Is There a Way out of the Autism epidemic?
Connecticut HB 6949 Seeks To Impose Restrictions on Parental Medical Freedom

Hearing 3/18 Hartford! Rep Matthew Ritter Is Attempting To Take Your Parental Health Choice Away.

Action alertTAKE ACTION!!!

Connecticut, get to Hartford tomorrow, March 18, for a hearing on House Bill H.B. 6949, Rep. Matthew Ritter's bill that will limit your right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school.  And get on the phone today to the members of the Joint Committee on Public Health and let them know you oppose this bill. H. B. 6949 will require a notarized statement from parents attesting that they have reviewed materials provided by the Department of Health.

 And please click on the Take Action link HERE to send messages to your State Senator and representative expressing your opposition to H.B. 6949.

 Parental informed consent is the standard in developed democracies around the world. There is no such thing as a mandated vaccine in Canada, the UK, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.

Nineteen states allow exemptions for any reason including California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Michigan and more than a dozen other where more than half of America's population lives.

Twenty-eight states , currently including Connecticut, allow a religious exemption upon presenting a from stating a religious reason not to vaccinate.

Connecticut has one of the highest vaccination rates of any state. And no one has even attempted to make a case that religious exemptions are resulting in increased levels of disease. 

This bill is an added expense to all involved and violates First Amendment religious rights, and it achieves nothing.

The hearing will be held here:

Wednesday, March 18, 2017 at 10:30 am

State Capitol, Room
1210 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106


If you wish to speak sign up in the Capitol atrium before the hearing begins.




In California, if Dr. Pan has his way, every vaccine injured baby, child, and adult can then be called a pansy and be said to have been pansied. Vaccine protesters will leave wilted, dying pansies on the state house stairs. There will be pansy bumper stickers, and pins, and everyone will know what they mean without having any words even printed on them. There will be fields of pansies grown in honor of the vaccine-sacrificed, like rows of white crosses, all across California. How big will your field of pansies get, Dr. Pan?


Age is not a guarantee of wisdom and occasionally the young will be wise beyond their years. But usually wisdom comes with experience and experience comes with age. Traditional societies all recognize the value of and treasure the insight of their elders.

There is also the fact that our young are heavily indoctrinated by an educational system that accepts funding and lessons from what our government is calling the Vaccine Enterprise. The young are prepared, brainwashed, to accept and support this agenda. Today's young are also subject to pharmaceutical advertising that is a new phenomenon since 1999, and not even legal in other countries except for New Zealand.

It's a lot harder to fool a Jay Gordon than it is to fool a Richard Pan. Dr. Gordon was educated in a different era when there was far less pharmaceutical interference in academia (it was there, just not to the level of total control that exists now). Dr. Gordon has also seen personally and professionally, and has first hand knowledge of the diseases that vaccines are being sold for. He has insight into the true history, can see what has been revised, and has a better chance of understanding how medical recommendations can be flat out wrong because he lived long enough to witness many other instances. He is also old enough to have seen the growth of the medical industrial complex and can see this current power grab for what it is.

Which is not to say that age is any guarantee. The thoroughly disgusting Paul Offit is a prime example, but again, Paul Offit can't fool Jay Gordon but it seems that he has fooled Richard Pan and Pan's naivete is now threatening Californians. There is also no shortage of disgraceful paid off politicians who are older. The American people have to find a way to put wise and honest people in positions of power.

Angus Files

Barbara well done you for forgiving them, some I do, some I don't...these are the ones who know better and know what they are doing for Profit.

The amount of kids of all ages fitting just now in the area I stay in ,non-autistic but fitting is scary...

God Bless them all



I've identified the children at risk in my family,all of them. My nieces that either couldn't build titers , were stuck five and six times with the MMR and now have MS as young adults, and those that had the mmr and had titer numbers outside of the norm, and now suffer arthritis and tachycardia. In my house , when we sit down to dinner, I look around at the beautiful faces, the one with asthma after his hib, the one with seizures after his multi shot cocktail( well we never know if he's going to be at the table or on the floor chanting or screaming)but we always hope for the best. I've witnessed those little faces go through the torment of 105 fevers, erythema multiforme, kawasaki, arthritis, crohn's,neutropenia,autism and more, then at the end of my birthing years, my little "goldilocks", one to whom I wish I could offer a vaccine that is safe to prevent some pretty terrible scourges, yet he is the only one at the table who has never had an ear infection, strep throat, let alone these autoimmune diseases that have ravaged the rest. We sit and I pray to God , I pray for those that didn't know they were damaging this generation, and I pray to forgive those that did it for the money, and I pray I never have to sacrifice my baby to a pharmaceutical company agenda, I pray they never force me to hand over his health. That's my religion, in a nutshell, it's simple, I have faith that God won't let them take away the future of another one of my children, that this baby (now 7) will live to his potential as God intended. I know, I AM an eyewitness, and while my anecdotes make them chuckle, I see them compound theirs and call it epidemiological evidence offered up by any foreign designer scientist they can spend our government money on to add credence to their poisoning for profit.


Actually, these are the bills that may actually stand a chance of passing. I dub them, 'since mandates may actually impinge on us intellectual elites hypocrites, we will pursue all other excessive arm-twistings to get the sheeple to comply'. Also, while such proposals are deplorable, I cannot help but think that given the current wealth of info, especially on the web, detailing the harms of vaccination, whichever parent allows herself to be still bullied into it, and if her child were to be harmed, she should also share in the blame.


I find these ageist remarks offensive. So what if he is young for a legislator? Voters didn't think he was too young to hold office.

Would you find it offensive if someone dismissed your vaccination beliefs because you are a woman? It's the same argument. These legislators are adults. Saying they will learn the error of their ways when they get older is condescension in the extreme.

Bob Moffitt

@ Linda1

Your observation about the "youth" of the legislators is worth noting.

Perhaps they are too young to realize there are presently 72 recommended and approved vaccinations for ADULTS between the ages of 19 and 65.

Perhaps they should be reminded when denying parents their right to "informed consent" .. it will not be too far in the future when they .. themselves .. will be the "target population" to be denied the same "informed consent".

In any event .. defies common sense that these "young" legislators somehow believe THEY .. rather than PARENTS .. know what is right for the children in Conn.

Who is William Thompson ?

Maybe it would be better for us , if one of these States pushes thru the compulsory vaccination legislation .

I have just been reading about the Leicester story in 1870-90
where they did just that , they sent to parents to jail for refusing , they fined dissenters , there were huge protests and outcry . And its a highly embarassing piece of English history they keep very quiet about today . Leicester eventually won its right to be vaccine free , and enjoyed better health outcomes in all the subsequent small pox outbreaks than nearby cities that continued down the vaccine-fraud route.

In a game of chess sometimes its better to lose a valuable piece or two to enable you to win the game .


Rooting for you all in CT, here from NJ. We are all in this together. It's time to stand up and speak out. Praying for a good outcome


Young and hungry to do whatever it takes or even young and childless for some.


One thing I notice that all these legislators have in common, speaking of Pan and Ritter and others, is that they are young.

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