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Dachel Media Update: Oregon Peds Not Listening to Patients' Parents Re Vaccination Choice

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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March 17, 2015, Portland Business Journal: Pediatricians disappointed over demise of Oregon's get-tough vaccine bill

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward's decision to drop her proposed legislation scrapping the "personal belief" exemption for children's vaccinations has prompted disappointment among some Oregon pediatricians.

"It's frustrating when a vocal minority has such a large impact on legislation and the vast majority aren't the ones who get all excited and call their legislators," said Dr. Jay Rosenbloom, a pediatrician with Pediatric Associates of the Northwest and medical director for Children's Health Alliance.

Steiner Hayward, who is a family physician, backed off her bill after it became clear it lacked sufficient support in the Legislature. Parents had testified at a heated public hearing that it took away their freedom and informed consent. . . 

Elizabeth Hayes from the Portland Journal doesn't believe that there is an argument on the other of the vaccine issue. 

Instead, we only hear from the pro-vax people.

WA State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, a physician, proposed this bill to end exemptions.

Dr. Greg Blaschke, president of the Oregon Pediatric Society wants to end exemptions.

Ken Cole, the Oregon Medical Association's communications director, predicts diseases will return.

Doctors are disappointed?  Considering that a “well-baby visit” includes a line-up of six or eight vaccines, ending exemptions means a great deal to them.

Hayes pretends experts back vaccination without exception.  It's uneducated parents who are the problem.  Notice that there is no mention here of RFK Jr's visit to Oregon.  That's an important omission. 

I posted comments.

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If the state of Oregon makes a law requiring parents to talk to a physician before getting an exemption, then the parents should be reimbursed by the state for their time and the doctor's office visit should be free (and not paid by the state either - doctors should not in any way financially benefit from this law), since it is the state that wants the visit, not the parents, and since those fighting for this legislation are the ones - doctors - who stand to benefit from the increased business. They are attempting to vote for themselves guaranteed mandatory for-profit consultations. Not to mention the vaccine sales - major conflicts of interest.


The people need to "get tough" on physicians whose actions contradict medical ethics and who are lying through their teeth about vaccines and the illness they are sold to prevent.

Who is William Thompson ?

Where have you been AnneD ? I've missed your column .

I have a question for you , with the planned "lockdown" of the internet by Larry Page\Zuckerberg & the internet , what are your plans for finding those hidden articles that were previously so easy to seize upon .

Also , I think you are going to have a new chapter to your book , "autism cover-up" to tell the story of Googles Knowledge Vault , and how the Chinese look a positively free country compared to what is being done to us .

Exemption doesn't mean unvaccinated

This entire issue was cooked up and misrepresented by ESH. For the real story see the medium.com series


Dr. Andrew Wakefield was widely criticized because he, with consent of the parents, drew blood from children at a birthday party for research - a completely harmless intervention done for legitimate purposes done with full consent.

These criminals who are attempting to do away with informed consent and mandate vaccination, a procedure that has unknown short and long term effects, that can cause a long list of injuries including death, an entire category of drugs that have never been tested for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, effects on reproduction or fertility, should lose their licenses to practice medicine. No doctor who would even consider forcing a procedure, any procedure, on a patient, in this case the entire population of the United States, should have a license to practice medicine.

Compare what these idiots are doing to what Dr. Wakefield did and see how little sense this all makes.

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