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Mar 22, 2015, Healthy 2020 with Dr Sherri Tenpenny for #b1less NEWS #CDCwhistleblower

Listen to this 12 minute audio tape by Dr. Tenpenny.   It puts the media hype over the measles outbreak and the bills in state legislatures to end exemptions into whole new perspective.


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As has already been stated by others, my discoveries via the vaccine illusion has left me in a state of perpetual shock that has stripped me of almost every belief I ever nurtured. As painful as it's been, I'm glad I'm no longer suffering under these demented delusions that are fed us daily via MSM. My one prayer is that this awakening catches the world's population on fire, opening our eyes to who's running the show and for what purpose. At the very least it'll even out the playing field. Darkness cannot stand the light of day. Let's watch them scurry like rats. On the Christian perspective, I've often wondered if my autistic sons are one of many victim souls atoning for those who will not or cannot atone for themselves at this point in their soul's journey. It takes great courage for a soul to take on a significant disability, but it knows it will make immeasurable spiritual progress so it takes the great leap. Although evil seems to have the upper hand in this sphere, it's certainly not the last word. In any case the Virgin Mary ( a woman who watched her Son tortured and killed by evil men) said at Fatima "my immaculate heart will triumph"


..."All reality is like this as you said. An illusion. It's the Matrix. The key is to unplug. Paradigm shift-the Awakening. Scary stuff. You can lose family & friends who can't make that shift with you. Also you see and feel things that others don't and it's incredibly frustrating..."


You almost made me cry with those words. Seriously. I think one reason I'm so compelled to come over here, morning after morning, day after day, is because I DO sense a sort of 'soul' connection, or an intuitiveness that I seem to share with so many over here.

You're one of them...

I've been 'gently' asked to unplug from some of this - yes, even with some of the vaccine stuff I'm so emotionally involved with - because it gets me all riled up. I do have other things going on in my life which I probably should be spending more of my time with, but I am so PASSIONATE about the vaccine issues our country is now enveloped with that I just can't help myself.

But yes, I hear you! I am going to go a bit out on a limb with this one and state that I have 'gently' tried to say what we've been going through as a family, w/o really saying it out loud, but I hope that some of you perhaps understand what I've been rambling on about.

I'm still in shock. Don't know if I'll ever come out of that shock completely. I had to come face-to-face to grips with the fact that I actually knew NOTHING that I thought I did when these things started happening. But yet, I've always known deep down...I'd just forgotten.

It IS really a sort of awakening, if you will. Just remembering who we all really are and why these things are happening to us. And yes, some of it is very negative, as Benedetta rightfully pointed out, but sad to say, it's the truth. The truth isn't always palatable, nor pretty...

Thank you for that lovely comment, Danchi. It's good to know that someone out there understands.


What you have been experiencing over the years is a paradigm shift. From the Buddhist perspective everything is an illusion and we give it significance by assigning meaning to it. An example I was given in a teaching: the teacher asked my why is that a table and I couldn't answer. So he asked, why can't it be a bike-not knowing where he was going with this I just said it's not a bike because it has no wheels. He came back with so it's a bike because it has wheels, what if I took off the wheels is it still a bike or now can it be a table? Everyone in the class was confused and he explained it's a table because someone at some point in time called it a table and endowed it with qualities and characteristics that it has today. But if you peel back the layers of this it's really just pieces of wood glued together, take it apart and it's pieces of wood, the table no longer exists-so the table is an illusion. We human gave it a name,characteristics and purpose.

All reality is like this as you said. An illusion. It's the Matrix. The key is to unplug. Paradigm shift-the Awakening. Scary stuff. You can lose family & friends who can't make that shift with you. Also you see and feel things that others don't and it's incredibly frustrating because example: the corruption and collusion between the pharmaceutical industry, government, MSM and their legion of celebrity doctors. Even though you provide them with a power point presentation with citations and journal articles from mainstream and the CDC, they can't connect the dots between 1 child in 6 chronically behaviorally ill and the increase in the number of vaccines children have been receiving in the last decade. They actually believe 150 cases of measles, and no one is really sure if they are all measles cases or if they all have been lab confirmed, they believe this is an outbreak, dangerous, the red death. In England February 1959 there was an epidemic of measles with 41,000 cases in 3 weeks and reading the reports of 3 of the doctors treating the children from the BMJ, they didn't break a sweat. Called it a "mild ailment". Fear is their illusion. As Roosevelt said: “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” But a bigger fear than measles to these people-is taking the red pill.


