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Control All Delete, Part 1: The Un-American Suppression of the Vaccine Safety Debate

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Last month, the Toronto Star ran a perfectly reasonable article titled “A Wonder Drug’s Dark Side,” about adverse events following the HPV vaccine Gardasil. It wasn’t long before the paper and its editor, Michael Cooke, were set on by the raving pack of hyenas that attacks anyone who dares suggest that vaccines are not pure as the driven snow.

One critic, Julia Belluz, writes for an online publication called Vox, which I first encountered this year when they did a Q&A with me headlined, not very nicely, “Understanding the fear of vaccines: an activist explains why he buys a debunked idea.” They are reflexive, relentless and nasty vaccine zealots – that’s what zealotry is.

The Star’s Cooke didn’t much like Vox’s predictable and unjustified criticism. He sent Ms. Belluz this: "Stop gargling our bathwater and take the energy to run yourself your own, fresh tub." He told another critic via Twitter: “Try not to be an idiot.”

To which I say – you tell her, bro! Editors need a certain Ben Bradlee-style “bite me” attitude toward unjustified critics, rather than cowering in the corner once attacks start. Unfortunately, Cooke’s moxie was short-lived. Under a barrage of criticism, on February 20 the publisher – his boss -- announced that “the Gardasil story package of Feb. 5 will be removed from our website.”

In explaining the article’s removal, the publisher wrote: “The weight of the photographs, video, headlines and anecdotes led many readers to conclude the Star believed its investigation had uncovered a direct connection between a large variety of ailments and the vaccine.”

Well yeah, it kind of did lead readers to conclude that – and the conclusion was more than justified, as readers of our own coverage of the vaccine will know. But “we have concluded that in this case our story treatment led to confusion between anecdotes and evidence,” the publisher said, and so it was pulled. (The Wall Street Journal got it right in a blog post headlined: “A Win for Merck? Paper Removes Investigation of Gardasil Side Effects.”)

This is just the latest example of a disturbing and, frankly, un-American (in the case of the Toronto Star, un-North American) trend: self-censorship and craven caving to criticism. Salon pulling Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s piece on the CDC’s cover-up of thimerosal's damage in vaccines was among the first and foremost.  

It’s not just pulling published journalism that is suppressing urgently needed debate. Google is reported to be talking about ranking its search results not just by relevance and popularity but by deciding which sites are most “accurate.” So if you humans don't cause global warming or do cause autism, you can expect to show up lower and later because, as we all know already and need not discuss any further, you are not accurate!

The New York Times and other publications explicitly forbid what they call false balance – giving any credence or even coverage to what they consider “anti-vaccine” cranks. If you think that vaccine reactions are more frequent and more serious than the drug companies and government say – the heart of our argument and, again, a perfectly reasonable policy debate -- and that those reactions include autism, you are a tinfoil-hat type.

“It can be important to state both sides of an argument — but only when both sides are legitimate,” Margaret Sullivan, the NYT public editor, wrote in 2013 in regard to the vaccine debate in an article headlined “Just the Facts – No False Balance Wanted Here.” She was carrying the book-burning torch lit by former Executive Editor Bill Keller, who told Time in 2009: “I don't think fairness means that you give equal time to every point of view no matter how marginal. You weigh the sides, you do some truth-testing, you apply judgment to them. We don't treat creationism as science. Likewise in the autism-vaccine debate, our reporting shows pretty clearly which side the science is on.”

Creationism and vaccine-induced autism – what a moral equivalency! The real equivalency is between the Times warmongering coverage of Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction, and its smug certainty that vaccines don’t cause autism – the most important international, and the most important domestic, issues of our time, both muffled and missed by the Times. Some institutions have no memory or ability to learn from their mistakes.

When Mark Blaxill and I were promoting our book The Age of Autism in 2010, we were invited to speak at the Brown University Bookstore, which provoked an article in the student paper titled “Inviting Ignorance”:

“Research is a highly generous word to use to describe what the authors have done. Essentially, they repackaged the last decade’s worth of claims that mercury causes autism, disregarding the actual research that shows those claims to be utterly false. Study after study has shown that autism is not caused by mercury in vaccines.

