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Dachel Media Update: Don't Mess With Texas Vaccine Exemption Rights

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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Mar 25, 2015, NJ Star-Ledger: The latest Kennedy scandal: Railing about vaccines | Editorial

Mar 25, 2015, KVUE Austin TX: Bill would require schools to disclose vaccination waivers


NJ Star-Ledger

It's sad to see Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attach his great name to dangerous nonsense. And that is what the nephew of the late President John Kennedy and son of former U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy has done once again in New Jersey, by barging into the already-overwrought debate over childhood vaccines.

The first problem is that Kennedy doesn't understand the law being proposed. It does not remove the religious exemption for vaccines. It simply requires a parent to provide an explanation with the request, either by showing a note from a doctor or a notarized letter demonstrating a vaccine would violate "bona fide religious tenets."  . . .

He is wrong. Every major scientific and medical organization in the country agrees that he is wrong. Here's all you need to know about thimerosal: There is no link between it and any brain disorders, including autism. To assuage fears, the government removed it from pediatric vaccines nearly 15 years ago, with the exception of a specific flu vaccine, and childhood autism rates have actually gone up since.

This blind endorsement of vaccines by the media is similar to how they promoted the safety of cigarettes in the face of mounting studies showing smoking was killing millions of people in the 1950s and 1960s.  There's no mention that thimerosal is made from mercury.  We've just told it's safe to inject into children.

Very powerful forces control the press in the U.S.  The writer/writers of this editorial make no mention of Kennedy's book, Thimerosal, Let the Science Speak, or the movie, "Trace Amounts."  No one wanted to interview Kennedy to get his side of this.

It's clear why.  Honest coverage would expose the worse medical scandal ever. 

KVUE Austin TX

A new bill in the Texas Legislature would require schools to disclose the number of vaccination waivers on campus, information that is currently only available at the district level.

Vaccination opponents argued the bill is meant to put pressure on those skeptical of vaccines.

"You're putting all the focus on this tiny, tiny percentage of the population who has an exemption, not disclosing what they have an exemption for," said Dawn Richardson, a mother and advocacy director for the National Vaccine Information Center. "So let's call this what it is. It's a vaccine discrimination bill. It's about outing there are a small number of families that don't have every single government vaccine."

The vaccine promoters never sleep.  No one should have any rights when it comes to vaccination.

AGAIN---no mention of the possibility that vaccines carry risks.  I posted comments.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.



Wendy Davis, Texas Representative, is bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. She has been honored by Big Pharma at a number of soirees.

She is the one responsible for recent legislation requiring that all Texas hospitals "have a policy in place" for their staff - including any physician that rounds at the hospital - in regards to the yearly flu vaccines. The "policy" adopted by most Texas hospitals is for those who refuse the jab, they must wear a mask.


"I would like to force all lawmakers to get vaccines"

MD's should show up at all these legislator meetings across the country with vials of vaccines for the lawmakers who are pushing the agenda for mandatory and ask them to take the vaccines right there on the spot in front of the assembly of people they are attempting to force them on. If they are safe and effective for children as well as adults-STFU and get you damn vaccines---NOW!


Planes never crash, and vaccines never injure

Good call name.

Cause I and not I alone think that the whole rise in mental health issues is caused by vaccines - too many boosters and too many unimportant vaccines for unimportant diseases.

The Pilot obviously had mental health issues.

Vaccines cause brain injuries, brian injuries lead to mental health issues, Mental health issues leads to drug addiction - and that included pharma/prescription drugs like Prozac to name but a few.

But it don't stop there as in the Hypothalmus/pituary/adrenal axis and that sets us up for every modern disease with no cure out there.

GHeeee whiz but those foolish little uniformed CDC guys have a lot to answer for - as does the whole medical community.

Planes never crash, and vaccines never injure

@Bayareamom -and @Who IS WT--
-I am sure you will agree with me! It's just a coincidence that all those people died on that flight. They were going to be dead and blown to bits anyhow, correlation is NOT causation. I mean, people have always been blown to bits we just didn't notice it before. It has nothing to do with the pilot, or the plane, because all pilots are sainted, well trained, and stable, and it's a conspiracy theory to say that there are pilots who have other agendas. And the airline is in it for the good of humanity and would never underpay or overwork a pilot. And besides, we could scare people into no longer flying , and that would be such a disaster and anti-science and bring us back to the days before airplanes. Because people are so stupid that if they find out once in a while you can get hurt or killed on a plane, they will never, ever, ever ride a plane! Certainly we can't trust them with data that shows that once in a while things go wrong. And we can't figure out why this happened to prevent it in the future--just doing that is admitting it happened, and we can't risk our entire air program to do that. And we can't help the victims or their families--I know, let's just blame them for happening to get on a plane at the same time they were about to self-destruct. Delusional families looking for someone to blame for their genetics that blew them to bits. They do not deserve any sympathy and be sure to sic Lilady and Dorit on them for daring to blame the airline for their personal bad genes. In the meantime, we will look for a genetic cause for this airline crash in the meantime. Don't want airlines to go out of business!

@Jenny: Someone here pointed out that it might be darned easy for a medical doctor to throw away a vaccine but write the info from it on a form and fake that they took it. . . so how will we ever know? Still, wouldn't that be interesting? I would like to force all lawmakers to get vaccines as well and make normal court torts liability a condition of getting rid of exemptions, including holding doctors and practices liable in the case they refuse an exemption and a child gets hurt, at 100 times the actual cost of the POTENTIAL damage to the child for not listening to the parent's report of side effects. RETROACTIVELY. So we can put every arrogant doctor who doesn't listen to parents out of business.


"Why all the fuss over the pilot killer yet not much action when a whistleblower reveals an agency is systematically hiding evidence of the destruction of many children??"

Assuming this is a rhetorical question?

If not, the answer is because the vaccine agenda is an agenda that is 'sacred' to those in charge. 'They' will do anything (as Dr. Fletcher has so stated) to protect this program...ANYTHING. As in deflecting/deflection, as in mass media propaganda to divert populous attention to other major MSM stories, etc., so forth.

It's why Kim Kardashian's rear end is more important than the autism/vaccine issue and most certainly the reason smearing Jenny McCarthy's name and that of Dr. Wakefield's is more important than is the release to the public the information/story re the CDC whistleblower.

It's an AGENDA, one of which is highly lucrative and important to certain elites. Make no mistake, it's not all just about the money. Money equals control; the elites involved have all the money they could ever possibly need or want. Their wealth enables them to control the masses...

I have to hand it to them; they're masters at this game of deception. Hats off to 'em...(she said sarcastically).

@ Who is William Thompson ?

Why all the fuss over the pilot killer yet not much action when a whistleblower reveals an agency is systematically hiding evidence of the destruction of many children??

Tony Bateson

Speaking of exemptions, when single vaccines were made available in the UK a few years back 20% of those enquiring about these for their children were medically qualified.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK


Good questions, Jenny. Especially considering many nurses and doctors unions do NOT want forced mandates for themselves.

Who is William Thompson ?

The UK is next .
We are ready for the fight .


I have a question that I'm not sure I've read about anywhere.
In the population that uses exemptions, what percentage are religious exemptions, what percentage are philosophical exemptions (in the states that have them), and what percentage are medical exemptions?
And of those groups, how many of those exemptions, in particular, have been granted to individuals with an MD in the family.
Are MD families more likely to use exemptions than the general population?
Are individuals with exemptions with an MD in the family more likely to be using medical exemptions than the general population?

Anyone know the numbers on this?

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