@Grace Green:

You stated: "I think what you said about having to go to England to research the history of the USA, applies to a certain extent in all countries..."


Not knowing just who to trust has been a major obstacle for me. I think, for me anyway, that learning to trust MYSELF has been KEY. If I had trusted myself years ago, I would never have allowed our infant son to receive those bolus doses of vaccines I held him down for.

But then again, if I had not done that, I wouldn't be where I am today re my understanding what this world is all about. The world is far more complex than I'd ever imagined...

Grace Green

Bayareamom, I think what you said about having to go to England to research the history of the USA, applies to a certain extent in all countries. We always hear the bad stuff about other countries while our own is portrayed to us as faultless. Losing faith in your own 'leaders' is very scary for most people, but for those here who have experienced some of the worst things a person can go through, it's less scary than the alternative - trusting them.


In 2009 when the swine flu vaccine propaganda was going on I watched this video from a Medical Doctor from Spain, who became a Nun, I found it mind blowing and eye opening.


"Americans always brag about how free we are, how we can do anything we pretty much want within reason because we have a Constitution that protect us. Ha. The way the "Elite" and the government have been ignoring and abusing the Constitution it may as well take up resident at the bottom of a bird cage."

One more thing re the above:

What bothers me about this issue with our Constitution is that people tend to forget throughout these many years that the Constitution REALLY did not provide the 'freedom(s)' we thought it did.

Who were these men that drafted this piece of paper? They were the elites of their day. Many of them were wealthy landowners (if not most of them) and many of them owned SLAVES. These same men declared ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL (which they were by our Creator), but yet, WHO were deemed those freedoms via this legislation?

THE WEALTHY LANDOWNERS. NOT everyone in that time, who may have even owned land, was PERMITTED TO VOTE for certain legislative offices. Slaves were considered 3/5 a person; their children were oft times taken away from them (in horribly cruel/sadistic manners). Women were used/abused by their owners; the list goes on and on as to the atrocities committed upon these people, yet their masters/overseers created this legislation decrying 'all men are created equal.'

Yeah, so long as you were white, and generally speaking...wealthy. That piece of legislation also provided for our Supreme Court, a Supreme Court comprised of...elites...who had the final word re certain legal issues.

A true democratic form of government would never have established this sort of elitist court system and we can certainly see the results in our very time frame. One only has to look at the Bruesewitz v. Wyeth issue to understand, implicity, that at times (more so than often perhaps), this same elitist court...GETS IT WRONG.

So then what? There's no recourse. We're stuck, we free people, with an abhorrent decision, which ultimately compels our society into this medical fascist system we see rapidly unfolding before us.

I'm sure my words sound quite negative, but when you look at what really transpired with those Founding Fathers, it becomes evident that TRUE freedom FOR ALL...never really happened.

Our country still had civil rights issues to deal with in the 1960's and we're still dealing with, sadly, some of those same issues today. I'm quite certain that if any one of us were living during the days of the drafting of the Constitution and were of color/slaves, we might not have quite the same perceptions of those same Founding Fathers as many have, today.

So when I say that most of what we've been taught really isn't true or is an illusion, I mean I literally have had to look in a far deeper manner when it comes to reality versus the illusion.

A lady I spoke with years ago (she has several degrees in U.S. History), comes from a rather aristocratic background. She can trace her family history back to the Mayflower; she has a very interesting background. She was once married to a Naval Intelligence Officer and came out as a sort of whistleblower re what she knew about some of our intelligence communities.

She told me she had to perform research in England in a library there, in order to really dig into TRUE American history. When you think about it, that all makes sense, considering our history with that country. What she found when she started digging through her research at that time, made her hair curl. She found things about Franklin, Jefferson, and many of the others of their day/time that - TRUST ME - you will never find in an American history book.

When my Dad told me years ago that this world isn't what you think it is, I had no idea at the time as a little girl, what 'precisely' he meant.

Let's just say I've had a heads up re all of that these past several years; it's been a real roller-coaster ride.


"I don't think it's just about overpopulation, though that is bad enough..."