“To state it briefly, the authors of ‘The Age of Autism’ make demonstrably false claims that lead to parents refusing to vaccinate their children. Falling vaccination rates lead in turn to the reemergence of diseases like measles, mumps and whooping cough. The bookstore should not have hosted the Olmsted and Blaxill.”

And of course original research has also been suppressed, from Andy Wakefield’s 1998 Lancet “early report” on autism and the MMR to Brian Hooker’s recent work on the CDC’s cover-up of its own findings on autism and the MMR (I detect a trend!). Rather than report that many parents since 1998 have seen just what Andy was talking about – and much research has confirmed it – journalists talk about a retracted and discredited study. Rather than talk about William Thompson’s own direct statement that the CDC covered up a link, they can put it all on Brian Hooker and the fact his study was pulled.

As I’ve said before, people who use phrases like “Science has spoken” or “Experts say” or “Study after study shows” remind me of children who say things like “Teacher says” -- one word, proper noun, capitalized, impersonal, indisputable – the voice, more or less, of God, an adult speaking to an awestruck child.

This appeal to medical and scientific "authority" in the absence of original thinking is equally infantile. As a journalism book I admire puts it, at its heart the craft involves not just being fair and accurate and objective – those are good and necessary foul lines -- but verifying the truth by getting as close to primary sources as possible. How many reporters who claim Wakefield has been debunked or Thompson misquoted have bothered to verify this by examining the evidence for themselves? How many have read Wakefield’s paper or looked up Thompson in the Atlanta phone book and dialed his number? Saying they’re too busy or “Experts agree” just doesn’t cut it, and won’t save them from the harsh judgment history will pass on their slovenly body of work. (When Michael Cooke eventually arrives at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter is going to say, “You should have left it at ‘Stop gargling our bathwater.’ That really cracked God up.”)

Why is all this un-American? Because as Al Smith used to say, “Nothing un-American can live in the sunlight.” Yet we're burying the truth. And Louis Brandeis agreed: "Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”

Recently I came across another example of this syndrome that really galls me. I’ll write about it in Part 2.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Cait Beattie

I am a Canadian living in Quebec. I read the original Gardasil article in the Toronto Star and found the reaction to it in the media and elsewhere to be completely over the top. In my case Merck didn't win; in fact, the removal of the article from the Star's website had the opposite effect on me. Far from assuming this meant that the article had no merit, I started to wonder instead what kind of pressure had been brought to bear on the Star's publisher.

Since then, I have been researching the subject of vaccination intensively – this has been a real eye-opener. It is disturbing to realize the extent of the efforts by our governments, public health organizations, medical establishment and mainstream media – even Wikipedia – to suppress legitimate information about vaccine-induced adverse events.

Your site seems to be a very reliable source of information on this topic, for which I thank you.

six of one

"...the Olmsted and Blaxill."

Brown U's bad grammar confers a kind of godly status. The Olmsted demonstrates again why I've been reading AofA from the beginning.

Cynthia Cournoyer

It is no longer about the preponderance of evidence, but the shear force of power. When journalism fails to be accountable in a free society, the bullies will always win. Stating the lie over and over ingrains it into the belief system of the population and the truth has less weight.

We have created an underground of sorts that will always be there for those who can hear.

@Greg and re. Autism Awareness month

Re. Greg's point, I think the interesting thing about RI is that they will never elaborate on vaccine injury or damage except to admit that it exists. Those vermin would never even put together more than 2 sentences about vaccine injury. They will say, "Ah yes, it exists but is exceedingly rare" based on their trumped up epi studies. And that is the extent of it. Period. They are deathly afraid to go there. Which is why we need to get the point across sometime that if you are vaccine injured, You.are.on.your.own.scorned.mocked.
Regarding Autism Awareness month we need to just present a few plain images: Autism, it's not all Big Bang Theory." We need to present severe autism- sensory deficits, communication difficulties, wandering deaths (thanks Chili'sand Paul Szoldra!), special needs costs, costs over a lifetime, unemployment costs, lost wages for caregivers, etc. anything else is really just Ari Neeman style fluff.

