust the government that advocates for and protects them! Watch the video following the post:

NBC News Channel. A North Carolina woman who suffered a series of extreme side effects from using Levaquin, joins the effort to pull the medication. The FDA says more than 1,200 people have died, and almost 100,00 have suffered side effects from the drug. WCNC's Michelle Boudin reports. Published March 3rd 2015, 8:11 am

Levaquin is just one of several flouride-based antibiotics that are equally notorious for the same side-effects! Flouride is a neurotoxin, hence the nerve-damage. Other flouroquinolones (flouride-based antibiotics) are Cipro, Avelox, Floxin and Factive.

"[A]luminum-induced neural degeneration in rats is greatly enhanced when the animals were fed low doses of fluoride," reads the news release for a 1998 study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Brain Research. "The presence of fluoride enhanced the bio-availability of aluminum (Al) causing more aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier and become deposited in the brain. The aluminum level in the brains of the fluoride-treated group was double that of the controls."
Learn more:

The same Government that turns a blind eye to 1,000 deaths from Levaquin is the same Government that turns a blind eye to the soaring rate of autism from Vaccines.

David Taylor

I loved how Gordon nailed DeRosa on "all mercury has been removed from childhood vaccines."

The false premise that no one addressed is one that all panelists seemed to accept: "unvaccinated children are a threat." They were portrayed by everyone except Gordon as lethal disease vectors.

For my family, just the opposite is true. We try to keep our home-schooled, unvaxed, all organic, GFCF, vitamined and supplemented, daily exercising, homeopathic treated kid away from the runny noses, coughs, and sneezes that plague the general over-vaxed, allopathic population.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks for the heads up. I can't listen, even for Dr. Gordon, but I spent some time in the comments. I'm tired of spending so much energy trying not to hate after a lifetime of "healthcare" induced suffering and trauma in my family. These either dishonest or dangerously in denial doctors who make a parasitical living off the lying, poisoning, and then further harming of some of us ... I just can't listen to another one ... not today.

cia parker

Dr. Pan said that many parents were afraid to take their children to stores and restaurants because vaccines are not currently mandatory for all. That's ridiculous. If their children are vaxed, then they should feel secure. If the vaccines are not effective, why force others to be damaged by vaccines hoping there's any chance that your own child will be benefited? And the unspoken subtext was that the next step is going to be to force all vaccines on all adults, otherwise Dr. Pan't statement makes no sense, since very few adults are up on ALL the recommended vaccines (which, of course, often don't work anyway, although they always damage the recipient). ALL the comments I saw, which went quite far down, were AGAINST a vaccine mandate, which is very encouraging. I don't think there's a chance in hell that this bill will go through.


..."Having heard all the "talking points" .. over so many years .. good God almighty .. GET PASSED THEM ALREADY .. THEY HAVEN'T WORKED IN THE PAST .. AND .. ARE NOT GOING TO WORK IN THE FUTURE."

One of the most intelligent statements I've read to-date...


I have to add to what I said that while Dr. Gordon did say that 12 months wasn't the best time to give the MMR, he unfortunately didn't say anything about the Merck scandals over the mumps portion of the vaccine and over the CDC whistleblower William Thompson saying that the vaccine's safety studies were rigged to hide a link to autism in African American boy who received the vaccine before 36 months. The American public has a right to know that there are problems with the MMR. While all the doctors on the show said that the MMR was effective, this contradicts Mayo Clinic's Dr. Poland's view that the vaccine's failure rate is unacceptably high and that another vaccine needs to be developed.


Dr. Gordon made some good points and did successfully refute many of the false claims of Dr. Pan and the other one, whose arguments were both on shaky ground. Importantly, Dr. Gordon pointed out that Pan has received $200,000 in Pharma funding since the last bill passed, and that Pan's current position contradicts what it was when he promoted his prior legislation mandating MD education before exemptions could be obtained that was passed into law. Well informed, articulate callers also sliced through the lies and the moderator admitted that the vast majority of the many calls were from "antivaxers". One of the docs in support of the bill falsely claimed that homeschooled children would not be affected. Good thing that Dr. Sears called to clear that one up. I'm sure Dr. Sears would have done more damage to the tyrannical agenda if he was given more time.

Bob Moffitt

It was absolutely painful to listen to someone like Dr. Pan .. spew twenty staight minutes of "talking points" .. without daring to stop to take a breath .. lest someone ask him to explain in more detail .. JUST ONE OF THOSE UNENDING TALKING POINTS.

Gathering four "experts" together to "discuss" the complex "pros and cons" of vaccinations .. in an hour or so .. is USELESS.

The questions from callers were extremely useful .. yet .. they were told they would receive their answers "off line" .. while the "panel" was then given the opportunty to "pick and chose" whatever partial response to the caller's question they had a well rehearsed "talking point" to spew.

It is infuriating trying to "pin these experts down". Ask a simple question .. and .. get in respone a totally different answer to a question that was not asked.

Having heard all the "talking points" .. over so many years .. good God almighty .. GET PASSED THEM ALREADY .. THEY HAVEN'T WORKED IN THE PAST .. AND .. ARE NOT GOING TO WORK IN THE FUTURE.

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