That is correct; it's never been 'just overpopulation.' It's deeper than this...


"I don't think they really do. That would means they would have to see their country as flawed and that the land of the free----isn't. Americans always brag about how free we are, how we can do anything we pretty much want within reason because we have a Constitution that protect us. Ha. The way the "Elite" and the government have been ignoring and abusing the Constitution it may as well take up resident at the bottom of a bird cage..."

Many do not want to know 'truth,' for many reasons. I don't mean to sound all-preachy...really I don't! But my family's had so much happening to us these past eight years or so and I find myself literally wanting to vomit forth some of what we've been told.

Example: I had the opportunity to work with a certain individual who used to work with my Dad's agency. He actually worked alongside my Dad these past many years (unbeknownst to me at the time I was working with him; I found out later that this was the case). He said to me the following:

He told me to consider ALL that is now happening here on the Earth CONNECTED, i.e., in that each and every event (wars, issues with outside influences, etc., so forth) are connected in a meaningful way. He said they are taught in these agencies to 'peel away the onion layers.' Every layer of truth which is revealed to you and then understood by you, proceeds to the next layer of onion (or truth revealed).

Each layer reveals another layer. And at each stage of layering, the truth becomes deeper. Not all those layers reveal a sinister plot/plan, but some...DO. What one needs to do when peeling away the onion layers is to really learn and value the art of discernment.

What he was gently describing to me, I later realized, was that most everything we've been taught and/or conditioned to BELIEVE down here, is FALSE. In other words, the world we are living an illusion.

THAT was hard for me to accept, but I have to say, the more that was revealed to me, the more this illusion was stripped away. I was FORCED to ACCEPT that most of what I thought was truth, was not the truth at all.

That first layer on the onion - FOR ME - was this vaccine issue. After witnessing with absolute horror what had happened to our infant son really, really, really opened my eyes.

Years later, my husband pointed out certain websites which dealt with so-called alternative media and told me I may want to have a look. I did and initially, I thought it was all bogus. But as I've said, certain shall we say events started occurring at just about this same time, which then ultimately COMPELLED me to shift my paradigm.


These things have literally forced me to stand on my head and look at this world in which we live in a whole other light.

Those events shook me to my very core. And for some very odd reason, the vaccine issues movement is what propelled me into this paradigm shift.

For those who simply refuse to accept the reality of this vaccine issue, I can only say I completely understand. I really do.

But at some point, I can guarantee each and every person reading at this forum - at some point in the very near future - you WILL start to understand what is truly happening here (if you've not done so already).

So yes - there are many of us out there who have had these sort of Awakenings, if you will, which have ultimately FORCED us to to accept 'truth' as it was presented to us (in more ways than one). Some of this has been exquisitely beautiful, much of it has been very daunting.

The bottom line: Keep FIGHTING BACK...with everything you've got.

grey one

Michelle i too want better odds.
But i remember decades ago having a conversation with a dr complaining to him about the smoking in my workplace and him telling me you will never win against big tobacco because they have so much money and political power.
I am preying that dr thompson will testify in posey investigation and create the tsunami that will allow some light to shine.
Although i could never have that kind of impact i try to be a pebble in the pond with ever widening ripples.

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day i can hear her beathing." Arundhati Roy


I like how Dr. Tenpenny thinks. Like her, I've been wondering about how sooooo many bills could have hit simoultaneously. It is very very similar to the women's rights bills all hitting at the same time over the past couple years.
Dr. Tenpenny went into the idea of governors coordinating somehow, and obviously they were and are. I am wondering whether ALEC is also involved here. Are the pharmaceutical companies cashing in on their memberships to ALEC?

A Mom

I don't think it's just about overpopulation, though that is bad enough.

If Dr. Seneff is correct about 1 in 2 having an ASD by 2025, the US military and the US economy will be in dire straights.

Possibly Great Britain as well...?

That seems to be a mathematical certainty, not a (conspiracy) theory...

If that is not the goal or desirable, please tell me how this is going to be averted.

And perhaps, who would benefit from such a devastating result? I mean, the medical complex is making a bundle but what is to become of *everything else* when 1 in 2 have ASD? And then 20 years later?

Are people going to just sit back and let it happen?