@Greg and re. Autism Awareness month

It truly is a cesspool of negativity and hatred there, that RI. And they are deathly afraid to admit vaccine injury or elaborate upon it. All they will ever do is to simply acknowledge that it exists. End of story. They will never put more than 2 sentences about it together.
Which brings me to my point: We need to highlight SEVERE autism this Autism Awareness month- something along the spirit of "Autism- its not all "Big Bang Theory" and then hit people with the cold hard facts- costs to raise an individual over a lifetime, sensory deficits, lack of communication even with devices, wandering deaths (thanks Chili's and Paul Szoldra!), etc.
We just need one or 2 images like that.
Another on point message may be the lack of reporting (with examples) of vaccine injured children.
Any thing else is fluff! Get the message across that of you are vaccine injured You. will. be. alone. mocked. and. scorned.


On another note, looks like Orac has once again visited our 'cesspool of anti-vax quackery' and used this post as fodder. That Orac sure is a 'quaint' fellow. He relishes the mainstream media denying our views from reaching others, in case they create 'false balance', yet he feels 'privileged enough to constantly satiating himself with our 'raving rantings'. One wonders whether Orac is bothered by the dissonance of such hypocrisy, or whether his biases prevent him from even seeing it.


Baby dies after DPT shot:


Baby dies after DPT shot. But we don't see it in US news.

Jeannette Bishop

Linda1, thanks so much for sharing the interview.


..."I still don't get why it's okay, in fact perfectly acceptable for children to be harmed by vaccines. They get zero sympathy or even acknowledgment."

The answers are there, if you choose to accept them. The truth is not always an easy pill to swallow. At times, discovering 'truth' in any endeavor/issue, can be downright heartbreaking.

But it's there if you want to see it. Others have finally accepted the reasons behind your statement, but generally speaking, those same people are ridiculed, called conspiracy theorists, or worse.

Check out the GreenMedInfo article on NACCHO

Check out the GreenMedInfo article: The CDC's Role in the Undoing of Vaccine Exemptions: the NACCHO Front Group. Very enlightening.


I was listening to Dr. Suzanne Humprhies on Truth Medicine and Politics with Dr. Gregory A. Smith, 2/28/15 podcast

in which Dr. Humprhies was her usual brilliant self and I was introduced to another wonderful MD, Dr. Smith. In this interview, Dr. Humprhies mentions a 1997 Pediatrics paper, "United States Vaccine Research: A Delicate Fabric of Public and Private Collaboration" by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee.

This paper written 18 years ago explains exactly how we got to where we are today, why our government will not acknowledge vaccine injuries, why we are seeing extreme fear mongering and misinformation with respect to infectious disease and vaccine safety and efficacy, and why despite all evidence and protesting on the part of the American public, they will not back down. They are not just supporters recommending vaccines, THEY ARE THE VACCINE MACHINE. They do not represent the interests of the public, they are guarding and growing their business off the backs of the public, whether it is good for the public or not.


I still don't get why it's okay, in fact perfectly acceptable for children to be harmed by vaccines. They get zero sympathy or even aknowledgment.


I often ask myself what will it be that will tip the balance. Robert Kennedy says when this finally breaks through the media barriers it will be like an avalanche, the whole thing will come tumbling down. But what will that take?

It seems from this side that it should have happened 10 years ago, but it never does. One side of the science is booming with connections made everywhere because autism is in the drivers seat these days. CDC medicine is the same old, same old, nothing new. I'm thinking of that article on the doctor just a few days ago that assures the public: vaccines do not cause autism, autoimmune disease, or allergies. This lady's credentials took up 99% of the article, followed by the assertion of no harm without evidence or without citation, and of course in complete denial of all the parents who claim vaccine injury. This article could have been a cut and paste from twenty years ago. When the CDC has to print the entire resume of their spokesman before they finally come out with their reassurance it has to be because they have nothing else to say. Do they sit around all day in their big D.C. building discussing their credentials and nothing else. In contrast I have been watching videos from the 2011 conference on vaccine safety and the adjuvant aluminum, which is science on the cutting edge. Science that is unknown to the CDC...literally unknown...and therefore unknown to the army of pediatricians. On what basis will these pediatricians give their medical exemptions if vaccines don't have any risk factors known to man and pediatric science hasn't changed since the 80s? They say they don't know what causes autism, allergies, and autoimmune disease and they really don't know. But other people DO know and so when are these two forces of complete ignorance versus scientific discovery going to meet? With big pharm running both the CDC and the whole medical profession I don't see light at the end of the tunnel unless..