Michelle F

The more awake I become, the more concerned I become. Where are we to go? The legislative-process takes so long for the next election cycles...does it really even matter anymore who we elect? Aren't they all controlled by the same PHarmaMasters? Desperately seeking a plan B


Either way - Danchi is right - it looks evil.


Of course though there is this:

Blind endorsement of vaccines by the media is similar to how they promoted the safety of cigarettes in the face of mounting studies showing smoking was killing millions of people in the 1950s and 1960s. There's no mention that thimerosal is made from mercury. We've just told it's safe to inject into children.

And they did endorse it - I was there - as all the old farmers listened to all the new studies that proved that smoking was really good for you.

So maybe it is just good business.


Bayareamom - that is a lot of (-)s.

Is it really that far fetched that our leaders or those that think they are our leaders; those that have made much money off of us and has more than a pocket full of money; takes it upon themselves to save the world from overpopulation?

As a matter of fact it is so common and has happened so often of leaders thinking they have to do something about the population of humans that I doubt we could name all the times and policies in a blog.


People always say they want truth.

I don't think they really do. That would means they would have to see their country as flawed and that the land of the free----isn't. Americans always brag about how free we are, how we can do anything we pretty much want within reason because we have a Constitution that protect us. Ha. The way the "Elite" and the government have been ignoring and abusing the Constitution it may as well take up resident at the bottom of a bird cage.

I think Jack Nicholson said it best in "A Few Good Men"
Kaffee: *I want the truth!*

Col. Jessep: *You can't handle the truth!*

I truly believe that most people in the US are suffering from willful ignorance.


HHS U.S. National Vaccine Plan:


Legislative Prescriptions for Controlling
Nonmedical Vaccine Exemptions

"During 2014, numerous communities across the United
States have been affected by significant, largely avoid-
able outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses (VPIs),
such as measles, mumps, and pertussis.

These out-breaks have been associated with increasing numbers of families actively declining immunizations against VPIs for their children."

Makes my blood boil, especially the last sentence above, which is an out and out LIE.


..."Add Healthy People 2020 and the collusion to remove medical autonomy is almost complete. This is starting to look like Nazi Germany in the 40's."

I've been trying to tell anyone who would listen to me that 'they' have been machinating all of this behind the scenes for a very, very long time.

I don't know if people know what someone means when they use the word 'elite.' Do some out there not understand WHO, exactly, the elite ARE?

I hate to say this, but the truth IS getting out there, i.e., the fact that anyone would dare to try to push this sort of a fascist type medical/mafia onto the U.S. populous says it all. That man behind the curtain is now exposing himself for all the rest to see. It's just that some of us out there have been awakened to this truth for quite awhile and others are now just having their eyes laid wide open.

People always say they want truth. Really? The truth isn't always easy to digest and when it's finally laid out for you to really SEE it, it does tie a knot in your stomach.


"The term conspiracy theorist is meant to be a barrier to the truth."

You misunderstand (and I do understand): Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. That term was meant to create stigma to ANY one person who questions anything, whether about JFK's assassination, medical issues, paranormal/alien/UFO issues, etc. That term creates so much negativity that anyone who even dares to question the status quo will almost surely suffer the term 'conspiracy theorist,' or 'nut/whack job,' or worse.

Believe me...I understand why the term is used...and I loathe it. Telling any version of the truth on this planet is very difficult.

I once said to someone who knows my Father and is connected to the agency he worked with, that "I'd discovered during my awakening regarding vaccine issues that there is very little truth out there...about ANYTHING."

His precise words to me were, "Well, you've got that right."

He would know - he isn't one of the good guys.

So yeah...I get it.


I have always know that all the fear mongering campaigns over the last decade and especially the Disney measles False Flag are part of a larger plan. I just didn't realize how big the plan is and how long it has been going on. I've got a know in my stomach after listening to the video and clicking on some of the links in Dr.Tenpenny's article. This revelation is just stunning.

I have been endeavoring to inform the public by posting information about NACCHO and the National Adult Immunization Plan. I post this at the end of every comment I make on a website. It's easy to work into the comment, especially if it's about vaccines. This bit of information is pretty effective in shutting down most trolls. However the ones who are "Machiavellian sadist: as a recent research paper revealed-nothing works on them except ignoring them. I now need to incorporate the Healthy People 2020 and The Decade of Vaccines into the information. Everyone should be putting this information in messages, comments, Facebook, Reddit-all social media sites. This is the only way the public will know what's going on. If you are responding to trolls remind them that mandatory anything will apply to them to-no get out of jail free cards.

The point I'm getting across to people is this now is no longer about children. This is about adults and removal of your medical autonomy. I've actually had some MSM not post this information which doesn't surprise me. I've not gotten a lot or push back from people like I would if I was just trying to tell them that vaccines don't work and here's the reason why.

What I find appalling is parents offer their children up for vaccines at the whisper of a "outbreak" or hint of someone in their community that may have a childhood illness yet when it comes to following the same path-they flip and say well I believe in vaccination but they shouldn't be mandatory. Mandatory for who is the question I put to some but they don't respond back. Hypocrites. This is part of what I post:

“National Adult Immunization Plan”
http://www.hhs (dot) gov/nvpo/national_adult_immunization_plan_draft.pdf

-US Government Moves on Nationwide Adult Vaccination
http://memoryholeblog (dot) com/2015/02/21/us-government-moves-on-nationwide-adult-vaccination/#comments

-Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule—United States - 2015 http://www.cdc (dot)gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/adult/adult-schedule.pdf.

If you have not had vaccines for all the childhood illnesses since the age of 19-the CDC/HHS is currently creating a "CATCH UP" schedule-just like the one for children when they fall behind and receive as many as 8 vaccines at one time (keep in mind there has never been a study on administering multiple vaccines at once). The CDC recommends 72 vaccinations between the ages of 19 and 65. As of 2013: CDC recommended 49 doses of 14 vaccines between day of birth and age six and 69 doses of 16 vaccines between day of birth and age 18. So when you reach the age of 19 you begin submitting yourself to another lifelong series of vaccines that have never been proven to be effective or safe.

This is being orchestrated by a CDC front group called: The National Association of County and City Health Officials or NACCHO. NACCHO is NOT a federal organization. NACCHO is a lobbying front group for CDC and has been heavily lobbying health depts, state legislators, media and medical professionals across the US. This group is responsible for implementation of "closing vaccine loopholes" and bills on the state level to remove parental rights:
In July 2011 NACCHO issued a very clear policy statement that the time had come for states to eliminate personal belief exemptions:

The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) urges that personal belief exemptions be removed from state immunization laws and regulations.

NACCHO acknowledges that there are states that may not be in a position to eliminate personal belief exemptions immediately. States that easily permit personal belief exemptions to immunizations have significantly higher rates of exemption than states that have more complex procedures. These states should begin a process to limit the availability of personal belief exemptions to the greatest degree possible. An initial step might be to review the process of applying for and receiving exemptions: the more educational and demanding the process, the lower will be the rate of exemptions. There should be more involved in the application process than simply signing a form.

In July 2013, NACCHO’s Board approved this new policy statement, titled “An Immunization Program for all Stages of Life”: or as the Pharmaceutical Industry has stated their policy statement for decades : "Cradle to Grave". This exact wording is in their policy statement: “An Immunization Program for all Stages of Life”.
https://medium (dot) com/@sb442no/what-s-naccho-got-to-do-with-oregon-s-vaccine-exemption-fight-87b16c7c0c77.

Add Healthy People 2020 and the collusion to remove medical autonomy is almost complete. This is starting to look like Nazi Germany in the 40's.


The term conspiracy theorist is meant to be a barrier to the truth.


..."If someone is planning this, I don't think they considered or understood the prominent role epigenetics and the microbiome play in our health."

I actually think 'they' know exactly what they're doing. I'm not talking about the physicians/nurses who are indoctrinated in our medical schools.

I realize this topic is a little too deep for many (perhaps) reading here, but nonetheless, when you keep peeling away the onion layers with all of this, it IS deep.

Dr. Russell Blaylock gets a bit into this during one of his lectures. I think he's well aware, as a physician, what's really going on here. Dr. Archie Kalokerinos latched onto this issue before his death. He knew...

This issue is that portion of the 'truth' I've explained over here that caused me so much anguish and heartache. The conclusions I was forced to reach throughout the entirety of my research, not to mention certain events which have occurred in my life, have caused me to accept no other conclusion(s).

It's a difficult mindset to accept. I loathe the term conspiracy theorist, but when you start realizing that some of those so-called theories aren't really theories...the horror sets in.