Unless maybe this breast cancer connection with aluminum might get big enough. You know it might not be the deodorant but the vaccine that is filling up women with aluminum. How long can doctors stay in the dark about science? Maybe forever!! And we'll have to live with their idiopathic medical model until kingdom come. I guess the parents will have to start bringing articles for the pediatrician to read in his spare time, which of course he has none of until he is on the golf course with the big pharm guys.

Angus Files

Thanks Brad means a lot 15 years since our son got what for, thanks to vaccines.

As we all know the killing and hurt continues.

I had two ladies e-mail last week concerning a certain treatment the clinic my son attended gave them my phone number as I speak English(Scots). One of them followed with a phone call from Ireland. I expressed honestly what I had experienced through my sons experiences at the clinic and afterwards,and followed it with, its your decision, we had a positive result. Her son is 3 years old and I always try to explain that my son isn't just ill ,in the way people would be ill hundreds, thousands of years ago, the kids have diseases never encountered by humans before ,hence the catalogue of train crash vaccine injury they have called such a simple word Autism.She said" BASTARD MMR,I knew it was that ,it was the same for your son as well"....and so it goes on another parent starting where we were 15 years ago BASTARDS.


Brad Call

Hey Angus,
A while ago you made a comment that struck a chord with me. You wrote about how when you talk about vaccine injury that people roll their eyes and say: There goes Files again with "those ideas." I know the feeling but I forge ahead with the project of informing people. I feel an obligation to share the truth of what I have learned to help spare maybe just one child or family a life time of agony by encouraging them to not play vaccine roulette. Take heart, my good man, and know that some day we shall all be on the right side of history.


So true, Preach, brother!!! People are leaving mainstream media in droves!


Recently, a Queen's University professor, in Kingston, Ontario, Melody Torcolacci was dragged through the mud for suggesting that there were two sides to the vaccine debate, the story lasted three weeks and was covered some 300 times in the press. As a result of the incident she has taken a leave of absence from her position.

At the University of Toronto there was a similar case involving health instructor Beth Landau-Halpern, the university initially voiced support for the principle of academic freedom, then backed off under fire from academics at other institutions who felt U of T went too far. Within days, the deans of U of T’s School of Public Health and its Faculty of Medicine wrote an open letter blaming vaccine skeptics for a rise in outbreaks of preventable diseases. This story lasted the better part of a week.

However, the University of British Columbia adopted a novel stance last week when the national press castigated it and one of its professors, Dr. Christopher Shaw, for conducting research into a possible link between vaccines and autism — it unambiguously backed both Shaw and the principle of academic freedom. Almost immediately, the press backed off and the story died.

Birgit Calhoun

I am wondering if today's large publications realize how irrelevant they have become. It used to be that I'd read an article in the paper or see something on TV, and I could talk about it to others and they'd know what I was talking about.

Nowadays everything is reduced to Tweets and other mostly shallow sound-bites that have become the main source of news. People are more interested in social media etc. and the don't actually have to delve into true news.

The Age of Autism readership has come together because of a need to know. They actually have to find answers. We all really need to find out what happened to our kids, and until recently that was possible. It is getting more and more difficult to sift through all the truthiness to find real morsels of truth.

It used to be that I actually read the most important news on Google News and I could find it on the first page. Now I often find stories that are censored towards my preferences. They are using their algorithms to tell me what they think I want to know. An example is that they are sending me German soccer news as among the most important stuff I want to read. It's true I am interested in that, but I don't want my interests to interfere with what is actually most important for all. I don't need to Google to tell me my preferences.

What this type of censorship does is keep the general population uninformed about issues of major importance, and it is a type of mind control that makes people dumb to world affairs and it confuses and it leads to the dumbing of society.

That's how it is with science, too, and with inconvenient truths, and it is disquietingly reminiscent of a fascist era that I would rather like to forget.

Go Age of Autism! I see some very intelligent things here.



That was seriously the BEST documentary that I've ever seen.


Do you know what CRYPTOCHROME MOLECULES are?

You need to know! Please watch the movie Barry posted. I wish I could highlight this comment to make sure everyone sees it. It's that good and that important.



As a real, live scientist said on PBS the other night, "The plural of "anecdote" is "data."