Betty Bona

@Autism Mom,
I think even the genetics of the "superior race" is not safe in our current system. Epigenetics and the microbiome are just too important. Sure there will be some, like my kids, who fall first because of genetic vulnerability, but when your microbiome is shot and not making the proteins needed for neurotransmission or for ATP making, or when the aluminum is blocking enzymes from acting, or whatever else our current toxic environment is doing to us turning on or off genes epigenetically, it won't matter if the victim has "superior" genes. Everyone will suffer. If someone is planning this, I don't think they considered or understood the prominent role epigenetics and the microbiome play in our health.


..."There most definitely is a hidden agenda. Maybe this forced adult vaccination will be the wake up call. I think the aggressive vaccination campaign is being used to as a means conduct genetic cleansing to eliminate the genetically weak (disease prone)..."

You're close. I would humbly suggest that this vaccination campaign does have a decided hidden agenda, but it's not exactly that of cleansing the weak. Vaccines poison EVERYONE, not just those that are 'seemingly' more vulnerable/susceptible.

Perhaps 'they' are targeting the seemingly more susceptible for another more insidious reason...and this has absolutely nothing to do with being 'weak.'

I've pondered this for many years because of the following:

When I was around 10 weeks into my pregnancy, I had my first ultrasound. I had an appointment with my new OB/GYN; my husband accompanied me. Curiously enough, when we entered my physician's office, there was no one else in the room. We were the only ones there, save for the OB/GYN himself.

I was ushered into the exam room and told I was to undergo a vaginal ultrasound, just to ensure everything was going okay (I've no idea whether this is considered routine?). When my physician and I looked at the screen, we saw this little 'zygote' literally jumping ALL over the monitor/screen. And I do mean he was hopping all over the place; doing cartwheels, jumping up and down; it was like he was on steroids.

My physician literally went NUTS. He was older and told me he'd been practicing for over 30 years, but he had never, ever seen ANYTHING like this before.

I wouldn't have known this was at all unusual, so I took his word for it. But it was pretty amazing. That little peanut sized zygote was just going NUTS.

I'll never forget what happened next:

My OB literally ran out of the exam room and down the hall to grab my husband to show him what was going on. Literally at just the moment my husband entered the exam room, Ryan stopped moving. As if on cue. The look of defeat was visible on my OB's face. He actually tried getting that little zygote to start moving around again so my husband could witness it.

No dice. Didn't happen.

I get dressed and my husband and I are told we were wanted inside my OB's office for a follow-up conversation. As we sit down, I could still see the look of amazement on my OB's face. He immediately asked me, in a very strange manner, if I would be willing to put myself into a genetic study.

SOMETHING in me knew not to do this, so I flatly told him no. He persisted somewhat, but again, I said no. He then asked me if I would consider having am amniocentesis done instead.

And again, my answer was no.

I will NEVER forget this. I had many, many strange occurrence thereafter, during my pregnancy.

I've since asked around to some of my friends for a few years afterwards to see if anything like this had ever happened to them. The answer was always...NO.

I am also Rh-negative - 0 negative. That seems to be an issue for 'some' in the medical field...


When Obamacare was being explained a couple of years back all I could think was that it would simply be a means to employ the cheapest service possible to all. Sort of the lowest common denominator of health care... and that would always be lots of vaccines with little to no individual health care. So lo and behold, this is the plan after all. Every news story and talking head spouting the benefit of vaccines with no risk is just marketing to push this plan forward. Can't believe I voted for Obama the corporate whore, who would sell everyone out just to fulfill his collectivist vision.

All of the hype about "individualized medicine" using gene data acquired was a load of crap. There is no plan for that ever to happen. It would be more likely that we will get automated "doctors" that just hand out pills and syringes, the same ones for every person. A bit like the hospital in Idiocracy.

Autism mom


I think you are right. There more to this than corporate greed. There most definitely is a hidden agenda. Maybe this forced adult vaccination will be the wake up call. I think the aggressive vaccination campaign is being used to as a means conduct genetic cleansing to eliminate the genetically weak (disease prone). I think the goal is to improve the overall fitness of the human race. That is the master plan - this is "the Blue Print for the Future", the "Brave New World". I've commented about it before on AoA but maybe people were not ready to hear it.

This is why geneticist have been collecting the genomic information of thousands of autism families - because kids with autism are genetically more disease prone- they are genetic carriers. back in 2009, I was approached by BCH genetics department who wanted my family to participate in the Autism Genome project but I declined. Now that they announced the MSSNG project and made the genetic information of thousands of autism families available to researchers via the Cloud, I expect genetic testing will be aggressively promoted. I also expect reproductive technologies like PGD and third party DNA donation will be in demand.

My niece and nephew are only 10 years old but they're growing up knowing first hand about autism. They've witnessed first hand how hard it is on the parents. By the time this generation of kids are ready to have kids of their own, they will want to seek genetic testing to prevent it from happening to their children. I think the market for genetic testing in the future will be huge and will be aggressively promoted in the media. Genetic testing centers have already opened in the UK and I expect will also open in the US, Australia and Canada.

I feel these eugenic elitists got what the wanted (our families DNA for the autism disease registry) and will make the excess people chronically sick all in an effort to further reduce the earths population which is now over
7 billion. A superior race achieved.


I hope so Grey One;
At least with sites like this we do not go silently into the night, but go with loud protesting.

That is how I would chose to go out.

grey one

Elderly with alzheimers young with autism, and the in between overextended, how does the center hold.
In the environment losing monarchs, starving sea lions, haliburton loophole polluting our water, pesticides in our food, gmos in breastmilk. Anything for profit.
A society that is willing to sacrifice some of its own children and the chronically ill, filling the institutions with them, filling the prisons with the poor, all for profit.
I believe sites like this help move society towards values of
quality of life and mitigation of all the harm. I am grateful that it is here.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Anne, for sharing Dr. Tenpenny's investigation into these policy initiatives.

My stomach is in a bit of a knot with our children reaching adulthood, and their caretakers, often families members who don't need any more vaccine induced health problems either. I can't trust the medical system that hasn't recognized our vaccine injured children as such to assume the role they shouldn't have anyway of making "healthcare" choices for patients, and I've just learned California wants to establish "guidelines" for "doctor assisted suicide." Setting aside all other implications, what might all this mean for the vaccine injured who can't speak or have difficulty speaking for themselves?


Sooo, you all still think all of this is not on purpose - just corparate greed and all that?

They are not really trying to get rid of us. Maybe not - but it sure sounds like it.

And I know that ever generation thinks we are at the end of days. I am sure the surfs living on grass, as the Vikings and so forth set upon them with swords, killing babies thought so too.

But untill now there was never everyone receiving a mark on the forehead or hand - or apparently both! or we can not buy or sale.

Sounds like the end days to me.

Jeannette Bishop

Boyd Haley's work implicates mercury in Alzheimers, though he's said in several interviews that after demonstrating mercury can cause the signs of neurodegeneration seen in Alzheimer's he was given notice that further research into the matter was not warranted at the time and no more funding.

I'm not sure if this represents all his research on the matter, but this comes up with a topic search and his name:

If you search pubMed for aluminum and Alzheimer's you get an indication they use aluminum to induce it for research in animals, but in humans we're supposed to rely on the studies that fail to find a problem and not worry, but you can look up Chris Shaw's research on aluminum adjuvants (not sure if aluminum is ever used in flu vaccine though) and Chris Exley:

grey one

There a 2 researchers who believe there is a strong association with alzheimers and spirochetal disease. Dr alan macdonald is well known in the lyme community and dr miklossy who studied dental spirochetes also. Dr mcdonald is featured in the documentary under our skin available free online and the sequel emergence.
In dr horowitz book on lyme he talks about recovering some patients who had severe cognitive problems.
I wonder if the vaccines give a leg up to latent lyme and other virus and bacteria. I belive a tetanus booster and flu shot played a part in my own health problems.

Flu vaccine and Alzheimer's

Another loved one has just failed the "memory test." Now two extended family members! (both interestingly the most keen flu vaccine takers). Does anyone know of any good studies that refute any association?
I am only aware of a 2001 study that says TDaP and flu vaccines *seemed to be associated with less Alzheimer's. The only other study mentioned by the Alzheimer's association that is supposed to comfort us is the 2004 JAMA study which claims "vaccines reduce the risk of death from all causes." That isn't exactly saying that vaccines aren't related to Alzheimer's! Any information would be appreciated.

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