Media types advocating censorship under the veil of not giving ‘False Balance’ should reflect that ‘facts or substance’ have never been the prime driver of news – but interest! The creationist agenda is not given publicity not because it is not credible, but because there is not much of an audience for it. On the contrary, the media never seem to tire reporting Taylor Swifts’, the Kardashians’, or Justin Bieber’s latest antics. Consider also, not so long ago, CNN’s seemingly never-ending sensational coverage of the missing Malaysian airplane, in which they didn’t stop short of soliciting a psychic for her take. Look also to how in most major newspapers the sports section is nearly equal to the news. Catering to interest has long driven the media, so it’s funny now that with the ascendance of the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement there is a concerted effort to ignore it.

And, if Google is truly paying attention, they should realize that they have achieved phenomenal success by their excellence in catering to interest. In fact, they can be credited as being one of the prime factors that have led the mainstream media to change their game, and now wanting to ‘jazz’ things up. A ‘fact based’ search engine would reveal that Google have not learned from their success, and it would amount to a monumental ‘doofus’ move. I imagine whoever is putting them up to it is not explaining that seeking to suppress interest, they may simply end up suppressing themselves.

In truth, as long as vaccines are causing harm, the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement cannot and will never be stopped. If you don’t believe me – look how spectacularly the Disney measles hysteria backfired on pro-vaxxers. They inadvertently added a whole heaping load of fuel to a debate that they long sought to bury.

Any ‘brave warrior’ attempting to kill the ‘anti-vaxx’ movement does so at his own peril.

Jeannette Bishop

More suppression? The yelling fire in a crowded theater analogy (from a month back):

I'm sure the Marin County Superintendent is under a lot of pressure about vaccination rates, but at what point does it become unacceptable to continue to ignore the toll of smoke inhalation and scorch marks (and sometimes worse) among the children who are mandated to sit in the pit of the hastily expanded, faulty-wired, "state of the art" 3D theater dubbed "Disease Prevention?"

JP Sand

REPLY: To Anne and Jeannette...

Unfortunately, one of the links that I posted earlier does not work. But, thankfully, there is another working link to the original, retracted, Gardasil story that was recently done by the Toronto Star: "HPV VACCINE GARDASIL HAS A DARK SIDE, STAR INVESTIGATION FINDS", written by David Bruser News Reporter and Jesse McLean Investigative News reporter, published on Thu Feb 05 2015.

LINK: The story is available via -- look under The Latest Headlines for the title: "This article: The Dark Side of Gardasil in the Toronto Star, Feb 5, 2015, has been retracted".

Hope this helps. Best to all.

Toronto Star is an embarrassment

Correction: 40% in the survey felt uncertain about the vaccine science.

Jeannette Bishop

Hmmm, the preview of my last post worked. But what really got posted has extra data messing up the link, but the site (top item for now) does work.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, JPSands, for the link:">">


CMO and Linda1,

if you have 90 or so minutes to spare, the following documentary provides a profound, and deeply troubling persecutive on how microwave radiation is affecting our planet.

Toronto Star is an embarrassment for censoring

Just an embarrassment for the Toronto Star. The Canadian study showed 20% believed vaccines are related to autism and a full 40% see the science of vaccination as being valid, do it's pretty sad that the pharma money is still able to get their way in terms of reporting the truth about such an port any health topic. Upcoming elections will need to address this. People are tired of corruption. The Conservative party has stood up for health freedom more do than the Liberals in Canada. That Justin Trudeau is going on about spending more money for vaccines and in Alberta the Libs tried to push the issue as well. The Conservatives held up the choice, though.

Anne J

I tried the links posted, and could not pull up the Gardasil article anymore. Anyone else having any luck? If so, please post new link. Thanks!

Jeannette Bishop

Maybe there is a personal computer cookie aspect to how Google organizes web searches that I don't understand, but I already suspect Google has intentionally reset some websites' ranking data so that they drop from appearing in the first three or four positions of page 1 of a general search for something like "autism" one day to somewhere around page 14 or greater the following day, while many other related sites stay relatively static in search position. Or maybe... some global control freaks have services that are rabidly monitoring some websites at certain periods of time which then feel obligingly inclined to pull all traces of their activity (and maybe others) from Google's database, so they don't create confusion and miscalculation for Google's "legitimate users," or something like that...


Danchi, Rolling Stone also printed the article, and the situation there is as you describe, with the notice that it was "never retracted" - a remnant of journalistic integrity despite burying it. And despite publishing the vile, patronizing Lund rubbish. I think Salon did in fact pull the story. The article can be found on RFK Jr's website.

JP Sand

Note: This is a repost of a prior comment with a new link that now, hopefully, works.

Regarding the retracted Toronto Star story: "HPV VACCINE GARDASIL HAS A DARK SIDE, STAR INVESTIGATION FINDS", (by David Bruser News Reporter, Jesse McLean Investigative News reporter, Published on Thu Feb 05 2015), it is available via the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. Here is a link to that original story:">">

If that doesn't work the original story can be found under the title "This article: The Dark Side of Gardasil in the Toronto Star, Feb 5, 2015, has been retracted", via this website:


Yes, the incidence of brain cancer has gone up worldwide. What has gone down is the reporting of it. I notice that journal articles reporting celebrity and other deaths often now leave out the cause of death and there are a lot of young people dying.


When I go to Daily Kos now I am greeted with this:

"A message has been issued from site admin at Tue Feb 03 2015 10:25:09 GMT-0800 (PST):
"The vaccine-autism link has been debunked by many careful studies, and here at Daily Kos we consider it conspiracy theory. CT postings are not permitted here. Postings that advocate this theory can get you banned at Daily Kos.
"I acknowledge receipt of this message: (Posting is not allowed until the message is acknowledged.)"

And there is a bubble to click on before comments can be posted.

I imagine not everyone gets this message - just people who have previously posted about the autism-vaccine link - but I don't know.

So crazy that this page which is constantly standing up for various causes and speaking out about perceived injustice, and provides space for people to speak out on a multitude of issues, believes in censoring this.


Regarding the Toronto Star newspaper story:"HPV VACCINE GARDASIL HAS A DARK SIDE, STAR INVESTIGATION FINDS"; by David Bruser News Reporter and Jesse McLean Investigative News reporter, published on Thu Feb 05 2015, it is available at the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. Here is a link for the original story:">">

silenced twice

If Google adds "financially connected" source to lower a ranking and weights eye witness accounts high we just might come out ahead


Almost every week the vaccine industry finds a way to pass off medical “hype as science.” In a study of only TWELVE patients they claim the tetanus shot may assist in controlling brain cancer.

Of course, the main idea of this VERY widely publicized STUDY is to sell more tetanus shots to adults and tell them it may even prevent cancer.

Brain cancer, I assume has gone up since the invention of the “one-watt microwave” / called the cell phone. You won’t see any study on that issue for at least the next 50 years.

David Taylor

And, of course, we have just learned that Spain has joined France, Japan and India in filing criminal complaints against Merck and stopping use of Gardasil, alleging fraud in the safety testing of the vaccine.

How soon will the Toronto Star run that little bit of news? Thanks to having given in once, the answer is clear.


journalists should read their newspaper's business pages to learn about the billions of dollars paid by Pharma in penalties from its abuse of markets,


I think its silly to believe that journalists aren't aware of those business pages articles.

A more likely scenario to me , is that phrama has never actually paid out any of those penalties. And those business page articles are also 100% fiction.


Did Salon pull Kennedy's piece again? I found it a couple of years ago in the "subscription" section with the explanation that the piece wasn't pulled, the website had been redesigned and it was moved. If a person doesn't want to pay for access I guess it may as well be pulled. Salon just isn't that good of a online blog to pay for.

Tony Bateson

The truth about the western press is that it is possibly the most illiterate in the world. Don't take my word for it, journalists should read their newspaper's business pages to learn about the billions of dollars paid by Pharma in penalties from its abuse of markets, before they simply spin out the ghastly rubbish carried in Pharma press releases that come from an industry that is not only grossly corrupt but is completely out of control.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.

Angus Files

"Google is reported to be talking about ranking its search results not just by relevance and popularity but by deciding which sites are most “accurate.”

Why crow about it just go for it Google...they know it wont work.The biggy, Google et-al miss here(accidently on purpose), they cant hide the vaccine damage in the streets, the vaccine damage in the schools, the vaccine damage when friends and family talk etc etc .This is why they have moved onto coercion and removal of our rights, because people are sort of waking up to vaccine damage in all its devastating ill health spectrum's and its all not due to Google far from it as we all know.

Cheap shot from Google et-al again...

Thanks Dan


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